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For the past several minutes since Vicky had tossed her clothes and Timmy's hat into the washing machine and started it, both teens had made their way back up the stairs into the living room, then over to the couch where they were now seated, a comfortable silence having descended over the room, broken only by the odd action scene in the Crimson Chin reruns that Vicky had tuned the television to, plus their lighthearted critiquing of said reruns.

By now, it was just a little after six, and the red-head was sure her charge would be getting hungry soon, with her plan being to call and order take-out once the current episode they were watching, ended. Yet the eighteen year old couldn't shake the feeling that it was she who was taking more interest in the cartoons on the TV than the brunet was. A slow, stealthy glance to her left confirmed her suspicion, as she found that Timmy's interest in one of his favorite superheroes had almost completely waned, his gaze now focused entirely on her, enough so that she was getting that odd feeling one gets when they think they're being watched. And this fact was only made more obvious by the dreamy expression on the boy's face; his eyes half-lidded, and lips turned up into a dumb grin.

This, in turn, caused a similar, screwed-up grin to appear on Vicky's own face, as she tried in vain to maintain a cool, neutral expression. Deep down, she didn't really know why she wanted to hide her smile from Timmy, but assumed it might be because it was simply more fun to mess with the younger teen, make him work for the things he'd see as modest victories, rather than just give them to him... Though there was a certain sense of her own pride playing a factor as well.

She chanced another quick look over at him, her grin growing marginally wider as she felt the urge to tease her 'Twerp' start to come on again. "Ahh..." Stretching her arms up over her head, Vicky shut her eyes as she released a content-sounding yawn. "Y'see something ya like, Twerp?"

Timmy's grin grew just a tiny bit wider, finding that his babysitter's once condescending nickname was now spoken in a much more affectionate(if slightly teasing) tone. While he still preferred 'Timmy', the term of endearment gave him an odd little warm feeling in his chest, one that radiated out to the rest of his body in an almost comforting manner. "More like someone." He replied confidently, cheeks turning just the lightest shade of pink.

This in turn caused Vicky to peek her left eye open at the brunet, which she soon followed with her right, her arms dropping back down to her sides. "Oh yeah?" She asked with a coy, knowing grin. "Now you're sure about liking me, Twerp? You seemed pretty unsure just a little while ago..." Again, she turned away from him, folding her arms behind her head as she propped her legs up on the coffee table that sat in front of the couch.

Timmy's blush deepened a little more as he was reminded of his nervous, stumbling actions and words when he and Vicky were in the bathroom together; though with the knowledge that the older girl reciprocated his feelings to some extent in his mind, he no longer felt the urge to hide said blush, opting instead to remain silent and partake in the visual banquet the girl was giving him. He took the time to study every inch of her, from her feet and cream-colored legs as she stretched them out in front of her, to the middle of her thighs, the rest of them covered by the white bath towel she still wore, then up to her chest, where said towel ended, allowing Timmy to see her the tops of her pale breasts and her slightly freckled shoulders. Moving even farther up, his eyes trailed up her neck, the memory of the noises the older girl made when he kissed her there still fresh in his mind; and at last, settled on her face, the same face he'd once feared, then very recently called 'pretty', and now felt he had to concede was nothing short of beautiful; a single, striking pink eye once again peeking out at him. "Eheh... Well it's been an... Eventful day." The teen scratched at his nose, mentally cursing his ever-persistent nervous habit. "I only started to really think I liked you-"

"Once you saw me naked?" The red-head interrupted, turning her head to look straight at Timmy, both eyes widened in curiosity as she pursed her lips questioningly.

Seeing her expression, and instantly realizing she was messing with him again, the buck-toothed teen shot her a flat look. "When you said that I was lovesick." He deadpanned, earning him a small, self-satisfied smirk from the older girl. "She just loves to be right..."

"Aha..." Reorienting her body to face Timmy's, Vicky rested her left elbow on the back of the couch, leaning the side of her head against the palm of her hand as she crossed her legs, then draped her right arm over her hip and drummed her fingers on her thigh. "If I remember correctly..." Her tone turned a bit more sly and husky as she grinned at the boy across from her on the couch. "That was right around when I was showing off how fit I am, right?"

"It ah... Yeah...?" Timmy's gaze dropped to his babysitter's stomach, noticing that, due to how damp she'd been when she left the bathroom; her white towel still tightly clung to her skin, showing off the slight curves in her abdomen, and even leaving a slight divot in the towel where her belly button was. "You're... Not cold, are you?"

The red-head felt a mild wave of heat wash over her body as Timmy's eyes trailed their way back up her body to meet hers. Though she'd never admit it, it felt a bit embarrassing for Timmy, her Twerp, to be looking at her so... Lustfully, she supposed. The looks she got from him now were a far cry from the ones he used to give her, with those being slightly fearful at best, and downright vitriolic at worst. Not to say she wasn't flattered by these new looks, nor was she unappreciative of them, they were just... Unfamiliar for her. "Hehe... Well... Even with the hole you've been burning through me with your eyes for the past half-hour, I am still kind of wet from our bath..." She patted her hip, feeling the now cool dampness of the towel. "I might be a little chilly... Why? Is my Twerp hoping to warm his favorite babysitter up?"

Timmy, still coming to terms with the knowledge his wish had granted, raised an eyebrow as the older girl drew closer. The almost sultry way she'd just spoken had an odd effect on him, making little goosebumps flare up over his arms and chest, along with making his heartbeat quicken in pace. "Maybe~" He drawled out, smiling as he slowly moved to meet the girl halfway. "But y'know... It might be easier to get warm if you... Got rid of the wet towel?"

Just as they met in about the middle of the couch, Vicky stopped Timmy, gently placing the palm of her right hand on his chest, their faces mere inches apart. "You're really cute, y'know that? ...Well, for a Twerp."

"What does tha-Ahh!" The brunet suddenly felt himself get shoved backward, landing back-first on the cushion he'd been sitting on as the back of his neck lightly collided with the arm of the couch. Before he could question the older girl's sudden show of force, she'd crawled on all fours on top of him, and now hovered just a few inches above him, her arms on either side of him, palms resting just below his underarms to hold herself up.

"It means-" The red-head shifted her weight to her left arm as she brought her right hand up to Timmy's face, giving his cheek another soft, gentle caress as she had when they were in the bathtub together. "That even though you've been a huge pain in my ass in the past... I think I'm willing to let all that stuff slide... Because for one, you're an adorable little stud-"

"Hey! I'm not that little-Mm?" The younger teen was silenced by Vicky's index finger firmly pressing against his lips.

