Game 4: Big Time Play

The rangers have finally reached the Center Court safely, with the anti-Muger shield up so no Mugers are able to come in. "Here we are guys. Let's go inside!" told Roger to the other rangers. "Wait a minute! We can't go inside like this! They would know who we are! The Ace Rangers' identities are secret, so I think ours should too!" Serena replied. "Well, Laverus hasn't said anything to get us back to normal…" Nole sheepishly pointed out.

"Oh, sorry about that." said Laverus, as he made a surprise call to the rangers. "Um, so how do we get back to our normal clothes? I must wear my regular outfit for the whole afternoon." inquired Maria, as then Laverus explained how: "Well it is quite simple. At the end of your Morph Medal is a wedge section that you could pull. Pull your Morph Medal out of your morpher there, and you would automatically power down!" Maria was relieved: "Oh, convenient!"

As the rangers pulled each of their Morph Medals out of their morphers, a bright light flashed as they then demorphed and returned back to normal. "Ahhh, it's nice to see my outfit again!" said Maria. "There, we're ready to go inside!" said Roger, as then Andy remembered something: "WAIT, what should we say when they ask how we escaped those Mugers? Also, what if we need to morph again?" With the rangers having this dilemma, Roger figured an idea: "Hmm… Well, I have a plan…"

As the rangers entered the Center Court, they were first inspected by a security guard, checking their belongings. "Clear!" the security guard said, as they then entered the stadium. At the court grounds, the people found refuge inside. It startled the rangers, but they were all relieved to see their families and crews safe. Andy in particular was excited to see his family again.

"JAMIE! I'M HERE!" shouted Andy, as he kept Jamie's attention. As Andy kept waving his right hand, Jamie eventually noticed him: "HEY! COME HERE! MUM'S WORRIED!" Hurrying then to get back to his family, Andy's mother, Mum Judy, was relieved to see he was safe.

"Andy! I'm so worried about you! Where have you been? I already asked your fellow mates if they have seen you, and they said that you got left in the Tennis Centre against those aliens!" asked Mum Judy. "Yeah, I was there, but I was able to defend myself. Remember, I learned karate!" said Andy in jest.

Mum Judy, however was bothered still: "Well, but even then, I am not sure if that's enough to keep you safe. They are armed and dangerous. They have these bizarre racquet blaster contraptions that shoot explosive projectiles!" "Don't worry, mum. I don't know who they are, but mysterious figures defeated the aliens and got me, Serena and Maria safe." said Andy as he immediately tried to calm her down.

"Really? Could they be…? Well, whoever they were, I am just grateful that they got my baby back!" said Mum Judy. "Come on, mum!" Andy replied, blushing in embarrassment. Andy's mother then hugged him tight, as Andy kept thinking his mother may worry if she knew about him being a ranger. He thought he must do his best to hide his identity, not making his mother worry: "I'm sorry mum, but I can't tell you everything."

Serena meanwhile tried to find Venus, who played in the Legends category. "Vee!" said Serena, as then Vee (Venus' nickname) soon saw her approaching. "Sis! I'm so glad you are safe. How did you get here with all the Mugers roaming in the grounds?" Vee asked. "Mugers? That's what they are called?" Serena responded, trying to keep her being a ranger secret.

"Uh, yes. Did you forget the stories I have told you before?" Vee told Serena, who then told what happened to her: "Oh, yeah. Well, I did saw those…Mugers…and they got us trapped inside the Tennis Center. It's a good thing Andy Ferguson led me and those inside out to the exit by blending in with the intruders."

"Really? Haha, that's absurd. So how did you get out of there? I talked to Caroline and she said that you and Andy were left at the Center, and that Maria followed to help you." asked Vee. "Yes, I and Andy were stuck at the Center, and we fought those Mugers off." explained Serena. Vee was puzzled: "Fought them off? I know you know how to fight, but there are a lot of them there as Caroline said?"

"Uh, well, believe it or not sis…your stories were REAL! The Ace Rangers, um, reappeared and rescued us! They fought off some of the Mugers, but they disappeared after they brought us here." told Serena. Vee, being the former Yellow Ace, became suspicious of Serena's tale: "Really? But they disappeared after the first wave ended….are you sure that they are the Ace Rangers?" "For sure! They are donned in red, blue, yellow, green and pink suits. They saved us from the Mugers and brought us here!" answered Serena.

