Hi everyone! So I had an idea for a new story so I got straight to work. It's taken a while due to taking 5 college classes at the same time but it's finally done. I own nothing, just the idea.

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It's the first day of junior year at Storybrooke High and Regina couldn't be more relieved. She couldn't wait to get out of the house, away from her mother. But she knew she couldn't get completely away from her; her mother was the principal of Storybrooke High. Growing up as the principals daughter has always been rough, but there was one good thing about it, her mother was too busy to really bother with her...not that she really would in public. Cora Mills was too worried about her public image. But what happened behind closed doors, in the privacy of their own home, was a totally different story.

Regina walked quietly into her bathroom, wanting to avoid her mother for as long as possible. Snow, Tink, and Emma would be here in about half an hour, so she had to be quick. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and carefully lifted a hand to her cheek. The bruise was starting to form, but she knew she could cover it up with some foundation. Ten minutes later the bruise was no longer noticeable at all. She quickly finished her makeup and quietly walked back to her room to finish getting ready.

Regina was getting ready to walk out the door to Emma's car when a voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Good morning, dear."

Regina turned to see her parents in the living room, drinking coffee.

"Good morning, mother."

Regina walked into the living room, over to her father, and kissed his cheek.

"Morning, daddy."

Henry. Sr. smiled at his daughter.

"Ready for your first day of junior year, sweetheart?"

"Yes, I am. Snow, Emma, and Tink are outside so I have to get going."

Regina was about to leave the room when her mother grabbed her arm.

"Let me see your cheek."

Regina froze and turned her face. Cora looked closely before grabbing her chin forcefully, causing Regina to wince.

"Good girl. Now, be good today. If not, well you know the consequences."

Regina swallowed the lump in her throat and gave a small nod before leaving quickly. Regina walked out the door and put a fake smile on her face as she walked to Emma's car.

Mary Margaret, Emma, Poppy, and Regina have all been friends since elementary school. Mary Margaret Blanchard was like the mother of their group. She was one of the sweetest girls Regina knew. She was head cheerleader, extremely smart, and she was dating quarterback David Nolan, whom they had known for years as well. Sounds like a fairytale right? That's why the couple was named Snow and Charming. Well, one of the reasons. Another reason being Mary Margaret really resembled Snow White and was an absolute Disney nerd. Then there is Poppy Bell, or Tink as her friends know her. Again, another Disney look alike/nerd. Her short blonde hair and pixie like height awarded her the name early on. Tink is one of the sassiest girls in the group, as well as a total flower child. And finally, there is Emma Swan, the badass of the group. Emma has been considered a bad influence on the girls, but they don't car. Emma has a heart of gold and will protect her friends and family no matter what.

So now here they are, Regina climbing into the passenger seat of the tiny yellow death trap Emma calls a car.

"Hey, Gina!" Tink smiled as Regina got settled. She turned to greet her friends with a smile before turning back around.

"So, who's ready for the 1st day of junior year?!" Snow practically squealed.

Emma let out a low groan, Tink nodded happily, and Regina smiled.

"I'm so excited to start all of my new classes, meet all the new recruits, and I am most excited to see David!" Snow grinned.

"Snow, you saw him YESTERDAY." Emma pointed out with an eye roll.

"So?! I miss him already!"

"I know what Regina's excited for!" Tink interrupted.

"And what might that be?" Regina asked as she checked her phone.

"Having all of your classes with robin, yet again!"

Ah, Robin. Robin Locksley transferred to Storybrooke High freshman year and he was in all of the same classes as Regina. They had instantly become the best of friends. Robin, like Regina and her friends, was very smart. He also was a very talented musician, making almost every girl, single or not, absolutely adore him. oh, and did I mention he moved her from England? Enough said.

But it was obvious to practically everyone that he and Regina were hopelessly in love with each other, obvious to everyone but themselves. Some of the teachers were secretly betting on when the two would finally get together.

"Kay, two things. One, no one knows their schedule yet, you don't know he will be in my classes. Two, of course I'm excited to see him. Other than the two of you, he is my best friend."

"Annnnnnnnnd he happens to be your soul mate!" Tink yelled.

"You know, I don't normally get into the soulmate shit when she brings it up with other people, but she's right about the two of you. Robin is so in love with you Regina, how can you not see it. And, we know you feel the same." Emma added.

Regina blushed and rolled her eyes.

"Guys, let it go. No matter what I feel, I would never act upon it. He is my best friend. What if something happened and we broke up. I can't loose him."

"So you do like him?!" Snow gasped.

Regina gaped for a minute before muttering, "I'm not answering that," causing Snow and Tink to squeal loudly.

A short while later they reached Storybrooke High and reported to the cafeteria to receive their schedules for the semester. Regina got into the line for students with last names beginning with the letters H-M. She stands there for a minute, hoping her makeup covering her cheek is still okay, before she hears that one deep, sexy English accent that makes her weak in the knees.

"I really hope we have classes together this semester, love."

Love. He called her love. God she loved it when he did that.

"You know we always end up having classes together." Regina responded as she turned around to face him. Her smiled covered her entire face, Robin had a habit of doing that to her. If Regina was to be completely honest, She had had a crush on Robin since she met him. But Robin was her best friend, it wasn't going to happen. It had been especially hard when Robin had dated that bitch Marian last year. At first Marian had pretended to be perfectly fine with Robins friendship with Regina, but not too long after they started dating, she tried to tell Robin that he couldn't talk to Regina at all anymore. Robin dumped her shortly after that.

"So, how was your summer?" Robin asked, pulling Regina from her thoughts.

"You know how it was, you were part of the majority of it."

Robin shrugged and grinned, his dimples making their appearance.

"Still. Tell me."

Regina laughed as they moved up in line.

"My summer was great. I got to hang out with the schools head cheerleader, the school badasses, star quarterback, the school flower child, and the school heartthrob. It was a diverse as The Breakfast Club."

Robin laughed loudly.

"School heartthrob?" He smirked.

"Robin, you know as well as I do that every girl in this school wants to date you."

Robin leaned in close.

"Every girl?"

Regina blushed.

"Uh, well-"

"Miss Mills."

Ms. Nova's voice pulls Regina and Robin out of their moment, and back to reality.

"Sorry, Ms. Nova. Thank you" Regina said as she was handed her schedule. She took a look at her classes for the semester as Robin received his schedule.

"Whatcha got this semester, Gina?"

Regina looked up at Robin, then back down at the paper she was holding.

"Oh, um, Pre Calculus, AP World History, AP Chemisty, and choir."

"Great! We have every class together. And it's nice to know you're keeping up with choir." Robin smirked.

"Yea, well I'm gonna find Snow, Tink, and Emma. I'm sure Killan and David are around here somewhere. I'll see you in a little bit."

Regina turned and started to walk away when Robin called out to her, "See you in class, love!"

Her faced turned bright red as she heard what he said. She took a deep breath and walked straight into the crowd of people, looking for her friends.