"Shh. Let the pretty girl finish, alright?" She sank down until there were mere centimeters separating their faces, then placed a quick kiss on the top of her finger, slightly tickling Timmy's lips with her breath.

Half a second later, she pulled her finger away, returning her hand to the boy's cheek, which now felt hot from the intensity of his blush. He silently nodded up at her, eyes expectant, but clearly unused to the tenderness his babysitter was exhibiting. He'd wished to know more about sex, and even then, only the basics. The way she was acting now... It felt more like romance, something Timmy understood significantly less.

"Good boy." Vicky smirked, her tone just shy of condescending. To her, Timmy being unsure, maybe even submissive... It felt more natural. Not to say she didn't find her little Twerp's more confident side to be cute and endearing in its own way; she did, it was just more fun to mess with him, let him think he had the upper hand, only to pull the rug out from under his feet and keep him guessing. "Second, and I know I've already told you this; I've actually had a lot of fun with you over the past week. It's been nice to have..." She trailed off and glanced away out of embarrassment, her face reddening to rapidly catch up with and match the shade on Timmy's face. "Ugh... Y'know... A frien-" She paused to look back at the brunet, catching sight of the small, knowing grin on his lips. "Oh come on! You know what I'm trying to say! ...Fff-You're really gonna- A friend! Okay?!" She glared daggers at the teen beneath her, who now sported a very cheeky and satisfied smile. "Rrgh... Third... You-You're starting to... To grow on me. Like..." She pouted, wondering how to best word what she wanted to say without sounding like the millions of girls in romance movies and books that had come before her. "What I'm trying to say is... I appreciate... You. For-Um... For forgiving me...? I know it- It probably took a lot to look past-Hm?" The red-head paused, cutting herself off as she raised an eyebrow and looked down at Timmy, his left arm now carefully snaked under her right and around her waist, fingers slowly tracing their way up and down her towel-clad spine. "You are not even listening to me, are you?"

Hearing her voice, the teen's fingers froze in place, his blue eyes locking back on to her pink ones. "I-Uh... Heh... I did say you're really distracting..." "Especially when you're pretty much naked. ...And on top of me." Timmy thought, feeling that familiar tingly sensation in his lower abdomen again.

"Hmph. Here I am, trying to be all mushy and genuine with my... Eugh... Feelings, and all you care about is feeling me up!" The older girl spoke in an offended tone, though the grin on her face gave her away almost instantly.

"Hey! That's not- ...Entirely true..." Timmy admitted somewhat evasively, his fingers again trailing along Vicky's spine, then across her back to her left hip, carefully feeling about for their actual target. "I was just... Y'know... Looking for the edge of the towel..."

"Oh really?" Again, Vicky raised an eyebrow at the brunet, feeling strangely impressed by his boldness. "To try and help me warm up, right?" She slipped her hand off Timmy's cheek, sliding it down the middle of his chest until coming to a stop at the hem of his pink t-shirt.

Timmy, feeling the girl's fingertips lightly graze the skin just below his navel, let out a low, shaky breath; the tightness in his pants he'd experienced earlier returning in full force.

"If we're gonna go for a round two, I'm taking the lead this time, 'kay?" She watched with reserved glee as the boy beneath her shivered at her touch, the fingers he'd been trailing along her back reflexively tightening their grip on her towel.

Finding he was all too happy to agree to her terms, yet couldn't bring his mouth to actually form any words, Timmy simply nodded in the affirmative.

"Alright then. First... Arms up!" She exclaimed excitedly, giving the boy's shirt a quick upward tug.

"Wh-What? What... For?" The brunet shot her a quizzical, unsure look as he retracted his left arm from around his babysitter, then stretched both arms up over his head.

"You wanna warm me up, right? Sharing body heat works a lot faster if neither party is clothed... Though I wouldn't recommend it if we were, say... Freezing to death in some kind of cave that happened to be on the property of a certain ski resort..." The red-head winked at her charge, then quickly helped him out of his shirt, lifting it up over his head and off of him, then tossed it out of sight.

With that task done, Vicky promptly sank back down, meeting Timmy halfway as he propped himself up on his elbows, both intending to move in for a kiss, only to bump noses with each other. "Ngh!" Making a small noise of discomfort at the collision, Timmy squinted from the quick, sharp pain in his nose, slightly tilting his head back in response.

"Tch...!" The older teen narrowed her eyes at the brunet, more out of annoyance than actual discomfort. "Mm... First of all..." Vicky butted her forehead into Timmy's, exerting enough pressure to force him back down onto the couch, the back of his neck again resting on the arm. "I said I'm taking the lead, remember?"

He nodded, his forehead slowly brushing up and down against Vicky's.

"Second, when you move in for a kiss, you're supposed to tilt your head, like this-" Tilting her head a little to the right, Vicky closed the distance between the two teens, capturing Timmy's lips with her own in a rather simple kiss, though she lingered just long enough to let him attempt to return it before pulling away, leaving a confused look on the boy's face. "But I know from experience that you already know how to kiss... And there'll be plenty of time for kissing later." She grinned down at Timmy evilly, a giddy shiver running up her spine as she saw that familiar spark of concern in her charge's eyes. "For now... I think it's time I paid you back for that little stunt you pulled in the bathroom..."

"Stunt in the-Mm?" Timmy attempted to echo his babysitter's words, only to be interrupted once again by Vicky's lips on his own, the question he'd been about to pose to her quickly being subsumed beneath the desire to return and prolong the kiss, his left arm looping back around her waist to search for the edge of the towel that was still keeping her covered, and thus annoying the boy to no end.

Yet as before, the red-head broke contact with Timmy just as he started to return the kiss, pulling away slowly and carefully enough to briefly suck on his lower lip, producing a low, audible smacking sound, which was soon followed by a noise somewhere between a groan and a whine from the younger teen. "Aw..." Vicky licked her lips and chuckled. "Is my little Twerp getting frustrated?"

The brunet pouted up at the older girl, making his lower lip stick out just a little more as he realized she was merely toying with him. "It's not like I had a choice in the bathroom... Y-You were the one who told me to run out and get dressed! Was I supposed to not listen to you and risk the both of us getting caught?" Timmy unwound his arm from around Vicky, then crossed both over his chest, shooting her a stern(and frustrated) look.

"Oh, so now you want to listen to me?" Vicky smirked knowingly as she moved in for another kiss, but sank a little lower at the last second, pressing her lips to Timmy's neck in much the same way he'd done to her when they were in the tub.