"Huh, from the sound of it they ARE the Ace Rangers. They're back...well, I mean, that's good news!" said Vee, still feeling unsure. "Yeah! It seems they only emerge when danger comes like this. Interestingly, you predicted that they may return – are you sure you're not psychic?" joked Serena, as Vee tried to respond: "Haha, well I just spiced up the story a bit, I mean some great stories have cliffhangers, right?"

"And we're living in a sequel, haha." Serena replied. "Haha, yeah. Well, I'm glad that you are safe! Mom is in the hotel and she's asking how we are doing." informed Vee, as then Serena told her that she's fine: "I'm fine! I'm just glad I got here!" "Yeah. Hugs!" said Vee. As the two sisters hugged, Vee felt that what Serena said didn't feel right. "Ace Rangers showed up again, huh…it seems that Laverus and I need to talk." she thought.

Meanwhile, Roger and Nole greeted their work teams, both informing that they are fine. Maria meanwhile was scolded by her agent, Mr. Max Eisenhower, particularly after hearing that she went back to the Center, when she already left with the other players.

"Maria, what were you thinking? You could've been hurt, making you unable to play! Not only that, but your dress could be ruined much more…it is already wrecked!" Max told Maria, as then Maria tried to explain herself: "No offense, but why are you concerned about my outfit in a time like this? Anyway, I had to go back because my watch alarmed and we got caught because of it; I felt responsible for it, that I have to help Serena and Andy. Thankfully, these multicolored heroes rescued us and sent me here!"

Max was unconvinced: "Multicolored heroes, huh? I'll believe it when I see it." "It's true! Anyway, I don't see the problem with my outfit being wrecked. With these conditions, how could we even do a pictorial? There are creeps everywhere and there is nowhere to escape…" thought Maria. "I did ask the photographers if your appointment is cancelled, and it's correct that they postponed it. I do wonder how long we have to stay in here though." pondered Max.

The Center Court was buzzing with people talking, until an announcement was aired around the stadium: "Good afternoon! We are sorry for the inconvenience, but patrons are strongly advised to stay in the Center Court premises for your safety. In a short moment, Tournament Director Daniel Cyrus is going to have a special announcement." Moments later, Daniel Cyrus appeared on Center Court, as he rose from a small stage on a podium that was lifted from the basement of the stadium.

"Hey, it's Mr. Cyrus!" said Serena. Mr. Cyrus then began to speak, as then the people hushed to listen. "Ladies and gentlemen, I know it has been a rough time today. The Faultissimo Armada – invaders from another planet that came here 10 years ago – seemingly have returned to strike fear among the people of Earth again. We must stay calm however, as the world leaders and the Worldwide Tennis Federation's Tennis Council members are currently having a discussion about this dire problem. As of now, all we can do is stay here, hoping and praying that this could end well, not panicking. I thank you for your patience!" said Mr. Cyrus, as he then left the court to the Center Court basement.

With the announcement now finished, loud buzzing was heard around the stadium. Many were shocked about the armada returning. Some were nervous about what is going to happen to them. Even when they try not to worry, there was still an uneasy feeling amongst the people.

"Wow, that's a lot to digest." said Serena. "Yeah, but as you said, the Ace Rangers are back…I think we're going to be OK." assured Vee. Adding to the tension, a mysterious video suddenly was transmitted inside the stadiums' video screens. "Hey, what's happening? Why are the TV screens looking weird?" wondered Serena, as at the same time all the rangers looked at the video screens, trying to figure out what's happening. "What the…" said Nole.

The people waited for the video to appear, as then a clear picture of a person sitting in a chair emerged:

"Greetings to the people of Earth! My name is Don Skeletoni Mafioso! I am the leader of the Faultissimo Armada, conqueror of many worlds. This is my first time coming here, and I might say this is quite a fine planet. However, if you want to keep it that way, I would like to request someone to tell me the whereabouts of the Seed Core. It's an energy source said to maintain the balance of tennis in the galaxy and it seems that it is found here on Earth! My first wave was able to observe your planet, but they were defeated by your tennis warriors, the Ace Rangers. My armada wasn't able to get information about the Seed Core, but we are back to finally find the answers. Unless someone could tell where your Seed Core is found, we WILL keep target on your planet. If no one is able to give me details about it in the next minute or so, then you leave me with no choice..."

