Game 8: Clouding Around

At the Dreadful Default, General Mugro was following Don Skeletoni. Surrounded by elite soldiers, the Don was walking at the halls on a busy day. "My Don, I would like to present a plan that I made, if you permit." said General Mugro. "I'm very busy, my general." the Don replied.

"Don't worry, I'll be brief! You see, I would like to lead a mission with Nimbad, my Journeyman!" said General Mugro. "He does not only make disastrous storms, but he'll also put players down in the dumps and create fuel for us!" he continued. "Is that so? Well then… Go! Execute your plan, my general." replied Don Skeletoni.

General Mugro left, as Don Skeletoni then went to the IHC Training Area, where General Flopez was in. "How is their training, my general?" asked the Don. "It's going swimmingly, my Don!" replied the General. "Excellent! I'll give you a mission with them on Marseille, post haste." said Don Skeletoni. "Thank you for entrusting me this mission, my Don!" said General Flopez, as he then leaves to prepare.

Back on Earth, it was the final of the Memphis tournament, where Roger faced his good friend Jo. As Roger made a quick down the line forehand, he forced Jo into an error, winning the match.

"Game, Set, and Match…Davis!" said the umpire, as the competitors then shook hands. Roger raised his arms, then waved towards the spectators in appreciation. He then saw Kei giving a thumbs up, as he then replied with one.

As the rangers wait for the awarding, they whispered about what just happened the other day. "So, Kei totes didn't remember anything, does he?" said Maria. "I think so, yeah!" Nole replied. "I greeted him earlier, and He didn't say anything special." said Serena. "Makes me wonder if that's why some seem gormless about the armada before." said Andy, as the others again looked bumfuzzled.

Later, the rangers teleported to Laverus Lair, where they did debriefing. "So, how did Roger change Kei's racket into a Razor Racket?" asked Nole. "When I and the other warriors of Ketrac first encountered the Seed Core, we received our Razor Rackets from it as a sign of accepting our fate – being the galaxy's freedom fighters." Laverus replied.

"Oh, I see." said Andy. "Yes. My team may have made the suits, but with the power of the Seed Core and the Ace Aura, anyone can turn weapons of play, the tennis rackets, into weapons of combat, the Razor Rackets." said Laverus.

"Wow, that's incredible!" said Serena. "So, why am I the only one that is able to do it?" said Roger. "Do you remember what happened that time?" asked Laverus.

"Well, seeing everyone struggling, I felt useless, frozen. But then when I saw Kei in Horrorlogium's clutches, I just…snapped!" said Roger. "Hmm, it seems you were fired up about what was happening! It made your Ace Aura overwhelmingly stronger." said Laverus. "So you think my intense Ace Aura made it that?" asked Roger. "May be." Laverus replied.

"I have question." said Serena. "How did Horrorlogium disguise himself as Caroline?" she asked. "Yeah, what was that about?" asked Maria.

"To tell the truth, I am not sure. I don't remember the Faultissimo Armada having this technology." replied Laverus. "That's scary!" said Nole. "I I think we just have to wait for the armada's next move." said Laverus.

"I think that's it for today. You're dismissed!" said Laverus, as the rangers then talked about their next stop. "So guys, I'm really looking forward to next week!" said Serena, as she then showed a magazine. "Rio de Janeiro." said Roger.

"Yup! It's a Silver-level tournament, so the venue is great." said Serena. "Not only that, I've heard carnaval is going to be quite fun this year." she said, pointing on a picture in the magazine.

"You hope so. I mean, I read it is going to rain cats and dogs out there." said Andy. "Really? Is that even possible?" asked Maria. "That's just an expression. I meant rain's going to be heavy." Andy replied. "Oh, well I hope gonna turn out fine..." said Serena. "I think there are methods by the Tennis Federation to alleviate rain delays. One example is cloud seeding." said Andy.

"Well, seems only few showers throughout the week." said Maria after checking her phone for weather forecasts. "Nice!" said Serena. "No thanks. I'm not really a party guy." said Roger. "Sigh, as expected. How about you, Nole?" asked Serena. Suddenly, Nole got startled, and then left the room. "What was that all about?" she said.

The following week, the rangers arrived at Rio de Janeiro. Serena and Nole were tasked for stadium maintenance at Court Gustavo, the tournament's center court. "Phew, the seats smell so funky!" said Serena, cleaning the fixtures on a hot, humid day.