"I-I listen-Ah!" The younger teen let out a small moan as Vicky kissed a small, sensitive spot on the side of his neck, then took it a step further, gently nipping at the sensitive flesh. "S-Sometimes..." He felt her right hand settle on his shoulder, then a slight pressure as she used him as leverage to pull herself up to whisper into his ear.

"Oh, I know... So you just lay back, and let me lead, alright?" Her warm breath ghosted over his ear, tickling it again and making him shiver.

Timmy nodded in agreement again, even as he wondered why exactly it was that Vicky was practically asking him for permission like before. Normally, he'd expect her to say something along the lines of 'Got it?' or 'Are we clear?', yet so far, she was actually being quite unlike her usual self; calling him by name, being careful and gentle, even talking in a gentler, more subdued tone. If he didn't know her better, he might actually think Vicky was somewhat... Nervous. "Ngh..." Another weak moan escaped his lips as he felt the older girl move farther down, her lips making contact with his collar bone, just a few inches above his heart.

"Jeez, either I'm really good at this, or the Twerp is super sensitive..." The red-head thought as she continued to move lower, making a brief pause at Timmy's heart, the organ now thumping loud enough for Vicky to hear in her ears as she pressed her lips to his chest. "Heh... Maybe it's a little of column 'a', and a little of column 'b'..."

The rest of her descent down Timmy's abdomen was much quicker, as while she definitely enjoyed teasing the brunet like this, she didn't quite have the patience to keep it up for very long, eventually just placing little quick pecks down the middle of his stomach and past his navel until coming to the waist of his jeans. Once there, she bit down on the fabric, just above the button, and gave it a quick tug, undoing said button and making his fly unzip just a little.

It was at this point that two things happened. One, Timmy looked down at the girl in confusion, wondering just what it was that she was doing, and two, Vicky noticed that, judging from what she could see through Timmy's undone button and fly... "Heheh... You're pretty confident, huh?" She looked up at the teen slyly, earning her the same bewildered expression as when he'd felt the rough tug at his jeans a second earlier. "C'mon Timmy, you're gonna tell me you just forgot to put on underwear? Seems more likely that you thought you'd get rid of your parents quickly enough to hop back in the tub with me!"

"It eh... Must've slipped my mind...?" The teen shrugged, remembering that Wanda had been the one to dress him, rather than let him do it himself. He'd been so preoccupied with trying to get his mother to leave that he hadn't noticed his own lack of undergarments; though, with a significant amount of blood now rushing to his privates, the somewhat rough material of the jeans his member was now pressing against had become fairly uncomfortable.

"Mm-hm, I'm sure it did. You were clearly too busy thinking about your naked, wet babysitter laying on the bathroom carpet, waiting for you to come back...!" Vicky remarked in a seductive tone as she brought her hands up to the waist of Timmy's jeans again, holding it still as she bit down on his zipper with an audible click, then pulled her head back, unzipping his fly in the process.

"Um... Heheh... What-Uh... What're y-you doing...?" The brunet asked, making no attempt to hide the nervous shiver in his voice. While he could tell that she was obviously undressing him in a tortuously slow manner, he'd yet to decipher the girl's devious grin from earlier, and some small part of the teen still worried about what that type of grin might entail.

"Heehee... In a word, payback." The red-head giggled as she sat up into a kneeling position, resting her bottom on her legs beneath her, then gave Timmy's jeans another quick but firm tug, pulling the obstructive clothing off before tossing it away to to join the boy's shirt. "But don't worry, it's a good payback..."

"Um!" Timmy reflexively moved to cover himself with both hands, only for Vicky to suddenly spring forward and press her body against his, her hands firmly gripping his biceps and forcing his arms back down against the cushion he laid on. "Ah..." He gasped out, partially from the surprise of his babysitter's sudden action, partially because her towel-clad abdomen rubbed and then pressed against his penis, sending a jolt of pleasure through his body.

"Oh..." The eighteen year old purred out, grinding her navel against Timmy's throbbing member, feeling little chills run up her spine at how hot it felt through her towel. "That's another thing I like about you, Twerp. Those adorable little noises you make-and try to hide-whenever I touch you..." Releasing the younger teen's left arm, Vicky shifted onto her left side, slowly trailing her right hand back down Timmy's chest until her fingers lightly collided with the tip of his erection, which itself laid over the teen's belly button. "Especially down here..."

"Nnh!" As if on cue, the brunet let out another small moan at his babysitter's touch. "W-Why are your hands s-so cold?!" Timmy barely gasped out as he felt Vicky's fingers slowly glide down the length of his member, then curl around it, grasping it gently but firmly.

"All the better to make you squirm with!" The red-head purred into Timmy's ear sensually, then began to move lower once again, pressing her lips to the top of his shoulder, then his collarbone, then lower still to the teen's right nipple, which received a bit more attention as she kissed it, lightly grazed it with her teeth, then traced small circles around it with her tongue; all the while gently stroking her hand up and down along the length of Timmy's member, taking a moment to brush her thumb against the tip at the apex of each stroke.

The brunet, normally so quick with his rebuttals toward his babysitter, found that his words had left him, forcing him to speak in little more than breathy shudders and low moans as the older girl continued kissing her way back down his body, occasionally lingering here and there while keeping a steady pace with her right hand's movement, his hips unconsciously bucking each time her hand reached the base of his cock. He could feel that edge again, the one he'd felt himself building up toward when they were in the tub together; the same edge he knew he'd go tumbling off of if the older girl continued touching him like she was... "Vic-Ky...?" Timmy mumbled out and shakily lifted his head to look down at the red-head, suddenly feeling her hand's movement cease, though her fingers remained wrapped around his penis.

She had her head propped up in the palm of her left hand, just above the thirteen year old's right hip, her pink eyes fixated on his boyhood, and a contemplative look on her face, suggesting to Timmy that she had something on her mind. "Slide up a little." She cast a sidelong glance over at him, her face remaining turned toward his privates.

"U-Up...? Um... Okay..." The teen pushed himself backward with his arms, positioning the middle of his back, just between his shoulder blades; against the arm of the couch. "Like- Like this?"

"Mm... Yeah-" Vicky released her grip on Timmy's member as she shifted up and over his right leg, then pushed both of his legs apart so she had enough room to lay down flat on her stomach between them. "Just like- No... How about-" Again, she squirmed and wiggled about, before bending her legs at their knees and lying flat on the couch cushion, then slid up the couch like Timmy had and leaned on her left elbow, the fingers of her right hand again curling around his penis. "Much better!" She exclaimed, her warm breath ghosting along the length of the teen's erection, making him shiver excitedly.