The transmission ended abruptly, putting everyone into a shock. None of them knew about this so-called Seed Core, making them concerned about what is going to happen to them. Roger's older cousin and coach, Severin, was particularly alarmed: "Seed Core? What is that? He's demanding something none of us knows within a minute…that's crazy!" Roger tried to calm him down: "I know. But I trust we will get through this."

With a minute passed and no one giving an answer, Don Skeletoni decided to go on with his threat: "Huh, no one wants to give answers? Fine then…" All of a sudden, a giant capsule from space was dropped by the Dreadful Default. The capsule's outer layers dissipated as it plummeted through the Earth's atmosphere, eventually dissolving into liquid goo, dropping to five Mugers that were close to the Center Court. The goo was then absorbed by the Mugers, turning them into giant versions of themselves. The enlarged Mugers suddenly began to rampage across the area, as one of them then targeted the anti-Muger shield, somehow destroying it.

Inside Center Court, the people heard the loud rumbling made by the giant Mugers. The video screens suddenly began showing a giant Muger trying to destroy the shield, creating panic among many of those inside, one of which is Mum Judy. "How is that giant destroying the shield – I thought we're safe against those creeps with that running?" she said, as Andy then realized something: "It seems the shield can't sort this big of a problem!"

The shield eventually was destroyed by the giant Muger, making Mum Judy terrified: "Oh my goodness, the shield is gone!" "Relax mum, there is no point to panic. Just, calm down…breathe." advised Andy. Mum Judy then started to inhale and exhale, trying to calm herself down. "Thanks Andy! That helped." she said.

All of a sudden, the rangers' Ace Morphers rang. "Hey, what was that?" asked Mum Judy. Not wanting to give tell his secret, Andy decided to create an excuse: "Um, nothing! Um, I need to get to the loo first…must spend a penny!" "On a time like this? Well, be safe!" advised Mum Judy, as Andy then reassured her: "I will mum!"

Meanwhile, the other rangers tried to find excuses to "take a bathroom break." "You're going to the bathroom now?" asked Vee. "Well you can't dictate when to go, right?" replied Serena, as she then hurried off. "Something real fishy is going on…taking a bathroom break in a time like this? I kind of did that one time when…OH SNAP!" Vee thought, realizing she may know what is going on.

The five rangers then went to the comfort rooms, communicating with each other and Laverus in a six-way call. "Guys, great execution of our plan! It seems the bathroom excuse worked well." said Roger, as he then asked Laverus what to do: "Laverus, gives us the details!"

"Rangers, as you may well know, the leader of the Faultissimo Armada has announced himself to the world. Not only that, he has transformed one of his Muger platoons into giant Mugers! The anti-Muger shields which are set up by the Tennis Council – with the help of some of its members being secret society members too – are just enough to protect against regular sized threats. I think maybe it's time to summon your Zords!" said Laverus.

"Summon our Zords? What are those?" asked Roger, as then Laverus explained: "Yes, Zords! Zords are big mechas that you could use for heavy duty problems like this!"

Suddenly, a loud noise was heard in the stadium – the giant Muger was able to fully destroy the shield, pulling the retractable roof out of the stadium. Panic ensued, as a giant Muger was looking from above, the people scared on what it could do to them. To make matters worse, the Don also sent troops of regular Mugers to the now defenseless Center Court.

"Andy? Andy? Where are you?!" shouted the worried Mum Judy, when suddenly she was approached by a Muger. "Don't you dare touch me! DON'T YOU DARE!" she said as the Muger was approached her. "ROGER?!" shouted Coach Severin, while Max tried to contact Maria: "Come on Maria, pick up!"

As panic ensued inside the stadium, Laverus hurried the rangers to morph. "Rangers, it seems that a giant Muger was able to break the shield and could go on a rampage inside the stadium! Muger troops were also sent to enter the stadium from above without the shield! You have to morph!" he said.

"But what about the Zords?" Nole asked. "Help those in the stadium first! With people panicking and debris falling from the roof, you need to help them immediately!" replied Laverus. "OK. Roger that." Roger affirmed. "You're dying to use that, are you?" Maria said with an amused look on her face. Roger reacted with a snicker, making the others groan.

