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Two Months Later

Ginger kissed her new husband for what seemed like an eternity. The minister had said the groom may kiss his bride but before the Professor could do anything he found the lips of the redheaded movie star pressed against his hard. A few sitting in the church were surprised by this but not six people. Especially the brunette standing as maid of honor wearing a pretty blue gown. She grinned watching her friend knowing that this was just the beginning. The Professor was in for it that was for sure. No way he was going to be able to ever escape this!

The bride finally did let up on her husband who was left speechless and overwhelmed. The two then started up the aisle and Ginger beamed feeling like the luckiest woman on Earth! The guests then made their way out of the chapel and to their cars to head to the reception which was being held on the grounds of the Howell's grand estate. Mrs. Howell insisted upon it. There was plenty of space for everyone and once Ginger saw it she couldn't say no. It was quite spectacular with the water fountains and the fresh green grass, bright colorful flowers and neatly trimmed hedges. There was even a large pond on the grounds that complimented the property. It was most certainly the most beautiful estate Ginger had seen. Sure movie producers and directors had glamorous homes but they paled in comparison to the Howells.

As the guests trickled out, one remained behind. Kianna. She couldn't help but stare at all the beautiful statues and the stain glass windows. Her eyes went to a huge wooden cross hanging by the altar. She slid out of the pew and walked up towards it. Her dark eyes focused in on it. She had agreed to go back to America with Skipper and begin a new life but she was having doubts. She was afraid that is what she was. Getting down on her knees, she said a prayer. "Lord please help me know that I made the right decision. I am confused. I have been here in this strange place called America for two months and I…well it is still all new to me but…I like it. I like it a lot. But Lord I miss my family. I missed Kawan and grandfather. I miss all the others in our tribe. I don't know if I made the right choice. Please help me dear Lord. I pray to thee in Jesus' name. Amen." Kianna got up and held her gaze on the cross before turning to leave. She left the chapel and spotted the Skipper talking to someone. She paused for a minute to see just who this person was. They appeared to be male about her age with dark brown hair. He had a friendly smile and from what Kianna could see very nice green eyes. She felt a faint blush come to her cheeks. She had not been around very many men having lived on an island with a tribe. Yes there were men in the tribe but none that she could marry. She considered them to be family and nothing more. But this man..he looked nice. Skipper saw her standing there in her pretty lavender dress and gestured for her to come over. "Kianna." He said waving his arm. "I would like you to meet someone. This is Jeffrey Tanner."

Kianna approached the two men her heart beating in her chest. "Hello." She said feeling flush. She didn't know why she felt this way. It was a strange feeling but a nice feeling. "I am Kianna."

"Nice to meet you Kianna." Jeffrey said warmly. "It would appear we are going to be seeing a lot of each other."

Kianna felt her face turn more hot and she swallowed before speaking. "What do you mean?" She asked her palms sweaty.

"I hired Jeffrey to work for me." Skipper replied.

"Oh?" Kianna said trying to conceal her smile. "I had thought Gilligan was still working for you. Is this not correct?"

"Gilligan is still going to be working for me it just won't be in Hawaii. You see I decided to start a new business in Florida." Skipper explained "He and Mary Ann had discussed living there. They enjoy the warmer weather and the plane ride from Florida to Kansas is not that long and neither is the plane ride to Pennsylvania. Plus Mary Ann has a cousin who is opening a bake shop and she wants to go in it with her. I decided that Florida is a terrific place to operate my business. People can enjoy being out on the water and maybe see a dolphin or two. I figured I could use more help since the state is a big tourist area. That's where Jeffrey comes in. I thought you and Gilligan could use some more help."

"I see." Kianna said with a smile. "It is very nice of you to work with Skipper." She said to Jeffrey.

"I love being out on the water." Jeffrey stated. "It's in my blood. My mother told me I get that from my grandfather. He was a lover of the sea too. When I was a kid he used to take me out on his boat fishing. I loved that. I found the sea air to be invigorating."

"I enjoy it a great deal myself." Kianna smiled brightly. "Perhaps you tell me more about your grandfather. Would you care to join me at reception?"