"D-Did you r-really have to do all t-that just so y-you could get a better angle to t-touch me... Down there?" Timmy looked down at his babysitter incredulously, noticing a small bead of clear liquid at the tip of his penis in the periphery of his vision.

"No~..." The red-head sang out cutely and kicked her legs back and forth in the air, looking very much like the stereotypical teenage girl she definitely wasn't. At the same time, she gently tilted his member from side to side in her hand as she rubbed her thumb up and down the underside of the tip. "But! I never said I'd only use my hand, now did I?" To emphasize her words even more, Vicky blew another, cooler breath onto his length, licking her lips suggestively as she finished.

It didn't take long for the implications of what his babysitter was suggesting to dawn on the young teen, and once again, he was left speechless for a moment, his mouth gaping in shock. While he found it difficult, he searched his thoughts-or perhaps memories was a more apt term-for this... Whatever it was that Vicky wanted to do to him! "She wants to put my-! In her-! But- But there are teeth in there!" Whatever 'this' was, it apparently wasn't covered in Wanda's idea of the basics of sex, that he was certain of.

Timmy felt a mild wave of panic wash over him, one he tried his best to hide behind a veil of the first feeling that sprang to the front of his mind: Confusion. "J-Just so we're- Uh, clear... Y-You want to-" Vicky interrupted the teen by leaning her head forward, putting her mouth just a hair's breadth away from the tip of his cock, then stuck her tongue out, dabbing it at the small bead of accumulated liquid there, an action that caused an odd little twitch in the organ, followed by an unintentional hitch in Timmy's breath. "O-Okay... That's what I- Uh-Heheh... It- It's not gonna... Hurt or anything, right?"

Vicky, grinning deviously; craned her neck forward, leaning her head around Timmy's penis, making it rub against her left cheek. "Do you want it to...?" She raised an eyebrow at him questioningly.

"Um! N-No, that- That's f-fine! I don't like pain!" Timmy squeaked out nervously, his voice suddenly going up several octaves. "Just um... Y'know, be... Careful?"

"Jeez, poor kid's shaking like a leaf..." Vicky thought to herself, noticing how tightly Timmy's fingers were gripping the couch cushion he was lying on. "...I know what you're thinking, Twerp." She slid her hand up and down the length of his member again, this time slower than before. "I'm not- It's not like I've... Done this-" The eighteen year old blushed and glanced toward the TV in embarrassment, feeling like every thought that came into her mind would just sound stupid, or like she didn't know what she was doing. In truth, she didn't. If they could manage to avoid being interrupted again, this boy she called her 'Twerp', would be her first. "L-Look, I'm- I'm not gonna- ...I'll be careful..." The red-head quietly parroted her charge's words as she met his gaze again, and frowned at how unsure she suddenly sounded to her own ears. This wasn't just her first time, it finally dawned on her, but Timmy's as well. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin it by making this a bad experience for him.

With that in mind, she leaned back into her previous position, her lips close enough to feel the warmth given off by Timmy's erect member. "Hmm..." Vicky hummed to herself, then released her grip rather suddenly, instead prodding the tip of the organ in front of her with her right index finger. While she was obviously still no expert when it came to male genitalia, she realized she had been fairly close when guessing the size of this particular one earlier.

"Wh-What are you-Ah...!" The brunet began to speak, only to let out a noise somewhere between a sigh and a moan as he felt his babysitter curl her fingers around his member again, then slowly drag her tongue up the underside of his cock, starting from the middle, where her thumb was; then up along its length to the tip, licking away the remaining liquid there. The teen bit his lower lip in a lame attempt to keep quiet, briefly thinking he saw something akin to fireworks flash in his vision. "Ngh..." Another, now muffled groan escaped him as he locked eyes with the red-head, watching as her tongue darted back into her mouth, an action she soon followed with a wink in his direction. "Fuck." The curse rang out through his mind, being the closest approximation to how he felt in this situation that his brain could manage to form.

She was torturing him. Again. He knew she enjoyed the little noises he was making, and now she was not only coaxing them out of him, but she was purposefully prolonging this new form of torture to get him to make those noises! This was the best, worst, most devious form of torture his babysitter had ever conceived, and the worst part of all was...

He really didn't want it to end! Each touch, caress, or lick made a tingly, electric-feeling spark run through his body, starting at his penis, and quickly radiating out from there, making the nerves in his body tingle with a strange, wonderful feeling that he couldn't even begin to describe, and this apparently wasn't even the 'sex' he'd wished to know about!

"V-Vicky?" Was all the teen managed to moan out as the older girl guided the tip of his erection to her mouth, then pressed her lips to it, allowing them to part ever so slightly. Again finding himself devoid of words, Timmy merely attempted to control his somewhat labored breathing as Vicky's lips slid down his penis, the head of the organ disappearing into her mouth, followed by about an inch of its length after that, and still going. By the time she'd gotten about two-thirds of him into her mouth, the brunet could feel he was already right back on the edge, feeling a sensation in his abdomen best compared to a too-tightly-coiled spring. One that, while it didn't hurt, felt as though it was going to snap from the tension.

"Agh..." He released yet another moan, this one louder and less muffled as he gasped it out, no longer having the presence of mind to quiet himself as he felt her tongue work at him too, the organ sliding about and half-curling around his penis, only to recoil and try to curl around the other side, then move back to the underside of his member and slide up to the tip as she pulled her head up just enough for him to exit her mouth, before sinking back down and taking nearly all of him into her mouth once again. If he thought the feeling of her gentle strokes when they were in the tub was amazing, he didn't even have a word in his vocabulary for what he was feeling now. His concerns, worries, and even thoughts were lost in the intensity of the pleasure he felt as Vicky's mouth, wrapped tightly around his cock, pumped up and down, sliding all the way up to the tip, only to slowly move back down and stop just before the base of it, each time making his hips buck unconsciously.

Before long, the brunet felt a new sensation, somewhere between a persistent tingling and an itch in his privates; that made his mind feel like it was swimming along the edge of unconsciousness. He couldn't help but compare it to a ticking time bomb, or perhaps a volcano that was seconds away from blowing its top; the edge that this situation and the last had been building him up to. "I- V-Vicky-y-y? I th-think there's-"

The red-head, up to now focused only on making her charge feel good, suddenly ceased her aforementioned pumping and slowly slid her lips up from Timmy's penis, then finally released it, allowing the organ to slip out of her mouth and collide with Timmy's stomach with a low smacking sound. "Phew!" Vicky ran her tongue across her lower lip, a satisfied expression on her face. "I almost forgot to tell you to tell me when you were close!"

