Baratie is a floating restaurant, quite a large ship really, which is known for its fancy and tasty food. It is one of the famous restaurants around Grand Line. If you were to travel around the world to find the greatest treasure a pirate could get in the seas (or even if you're just a normal person traveling), you'd be stupid not to taste their fine dishes. As the sous-chef of this restaurant, Sanji ensured the quality was served to their customers, especially his lovely ladies. Zeff, the head chef, was once a pirate that, despite what he thought about rich people and all that, he still saved Sanji from the unfortunate happening in The Orbit. Though Sanji still hated the head chef's attitude towards him, he wanted to show the old geezer that he was capable and deserving of his title.

Just then, he heard shouting in the kitchen and it irritated him that two of the chefs of the floating restaurant were fighting about the food to serve the other customers. "Idiots", he muttered under his breath. He slipped away and went out to smoke in peace. He ran his unoccupied hand through his hair as he looked at the ocean, puffing his cigarette once in a while. The beauty of the water still was captivating to him, especially as it glittered in the horizon. His heart skipped a bit when he saw a pirate ship, well, not really a ship per say, but it was like it anyway. He hated pirates, especially when they pick up a fight in Baratie, but this time, he was not annoyed. In fact, he felt something tug in the deepest parts of his being, as if that certain ship was pulling him closer to something. He could not understand it, but there was something.

He headed back to the kitchen after stubbing out his smoke and throwing the cigarette butt in the nearest trash bin. Knowing that the next customer that he was going to serve was a shithead, he had to compose himself and act calm. It's not every day that they would serve a marine. And, everytime they served one, it was either stupid or unfriendly. This time, Sanji was sure that Fullbody, a marine lieutenant, was not smart or friendly in any way. He knew, from what the other chefs had said about the marine lieutenant that he was not easy to deal with; always asking for demands and making himself look like he was in charge of everything that was going on around him. In other words, he was using his position to do wrong to others.

He grabbed the dish that the shithead ordered and the wine that suited best for it. After all, he was not the sous-chef for nothing. He fixed his posture, wine on his left hand and the food on his right then he exited the kitchen and went to the table where, he noticed, the marine was sitting at with a gorgeous woman. Such a sight that he did not want to see at that moment. He hated men that didn't know how to treat women, and this man was no exception. Perhaps he was not good, but he was better than all of those men.

Well, enough of that shit. He didn't want to remember that part though. He wanted to remember how he met the crew and how he fell for Zoro (not maybe fell in love, but he definitely saw something in those dark eyes that made him feel something for the green-haired swordsman). Of course, at first, he had his eyes on Nami. Who wouldn't? She was like a goddess that fell from the sky. But then, there was this green-haired boy that was exotic looking. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could not help but notice something darn beautiful in him that even though he fawned over Nami, he still could not erase the man's face from his thoughts.

"I hated it, Zoro," Sanji said, his mouth turning into a frown as he recalled Zoro's fight against Dracule Mihawk. "That time when you told me that you did not regard yourself anymore, since wanting to be the greatest swordsman. I thought that you were not that serious, but…" Sanji's voice faltered. He still could remember how Zoro challenged Mihawk; how he wanted to die instead of facing defeat. "I could not believe what you did then. I could not understand why you chose to die instead."

"But you knew then that I wanted to defeat Mihawk," Zoro said softly, putting down the spoon in the empty soup bowl. "You knew that I was 's the honor to die in a fight than lose."

Sanji shifted his weight on his seat, schooling his face in neutral. He didn't know that he would be in such pain after… sex. Shit. Well, it was worth it though. He had no idea that doing something intimate like that with Zoro was possible. "I wanted you to just let it go; to let your dream go," he put his palm on air to stop Zoro from speaking, "I know that it was stupid to think that way. But I already dismissed the thought of looking for All Blue then. I thought that you should, too, knowing that Mihawk would only defeat you.

"But you did not change your mind. You still wanted to defeat him. And that may be the reason why I decided to follow my dream and look for All Blue. I know my dream isn't much of a dream just like yours, Luffy's, or anyone else's in this ship, but it's nice to know that everyone is supporting me."

"At least, yours doesn't have to seek death in order to conquer it. But that's beside the point anyway," Zoro said, dismissing the topic altogether. "Are you sleepy, cook?" Zoro inquired, seeing the blonde's facial expression, though it was far from sleepy than squeamish; however, Zoro did not need to know about that.

