999 days in, and I'm beginning to wonder what our life would have been without witches.

We would stay in school, participate in clubs,

gossiping about boys or talking about the latest hairstyles.

We could have many stay overs.

My house was always empty, no one's home.

There would be so much spaces for us to play pillow fights.

I would definitely love to stay over at your house.

Your dad's food was the best,

your little brother was cute.

It would have been so much fun.

We would graduate, further our studies and get a job.

A boring routine, and we would complain all day.

And maybe along the way, we would fall in love and get married.

We would have children.

And we would share many great experiences together as a wife, as a mother.

We could have pair our children together as play mates,

or funnily, we could be in-laws.

We could cook and have dinner at each other's new home,

and talk about the lamps and great bargains for furniture and groceries.

We could reminisce the old times, talk about our hateful days during Math lessons,

and laugh about the days we danced in the rain after school.

We would grow old,

worry about our children and being angry about how rebellious they probably turn out to be.

If we're lucky, we might not need to fret too much.

We could have teas and cakes,

and even learn to bake and make them ourselves.

We would have some fats in our belly,

yet we wouldn't have to worry because, well, we're old and married!

We could do so many things together. Lived a normal life. Have a normal family.

And die as normal as we could ever be.




1000 days in, and I realized what our life would have been without witches.

You will never saved this useless and weak girl,

and I would never start looking up to you.

We wouldn't start hanging out with Mami and enjoying her cakes,

and talking about how brave and great magical girls were.

I wouldn't have to be so alone,

watching Mami's dead body,

and you sending yourself off to die.

I wouldn't have need to make that wish,

which turned everything

into a bigger and complicated mess.

I wouldn't have to learn all the horrifying truth,

and see everyone suffer as time went by.




So many bad things wouldn't have happened,

so many tragedies could have been prevented.

But it also meant that we wouldn't have crossed path,

when you saved me

And if I could get one more chance,

I would rather lived in a world with witches,

just to experience all the little joyous times I have with you,

even if I have to go through the few decades of pain and sorrows,

in losing you,





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