"You're not wrong, sista!" said Nole, sweeping on the seat floors. "Yeah! Hey, um, could I ask you something?" asked Serena, awkwardly. "Hey, what is it?" said Nole. "Well, could I ask why you left when I talked to you about carnaval?" she asked.

Hearing the question, Nole then paused a bit. "Ah, well… It's an embarrassing story." he said. "It's OK! I can keep a secret." said Serena. "Um, can I tell you later? I mean, look! Director Baas arrived. We should get through all of this, quick!" said Nole. "OK…" replied Serena.

Finishing their tasks, they went to Richard Baas, the tournament director, to assess their work. "Hmm, it seems everything is in order." said Director Baas. "Does it mean we could go?" said Serena, seemingly in a hurry. "Oh. Yes, you can go!" replied Director Baas.

"Oh, man!" said Nole, as the rain started to drop heavily. "Ugh. I was hoping to go to check the festival floats." said Serena, as then Nole looked spooked. "Um, Nole, what's happening to you?" she asked. "Um, nothing!" he replied.

Nole looked towards the chairs, but then noticed something odd. "Wait, what's happening with the seats?" he wondered. Upon inspection, they noticed the chair began to stain with blue spots. "What in the world?" exclaimed Serena. "Man… We worked hard on this!" maddeningly said Nole. "Commiserations, but you have to clean it up again so you can earn credits." said Director Baas.

"Someone had to be messing with us!" said Nole. "But we're the only ones here." Serena replied. At the back of the stadium however, someone was grinning. That person was holding a small bottle, which they then put inside their pocket, and then leaves.

Back at Laverus Lair, the other rangers were also doing some tidying. "Phew, I'm so done for." said Maria. "Yup, cleaned up this whole break room." said Roger. "Aye! Let's take a breather." said Andy, as he and Maria then took seats.

"Hey, Andy!" said Maria. "What?" Andy asked. "Laverus said that Roger transformed Kei's racket into a Razor Racket, mainly because he fired up his Ace Aura, right?" she said. "It seems so, yes." he said. "What about if we train to see if we can tap in on that?" she replied. "Hmm... That sounds splendid!" he said.

An alarm suddenly rang inside the lair. Meanwhile at Court Gustavo, Nole and Serena again finished cleaning up the seats. "That's the last of it." she said, when suddenly their morphers rang. "Come on." she said to Nole.

"Sir, we have finished wiping out the seat stains!" said Serena. "Nice job! I'll check them myself, after which you may go!" said Director Baas. However, Serena and Nole already left. "Sorry, director. There's an emergency!' she said, as Director Baas then shook his head.

The rangers assembled on a road, looking towards a cloud-shaped nuisance. "A gloomy day, isn't it?" said the Journeyman. "State yourself!" said Roger. "A bossman, huh? My name is Nimbad, and I think you could guess what I can do!" he said, as he then quickly unleashed a deluge of rain.

"Argh, I'm so wet!" said Nole. "It seems we got the seat stains! But how?" said Serena. "Let's not be wet blankets. Come on!" said Roger, as the rangers readied to morph. "Serve it up!"

The Ace Rangers charged with their individual weapons. Green Ace then thought of a combo attack, using Pink Ace's Boom Blaster to give ammo. "Let's get this ball rolling!" he said, powering the energy with his Sling Slasher and then throwing it to Nimbad.

As it was about to hit, Nimbad was able to make his body dodge it. "Our individual weapons are not working. Let's use our Razors!" said Red Ace. Slashing Nimbad, they were able to cut through him. "We got a hit!" said Blue Ace, when suddenly the cloud tufts absorbed the water from the ground.

"What is happening?" said Yellow Ace, as the rangers saw those tufts turning into small versions of Nimbad, the MiNimbus. "Taste the power of our gale!" said Nimbad, as he and the MiNimbus tried to blow the rangers away. "This guy has more air than you, Roger!" said Pink Ace. "Very funny." replied Red Ace sarcastically.

From someone's home, a dragon carnaval float suddenly got swept away. "Ay, ai, ai!" said the owner of the float. "Stand firm, guys!" said Red Ace through the blowing winds. Shockingly, the float was going towards Blue Ace. "Ah!" he said, freezing on the spot. Yellow Ace quickly saw what was happening, as she said "Look out!" She then stood in front of him, swiftly cutting the float in half.

"Stay focused!" said Yellow Ace, as Blue Ace then snapped out. "Oh…" said Blue Ace. "ATTACK!" shouted Nimbad, as he then ordered the MiNibuses to do hydro blasts. "I got you!" said Blue Ace, as he then defend the other rangers with his Giga Gloves. From behind, Red Ace and Pink Ace jumped, swiftly cutting through the MiNimbuses and destroying them.

