Small Lady was planning to visit Sailor Pluto again, after she had 'borrowed' the Ginzuisho without her mother's knowledge.

She hated Crystal Tokyo. It wasn't that she hated what it stood for, or the people in it.

She just hated the fact that most didn't even consider her a princess because she didn't have the royal crest on her forehead, and she could use the Ginzuisho like her Mother. As if that wasn't bad enough, she had been stuck as a nine year old for several hundred years, and no one could figure out why.

The only real friends she had were P-chan, Diana...and of course Luna P.

So whenever she could get away with it, she went to visit Pluto in the Time Gate.

One moment Pluto was observing a world not too dissimilar to Earth...the next Small Lady was crashing into her with Luna P in her arms and the Ginzuisho still around her neck. In the shockwave, neither of them realized that the blast caused one of the Time Keys Sailor Pluto guarded to come off the chain she had them on...and onto Small Lady.

A second blast from through the time mirrors caused the key to activate without any set direction.

"Small Lady!" cried Sailor Pluto, realizing that her friend/charge was vanishing before her eyes.

Because of the blasts, and the fact Small Lady had no destination in time that she was inclined to land, the young princess vanished without a trace.

It would be some time before she would be found...and she wouldn't be the same person she was before.

Across time and space, in an unnamed park...

"Owie... what happened?" said Small Lady. She took stock of everything she had on her and her condition.

Aside from a few bumps and bruises, and the odd tear in her outfit, she was fine.

She still had Luna P, the Ginzuisho, and much to her shock, one of Pluto's keys.

"Luna P, can you contact P-chan?" asked Small Lady.

There was only static.

"Luna P?" said Small Lady alarmed.

It took five agonizing minutes, but Luna P finally responded...just not with her usual voice.

~Self Repair initiated. Estimated recovery time: 23 hours, fifty minutes. Base functions are at limited capacity until repairs complete.~

Small Lady felt somewhat relieved, but mostly she was upset. Self recovery meant Luna P had taken a really, really nasty hit when they had gotten blasted.

"Can I still use storage functions?"

~Storage function undamaged, however there is limited capacity. Please restrict any items to hand-sized or smaller.~

"Luna P, store Ginzuisho and Time Key," ordered Small Lady. She wasn't going to walk around with either item, and they'd be safe inside Luna P. She removed the royal jewel from around her neck and held the Time Key in the same hand. They glowed for a moment before vanishing into Luna P.

With that done, Small Lady picked up her companion and started walking. She needed to figure out where and when she was before she tried contacting Pluto. She was going to be in enough trouble when her mother found out she had borrowed the Ginzuisho without asking.

What she found had her confused and slightly upset.

She was in the past, but not on the planet she recognized. Libraries, she knew, were free to use for the general public without attracting too much attention, so when she did a general word search for key locations she knew about and came up empty, she knew she was on the wrong planet.

Jyuban, Sailor Senshi (considering the time frame they should be fairly recognized by now), Representative Hino, Sailor V, and the accident that cost her father his parents and memory...all of it came up blank, or had the wrong information.

So Small Lady tried something else.

Every item she tried to look up either came up with the wrong information, or didn't come up at all.

It was very frustrating.

"Need some help?" asked a voice. She turned, and saw a girl in a wheelchair with several books.

"Just trying to find something and coming up short," replied Small Lady with a calm smile. A smile that didn't exactly reach her eyes.

The girl smiled, and like Small Lady it seemed like she was hiding something.

"My name is Yagami Hayate. What's yours?"

"Usagi Tsukino," said Small Lady immediately.

It wasn't that she didn't trust was just that her full name had brought no end of embarrassment and harassment from other children once they learned it. So she decided to borrow her mother's maiden name instead.

"So Chibiusa-san, do you live around here?" asked Hayate hopefully.

"Chibiusa?" she repeated surprised.

"Usagi means 'bunny' or 'rabbit', but you seem a bit too little for that. So Chibiusa, or Chibi Usagi," explained Hayate.

Well it was still better than Small Lady.

"I don't live around here. I just arrived in this town today," said Chibiusa. All true, just not the full story.

As the two talked, Chibiusa began to relax slightly. She needed a place to stay while Luna P continued her repairs, and Hayate seemed really lonely.

Much like Chibiusa was at home.

So when Hayate offered to let her stay, at least until her parents arrived, Chibiusa took her up on it.

Mostly because Hayate looked very familiar for some reason.

It wasn't until she saw the four other faces at Hayate's home that she realized why.

"Ah! The Wolkenritter!"

The four Wolkenritter, or Cloud Knights, stiffened at being recognized.

Hayate looked at her new friend.

"Chibiusa-chan, you know them?"

"Heard of them is more like. I thought I recognized you from somewhere. You're Lieutenant Yagami Hayate of Riot Force Six, a division of the TSAB that specializes in retrieving and dealing with cases involving Lost Logia...or you will be in a few short years. No wonder this place seemed so familiar..." said Chibiusa.

And why her search had come up empty. She was on the wrong planet...and a good thousand years into someone else's past!

Hayate looked confused, as did the four Cloud Knights.

The leader of the Knights looked at Chibiusa warily.

"How do you know of us?"

"My planet was being considered as an Allied one, and during the negotiations they shared their files. I happen to like history so I skimmed through most of it until I found the one on the Aces and became interested. The deal fell through, but we kept the files since they were decommissioned anyway. A lot of our ground forces come from people who were thrown out or left the TSAB for one reason or another," shrugged Chibiusa.