"C-Close?" The younger teen repeated his babysitter's word in confusion, slightly wincing at his mildly uncomfortable-and still very erect-penis, now covered in a slight sheen of Vicky's saliva mixed with the organ's own... He honestly wasn't sure. What he was sure of was that he'd been denied the very same release she'd spoken of when he'd tried to escape the bathroom. "W-Why'd you s-stop?"

"Because that was payback." Vicky remarked rather simply with a shrug of her shoulders. "Can't have you finishing before me, that just won't do." She shook her head back and forth, lips turned up into a playful smirk.

"But-!" Timmy pushed himself up into a sitting position, ignoring the dull throb in his privates to the best of his abilities. "That's not-" He took pause as he watched Vicky reorient herself once again, this time into a position that mirrored his previous one, with the girl's legs spread just wide enough to accommodate his body between them. "...Fair?" He squeaked out curiously, eyes locking on to the space between Vicky's legs, just barely covered by her damp white towel. "Y-You want me to...? Like you did...?"

"I think that's fair, don't you, Timmy?" She asked in a sly tone, the confident, playful smirk never leaving her face.

"Ah... Alright? I think-... You-You're sure? I'm probably not- Er... As good as you are, so..." The brunet got on his hands and knees and inched toward his babysitter, only stopping short as he noticed her right arm begin to move across her chest.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. You're a quick learner, something you've demonstrated to me over the past hour and a half." Vicky reassured the younger teen as she reached her right hand under her left arm, feeling about with her fingers until finding her target and pinching it between her index finger and thumb, then giving it a slight tug. "And~... Since you're already naked, and I know you're aching to see me ditch this towel..." The eighteen year old quirked an eyebrow up at Timmy as the towel she'd tightly wrapped around herself loosened considerably, then nearly fell away before she quickly grabbed the upper corner that had been just under her arm.

"Th-That uh... Heheh... That seems f-fair..." Timmy stammered out, unable to hide the nervous excitement in his voice. Despite having already seen the girl naked just an hour or so earlier, the teen's heart pounded against his ribcage like it would be the first time, his eyes widening in anticipation as Vicky slowly-painfully slowly-pulled the edge of the towel to the right, uncovering her beautiful, still slightly damp body at last. While to the red-head, she was merely removing the final piece of fabric that separated her body from Timmy's; for him, it was like seeing the gates of Paradise open for him, and him alone. His eyes, now unimpeded by the annoyance that was Vicky's towel, again studied her body, slowly drifting over her modest, cream-colored breasts and the rosy-pink nipples that topped them, then traveled down her smooth stomach to her belly button, remembering the divot it had created in the towel, then further south, to her-

Timmy felt a small, ticklish trickle in his nose, then watched as his babysitter leaned up and forward a little, towel in hand; and wiped at his upper lip, just below his right nostril. "Heehee! I guess I must look pret-ty damn fine if seeing me like this gave you a nosebleed!" She sank back down onto the couch, tossing the towel somewhere behind it and out of sight. "Kinda surprised you've got enough blood left in your head for that to even happen though!"

The thirteen year old sniffled, then refocused his gaze on what he assumed had caused his nose to begin gushing blood in the first place. "Y-Your-Um... The hair...? It's gone?" Timmy stared at the spot where he knew there had been a small tuft of red hair before, the feeling of the slightly coarser hair still fresh in his mind. The skin was now smooth and pale, like the rest of his babysitter, though the pair of lips(which he now knew as Vicky's vagina, courtesy of the wish Wanda had granted), seemed somehow damper than the rest of her, so much so as to appear moist.

"Ehh-Heheh... Yeah, um..." Vicky's cheeks turned a dark pink color as she looked away and absently rubbed at the spot where the hair in question had been. "I figured things... Might go this way in the near future..." "Wasn't expecting today, but..." "And that- I... Sorta thought you might... Y'know... Like it if I... Shaved." She finished in an evasive tone, her voice barely above a whisper.

The brunet watched the girl as she turned away from him in embarrassment, evidently trying to hide it by looking toward the brightly flashing television. His mind flip-flopped between wanting to repay the red-head in kind for making him feel good, and wanting to kiss her pouting lips for being so damn cute! After a moment or two more of thought, he decided, and crawled forward on his hands and knees, then up along her body.

"H-Hey! I didn't say we could do... That yet!" Vicky applied a bit of pressure to Timmy's shoulders with her hands in a half-hearted attempt to keep his head down near her privates, though she quickly gave up and instead looked at the teen in confusion as she felt his member miss what she assumed was its intended target and slide up her lower abdomen, then over her navel. "I think you Mm-?" She was suddenly interrupted by the younger teen's lips on hers, his tongue gently brushing across her lips, silently begging for entry into her mouth; something she was more than happy to allow as she parted her lips.

While certainly inexperienced, Timmy was, if nothing else, a quick learner, and the few previous kisses he'd received from his babysitter were enough to give him a general idea of what he should do, though he knew enough to let Vicky take the lead as his tongue slowly entered her mouth, only to be quickly overtaken by the red-head's own tongue as it brushed against and then coiled around this smaller intruder into its domain.

As this played out, he felt Vicky's fingers curl around his right wrist, then blindly direct his hand to her ribs. Remembering their encounter in the tub, Timmy put two and two together and moved his hand up a few inches, then slowly groped Vicky's breast, giving it a gentle squeeze that earned him a small 'Mm!' of approval.

This continued for another minute or so, with both teens touching various parts of each others' bodies to gauge what sort of reaction the contact might elicit from the other, until Timmy pulled away at last, his breath hot and ragged as he tried to fill his lungs with air. "Hah... Hah... How-How'd I do...?"

"Heh... Heheh..." The red-head chuckled between gasps for breath, a lustful smile playing at her lips. "Ohh~... You're definitely a keeper...!" Seeing the teen begin to move in for another kiss, she ran her right hand up along his side, then up his spine, eventually slipping her fingers into his hair and entangling them in it.

Yet, just before he recaptured her lips, the brunet sank down a little lower and briefly pressed his lips to her neck, kissing the same spot he had earlier, causing another light moan to escape her.

"Nnh... You're getting pretty good at tha-Ahn!" Vicky, expecting Timmy to mimic the actions she'd performed on him just a few minutes earlier; cried out in surprise as she felt his mouth on her right breast, his tongue drawing small circles around her nipple as he used his hand to play with her left, his thumb every now and then brushing over the nipple teasingly. "Li-Little perv..." Withdrawing her hand from his hair and throwing her head back onto the arm of the couch, the older teen brought her arm up and threw it over her eyes, trying in vain to cover up the bright red blush on her cheeks.