"Whatever…are you guys ready?" said Maria. "Ready!" said the others, as they prepare to morph. "Serve it up!" "It's Morphin' Time!" a sound from the morpher said.

The rangers morphed, and zoomed quickly out of the restrooms to check on the court grounds. Unknowingly to them, a person in the women's bathroom was seemingly spying the girls, seeing them morph – that person being Vee. "I knew it!" she thought.

Chaos ensued around the stadium, but from out of the blue in streaks of light, the Ace Rangers emerged. "Could it be?!" wondered Mum Judy. "Whoa…" said Coach Severin. "What the rainbow?" said a bewildered Max.

The rangers, standing proud, were ready to fight against the Mugers troops. Roger, the Red Ace then gave orders to the others: "OK guys, this is our first big mission as team! Defeat these Mugers fast, and find safe places the people could take shelter. There are a lot of Mugers, but I believe in our abilities to defeat them! LET'S G…" Suddenly, Laverus interrupted Red Ace, reminding them about their new weapons.

"I almost forgot…you may need additional firepower against these troops. That is where your individual weapons would come in handy! Each weapon has a different function that would be helpful for every type of enemy. Just press on the Weapon app in your morphers for your Ace Weapons to appear!" notified Laverus.

"Why didn't you tell us about that earlier, haha. Guys, let's give it a try!" said Nole, the Blue Ace. By pressing the Weapon app, their individual weapons emerged from their morphers.

"Whoa, mine are boxing gloves! Helpful during my training, for sure." said Blue Ace. "Mine seems to be… big spikes?" said Andy, the Green Ace. "Mine is a big hammer, haha. Awesome!" said Serena, the Yellow Ace. "Why does mine looks like a t-shirt cannon? (blasts) that shoots, power blasts, it seems..." said Maria, the Pink Ace. "A staff, huh…Hiyah! Yahhh!" said Red Ace. "Wow, serious Rogie having fun, I see!" Blue Ace noted, as Red Ace scoffed it off: "Hehe. Anyway, NOW we're ready! LET'S GO!"

The rangers were ready for battle, as they then attacked the Muger troops. Red Ace used his Slick Staff to hit the Mugers, twirling it a bit to sweep across the Mugers' faces. Blue Ace jabbed the Mugers with his Giga Gloves, delivering the final blow in an uppercut. While fighting, Blue Ace particularly noticed the energy coming out of the gloves: "These gloves are on fire…literally!"

Yellow Ace used her Handy Hammer to pummel, bashing the Mugers along her way. After she defeated some of the Mugers, Yellow Ranger then focused on rescuing some of the people. "Hurry guys, find shelter!" said Yellow Ace, as she then continued beating up Muger troops.

Pink Ace used the Boom Blaster, blasting enemies with tennis ball-like energy projectiles. "You dared ruin my outfit and everyone else's? Now you're going to pay! ARGGH!" letting out her warrior scream, she relentlessly blasted each Muger she faced to oblivion. During her fight, a person was recording what was happening from their cellphone – her agent: "Wow, such fierceness! Blasting those creeps with her primal scream! Maria will surely like this. Maybe she should wear that outfit."

Meanwhile, Green Ranger was using his Sling Slasher to pierce through the Mugers. His main focus however, was to rescue his family. When out of nowhere a piece of debris was going to fall on his mother, he urgently shouted "LOOK OUT!" As he then raced towards Mum Judy and Jamie, he unknowingly activated the suit's super speed ability. Just in time, Green Ranger was able to push the two out of the way.

"You're safe now." said Green Ace to Jamie and Mum Judy. "Oh, thank you, Green Ranger!" said Mum Judy. All of a sudden, Mugers showed up and tried to attack the Fergusons. "Green Ranger, these Mugers were trying to get me! Don't let them get near us!" said Mum Judy. "Don't worry, I'll protect you!" Green Ace replied. Both the Mugers and Green Ace charged, but it was Green Ace who was able to take the first strike. In a blink of any eye, he destroyed the Mugers with a single slash.

"We thank you again! How could we repay you?" said Jamie. "Well, I heard that she was worried about her son. I have seen him close by and he's safe, and he said that he's going to meet you two later. He also said to not worry about him much, that he's capable of doing things on his own." Green Ace replied. "Well, OK. It's just that I care so much for him; that is all." said Mum Judy.