"Eh? You're from another planet, Chibiusa-chan?" said Hayate.

"And another time. I'm from a thousand years into the future...though I have no idea how I ended up in the past of Uminari," said Chibiusa.

Signum was highly skeptical of her claim.

"How do we know you're really from the future?"

Chibiusa put on her best princess aura as she looked Signum in the eye and said flatly "You four are collecting magical power in order to save Hayate, or at least stop the progression of her paralysis because of the book, right?"

Signum froze as Hayate gave her knights a disappointed look. It didn't help that they couldn't look her in the eyes, which all but proved their guilt in her claim.

"Signum... I said I didn't want to collect the cores," said Hayate unhappy.

"Yes. We are collecting cores in order to save you from the Book of Darkness," said Signum.

"It won't work. The Tome of the Night Sky is corrupted, and if you complete it then the book will go berserk and destroy the planet and Hayate with it."

"What?!" Vita practically shouted.

"The only reason you four are unaware is because your previous masters used you to finish the book. Otherwise you would have known it goes Berserk."

Signum looked very upset about this new knowledge.

"How do we fix the book then?"

"I have no idea. The only records of the Tome of the Night Sky stated clearly that the original Unison personality sacrificed herself and the original book to end the reincarnation program permanently. And that was only after a massive battle where Hayate somehow manages to separate the original Unison aspect of the book from the corrupt reincarnation and defense programs, and ends up sending it straight into the path of an oncoming Arc-En-Ciel blast from a TSAB cruiser. There were no records of the original Tome being fixed," said Chibiusa. She paused, before adding "What I do know was that everything seemed to have come to a close on Christmas shortly after the book went active. I could show you the records, once Luna P is done with her self repair."

"Luna P?" said Hayate.

Chibiusa held up her odd toy.

"This is Luna P," said Chibiusa.

"How do we know we can trust you?"

"You don't. However I have no love for the TSAB, and no reason to rat any of you out. And I'm not that enthusiastic about going home too quickly anyway."

Not when she knew for a fact that she was going to be in big trouble for borrowing the Ginzuisho without permission, and that outside of her family she had very little reason to want to go home.

She might as well enjoy her freedom while she could...because she was almost certainly going to be grounded for months when she went home.

Besides...she had always wanted to meet the Ace of Aces, Takamachi Nanoha, and get her autograph.

Two days later...

"Luna P, how are you?"

~My base programming is up to peak efficiency. However, all communications with Sailor Pluto are currently being jammed by high-frequency dimensional distortions. Until distortion is removed, I cannot contact Sailor Pluto.~

"So it really is a Device. Who or what is Sailor Pluto?" asked Signum.

"The Lonely Guardian. You'd like P-chan, I think. Luna P, can you display any of the data I downloaded from the Bureau's archives?"

~Some records have been damaged. Which files do you wish to access?~

"The after-action report from the last known battle against the Tome of the Night Sky's reincarnation program," said Chibiusa.


Luna P's eyes light up, displaying a full report on the battle, including the video recordings.

Any doubt Signum had of Chibiusa's claims disappeared after she saw the entire thing...including the attempted murder of her Master by the man she called her uncle.

Signum was pissed.

"What plans do you have for my Master?" she asked.

"None. I mostly want to find a way home...even if it takes slightly long because I know I'm going to be in for it when I return. I borrowed something important without asking, and I know Momma's going to be mad when she finds out."

Signum could appreciate her blunt honesty.

"Who are all these people?" she asked.

"It's better if you find out personally, so that you know for yourself that they can be trustworthy allies," replied Chibiusa.

Signum could accept that answer.

"We will accept your presence around our Master, provided you do nothing to harm her or threaten her safety."

"Fair enough. It will be interesting working with you, Signum-san," said Chibiusa, holding out her hand. Signum shook it firmly.

This was actually the perfect time to practice with the full power of Luna P. It wasn't exactly encouraged to work on the magic the TSAB had tried to bring to their planet after their rather disastrous reaction of learning how powerful the Ginzuisho was and the powers it had with an 'authorized user'.

They had taken it badly that Neo Queen Serenity could literally bring the dead back to life and extend the lives of her people so that the entire society was effectively immortal. Finding out exactly how powerful the Ginzuisho was, and that the previous Queen had more or less sent the souls of her daughter and several others into another time period to be reborn had cause a great deal of alarm within the Bureau.

So much so that when they found out that Chibiusa would eventually grow up and learn how to use the crystal, they had reacted badly.

Very, very badly.

They had promptly declared the Ginzuisho a "Class EX Lost Logia" and had tried to confiscate it in order to seal it away permanently. Needless to say Neo Queen Serenity hadn't accepted that ruling lying down, and had thrown them out and placed a barrier banning anyone trying to teleport using a 'linker core' from every coming back to that sector of space. The barrier extended from the sun all the way to Pluto, as something on Nemesis resisted the power of the crystal.

Chibiusa had barely managed to keep her mother from getting rid of Luna P, as it had originally been a gift meant to foster goodwill towards the royal family. The fact Luna P only answered to Chibiusa had been the deciding factor and she had been discouraged from trying to learn magic outside of powers she would inherit as a Sailor Senshi.

Maybe now she could finally use Luna P to the full extent of her device's power.