"Nah. I'll just fix this and I'll go to sleep. You should go, now, I guess." Sanji said, uncertain.

What did lovers do after doing something that intimate anyway?

Sanji sighed as Zoro stood up and kissed his forehead, then left the galley. He was inexperienced as it is and he did not want to ruin what he and Zoro might have at this point.

He closed his eyes after washing the dishes. Everything went back to the past, eh? Lies and truths were hidden in Zoro's poker face and no one, except the people that he was close with would know what was running in that moss-head's brain. However, until now, he was unclear of how Zoro thought about things. But, for now, he'll let his heart run for him. Like a supernova, light burst into the darkness of his heart in the form of Zoro.

After sometime, he decided to head back. He slowly trekked towards the boy's quarters, trying his best to endure the pain. The sole of his shoes tap-tapped on the floor as he walked on the Adam wood. The breeze picked up, ruffling his hair slightly, and it was such a good night to sleep, but he was unsure if he would be able to sleep properly though.

He quietly slipped in and was astonished to find the swordsman sleeping in his hammock, snoring. "Oi, Zoro, what the hell are you doing there?" He tapped the Marimo's shoulder to wake him, but he had a hard time since the other was tired and sick. Oh, whatever, he could squeeze himself in the hammock anyway, even with the brute there.


When Sanji woke up, the following day, he was caught off guard as two curious heads were staring at him, and Zoro, too near for it to be healthy. "Wh'dyou want?" he grumbled, turning his back on the two and scooted closer to the green-haired swordsman who was still snoring.

He didn't care anymore whether everyone in Thousand Sunny knew about his relationship with Zoro. He was still overwhelmed that he could only think about what the future had in store for the both of them. Whatever Zoro wanted to do with their relationship, he would see where it would lead them. After all, he loved the idiot already. God, why was he a hopeless romantic?

He was in too deep and he was certain that at some point, he would come crashing down without anyone to save him. But that did not mean that he would back down from this fight. He was tougher than that. He was Black Leg Sanji after all.

"Why is Zoro sleeping with you?" Usopp asked, eyeballing them.

"You- you and Zoro?" Chopper squeaked, like a frightened mouse, his eyes filled with curiosity.

A chuckle escaped his lips as he listened to the two curious boys. "Yes, Chopper, Zoro and I."

He kneaded Zoro's back absently with his palms, a little afraid of what the boys would say. He was grateful that he did not need to convince the two to like their relationship. Thankfully, instead of being negative about it, they too were glad that they were now together. It amazed him how open his crew mates were about this kind of affair.

But, it's going to take some time for him to get used to this though.

He gently eased himself off the hammock, making it swivel slightly, but thankfully, it did not wake the Marimo up. "What do you guys want for breakfast?" He asked as he fixed his collar and sleeves; combing his hair with his fingers afterwards.

"Anything would do, Sanji," Usopp said.

"Yeah, anything. And maybe some hot chocolate?" Chopper's eyes sparkled at his request.

The two followed Sanji outside and they went on their separate ways; Sanji going to the galley while the younger ones went to the lawn deck.

Sanji fixed himself a cup of newly brewed coffee before he started planning breakfast. He moved around the counter, looking for ingredients for pancakes and hot chocolate. Okay, since Chopper did not often request food for him, he decided to give the kid what he wanted. He grabbed the box of flour and the bag of sugar from the upper part of the cupboard, and a carton of milk, some eggs and butter from the refrigerator and started preparing his dish. He whisked and sprinkled all of the ingredients in fluid motions. He let himself be engrossed in what he was doing, humming a tune in the process. Cooking was really something that he could always enjoy and frankly, he was always relaxed whenever he cooked.

After mixing all of the ingredients properly, Sanji poured the batter into pre-heated non-stick pan (that he just bought a few months back) with the right amount of oil. He continued to hum, a different tune this time, and moved his hips to the melody. What's good in being flexible if he didn't know how to dance, eh?

His concentration was broken though, while he was in the middle of plating the pancakes. Heavy thump-thumping of footsteps came into the galley. He did not need to look up to know who it was. He breathed heavily and tried his best to ignore the person that entered, but it was useless. The heady aroma of lust and sex was in the air. He gulped as he felt the person coming closer to his personal space. His fingers were trembling as he placed the final touches to the pancakes. Was it because of anxiety? Was it because of anticipation? The noisy pounding of his heart was holding some kind of expectation and was carrying pent up and endless amount of various feelings.

