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And yes, it was that Neville Hermione was texting. Because in a world where Hermione didn't end up at Hogwarts who's to say that Neville bounced when dropped out of that window? And if he didn't bounce because he was a squib psychiatry might catch his attention to find out whether there was something in Muggle medicine that might help his parents. And whether or not Hermione was a witch at some point or whether she lost her magic, I'll leave up to your imagination!


Fred had to look twice at Hermione as she began eagerly waving at the couple coming over the hill. "Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?" she called out, a grin lighting up her face.

Upon seeing Hermione, Fleur returned the grin and began walking over to them. "'ermione, ma chère! Que diable fais-tu ici?"

As the two women hugged, Fred's mouth dropped open in shock. Fleur asked something in French and Hermione laughed and motioned to Fred. The older woman smiled at him before dropping her voice and telling Hermione something that had her giggling. One glance at Bill showed that he was just as confused as Fred was.

"Who is that?" Bill asked after a minute.

"My girlfriend, Hermione," Fred told him in a dazed voice.

"Wait, the Muggle?" Bill turned and gave Fred a curious look.

Fred shrugged and watched as the women began to make their way towards the house arm-in-arm, Victoire tagging along behind them. "I really don't know any more," he admitted. Bill shot him a concerned look before following the women. After a minute, Fred began walking after them. He finally caught up with them at the backdoor to the house, the women still chatting away in French and Bill struggling to keep up with the conversation.

When there was a break int he conversation, Fred tugged at Hermione's hand. "Love, how is it that you know Fleur?"

"I could ask you the same question," Hermione said with a grin. "Fleur was my friend and tutor at the boarding school I attended in secondary. I wouldn't have made it through without her, she really is the only reason I graduated."

Fleur gave her a soft smile and shook her head. "You do me far too much credit 'ermione. You did not need my 'elp, if anything I needed your's, mon petit rat de bibliothèque. Gabrielle wouldn't 'ave done 'alf as well with her wand work if you weren't so patient with her. "

Whatever Hermione said next was lost on Fred as the gears in his mind slowly started to move. Wand work. Fleur. Attending boarding school with Fleur. But that would only mean that -

"Fred? Are you all right? You look a bit peaky," Hermione asked as she brought her hand up to his forehead.

"You're a witch," Fred breathed.

"I, well, yes," she said. "But how do you -"

"Oh thank Merlin for Beauxbatons," Fred said with a laugh as he pulled Hermione into a tight hug and kissed her shamelessly. Bill coughed and covered Victoire's eyes.

"What was that for?" Hermione asked when they finally separated.

"Beaux bloody batons," Fred crowed as he picked up Hermione and carried her into the house. He didn't set her down until they'd reached the dining room where it appeared his siblings were sitting in a tense stand off. Ron and Ginny were trying to kick each other under the table while Harry had pulled his legs up onto his chair to avoid getting into the cross-fire. Angelina was washing her hair in the kitchen sink and glaring at Ron. Molly was beginning to set the table for desert and Arthur had already retreated behind his newspaper.

"Oh, Fred, there you are. I was about to send Ron to go get the two of you," Molly said, setting the last plate down. She straightened and raised an eyebrow at Hermione still cradled in Fred's arms. "Things went well, I take it?"

Fred's grin widened. "She went to Beauxbatons," he said as he set Hermione down.

"Oh thank Circe," Angelina sighed as she pulled her wand out to clean the rest of the food out of her hair.

"One's enough from there, thanks. You can return her in the morning," Ginny said roughly from her end of the table.

Hermione turned to Fred, her eyes wide with surprise. "Then that makes you -"

"A wizard," Fred said with a laugh.

"Oh this is just fantastic."

"It's bloody fantastic."

At the revelation, Molly raised an eyebrow and looked at her husband. "Do you mean to tell me you didn't even think to look up whether Hermione was listed in the registry?"