Timmy let out a muffled 'Hmph' and rolled his eyes as he continued to suck at the small mound of flesh for a few seconds more, then released it with a low smacking sound. "She's one to talk..." The brunet thought to himself as he moved ever lower, this time stopping just a few inches below her navel, and just above where the now-missing tuft of hair had been. Finding the urge to taste the girl's skin too strong to ignore, Timmy again stuck his tongue out, and ran it up along her smooth skin to her belly button.

"Ngh!" Vicky whined, then inhaled a shuddery breath, roughly gripping the couch cushion she laid on with her left hand. "C'mon...! Y-You waiting for an invitation or s-something?!"

Grinning with some small amount of pride at hearing his babysitter's needful tone, Timmy dipped his head down low between her legs, his eyes now close enough to tell that his earlier assumption of the girl's vagina being moist wasn't too far off. He was beginning to think that wet might be a more appropriate term though. "Must... Be a girl thing?"

Beginning somewhat hesitantly, Timmy brought his head forward, gingerly pressing his lips to Vicky's second, lower pair; making the eighteen year old visibly flinch as she hummed out a quiet, muffled moan of contentment. "O-Kay..." The brunet thought to himself as he pulled away, briefly glancing up at his babysitter to see that, along with still having her right arm thrown over her eyes, she was biting her lower lip; though whether it was in an attempt to keep quiet, or in anticipation, he wasn't quite sure. "I wonder if..." He looked the small slit between the girl's legs up and down, realizing the small nub his fingers had brushed when they were in the bath was strangely absent.

Vicky released a hot, annoyed huff from her nose as she felt Timmy's breath on her most sensitive spot. "What is he-? Taking in the sights?! He keeps... Messing with me like this, and I might just throw him on his back and hop on his-" "Gah...!" The red-head gasped out as she felt the younger teen's tongue press against her sex, then slowly trail up it, exerting just enough force to cause it to part slightly, until the mildly serpent-like organ reached the top, and carefully guided its small, pink target out of hiding. "Y-You- Wh-Who'd you learn th-that from?!"

Timmy peeked up from between Vicky's legs to find that she was staring down at him with a look of genuine surprise, her face no longer hidden by her right arm. Yet he hadn't quite heard her, as his mind was more preoccupied with the taste of the strangely enticing liquid that her vagina was nearly soaked with. He felt like whatever it was called was on the tip of his tongue, and yet his brain failed him. It was like trying to grasp an ice cube, only for it to instantly melt into water and slip through his fingers.

And the taste of it was no different. He'd never tasted anything quite like this, and so had nothing to compare it to, though he knew there was a barely perceptible hint of sweat, yet the taste he imagined would be unpleasant, wasn't unpleasant in the least! If anything, the strange, addicting flavor of this liquid only made him want to taste more of it, almost like it was some kind of drug.

"T-Timmy? I asked-Ahn!" The red-head again cut herself off with yet another noise somewhere between a moan and a whine as she felt the boy's tongue brush against her entrance, gently applying pressure to make the pink folds of her vagina part just a bit, an action that caused little droplets of moisture to trickle out each time, which he was quick(and happy) to lap up. "Oh Go-Fuh... Just-Ah... Just like that..."

Yet, happy as he was to hear the older girl whimper and whine and beg for more, Timmy found that it wasn't quite enough. He'd left Vicky wanting up in the bathroom when his parents decided to show up out of the blue, and then she'd repaid him in kind when she took his cock into her mouth, bringing him right to the edge, only to end it abruptly. Judging by how that experience made him feel down there, and the noises his babysitter was making now, the teen realized he was in the perfect position, both literally and figuratively; to see just how far he could push the girl before she too was driven to... He wasn't sure. The same edge that she'd nearly sent him careening off of? The brunet found the details of the wish his fairy godmother had granted to be cloudy at best, his mind slowly becoming hazier and hazier as it was intoxicated by pleasure and arousal.

"Okay... Long as he keeps going at this pace... Fuck, how does he even know all this stuff?! Can't just be from copying me at this point..." Vicky, her eyes half-lidded; brought her right hand up to her mouth, now turned up into a content, goofy smile and nibbled on her index finger. She could feel the younger teen's hands on her inner thighs, on either side of her vagina; his thumbs tracing small, slow ovals in her skin. "Nnh..." She hummed out a low chuckle. "Remind me what I did to deserve-AH!" The red-head let out a scream of pleasure as she felt Timmy's tongue suddenly jab past her entrance and into her sex, and thought she saw something akin to sparks briefly flashing in her vision at the intense sensation.

Timmy, meanwhile; wasted no time in exploring this new, apparently very sensitive part of his babysitter's body, as he quickly began dabbing and tasting at her slick inner walls. The taste and smell, unsurprisingly; were even stronger now, though he was too focused on the task at hand by this point to even bother trying to identify them. His only concerns now were to bring those wonderful sounds out of the red-head, as well as keep her thighs from closing on his head, since she wouldn't stop squirming about and shuddering.

"Ah... Ngh- F-Fuck, Twerp! Gimme a sec- Nnh! T-Timmy-y-y!" Vicky quickly reached down toward the brunet with her right hand and buried her fingers in his brown locks as she braced her left against the couch cushion to push herself away from the teen and his overeager tongue. "S-Stop for a s-second! I-I'm gonna-!" Was all she managed to gasp out before Timmy caught her, looping both arms under and around her thighs as he again assaulted her vagina with his mouth, this time zeroing in on the small pink knob at the top of of its soft, wet folds.

"Nuh-uh!" Was what the younger teen meant to say, though with his mouth pressed to his babysitter's slit, and his tongue playfully teasing her little pink button, all he managed to do was hum out an 'Mm-mm!' as he tightly held her legs, which she, unconsciously or not, was trying desperately to close. Yet even this half-hearted resistance didn't last long, as he soon felt the red-head's right hand, still in his hair, begin to apply light pressure to the back of his head, effectively pressing his head between her legs even more.

Despite how tense she felt from the climax steadily building between her legs, Vicky at last gave in to the near mind-numbing pleasure as she gently pressed her body toward Timmy's and laid back down on the couch, her back arched slightly. Aside from little moans and squeaks, her brain seemed to have nearly shut down, unable to even form words at this point, as the brunet's tongue continued sweeping across the little bundle of nerves between her legs, occasionally drawing tight circles around it.