"I understand. I think that makes you a great and loving mother!" said Green Ace. "Well I appreciate that!" replied Mum Judy. "You're welcome! There are still more Mugers we have to stop…just get to a safe place OK?" said Green Ace. Mum Judy and Jamie then left as Green Ace continued fighting.

The rangers eventually were finally able to defeat all the Mugers inside the stadium, prompting Don Skeletoni to command the giant Muger to attack the inside of Center Court. "So, you defeated my Mugers. No matter…giant Muger, attack the inside! Crush everyone on your path!" he commanded via the stadium's video screens.

"Oh no! That giant is going to step on everyone!" said Blue Ace. "I think we need those Zord things Laverus was talking about right now." Pink Ace thought. "OK, I'll call Laverus!" said Red Ace, as he then asked Laverus for assistance: "Laverus, how do we call on our Zords?" "Oh yeah, your Zords! To call on your Zords, you will need your Ace Zord Medals. I will send them through your Medal Pockets." informed Laverus, as then a bright flash of light coming the rangers' Medal Pockets shone.

The rangers then took the new medals out of their Medal Pockets, amazed as they checked it out. "So this is an Ace Zord Medal! It seems mine is a chameleon." Green Ace observed. "Mine is a leopard!" noticed Pink Ace. "Mine is a…hammerhead shark? Is that the reason why my weapon's a hammer? That's crazy." Yellow Ace scoffed.

Blue Ace however was perplexed about his Zord: "Stingray?" "They do say stingrays are quite flexible creatures, so I guess it does fit you." Green Ace explained. "Nice! Sting-rays like a bee!" said Blue Ace. "Mine is a ram…well it's not a goat, but I'll take it!" said Red Ace, making Blue Ace react: "Talking about G.O.A.T. aspirations again? You're a long way dude, haha." "It's never bad to dream big, right?" Red Ace replied.

Before calling their Zords, Laverus mentioned an important detail: "Don't forget guys, there is a second Medal slot that you could put your Ace Zord Medals in – no need to remove your Morph Medals!" "OK, let's do it guys…Second Serve!" said Red Ace, as the rangers then inserted the second Match Medal, their Ace Zord Medals, into their respective Ace Morphers. They then pressed the Zord app in their morphers calling their Zords, as the morpher voice then alerted "Summoning Zords!"

From out of a mountain, the Ram Ace Zord appeared. The Stingray Ace Zord and Hammerhead then emerged from the distant oceans, while the Chameleon Ace Zord and Leopard Ace Zord then came from the jungles. Monitoring the Zords was Laverus, checking as they arrive to Melbourne. "Your Zords are fully functioning and ready!" told Laverus from their morphers. "OK. Where are they?" asked Red Ace.

All of a sudden, the Ram Ace Zord rushed to the giant Muger, knocking it down. "Whoa, what was that?" said Blue Ace. The Chameleon and Leopard Ace Zords soon arrived, attacking the other giant Mugers. "The legendary Ace Zords! Let's go outside and check it out!" said Yellow Ace. The rangers rushed outside to check their Zords, but Red Ace remembered he had to calm down the crowd inside the stadium.

"Wait a minute, guys…" said Red Ace to the others, as he then rushed to get back inside. "Everyone! Stay where you are! We are going to keep everything in control, OK?" Red Ranger told the people inside the stadium, as then Red Ace recalled the stage that was lifted to Center Court. "Everyone, I have a plan! Go to the Center Court stage, go down and stay in the basement until the coast is clear!" told Red Ace, as then the people followed his instructions to get to safety.

"Nice, hopefully everyone is safe for now." said Red Ace, as he then went back outside. Meanwhile, the other rangers outside checked out their Zords, seeing them fighting against the giant Mugers. "This feels like those Japanese movies…insane!" Blue Ace pointed out.

The Ram Ace Zord tried to rush against the giant Muger, but the giant Muger retaliated with its weapon in sword mode. As the Muger slashed the Zord, Red Ace became worried: "My Zord! Come on, you could beat it!" Even when the Ram Ace Zord was shaken due to the Muger's attack, it got back up and used its Hustle Horns to drop the giant Muger to the ground, ground pounding the giant Muger to bits later.