"Well, no, not as such," Arthur said as he cleared his throat. "She didn't go to Hogwarts with the children despite being quite obviously British, so why would I think she'd be a witch? And Fred was so sure she was a Muggle and she was so knowledgeable about them when we met her in Muggle London."

Molly narrowed her eyes and brought her hands to her hips. "And when, exactly, did you meet her in Muggle London?"

"Wait, wait just one moment," Percy said as he stood up from his chair. Molly pursed her lips and gave Arthur a look as if to remind him the conversation wasn't forgotten. "If she's a witch how did you not know about it until know? You can't tell me there wasn't some suspicion. And how did you not know Fred was a wizard either?"

Fred shrugged, refusing to let Percy dampen his mood. "She's the only Muggle I've ever been around. The only thing I know about them is what Harry or Dad tell us."

"And I haven't spent much time with Muggles who aren't family after I was eleven," Hermione admitted. "I just thought he was a bit eccentric."

George frowned and leaned against the table to point at Hermione. "You can't tell me you missed the shop in all that time. We've been advertising like mad lately everywhere in the UK. We've even taken out a half-page in the Prophet."

Hermione only shrugged and gave him a half-smile. "I've only been to wizarding London twice, once when I was eleven and then a second time when I went to the Ministry to set up a floo connection to Paris. Even then I didn't have much interest in touring. And before you ask, I don't take the London paper since I have no connection to the English wizarding community."

"Have to change that, won't we?" Fred asked her with a wink.

"Does that mean you're not a doctor?" Ginny asked, alternating between watching Hermione with curiosity and sending glares towards Ron.

"Not a Muggle doctor, no. But I am almost done with my training to become a healer."

"Are you at St. Martin's or St. Pantaleon's?" Harry asked as he leaned forward to see around Ginny.

"St. Isabell's actually. I didn't have a chance of getting an apprenticeship in England, so Professor Herbalin helped get me one there. For some idiotic reason the UK Ministry doesn't grant apprenticeships to those who didn't go to Hogwarts," Hermione said with a roll of her eyes.

"Speaking of Hogwarts, why didn't you go there for school?" Angelina asked. "I don't think I've ever heard of anyone from the UK not going there for schooling."

"I did, for a few weeks at least. Then we had flying class. I've never been good with heights to begin with so it wasn't much of a surprise when I fell about a hundred feet off the broom. That put me in a coma until Christmas and by then I'd missed so much from the introductory courses that Professor Dumbledore didn't think I'd be able to catch up before the end of the term. He did offer me a spot in the next years class, provided I was able to keep up my studies in a Muggle school, but not even a week later we received a letter from Beauxbatons accepting me into their program. They're on a quarterly system there and the first years rotate through the different classes so they don't all take the same classes during the same quarter. It really was the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on everything I'd missed and my parents jumped at the opportunity for me to go out of country for schooling."

"Top of everyone of 'er class from the moment she walked in," Fleur said with a grin. "She managed to catch up with the rest of 'er class before Easter."

"Only with lots of help from you and Evelynn. My French was atrocious," Hermione said sheepishly.

"Still doesn't explain why Fleur never said she knew you when Fred wouldn't stop talking about you," Ginny said, frowning at her sister-in-law.

"It is not an uncommon name. There was another 'ermione who graduated before me, and another one who graduated after me. Besides, 'e met her in London, not Paris. 'ow was I to know they were the same?" Fleur said as she inspected her nails. Ginny narrowed her eyes and muttered something to Harry.

"Wait, I remember you now," Ron said, sending one last scowl towards his sister before turning to Hermione. "You're that know-it-all who couldn't stay on the broom for more than ten minutes let alone steer straight enough to dodge those dung-bombs Malfoy threw."

Hermione frowned at the memory. "Then you must be that foul-mouthed git who couldn't figure out the right end of his wand long enough to levitate a feather," she shot back.

Ron scowled and slumped in his seat. Ginny grinned before asking, "Think we can keep this one Fred?"

"If she'll have me," Fred said as he winked at her.

"I suppose you'll do for a Wizard," Hermione said.


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