Just when the thought crossed her mind that she'd be stuck in this single, torturous moment forever, the eighteen year old felt the boy's front teeth graze her little knob. It was only for an instant, and more than likely completely by accident, but it was just enough to send her over the edge and cry out as she squeezed her eyes shut, her nails digging into Timmy's scalp as her body was wracked by an explosion of pleasure she hadn't felt since... Well, it had been a while.

The younger teen, in turn; winced at the sharp pain in his scalp, but was still undeterred. He again thrust his tongue past her entrance and into her vagina, lapping up as much of the strange, enticing liquid as he could, made easier due to her inner walls now being absolutely soaked.

"Agh...!" Vicky whined as the intensity of her orgasm began to wane and fade. Her chest, glistening with sweat, heaved up and down as she tried to get her labored breathing under control. "Hah... Hah... Phew..." A light pressure to either side of her, followed by the sensation of the brunet's member again rubbing up against her navel; made the red-head slowly open her eyes to find Timmy hovering just a few inches above her, his blue eyes locked onto her pink ones. "S-Sorry about... The nails... That was just..."

"Pretty good for my first attempt?" Timmy asked, his lips turned up into a sly, confident smirk.

"Mmm~... Yeah, I'd say you might even have a bit of innate talent for that sorta thing..." Vicky replied warmly and honestly, the normal, slightly condescending tone entirely absent from her voice. She brought her hand up to Timmy's cheek, giving it a gentle caress, and smirked as she felt him lean into her hand, just a bit.

"Eheh... To be honest, I was just kinda... Going with what felt right. You... Were kind of a big help, with all the-Um... N-Noises..." The younger teen blushed a light shade of pink at the admission, which was quick to darken to something a little redder as he opened his mouth to confess something else. "I like the way you taste, Vicky." Timmy's eyes widened slightly as the words simply tumbled out, managing to surprise even himself with how confident his tone was.

"Ngh..." The red-haired girl sluggishly brought her free hand up and facepalmed, groaning into it at how quickly her Twerp could go from cute and nervous, to outright perverted. "Well I'm flattered... I think...?" Feeling Timmy's hot, throbbing member still pressed against her belly button, Vicky peeked out from between her fingers, looking down at the few inches of space between them. "A-Anyway... I think it's, eh... Your turn..."

Timmy shot his babysitter a quizzical look, then followed her gaze down to his privates, awkwardly raising himself up a few centimeters to see between himself and the girl. The view of his cock, all rigid and angry, seemed to instantly remind him of the fact that, in this state, it produced a dull throbbing sensation. Not quite painful, but not exactly a feeling he felt was wise to prolong, either.

Yet the girl beneath him already seemed quite spent in terms of energy. Her movements were slow and steady at best, and downright fatigued at worst. "Heh... Kinda got me wondering if you're up for it-Ack!" Timmy cried out in surprise as the red-head became seemingly filled with renewed vigor and effortlessly grabbed him, pulled him to her right, and then completely reversed their positions, laying him flat on his back as she held herself up over him, then pushed herself up into a sitting position... Specifically right on top of his penis, sandwiching the organ between his lower abdomen and her pelvis, her entrance parting by the slightest amount as it rested on the underside of his member.

"Ah!" A content, excited-sounding squeak escaped the older girl's lips as she let herself sit down completely, her knees on either side of Timmy's hips. She grinded against him, her wet slit rubbing up along the length of his member, eliciting another, long-awaited moan from the younger teen. "C'mon, Timmy. Give me a little credit here... And besides... Haven't you learned by now? You shouldn't underestimate an older woman..."

"Ngh...! R-Right, message... Ah... Received." The brunet managed to stammer out as Vicky gently coasted back and forth along his member, never quite reaching the tip before sliding back down to around the halfway point of its length. "Argh... Aren't y-you tired of p-playing games like this y-yet...?" He instinctively brought his hands up to grip her pale, creamy thighs, then slid them further up, settling them on her hips, giving the barely noticeable bony protrusions each a little pinch, unknowingly sending a chill up his babysitter's spine.

"..You sure you want me to answer that honestly?" Vicky asked sultrily, a playful smirk on her lips, earning her a deadpan stare from the younger teen beneath her. "Oh I know, you're about to explode, right? Fine, I'll give my Twerp what he wants..." "Because I want it too!" Raising herself back up a bit with her legs, the red-head again curled her fingers around Timmy's boyhood, orienting it so it pointed straight up toward her.

Timmy bit his lip in anticipation, stifling yet another unintentional moan as the tip of his cock pressed against her entrance, and he felt that slight, barely noticeable resistance just like he had when they were on the floor of the bathroom together. This, in turn; made a new thought spring to the front of his thirteen year old mind: Would he actually fit inside her? His brief exploration of the older girl's vagina with his tongue led him to believe that he wouldn't, as he definitely remembered her inner walls tightening around him, even before he-

"Nnh..." "Agh..." Both teens released similar sighs of pleasure as Vicky sank down another inch or so, allowing the head of Timmy's penis to part the folds of her entrance and slip into her, the resistance he'd felt previously suddenly gone. "Guess that... Answers that question..." Timmy thought to himself as Vicky continued to slowly-almost hesitantly-descend, releasing a slight gasp every couple seconds, until she was sitting in a kneeling position once again, having reached the base of his member.

"Fff... Fuck, Twerp..." The red-head managed to gasp out, a shuddery breath breezing past her lips as she felt Timmy buck his hips upward and into her. Despite her surprise at... Well, the brunet's size, she was happy to find that it wasn't as uncomfortable a first time as certain sleazy romance novels would have her believe. Yes, the brunet was big, but not painfully so... Though as far as she knew, the pleasure from the day's events might have played a hand in relaxing any pain away before she even noticed it.

"Ngh..." Timmy let out a muffled groan as he felt himself shoot right back to that edge that had been teasing him all day. His nerves felt as though they were sparking with electricity, while the odd, over-coiled spring feeling in his gut had become tighter than ever... And he wasn't even moving! It was all Vicky, as she squirmed and wiggled her hips, slightly bending his cock to the left and right with her movements. "Vi-Vicky? I-Agh... I don't- I don't know how long I can last if you... Ah..."