Sanji did not know that he was shaking until Zoro came up behind him and put his arms around his lover. "Are you sick? Was I too rough last night?" Zoro asked, his voice husky and filled with… lust.

He cleared his throat, but came up empty. He had no idea what to say. He was not sick and Zoro was not rough at all then, but… Oh, shit. He could feel his arousal tenting the front of his pants. He had to hide himself. He did not want Zoro to think that he had a real good time last night… and that he wanted another round this time. Even though his ass was still throbbing, he wanted it again. Fuck.

He froze when Zoro brushed a finger on his jaw. It was gentle, but it sent different kinds of signals to his brain (and down south). "Cook…" God. He had never thought that the nickname would arouse him, but it did. The way that Zoro whispered his name held all the promises of good things; of the things he wanted to do to him.

"Yeah?" Sanji asked, his voice hoarse and shaky. What the hell? He was really, really horny now, and it was barely ten in the morning!

Zoro propped his chin on Sanji's shoulder. "I don't know about you, but I could use another dose of what we had last night..." He sounded needy.

Damn. Zoro moved his head a bit and kissed under his ear, and that was such a turn on. He could feel himself heat up at Zoro's words. Probably, he was beet red right now. He should not give in, yet, though. At least, he could still wait until they have had their breakfast.

"Hands off, Marimo," he slapped Zoro's forehead lightly. "Breakfast first, before anything else." He had to move away. He didn't want the moss-head think that he was easy to get because a few more prompts and he might give in. Like hell he would let Zoro win.

ast first before anything else." He had to move away. He didn't want the moss-head to think that he was easy to get because a few more prompts and he might give in. Like hell he would let Zoro win.


"Namiiii~" Sanji greeted his mellorine lovingly, his eyes turn into hearts a bit, ignoring the way Zoro was seething in his seat. "Here's your chocolate banana pancake with fresh honey.

"Thank you, Sanji," Nami smiled at the cook, which almost caused Sanji to have a nosebleed. Thankfully, Luffy got in the way. He was about to take a piece from Nami's plate when Sanji noticed, kicking his captain.

"You're going to wait until I give yours, Luffy! Ladies first!" He handed Robin's plate with a flourish, earning him a silent laugh from the historian.

"Thank you." Robin said, smiling at him mischievously.

It seemed that Robin knew something, but he had no way to ponder about that thought as Luffy flung himself to him, blabbering about not being fed even though he was the captain. "Sanjiiii, I am the captain! Why do I not get served immediately?"

Sanji, and even half of the crew, rolled their eyes and said, "If I fed you now, you'd take the others' food if you're still not satisfied, and they would not be nourished because of you!"

"But, Sanji!" Luffy whined like a kid that he was. His eyes were pleading, but Sanji wouldn't budge.

"Get off me, you leech of a captain. Wait for your turn." With that, he pulled Luffy away from him and continued to serve the crew.

Breakfast was noisy and lively, as usual. The rowdies of the group, namely Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper kept on playing with their chopsticks, not bothering to be pleasant as they put each stick in their nostrils. Nami had no other choice but to let the three idiots to continue since they didn't not even listen, even though Nami already hit them on the head. Sanji didn't even understand why they used chopsticks when their food was not rice or noodles! And, where the hell did they even get those chopsticks? Did they raid his galley when he was not looking? Fuckers.

Sanji ate in silence. He avoided the gaze of a certain swordsman who kept on nudging his knees with his own. Zoro was hinting about what he wanted to do with Sanji. He knew what Zoro wanted. He wanted what the damn swordsman wanted, too. Shit. He was heating up and he could barely avert his attention from Robin who was still smiling mischievously. What did she know? This was killing him slowly, knowing that Robin was the person that often knew a lot of things that most people would not notice.

Sanji had been looking at Zoro through his peripheral vision. He didn't know how much time had passed; however, it felt like forever. Everything is still confusing, Sanji mused, but I like it.