"ARGH, My patience is waning!" said Nimbad, as he then charged up. "What's he doing?" said Pink Ace, hearing loud thunder. In a flash, Nimbad unleashed a big bolt of lightning, gravely hitting the rangers, powering them down. "He's so strong." said Nole. "Time to do what those one hit wonders can't!" said the Journeyman.

As Nimbad prepares for his final strike, the rangers then got teleported away. "Almost had them!" said Nimbad, stomping mad with his cloudy feet. Before he continued his rampage, the sun starts to shine brighter. "Oh no!" he shouted, as he then retreated to the Dreadful Default.

Inside Laverus Lair, the rangers tried to recover. "That was a sticky wicket." said Andy. "You can say that again. That creep really kicked our butts!" said Maria. "At least we know what his powers are." said Roger. "I figured that being based on a cloud, his weakness may be related to it." Laverus said, as he goes to the medal room.

"Wait, do you know something we can use?" asked Serena. "Maybe you can try these!" said Laverus. "These are Miami Match Medals! I have a theory that he could be affected by heat." he continued. "Wow, that was fast!" said Maria, as then each ranger took a medal.

As Serena grabbed one, he noticed Nole sitting, still not saying a word. "Nole, are you OK?" she asked, as Nole snapped out again. "WHAT? Oh, yes, I'm fine!" he replied, as he then took a medal. Serena looked towards him, concerned about him spacing out.

Later that night, Nole and Serena returned to Court Gustavo, where someone was practicing. "Hey, isn't that Marcelo?" she said. "And that's Director Baas…I think we're in trouble." said Nole, as the two then quickly ran towards the court.

"Director Baas, we're sorry for leaving you earlier!" apologized Serena. "It's OK! Apology accepted." Director Baas replied. "Really? Thank you!" said Serena. "Yeah, Pete said that he was the one who called for you two." said Director Bass, as other two then looked a bit puzzled.

"Anyway, I will see you two tomorrow for Day 1! Have a good night." said Director Baas. "Marcelo, just tell supervisor when you're done, OK?" he continued, as he then left the court. "Huh, Megaman covered for us." said Nole.

As Marcelo wiped his face with a towel at his bench, he then felt something's not right. "AH!" he screamed, seeing his face on a mirror. "What was that?" said Serena, as she and Nole then rushed towards him.

"Is everything alright?" Serena asked. "Yes, but my face isn't!" Marcelo replied, as the rangers see his blotchy, messy face. "What happened to it?" asked Nole. "Well, I just dried my face off with this towel, and now I look like a Dalmatian!" Marcelo angrily replied.

"Nole, these spots look familiar." said Serena, checking on Marcelo's face. "Oh yeah!" Nole replied. "Wait, what's the problem?" asked Marcelo. "These spots look like the ones we saw on the seats!" said Serena.

"Wait, I'm hearing something." quietly said Nole. As the three cautiously approach the sound's source, they then saw someone beneath one of the stadium seats. "Who is that?" said Marcelo, as Nole then hushed him. As they checked under the seats, suddenly, the person hiding bolted away.

"STOP!" shouted Nole, as he then makes chase. "We'll take care of this." said Serena, putting her hand in front of Marcelo for him to stay put. The rangers then chased the guy around the area, following wherever he goes.

The pursuit continued, until they cornered the felon in a fence. "HEY!" shouted Serena, seeing a hooded person. "Show us your face!" said Nole, as the hooded person then turned around.

"Fabio Panini?" said the two, as Fabio then removed his hood. "It's was just a harmless prank, i miei amici!" said Fabio, showing a small bottle from his hand. "See? The ink's water activated." he continued.

"Bro, clean up the mess you made." said Nole. "For real?" Fabio replied. "Yes, or I'll have to give you an infraction. I know you're already in probation." Nole rebuked. Fabio gave him a nasty look. "You've become a stuck up, bro." said Fabio. "I realized this during the invasion – maybe it's time to grow up." said Nole, as Fabio then scoffs back and begrudgingly gave the ink bottle.

Later, the three returned to Court Gustavo. To apologize, Fabio then gave Marcelo a fresh towel from his own bag. "Here." said Fabio, as Marcelo then wiped his face with it. "I'm sorry for earlier. I thought it was a harmless prank." said Fabio.

