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P.S.: I will not be continuing [for now] my last story, "I Came, I Saw, I Walked Away".

"Well Emperor, Hamburg and Frankfurt are now just family estates of the Nobugana family" said the Roman Emperor to his Aztec friend with a rather smug look on his face. He took a rather large sip from his freakishly large glass of brandy.

"I WILL SACRIFICE A MILLION PRISONERS AND GOATS AND SHEEP AND PIGS..." the Aztec Emperor rambled on and on, taking a sip from HIS jug of brandy, glasses were for the weak. The Roman looked back at him with a glare strewn across his eyes. He reached into the depths of his toga and began to pull out a gun when Maria Theresa, host of the soiree, grabbed him by the arm.

"Not this again Octavian" Maria muttered, her eyes fixed on the four gunshot wound scars throughout Montezuma's half naked body. Augustus grudgingly walked away and approached Bismarck, hoping for a more fulfilling conversation. Augustus nonchalantly cruised toward the German, his footsteps echoing on the drawing room floor.

"Hello emperor Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck" The Roman casually said while signaling a servant to freshen his drink. The German emperor took no regard to these words, and instead adjourned to the bathroom where he debuted on the arduous journey of fishing out his cavity-shotgun. Augustus was a smart man, and he knew Bismark quite well, as such he went on his own journey of loading a rusty old flintlock.

"GOOD EVE MADAME MARIA, THY JUBILEE IS QUITE THE FINE GATHERING IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF!" The Queen of England chanted in a beguiling tone as she trotted in to the room, two footmen on each of her sides. "IT IS SO WONDERFUL THAT ALL OF THOU WERE ABLE TO RENDEZVOUS AT MARIA'S BEAUTIFUL ABODE!" She continued to recite, Bismarck returned from his adventure as Elizabeth had finished the latest verse in her [pre-recited] speech. Augustus and Bismarck both shot a quick glance at each other, realizing they had a new common enemy. "MAXIMUS, HORATIO!" Elizabeth called to two of her footmen, who both raised their guns and pointed them at the Roman and the German. The Horrible realization that Elizabeth was 2 steps ahead of them suddenly washed over the two men, they both raised their weapons in hopes of using intimidation to prevent a fight.

"NO!" Maria screamed at the top of her lungs, pulling out a futuristic laser-gun. "I AM DONE WITH YOU RUINING MY PARTIES!" She continued to rant. "THIS IS WHY I NEVER INVITE YOU OAFS TO MY PARTIES, NOW GET OUT!" The whole room went silent, Montezuma let out a whimper and left to the corner of the room and began to cry. All of the leaders [excluding Maria] dropped their weapons, a uniform clang rattled throughout the drawing room, but this admittance of defeat and apology would not please the enraged Queen. She proceeded to shoot the entire palace to smithereens, none of the other guests moved an inch.

The divines and immortals have emotions too, everyone is human. Whether or not they die in 5 years, 80 years, a millennium or never, they still can go insane.