"I would love to." He stated.

Jeffrey held out his arm and Kianna linked hers and they two walked out together. She briefly glanced back at the cross in the chapel and smiled. She got her answer.

Three Months Later

"Oh how sweet!" Ginger said reading a letter from Mary Ann. 'Kianna is engaged to Jeffrey!'

The Professor looked up from the papers he was reading and smiled. "That's wonderful."

"I'm so happy for her." The redhead gushed. "Kianna is such a doll! I know Skipper is happy she decided to join him. He treats her like she is his own daughter. It's sweet."

"I agree." The Professor nodded. "He adores her tremendously. I think Kianna is very happy she made the decision to go back to the states with him."

"I'll say." Ginger said placing the letter back in the envelope. She picked up another one and was puzzled by the stamp that placed on it. It appeared to be some kind of royal seal. She opened it up and smiled seeing it was from Princess Rose. "Darling we have a letter from Rose." She said.

"Oh? How is she doing? What does it say?" He asked.

Ginger read it over. "It says she is doing very well. Her father had fallen ill but had recovered….Oh this is interesting." She grinned. "It would appear that Rose is quite smitten with the doctor who was treating her father. She says he is quite handsome and very kind. His name is…" Ginger giggled.

"What? What is his name? What is so funny?" The Professor pressed.

"His name is Roy!" Ginger could not help but laugh.

"You made that up." The academic said. "What is his real name?"

Ginger grinned at her husband. "Darling I didn't make it up. That is his name. Roy."

He took the letter and shook his head. "My love his name is Michael Roy. Dr. Michael Roy." He stated. "Dr. Roy."

"It's still Roy." She said taking the letter back. "It's funny."

The Professor couldn't help but be amused by his wife. "What else does she say?"

"It says that she….she is going to marry him! How wonderful! She said it was hard getting over Kawan as she loved him for so long but she is happy with Roy."

"Michael." The Professor interjected.

Ginger ignored him. "She said she enclosed a picture.." She looked inside the envelope and pulled out a photograph. Ginger giggled looking at it. "Darling he looks like you!"

The scholar shook his head. "He does not. Will you stop that already? His name is Michael not Roy and he does not look like me."

"Yes he does." She said handing him the picture.

He took it ready to inform his wife of just how wrong she was when it turned out she wasn't so wrong. The man in the photo did resemble him. Not an exact double but his facial features were similar and his hair appeared to be a little darker. His eyes looked to be perhaps a different shade of blue but there was no question the doctor did in fact look similar to him.

"See I told you." Ginger said triumphantly.

"Amazing." The Professor said looking at the photo.

"I can't say I blame her." Ginger stated. "He is quite handsome how could she resist?" She added approaching her husband kissing the side of his head.

"Makes me think that perhaps Gilligan's claim of a double wasn't so far fetched after all." He quipped.

Ginger smiled and went back to the letter. "She says that he is quite charming and intelligent. Her father is quite fond of him and is very happy they are to marry. Oh I am glad things worked out for her. She is such a nice woman. It was so thoughtful of her to send us a wedding present. That portrait of us is beautiful."

"I would agree with that." He said of the huge painting hanging in their bedroom. "It was kind of her to think of us."

The movie star put the letter down and sat on the sectional next to her husband. "Roy do you think Kawan knows about Rose?"

"Possibly. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. Just wondered. I know how sad he was when Rose left him. I can't help but feel bad for him. But it was his own doing. He knows that."

"He does." The Professor agreed. "I think he is doing just fine. Kianna said that he had really taken to the Bible and wanted to learn more about Jesus and his teachings. I believe Rose did send a priest out to the island to talk with him. Kianna said he was at peace."

"I am glad. He was not such a terrible man after all. He got too hot headed and full of himself. I know he didn't really mean to harm any of us. He thought he was protecting Rose. Maybe someday he will find another love." Ginger sighed.

"Perhaps." The Professor put his papers away. "I am glad I found my love." He said putting his arm around her. "I love you."

Ginger smiled. "I love you too Roy Hinkley. I always will." With that she kissed his lips and they held one another tight.

The End!