"Well, it's OK, I guess. No harm done." said Marcelo. "Me looking silly was a bit funny, had to admit." he continued, as he and Fabio then laughed. Near the bench, a clay sweeper was doing his job. After hearing the two's conservation however, he then started to smirk.

Monday came, and the Rio tournament was on the way. Serena, Nole, Caroline and Bob were watching from their seats, as Marcelo was about to win his first point. "Hey, I've heard about trouble here yesterday." said Caroline. "Yeah, someone put invisible ink on these seats." Serena replied.

"Oh, really? Were the Wright Brothers have something to do with it?" said Caroline, as Bob then overheard their talk. "Hey! It was not our work." he replied. "It was actually Fabio!" said Nole.

Meanwhile, Fabio was walking to a practice court. "Wonder where coach is?" he said. Suddenly, armada troops appeared. "Who are you?" said Fabio, anxiously. In front of him was General Mugro, chuckling like a mad man. "What's so funny?" said Fabio. General Mugro then threw a mysterious orb from his hand, releasing a sinister dark mist. "NO!" shouted Fabio, as he slowly gets enveloped by the mist.

Back at Court Gustavo, Marcelo has won his match. "Nice!" said Nole, when suddenly it started to rain. "Nole, I hear screaming!" said Serena. "Let's check it out." Nole replied, as the two then stood up. "Hey, where are you going?" asked Caroline. "It's an emergency! I'll call you later." Serena replied, as the two ran off. "Those two have been close lately." said Caroline.

On the grounds, Nimbad was causing trouble, along with some Mugers that surround him. Serena and Nole rushed to where the Journeyman was, calling the others for help. "Anyone there?" she called through her morpher.

The three other rangers were in Marseille, fighting against General Flopez and his Muger troops. "Let them eat Razor!" said Pink Ace, slashing with her Razor Racket. Green Ace then did the same with his, and so did Red Ace.

"It's great to be in France this time of day!" said General Flopez, overlooking from atop a building. Suddenly, the rangers received a call from Pete. "Hey guys, the federation will activate an anti-Muger shield around the stadium! Can you hold the troops a bit longer?" he said. "Don't worry, we can handle this." Red Ace replied.

With the Mugers destroyed, the anti-Muger shield was then activated. "Good job, everyone! The shield will be up for a while. Our forces will hold up the fort, so to speak when you return to Rio." said Pete. "Great!" said Pink Ace. "Well, this outcome is unfavorable." said General Flopez. "Adieu! Until next time, rangers!" he said, teleporting back to his base.

"Well, that was quite a workout." said Maria, as the rangers powered down. "Only Mugers. It's quite peculiar." Andy replied. "Wait, guys! Someone's calling." said Roger. "It's Serena!" he continued.

"What is it?" asked Roger. "Rio is being attacked by Nimbad and Mugers! We need your help." Serena replied. "OK, we'll be there." he said. "Guys, Nimbad is back!" he continued, as the three hurried back.

"Hey! Why are you showing your face here again?" said Nole, confronting the enemies. "Why? What's wrong with my face?" Nimbad replied. Suddenly, the three other rangers joined up. "Sorry, we we're busy." said Roger. "It's OK. Seems the armada were busy, too." Serena replied.

"No one's answering my question! You'll pay for those insults, rangers! Mugers…attack!" said Nimbad, as the Mugers then charged. "What a softie!" said Maria. "Yeah! Let's show him how to be tough! IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" said Nole, as they then morphed.

Blue Ace and Pink Ace tried to damage Nimbad, while the rest fought off the Mugers. "Haha! You have attacked me before. It won't work!" said Nimbad. Yellow Ace meanwhile has finished her share of Mugers. She then tapped Pink Ace's shoulder.

"Hey, let's do our combo attack again!" said Yellow Ace. "OK!" Pink Ace replied, as the two combined their individual weapons to form the Boom Hammer. "Time to blast him off! Victory Vortex!" they said, as Nimbad again got whipped by the whirlwind. As Nimbad dropped, the ladies and Blue Ace then saw an opening. "Let's use our new medals!" said Yellow Ace, as the three then inserted the Miami medals on their Razors.

Blue Ace, Yellow Ace and Pink Ace charged towards Nimbad, slashing him with big strikes. "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?" said the Journeyman, as his cloud tufts began to disappear. "It's working! Keep it up." said Blue Ace, but then Nimbad quickly whisked away, leaving the Mugers behind. "What a coward." said Pink Ace, as the rangers then finished the rest.