As he thought about Zoro, he suddenly remembered the green-haired swordsman's fight with Mihawk. Dracule Mihawk, with his shoulder length black hair underneath the ridiculous wide-brimmed black hat that was decorated with a large plume, eyes that were like a hawk's, and a long open black coat (which Sanji thought was doing nothing to cover himself up) just agreed to Zoro's challenge. Zoro, who was then full of himself, was able to convince the greatest swordsman to fight him for his title. At first, Sanji thought that the swordsman was going to fight Zoro with his large sword that he was carrying on his back, but to his surprise (and horror), Mihawk used a penknife that he produced from the cross pendant of his necklace! The fucker was mocking Zoro.

This irked his curiosity. He hadn't seen Zoro fight yet. He wanted to see how well the moss-head would fight with the famous swordsman. His heart was thumping ridiculously fast in its cage as he watched. Nevertheless, the fight didn't even last long. His eye, which was not hidden, widened when Zoro still stood his ground even though he was cut by the penknife. Sanji didn't know what had happened, but Dracule Mihawk suddenly wielded his sword from his back. Zoro, with three swords drawn (fancy that, he had a sword in his mouth!), he attacked. As a viewer, Sanji had thought that Zoro had a chance, but… Mihawk tore open Zoro's chest. Just a flick of Mihawk's enormous sword and Zoro's swords became useless. He almost lost his cigarette when his mouth opened wide along with his eyes at the sight.

Right then, he realized that that was his weakness. He didn't know why, but Zoro's life was important to him. Something in his heart was always in pain when Zoro was hurt. It ached to see Zoro suffer whether it was from a challenge or a fight, but he knew deep in his heart that Zoro was, and will always be, an inevitable part of his life. It was like their souls were connected at one point. It was, Sanji cringed, like they were soulmates.

When breakfast was done and Sanji was about to wash the dishes, he was blocked by Robin. "I'll wash the dishes for now. Let yourself be acquainted," she said knowingly.

"Wha-?" Sanji started. What the heck did Robin know?

"Sorry," Robin apologized, but she didn't seem sorry at all, "I kind of seen some of it." Robin didn't even blush at the confession. "You weren't exactly quiet, you know." There was laughter in her voice, and Sanji had to blush. Yes, he was the one that blushed instead of the historian.

"Robin, what are you talking about?" Sanji tried to hide his embarrassment, but it was no use. His ears already betrayed him.

"No need, Sanji, to think about what I'm talking about. You'll understand later," Robin answered. "For now, he's waiting." She winked at him as she waved at him to leave.

When he just stared at her while gaping, he was suddenly ushered by disembodied limbs to get out of the galley. God, he had to get a grip of himself.


Zoro cornered him outside the aquarium bar and Sanji almost shrieked in shock. He did not see the Marimo or sense him for that matter. He was going to get some fish for lunch and decided that he would not be able to get a fresh catch at the moment, and thanked Franky in his mind that he thought of making the aquarium. It was easy for him to get something that he wanted to cook without asking the idiots to fish for him. But at that very moment, it seemed that he was like a fish that was caught off guard by its predator.

"Cook…" Zoro sighed, blocking his path with his hands as he grabbed hold of Sanji's hair and waist respectively. "I have been a good boy, and waited."

Sanji tried to squirm, but his efforts were useless. He was melting under Zoro's heated gaze. Entranced by Zoro's eyes and breath, his giddy brain took off on its own. He leaned in and let Zoro guide their kiss. He could taste the bitterness of beer in the corner of Zoro's lips, but there's nothing new with that. As their kiss deepened, he could vaguely hear the sails flapping and rustling against the wind overhead. Then, the noise aboard increased. The younger ones were running about and playing, and Luffy was shouting at them for cheating. He sighed as Zoro let go of him.

"Get in," Zoro ordered, pushing him in the aquarium bar. "Unless, you want them to see you naked?"

The suggestiveness in Zoro's voice was enough to allow himself be ushered in the room. The lights in the aquarium bar were dim making everything inside seem blue. It was as if they were under the ocean. After locking the door, Zoro gripped Sanji by the shoulders and continued to kiss him. Their lips connected with a spark and Sanji felt his skin tingle in every breath that he took. He was aware of Zoro's muscles as it flexed underneath the white shirt that he was wearing, and he had to struggle to forget (or maybe not) the mental images of the nakedness that Zoro had showed him last night.

"Zoro," Sanji whined. He needed more than kiss at this moment. He wanted more from the swordsman, and he did not want to wait any longer. Perhaps it was because of the touches that Zoro was giving him. The strong hands running on the small of his back and shoulders were like electricity that was now running in his veins.

