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It was amazing how one could manipulate the law to one's benefit. Felicity had wanted Cooper to pay for what he did but he got off with no punitive damages. Since he actually hadn't gained anything from the chip there was nothing Felicity could really do. During the course of the case, Felicity refined her chip to make it more elegant and boost its processing power even more. She wasn't sure if Isabel had manipulated her into selling the patent to QC but the case she made had been very sound. That woman was extremely good at her job. Felicity could find nothing wrong with every point Isabel made regarding selling the chip to QC. Plus the offer Isabel made was amazing. Felicity was now a millionaire plus she owned shares in QC. She would also be overseeing the production and sale of the chip as Head of the Applied Sciences Division.

Her division had been making a name for itself. Several Science and Technology journals had highlighted the research work they were doing as well as their high profile partnerships with Palmer Tech and Star Labs. Those were two ventures that Felicity was particularly proud of. The amount of interns applying to work at QC doubled. If hurt Felicity to turn people away, she remembered what it was like to be a student but she couldn't hire them all. To ease her guilt, she was laying the groundwork to start programmes with MIT and some of the middle tier technology schools that would give all their students work experience. She and Ray were even investigating starting their own technology competition that was opened to anyone with an idea. It didn't matter if you didn't know how to implement your idea; they would pair you with someone with the skills to implement it.

Thea's fashion launch had taken a lot longer to get off the ground. After nine months she was finally hosting her very first show. The younger Queen had somehow convinced Felicity and Oliver to walk the runway modelling two of her signature pieces. In fact, they would be closing the show. After all the professional models did their thing, she and Oliver would have to walk down the runway together.

Felicity was nervous. She was afraid she would trip and fall but at least she knew Oliver was there to support her. Thea agreed to let them walk arm in arm down the runway. They were supposed to be modelling Thea's evening wear for couples or power couples as the gossip magazine had been calling them.

The runway had been set up in the ballroom of one hotel and the after party was being held in the ballroom of another hotel right across the street. Chairs had been set up on either side of the runway. Seats were reserved on the left side in the middle of the front row for Moira, Walter, Malcolm, Tommy, Laurel, Robert, Isabel and the girls. She was surprised that Thea had arranged front row seats for Isabel but she supposed since the girls wanted to see Oliver walk down the runway there was no choice.

On the other side of the runway, directly opposite the Queens, was her mother and friends from Central City. Oliver had insisted that they come. Much to Felicity's chagrin, Oliver and her mother got along very well. She was positive that they conspired against her on a daily basis. After a small hiccup of jealousy with her male Central City friends, Oliver eventually formed a close bond with them.

Every fashion editor, columnist, gossip reporter as well as quite a few celebrities were there for the fashion launch. Not a single seat was empty. Thea was thrilled. She was everywhere back stage. Felicity didn't know how the girl got around so fast. She really earned her speedy nickname. Thea was personally making sure every model was perfect before she went on stage. Not a single thing was to be out of place.

When the ushers were sent to retrieve her from the dressing room her nerves really started to kick in. She walked the entire way, watching the ground to make sure she didn't trip on anything. She was dressed in a long strapless dress that hugged her bodice all the way down to the floor. Thea added a thigh high split on the right side for her to be able to walk. It was emerald green in colour with some tastefully added sequins and lace on the bodice. The slit was highlighted with the lace and sequins as well. It was paired with matching strappy high heels. Moira had allowed Felicity to wear a very expensive diamond set from the Queen family vault. She literally had millions of dollars on her. The security at the launch was super tight.

When she finally stopped at the end of the line of models waiting to walk the stage, she was met with the sight of a very handsome Oliver. He literally took her breath away. Thea had dressed him in a tux but added trimming on the lapels that was emerald green to match her dress. It looked like the same material as well. They looked every bit the power couple that the magazines portrayed them as.

As she passed a flower arrangement near the entrance to the stage, she picked out three red roses. Oliver and Thea looked at her confused.

"You'll see," she said with a small smile.

"As long as it doesn't ruin my show," Thea quipped.

"It won't," Felicity reassured her.

When the last model was on her return walk, they stepped up to the back of the runway. The lights were blinding. Oliver squeezed her hand in support.

"Good luck," the model said as she passed them. The runway was now clear for them. Felicity took a deep breath and started to walk forward. The flashes of the cameras were almost as blinding as the lights but she had grown accustomed to those. They were the most photographed couple in Starling City. At the halfway mark, she made Oliver pause. She threw one rose to her mother, who squealed and the other two to Alexandra and Anastaisa, who were over the moon with happiness. She was fairly sure at least twenty cameramen jumped forward to get photos of her mother and the girls with the roses.

They continued on to the end of the runway and struck the poses Thea insisted would show off her creations in the best light. It also showed off a good bit of Felicity's leg. When they turned around to walk back the way they came she reminded herself that she was almost done. She just needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other and it would be over soon but when they were in almost the identical position to where Felicity had previously stopped, Oliver stopped them. Felicity turned to him only to find him bending on one knee. Felicity's hands flew to her mouth as Oliver pulled out a diamond ring from his pocket.

"Please make me the happiest man in the world. Felicity will you marry me," he said sincerely. His eyes shining with the love he held for her.

At that moment nothing existed but the man in front of her. "YES!" she shouted. She would get down on the ground to hug him but the dress limited her movements.

He slid the ring onto her finger and then stood up and kissed her. They were so engrossed in each other neither heard the loud cheers nor realised that there was a line of models passing them on each side of the runway. Thea was soon breaking them apart as she made her way on stage. She stood in the middle of them, a hand round each of their waists and walked to the front of the runway with them.

A microphone appeared.

"I would like to thank everyone for coming. I hope you enjoyed the show. I need to thank everyone that I worked with that helped make this show possible. There are way too many names to call. I do need to specially thank my family, both of my fathers, my mother who was there whenever I needed her and the best big brother in the world." There was a round of applause while Thea turned to look at Oliver, "Let me also be the first one to congratulate you on your engagement. I couldn't imagine a better sister-in-law than Felicity! Let the festivities begin!"

Felicity was on cloud nine; all thoughts of her mother getting along with Moira and Isabel during the party were forgotten. At one point she caught sight of the three women laughing over a glass of wine but her attention was soon drawn away by someone else.

The next day the photos of their kiss were on every newspaper across the country. The models walking out were in many shots so it was excellent publicity for Thea's brand. She had thousands of orders for all of her pieces. The video of the proposal had millions of hits on youtube. The proposal set the bar high, people were already commenting on what the wedding would be like.

"You're still looking at the video," Oliver asked walking into her office.

"Of course, it's my new favourite thing," she said.

"You mean something has actually replaced this picture?" Oliver asked picking up a framed picture of him off of her desk. It was from Thea's birthday party. Tommy had taken a picture of Oliver's reaction as Felicity walked through the door. He was looking as her as if she were a Goddess to be worshipped. Felicity loved the picture.

"That picture will always be one of my favourites. I have the best fiancé in the world," she boasted.

"I'm glad you're happy but can we elope? Thea and our mothers are getting a bit out of control with their wedding ideas. Even Isabel is looking to get some mileage out of it for the company."

Felicity laughed, "They would kill us but for the record I don't care where we get married as long as I get married to you."

Oliver knew Isabel strictly enforced the no PDA at work rule but he didn't care at that moment. He walked around the desk and pulled Felicity into his arms kissing her soundly.

"I love you Felicity," he said when they broke apart.

"I love you too Oliver."

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