"That battle was a doddle!" said Green Ace, as the rangers then powered down. The rangers then received an incoming call from Pete. "Hello again, rangers!" said Pete. "What's up, Megaman? I mean, Pete?" Nole replied, looking a bit embarrassed.

"I have some bad news to tell you, but I would like to meet you all privately on my room, ASAP." said Pete. "OK, we'll be on our way!" said Roger. "A private meeting? Sounds very serious." said Serena. "He said to meet him ASAP. Let's hurry!" said Roger, as they rushed to the Academy's tennis club lodging.

"So he just left?" Pete asked. "After the Mugers were defeated, yeah." Roger replied. "And Nimbad was here while this was all happening, right?" asked Pete. "Yeah. Maybe it was their plan – to divide and conquer." Andy replied.

"OK. I wonder if it's connected to the issue I'm about to tell you." said Pete. "What issue?" asked Nole. "Something horrible happened – Fabio Panini was missing." said Pete. Nole and Serena were shocked. "Wait, what?" said Nole. "As in, troublemaker Fabio?" said Serena. "Um, yes, that Fabio." Pete replied.

"We just saw him the other day. How is that possible?" said Serena. "I don't know, but his coach said that on his way to the practice courts, he just found Fabio's tennis bag on the ground. Director Baas told me about it." Pete replied. "What about the courts?" asked Nole. "Nothing. He was not there." Pete replied.

The two started to wonder. "It was likely the armada's doing, but do you have any idea why they would kidnap someone like him?" asked Serena. Roger figured it out. "They're going to turn him into a Journeyman." he said. "Oh yeah! Didn't Laverus tell us something about that?" said Maria.

"Yeah. They we're probably making diversions to execute their plan smoothly." said Pete. "I get he has talent, but frankly he's a goofball. Can he really be a threatening Journeyman?" said Serena.

Inside the Dreadful Default, General Mugro, General Flopez and Nimbad were checking on Fabio, captured in a pod. "So, this is the mischief-maker you were talking about?" said General Flopez. "Yes, he is! With the power of the nega-aura, he's going to do more than just pranks!" General Mugro replied.

"Still sounds a bit silly, but that could be interesting." said General Flopez. "It will be!" said General Mugro. "Come on, Nimbad! Let's leave them here and we'll continue causing trouble." he continued, as he and Nimbad then left.

As General Flopez looked at the controls, someone else then entered the room. "Oh, my Don, it's you! I deeply apologize for failing my mission." said the General. "You are forgiven, my general." Don Skeletoni replied.

"Thank you for your kindness, my Don." said General Flopez. "You may have failed on acquiring the trophy, but no matter – I do have another mission for you, my general." said Don Skeletoni.

The next day, Director Baas came to an academy class. "As you may have heard, there were reports of someone missing after an armada attack, here at the grounds." he said, as someone then rose her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Vika Levin?" he said. "Hey, um, if we do meet an armada member, do we have a way to contact the Ace Rangers?" said Vika, as the others then snickered. "What? I'm serious." she said. "Well, you should first contact the tennis federation if that happens, and they will quickly bring a special task force to protect you." said Director Baas.

The alarm rang, as the rangers then received a call from Laverus. "Wazzup?" said Nole. "There's a Journeyman attack at Ipanema beach." Laverus replied. "OK, we're on it!" said Nole. "Seems Nimbad's planning to rain on everyone's beach day!" said Maria, as the rangers then hurried out.

At Ipanema Beach, the morphed rangers were able to catch the Journeyman, causing trouble. "Stop right there…Nimbad?" said Red Ace. "I don't think it's Nimbad, everyone." said Yellow Ace. The rangers was instead seeing a clown-like monster, doing weird pranks to beach goers.

There was chaos everywhere – someone was seemingly trapped on a wave while they're surfing; a group was being fried in the hot sun with their backs seemingly smothered in cooking oil. Using a mysterious, dark fog, the Journeyman was able to turn sand castles into living sand creatures.

"You are stark raving bonkers!" said Green Ace. The Journeyman then let out a dark gas towards the rangers, conjuring multiple beach balls that bonked on the rangers' heads. "Ouch, ouch." said Red Ace. "This is so not cool!" said Pink Ace. "Cut it out!" said Yellow Ace. The rangers tried to get away from them, but they were still getting followed. "They're like pesky magnets!" said Blue Ace.

Annoyed, the rangers then used their Razor Rackets to deflate the balls. "Heh, we did cut it out." said Blue Ace. Suddenly, gas coming from the balls quickly enveloped the balls, transforming those into big metal spike balls.