Zoro didn't wait for more prompting. He untangled himself from the cook and took off his shirt, showing the bulging muscles of his shoulders and pectorals. And Sanji could just run his hands over those abs! Heat was still radiating from the swordsman and Sanji had to lick his lips that were becoming dry. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his dress shirt, putting it neatly on the sofa. When they were already both buck naked, Zoro didn't waste time. He planted kisses on Sanji's skin, making him stumble to a halt. Sanji was gently being pushed to the sofa and was laid down by Zoro, facing him.

There was passion in Zoro's eyes as he took in Sanji's features. "Sanji, I love you, you know that. I'd do everything to protect you."

"Asshole, I can protect myself," Sanji said, looking away. Of course, Zoro would want to protect him. He had every right. He was his boy friend after all. But, he was stronger now than he was before.

"Damn, cook," Zoro grumbled, "I'm being honest with myself and you're messing with my feelings."

Sanji had to laugh at that. Zoro, often quiet and never expressive, was wooing him. God, if only the others knew this side of Zoro's, they would probably think that they were hallucinating. But this was his Zoro, and he would never let him go.

When his laughter subsided, he motioned with his fingers to let Zoro know that he wanted him by his side, or on top of him. "Sorry," he whispered when Zoro was already laying on his bare chest, "I know where you're coming from, but I'm definitely stronger now. You don't have to protect me."

Zoro huffed, but Sanji knew that the swordsman understood his feelings. He would protect him if it was needed, but he didn't have to be a damsel in distress all the time. Fighting was in his blood, too. If the tables were turned, he would protect Zoro as well.

Sanji kissed Zoro on his ear and when he lifted his lips, the golden earrings that the swordsman sported chimed softly. "I love you, too, Marimo," Sanji sighed sweetly.

Zoro pushed himself up and looked at him. "Well, now that it's clear, can I fuck you now?"

"Oh," Sanji said quietly, but giddily, "Okay."

Zoro's kisses were languid as he eased himself in Sanji. Unlike last night, there was little pain when Zoro entered him. He was more aware of the fact that this was really good. Zoro's lips were like an aphrodisiac making its way to his blood. His motions were stimulating the depths of his inner being. As Zoro moved above him, sheen of sweat made its way from his temples to his chest, coating his body with slickness. If before Sanji was bothered by this, he was not at the moment.

He was busy bucking underneath the swordsman's body, following the rhythm that Zoro had set. He wanted to suppress the moans that were coming from him, but he couldn't. He chanted Zoro's name on and on as they made love in the bluish light of the aquarium bar. The semi-crimson cloth that covered the sofa would probably be deep red by now due to their sweat, but it didn't matter then.

Sanji could feel himself writhe. His orgasm was close and he wanted to wait for Zoro. He wanted the swordsman to be the first to come. But of course, who was he kidding? He was not yet practiced in this sort of intimacy and while he wanted to last longer, his orgasm was bubbling up, making him quiver. "Zoro…" he moaned. "More." His eyes were dampening as he tried his best to hold off, but alas, his mind was becoming woozy. He shuddered and then, he blacked out.


He grunted awake when he felt Zoro pinning him down on the bed. The fucker was too heavy. He lifted his arm and bumped his shoulder on the other man. Wait, they were not in bed! Sanji realized that they were still in the aquarium bar and it was not evening yet… Well, he hoped so.

Since almost the entire room made it seem like they were underwater, his sense of time was a bit lacking at this hour. He unconsciously rubbed the stubble that was showing on the swordsman's chin. Would the green-haired idiot look good with some facial hair? Sanji was curious. Maybe he should tell Zoro not to shave for a few days just to see. Yeah, maybe he would just do that.

He continued to gently caress Zoro while thinking of what to cook. He was not sure if Zoro were becoming sensitive to his touches, but the swordsman stirred and opened an eye. "Hey," Zoro murmured, bringing his arm around Sanji's waist, dragging the blonde back closer to his side. "You okay? You just passed out." Zoro voiced out his concern with warmth, his eyes narrowing.

Sanji shook his head before answering. "I'm fine. I was just overwhelmed."

Zoro hummed in understanding as he closed his eyes; arms still wrapped around Sanji's body. Sanji relaxed to the heat that the swordsman's body was emitting. A satisfied sigh left his lips when Zoro kissed his neck, bit it gently and lapped at it with his tongue. "Sorry," Zoro murmured.