"Yes!" excitedly said Red Ace, as he triumphed on his Zord's victory. From out of nowhere however, a giant Muger was about to approach them. "Oh no, another giant Muger, and it is heading right at us! He's going to step on us!" said an edgy Green Ace. The Muger was about to step on the rangers, when suddenly, the Chameleon Ace Zord appeared.

"That Zord just came out of nowhere!" said Yellow Ace. "It's my Zord!" cried Green Ace, as then the Zord used its big tail to sweep the giant Muger off its feet and used its tongue to paralyze it. Using its Spectrum Stream, the Muger was finally destroyed, surprising Green Ace: "It could blend in AND has laser eyes?"

Suddenly, the ground trembled again as a giant Muger stepped on the Tennis Center garden. "What is that creep doing destroying the plants?" protested Pink Ace. "Hey Maria, look!" said Red Ace, as the Leopard Ace Zord appeared next, pouncing to the giant Muger. "I think it's my Zord! Um, just be careful with those plants OK?" said Pink Ace. The Leopard Zord then used its claws to blind the Muger, using its Clutch Claws attack to shred the Muger. "Ouch! That has to hurt." said Pink Ace.

"Three down, two to go! But wait…where's my Zord?" questined Blue Ace. The rangers wondered about it, until the Stingray Ace Zord emerged from the Yarra River. "Nole, there's your Zord!" shouted Yellow Ace.

The Stingray Ace Zord then attacked the Muger, hovering aroound resembling flight. Using its Tornado Tail, it defeated the Muger by piercing through it. "Wow, it seems that my Zord could fly too?" exclaimed Blue Ace in disbelief, as then Pink Ranger pointed out something odd: "That's crazy. Obviously stingrays live on water, right?"

"Well it's technically hovering, kind of like how stingrays look like their bodies float on water when they jump." Green Ace explained. He however wondered why it's Blue Ace's Zord: "That being said you would think this is my Zord, seeing my personal weapons pierce too…" "Who cares, as long as the Zords kick butt, it doesn't matter!" Blue Ace just scoffed.

With four giant Mugers defeated, a lone giant Muger remained. "Oh no, that giant Muger is going to destroy that bridge!" Pink Ace pointed out, as the last of the giant Mugers headed to destroy Cygnet Bridge. "No it won't!" Yellow Ace asserted, as she then saw the Hammerhead Ace Zord also jumping out of the river. Using its fin, the Zord fended off the giant Muger, who then retaliated with its sword. The Hammerhead Ace Zord then used its Hyper Hammer to even the score. "Come on, Hammerhead! Beat that giant Muger to a pulp!" said Yellow Ace, cheering for her Zord's victory.

With one giant blow from the Hammerhead Ace Zord at the giant's head, the last giant Muger was finally destroyed. "Yes! It is mission accomplished, I might say!" said Green Ace. "Whoa! That was such an adrenaline rush. I say bring on more Mugers to beat!" Blue Ace said in gusto. On the contrary, Pink Ace wanted a break: "That's enough saving the world for me today, though.""I agree. It has been a long day!" Yellow Ace agreed.

With his giant Muger troop defeated, Don Skeletoni became furious, deciding to rethink his next move: "Grrr! These Ace Rangers are still a burden on my back even on another planet! I have to back down and think of another plan." The Don then ordered the Mugers to retreat: "Troops retreat! We need a new plan!" The Mugers finally retreated, leaving The Aussies grounds empty.

"Wait, where did the other Mugers go?" asked Blue Ace. "It seems the Mugers retreated..." told Laverus from Blue Ace's morpher. "Well, that was a quick invasion." Pink Ace thought, as then Laverus added to say: "…for now, that is." "Oh…" Pink Ace replied.

"For sure they will bring out more Mugers to cause chaos. Not only that, they will also send armada specialists that will try to cause trouble in different ways, hoping they will find Earthlings' weak points. They are called the Journeymen and the armada sends them one-by-one. They will stop at nothing to get their hands to the Seed Core." warned Laverus.

"Being a ranger is quite a big responsibility." realized Red Ace, although Laverus then told him some good news: "Yes it is. However, it is not without its perks. Like, we can celebrate this victory with a pizza party…on the house! How is that?" Red Ace was pleased: "Pizza, my favorite! I always order that when I win a tournament." "As long as it is gluten free, right? I'm allergic to gluten." said Blue Ace. "Don't worry; I'll also make one especially for you." Laverus replied.