"Oh yeah? Hehehe..." The red-head giggled excitedly, her face turning crimson at the idea that crossed her mind. "Guess I'd better step it up then, huh Timmy? I still owe you one, after all..." She slowly lifted herself back up using her legs, just enough so only the tip of the brunet's member remained inside her, before coming back down all the way to the base of the organ much more swiftly, bringing a low grunt out of the teen as he unconsciously thrust his hips upward in return. It didn't take long after that for the both of them to develop a sort of rhythm, with Vicky very nearly bouncing up and down on Timmy's cock, while he tried to meet each of her descents with a thrust of his own, each one making his thoughts steadily hazier.

His breath was beginning to sound loud in his own ears, as his body struggled to inhale enough air to continue to meet the demands of the physical exertion it was being put through, he too began to feel hot and damp with sweat. Again, he couldn't help but compare the intensity of the experience to the last one. Where his babysitter's hand rubbing up and down along his penis had felt amazing, only to be trumped in every way by the feeling of it being in her mouth; this sensation was on an entirely different level, as her vagina was hotter and even wetter than her mouth had been, along with tighter somehow, though not uncomfortably so.

Not long after this thought crossed his mind, he felt the dull but unmistakeable sensation of Vicky's inner walls growing even tighter, coaxing him via his most sensitive place to the edge of sanity as she let out a small whimper. The odd tingly sensation in his privates mixed with the tightly-coiled spring in his gut; along with the sparking electricity in his nerves, reached a climactic crescendo as a brief, sharp pain shot through his penis, quickly becoming overtaken and subsumed beneath a much greater feeling of explosive, indescribable pleasure. Later on, the young teen would remember this feeling, and realize it to be his first 'orgasm', but right now, his mind was all but blank, and content. He could drift off into the cold grip of death with a smile on his face...


Yet it was not to be, as he was roused from his brief spell of unconsciousness by a light collision to his forehead, his eyes slowly opening to find an equally fatigued-looking pair of pink orbs staring back at him. "So..." Vicky began, a barely perceptible slur in her words. "It looks like I still owe you one..." She opened her mouth wide and covered it with her hand as she yawned loudly. "...After I rest a bit..." She dropped her head down onto Timmy's chest, feeling completely exhausted, but content... Almost. "Hey... Get up, you make a shitty pillow..."

Timmy rolled his eyes and sighed as he carefully slipped out from under his babysitter, his body still feeling a little wobbly. "Hah... I'm gonna let that one slide... This time..." He watched as the eighteen year old grabbed one of the couch's small throw pillows and laid her head down on it, then pressed her head into it with a small 'Mm'. After a moment, she stretched out her left leg, while bending her right at the knee, unintentionally(?) giving the brunet-haired teen a welcome view of her somewhat ample rear-end. "...Ah!" Timmy felt a slight twitch in his privates, followed by the familiar sensation of his penis growing once again, the dull throb returning in full force.

"Hm...?" Vicky hummed out sleepily. "What's the mat-" She glanced over her shoulder out of the corner of her right eye, which widened slightly as she saw the source of her charge's discomfort. "Ter...? You're still-?" She fell silent as a familiar pink tinge bloomed across her cheeks, her right eye returning to its half-lidded state as a small, devious grin formed on her lips. "Heehee... You... Good for another round?" Vicky wiggled her hips sensually as she saw Timmy's blue eyes fall on her butt, the hungriness she'd noted in them earlier having already come back.

"I'm gonna be sore in the morning..." The younger of the two teens thought to himself as he inched toward Vicky, his hands once more finding their way to her hips, gently groping the top of each buttock, her pale skin again reminding him of their similarity to a certain heavenly body.

"Um... Hang on..." Grabbing another of the couch's spare throw pillows, Vicky lifted herself up a little, unintentionally brushing her sex against Timmy's member; then slid the pillow underneath herself, just below her belly button, effectively propping herself up on it. "Think you might've rocked my world a bit harder than I meant to rock yours... My legs feel like jello..." With her legs no longer straining to hold her body up, the red-head hugged the pillow her head rested against with both arms and looked back over her shoulder at Timmy. "Now, c'mon... You're not gonna make me beg, are ya?"

Another slight twitch. No, no he was not. Lowering himself a little at her new position, Timmy pressed against her entrance, releasing a low moan as her pink folds parted much more easily this time, allowing him to penetrate her all the way to the base of his cock once again. He took a brief moment to pause, as he could feel that chaotic, mind-numbing sensation building up again already. It was already quite clear to the teen that he wouldn't last long at any pace, nevermind the relatively slow one he'd only just started. "Uh... Vic-" He began to speak as he pulled away from the girl. "Ky!" Only for his breath to catch in his throat at the intense feeling in his privates. "I don't- Eh... I might only last... Ha-Half a round...?"

The girl, despite her closeness, seemed to miss her charge's words entirely, her own train of thought having already derailed. A thin trail of drool dripped from her mouth as she bit her lower lip. "Nn-Hnn... Oh... F-Fuck..." Vicky whined out as Timmy thrust into her again and again, each one making her already burned-out nerves flare with electricity once again.

And the same could be said for the brunet, as he began to speed up his pace, each thrust into his babysitter building the sensation in his penis closer toward that indescribable feeling of ecstasy, bliss, pleasure, and so many other things his brain simply couldn't fathom in its current state. He thrust into her a final time with a grunt, the slight pain he'd felt during the last climax entirely gone, now replaced by the strange sensation of something shooting out of his cock. "Agh... O-Okay... I n-need..." Timmy sank forward, planting the palms of his hands on either side of the eighteen year old below him, before lowering himself down to lie on top of her, his breath hot and ragged on her shoulder.

"A br- A break...?" Vicky asked with a breathy chuckle as she felt Timmy pull out of her, then lay his head down on her shoulder.

"Y-Yeah... Or... Food. Kinda hungry, actually..." The brunet reached for Vicky's right hand and slowly intertwined his fingers with her own, his brain far too tired to even make him question why.

"Well someone just screwed my brains out, so I'm afraid I won't be getting you anything..." The red-head spoke in a content, tired-sounding tone, feeling a little excited chill run up her spine as her Twerp planted kisses along her right shoulder. "Besides... I smell like sex and sweat; I could really use a shower...Or a bath..." She glanced out of the corner of her eye over her shoulder at Timmy, raising an eyebrow in intrigue. "Actually... I think you could too... If you don't mind taking a bath with your babysitter...?"

Timmy felt his heart begin to pound in his chest, followed by an old, familiar feeling down in his privates. "I don't think we'll be getting very clean, Vicky. Not if you're thinking... What I'm thinking..."

"Jeez, Twerp. You're insatiable!" Vicky giggled, subtly tightening her grip on her aforementioned Twerp's fingers. "Not that that's a bad thing...!"