The stillness of the room was only interrupted by the soft splashing of the sea creatures in the tank that surrounded them. "No worries." Sanji was really happy to be with Zoro. Content even. He never knew that he would be this happy with his sworn arch nemesis-slash-love of his life. His eyes darted aimlessly from here to there as Zoro continued to kiss and bite him. He wanted to know what was running in Zoro's mind; however, he was unsure if Zoro would answer him or not. His heart was racing three hundred miles per hour currently and he wanted to smack his face just to know if he were dreaming or not. Oh, yeah. A lot of ifs right now. Is he really content right now?

"Zoro…" Sanji whispered, barely audible against the covers.

"Hmm?" Zoro didn't look up, still busy with his activity.

Sanji stifled a moan as Zoro bit him again. "What's going to happen to us?" He asked when Zoro moved on to his shoulder.

Zoro stilled. "What do you mean?"

Sanji was a romantic. He loved everything about romance and flowery words that surrounded it. He loved the idea of love and he wanted to know whether Zoro would approve of him telling the entire ship about their relationship. He was happy with Zoro and he knew that traveling the seas would be difficult to find a steady lover and Zoro would be perfect for him. Not only they would have time with each other, they would also be fighting alongside one another. It was perfect. He did not have to worry about hurting a delicate flower at all!

His eyes drifted back to Zoro's hands. He shivered before he spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully, "Would you… Is it okay for you if… the rest knew about us?"

Zoro grinned against his skin as he answered, "Why would I not be?"

He wanted to jump right then and there. Zoro was alright with their relationship to be out in the open! God, but what about his mellorine? Surely she would be devastated about this news?

He was sadly disappointed when Sanji and Zoro told the news about their relationship. Firstly, Robin, Usopp and Chopper were delighted along Luffy who already had ideas about their relationship. Secondly, Brook and Franky guffawed when their thoughts about Zoro pining for Sanji's affection were true. Third, Nami, of all things beautiful became evil in actions when she slapped Sanji's and Zoro's shoulders respectively, telling them that she was happy for the both of them. Not only she was happy, but she was genuine in her feelings. She was not affected in the slightest, even knowing that Sanji might not be swooning over her any more than he did before.

Sanji chanced a look at Zoro. The swordsman was scratching the back of his neck while keeping his head down. He was not sure whether Zoro was regretting their decision about telling their relationship or whatever, but he didn't want to see Zoro uncomfortable. He touched the moss-head's elbow and murmured quietly, enough for only the both of them to hear, "Are you okay? You don't look so good."

Zoro shook his head and said, "Everything's alright."


Zoro did not disappoint Sanji. Months after they told the crew about their relationship, they were still together and currently were still bickering like school girls.

"I told you that Usopp broke the champagne glass not me!" Zoro explained for the nth time. He looked weary as he continued to keep his lover's anger at bay, not that he was doing any good at all.

Sanji sighed in frustration. "It's not a champagne glass! It's a champagne flute that I bought in the mainland just this week! It's expensive because the glass that they used was from North Blue and I don't know why, whoever broke it, they chose it instead of something useless!"

Zoro's voice was deep and rumbling when he grabbed a hold of the cook's wrists to stop him from thrashing about the kitchen. "I said, cook, that it's not me. It's Usopp. I have no plans in going to your bad side, knowing that it's your birthday."

Sanji almost squealed in delight. Zoro remembered his birthday! He didn't even tell Zoro that it was his birthday. Heck, he only celebrated his birthday alone, drinking and smoking in peace. No one in the ship knew about his birthday so, how did Zoro know about it?

He melted into Zoro's touch. "I'm sorry. I was just…" he stopped. He didn't want Zoro to know that he had been jealous of Zoro's attention. The swordsman had been busy with his workouts and this made them have less time with each other. But then, he saw Zoro speaking with Usopp in hushed tones earlier, it made him snap.

"I know. I'm sorry." Zoro looked apologetic enough. And sexy, too. Damn, that swordsman shouldn't be this sexy and enticing and everything. Right now, Zoro was not wearing his shirt and it was ruining Sanji's concentration. It seemed that he just finished training and sweat was trailing his bronze chest and well built curves. His mind was screaming at him while Zoro's body was mutely telling him to have sex that instant. "How can I make it up to you?"

Smile played on Sanji's lips. And just like that, Sanji knew that they would still have fun times ahead.


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