"Nice, a pizza all just for me!" happily said Blue Ace. "That is you could finish it off…you look like you don't eat much." thought Yellow Ranger in jest. "I just have high metabolism, that's all! I bet I could eat more than you do!" bragged Blue Ace, which Yellow Ace just scoffed: "Whatever, haha."

"Thanks for the treat, Laverus! We will meet you there when we're ready…although where are you exactly anyway Laverus?" asked Green Ace. "Don't worry, Andy, I'll tell you how to get there." told Red Ace. The rangers went back to the stadium and demorphed in the bathrooms, as they then returned to their families and teams, much to their relief.

"Mum, I'm back!" said Andy, whose greeting was then received by his worried mother: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! There was a big monster that destroyed the roof here, allowing the other troops to get inside! Some debris almost dropped on us too. It's a good thing an Ace Ranger rescued us!"

"I'm sorry, mum. Um, I just went to the loo, but then when a Muger got inside I tried to escape and went outside to hide. Suddenly I heard a bit of commotion, coming from these big robotic things that fought these giant monsters. After the giants were defeated, the other Mugers just disappeared and I decided to get back here when the coast is clear." said Andy. "Well, if that's the case, I'm glad you are just safe." said Mum Judy, who then gave Andy a big hug. "Ugh, I'mmm…..glaaaad….to see you safe….too." said Andy, suffocating a bit from his mother's hug.

Meanwhile, Roger talked with Coach Severin. "Roger, where did you go?" his coach asked. "Well, I was at the bathroom doing my business but it took a bit long that expected…if you know what I mean, haha." jokingly replied Roger. "Well I have to say, you missed a lot! A giant Muger destroyed the shield and roof and then the smaller Mugers wreaked havoc inside. Good thing the Ace Rangers came and saved us." said Coach Severin. "Oh, really." replied Roger, smirking knowing he's one of the rangers his coach was talking about.

"Where did you go Maria with all of the pandemonium going on?" asked Max, Maria's agent. "Never ask a woman's business in the bathroom!" replied Maria angrily, as she was offended about what she said. "OK, OK, I won't ask anymore. Anyway, while you're away you've missed a lot! Check this out…" said Max. He then showed the video of the Pink Ranger's fight on his phone, believing what Maria said.

"You're right, these multi-colored heroes do exist! I might say the pink one especially looks great even when fighting." said Max, receiving only a reply of "Really?" from Maria. "Yeah. I just hope she just tunes her warrior screams by a tad bit." Max thought, in which Maria just then gave an angry stare. "What?" asked Max.

"Sis, I'm glad you're safe!"said Serena. "You too. You oddly took a long time in the bathroom…are you sure you just stayed there?" asked Vee. "Um, actually an Ace Ranger who saved me from a Muger when I was about to return here helped me get to a safer place outside. When the coast was clear, I decided to go back.""You sure, huh? Anyway, I'm glad you're safe. I'm going to text mom and say that we're OK here." said Vee. "Great!" replied Serena. After what Vee just saw, she knew that Serena was lying. "Still not saying the truth, huh?" Vee thought.

With The Aussies back to normal, all of the players got back to the Tennis Center, only to see it without a roof. "It looks like they blew the roof off this place…literally!" said Serena. "Our stuff is inside there! How are we going to get them when they're repairing the Tennis Center?" grumbled Andy. "Well, being the Happy Slam they seem to renovate so fast…look!" said Maria, as she then pointed to the helicopters flying above, carrying a roof that would be used to fix the Tennis Center.

"Can't believe it. The roof is back like nothing happened!" said Nole. "Well, they have already experienced an invasion so these types of renovations may have been prepared." said Andy. "Still, it takes a lot of money to have such an insta-vation." thought Maria. As the sun sets, Roger decided that it's time to visit Laverus: "Well guys, while they're fixing the roof, don't you think we could go and meet Laverus?"

"Yeah, I'm excited! I would love to meet the legendary Rocket." said Andy. "Me too! I can't believe we can teleport to get there as you said, Nole." said Serena. "Well we found out the hard way at first, haha." said Nole. "Let's hurry up guys, let's go! Pizza par-tay!" said Maria. The rangers then hid in the back garden, teleporting using the Teleport app. "Serve it up!"

At Laverus Lair, the rangers celebrated with pizza. With pepperoni, ham and more, they were glad that were able to defend The Aussies from the armada. Washing it off with iced tea tops it all off. "Hey, pass the iced tea, please!" said Nole, while munching a slice of pizza. "Do you know that some flavored teas contain gluten?" Andy pointed out. "Don't worry guys. That iced tea is homemade out of freshly brewed tea added with real lemon juice." said Laverus. "Oh, nice! Us athletes always have to watch our health…(grabs a slice) although having a day of indulgence might not hurt." said Maria, which then Serena replied with an "I agree!"

"Hey, Roger, how many have you eaten?" asked Maria, seeing that Roger have eaten a lot. With his mouth full, Roger was stuck in his own world, relishing his slice of pizza: "Pepperoni Pizza! Mmmmm…" Nole was quite surprised: "Wow, never knew that Roger's weakness is pizza." "It's like he's stuck in his own world now, haha." Serena also noticed. Roger kept munching, as then Laverus congratulated the rangers for a job well done.

"Great job, rangers! You deserve much rest. The Aussies would be delayed for overnight repairs, and I think play could resume tomorrow!" told Laverus. "Oh yeah, forgot about that…Roger, I have shown you what I can do and almost did beat you, but I will try my best to meet you at the final!" said Nole, as the other rangers being quite surprised that he almost beat Roger.

"We'll see about that. But yeah, I'm looking forward for that possible match." said Roger, as then the two then looked at each other and smiled, showing a newfound respect towards each other. "Hey! You know I could still beat either of you and win the title." Andy objected, making the other rangers chuckle. "Hey!" said Andy, not finding it funny.

As the rangers continued laughing, a person entered the room unexpectedly. "What a party we have in here." Said the mysterious person, as everyone's attention was on her. The rangers were in shock. "No. Way!" said Maria. They then looked at Serena, who had the most shocked face of them all; her mouth seemingly can't close.

"Hey, come join us here!" said Laverus. "Well, I think you forgot to invite me." the mystery person replied, having Laverus apologize: "Oh, sorry about that. This party is for these new Ace Rangers after a job well done. I think you have met all of them already…Venus." said Laverus. Vee replied: "I did. Talking about who I already met…Laverus, we have a lot to talk about."

Author's Notes:

To tell the truth I have been so busy on other things that I wasn't able to really edit this chapter. It may have took a long while, and I am kinda thinking of maybe not publishing Game 5 and 6 until I am sure about the direction the story is going, at least this part of the story is finished, and now we could see what happens as the rangers assembled together for the first time. Don Skeletoni is cooking something...what could it be? Now I wonder how will the rangers interact together more as they have different teams...



1. "Mum" Judy Ferguson - Based on Judy Murray, the real-life mother of Andy & Jamie Murray. The mother of the Ferguson brothers, she supported the brothers since they were kids in their tennis endeavors. She is quite caring, watching how her children play the game. However, she is a bit overprotective at times, particularly over Andy who is the younger brother, sometimes making Andy embarrassed in front of his colleagues.
2. Coach Severin - Based on Roger Federer's long time coach, Severin Luthi. He is Roger's much older cousin, he has coached him to become a great top player he currently is. Quite stoic, he doesn't show much emotion about things but does care about his ward. He still has his fun side at times, not afraid to bust-a-move.
3. Mr. Max Eisenhower - Based on Max Eisenbud, Maria Sharapova's agent. He is Maria's agent, taking care of her extra-competition matters like with promotions and such. He's quite a busy man and is the head of the Sports R' Us sporting agency, one of the leading sporting agencies. He is all business but does care for Maria's well-being. While they have a friendly business relationship, Maria and Max do disagree in a lot of things...leading to arguments that lasts a bit long.
4. Mr. Daniel Cyrus - Based on Craig Tiley, the tournament director of the Australian Open (if you notice the character name you could see why I chose that haha). He is the tournament director of The Aussies, and one of the head members of the Tennis Council.

Other Thoughts:

The first Zord battle of the rangers are usually the only time we see the Zords battle the enemies by not forming the Megazord, so of course this is their best time to shine! After this we will start a new arc, the break between the hard court slam and the clay court season, Set 2: Changeover.


Power Rangers is a property of Saban Brands. The characters are only inspired by tennis personalities and should not be treated as their real life inspirations.