"WATCH OUT!" said Red Ace. "Coming through!" said Yellow Ace, as she then swiftly used her Handy Hammer to destroy all the spike balls. "Phew! Broke a sweat there." said Pink Ace. "Alright, let's take him down!" said Blue Ace, as they then charged towards the Journeyman.

However, the Journeyman changed into a fog-like state, as the Journeyman then charged towards the rangers. "What in the world?" said Yellow Ace, as the fog then attacked Red Ace and Green Ace and then flew away. The two then powered down, dropping to the ground.

"ROGER! ANDY!" said Pink Ace, as she and the others powered down and rushed towards the two. "Are you OK?" asked Maria, checking on Roger. "Oof. What just happened?" he said. "Hey, can I whisper you something?" he continued. "Yes?" Maria replied. Suddenly, Maria screamed, as she felt something on her hair. "What was that? GET IT OUT!" she said as she kept screaming.

"There!" said Nole, as he removed a hermit crab from Maria's hair. "Hey Serena, could I ask you something?" said Andy. "Um yes?" Serena replied. "What do you call a drummer, who plays over the top?" asked Andy. Serena became confused. "Uh, what?" she asked again. "Bangers and smash!" Andy replied, as he then started laughing. "I'm getting migraines with this…" exclaimed Maria.

"Wait a second, guys. Something is heading towards us from that direction." said Roger pointing towards the sky. "What is it?" Nole asked, as they then heard Roger laughing away. "Hey, where are you going, mister?" said Maria, as Roger ran away to the ocean. "Um, we have to get them to the lair. Now!" said Serena.

"So, you actually faced a different Journeyman?" Laverus replied. "And he apparently turned our team brains into fools." said Nole. "I scanned these two, and both seem to have high levels of nega-aura." said Maria.

The rangers looked towards the two, still doing silly things. "The two are driving me crazy, man. How do we get them back?" asked Nole. "I'll see what I can do." Laverus replied.

"So, we now have two Journeyman messing around." said Nole. "Yeah, it's totes strange." said Maria. "Do you think it's because of the carnaval? There's going to be a lot more visitors in Rio." said Serena. "Maybe. Could be a distraction like with Horrorlogium?" Nole replied.

"Ugh, I feel so useless right now." said Maria. "What do you mean?" asked Serena. "Like, these two helped us when we were in big time trouble. I just want to return the favor." Maria replied. "You and me, both!" said Serena.

Back at the Dreadful Default, General Mugro checked up on Fabio with Nimbad. "HEY! WHO IN DON'S NAME TOOK MY PRISONER?" he shouted. "Sacrebleu, what's this brouhaha I'm hearing?" said General Flopez, who just entered the room.

"My player is gone!" said General Mugro. "You mean that joker?" General Flopez replied. "Yes, him! You have anything to do with this?" said General Mugro. "I am not sure what you're talking about…" General Flopez replied. "Wait a second…I remember now." he then continued.

"What?" said General Mugro. "I turned that plebeian into a true monster of mischief. He'll make the festivities more fun, at least for us." General Flopez replied. "But why are you nosing in with my plans?" said General Mugro, angry about what he heard. "I thought I could unlock his best potential, that's all." General Flopez replied. "And I can't?" said General Mugro, as General Flopez replied "Well…"

"Argh! Why I outta…" General Mugro grumbled. Don Skeletoni then entered. "My Don!" said both Generals and Nimbad. "Greetings, my generals!" said Don Skeletoni. "My Don, not only did General Flopez failed on his plan, but he also stuck his nose on mine!" said General Mugro.

"The past is in the past, my general." said Don Skeletoni. "Wha, why is he not punished?" argued General Mugro. "We have more urgent issues, seeing the rangers' lynchpins are out. Let's now talk about our next plan of attack, my generals." said Don Skeletoni.

"Oh. Well, I was thinking Nimbad should create a big storm, enough to stop the tournament!" said General Mugro. "What an unexpected idea!" Don Skeletoni replied. "Of course I need lots more nega-aura for that, so that is why he'll first make a downpour!" said General Mugro. "Yeah, I'm going to drench them real good!" said Nimbad.

"Talking about unexpected…" said an invisible voice. "Who is there?" said General Mugro, when then a dark fog appeared in front of them. "My Don, may I suggest spreading some chaos in carnaval, while this cloud creature rain on the players' parade?" said the Journeyman.

"I have a name, you know!" said Nimbad. "That plan is great. Actually, I'm impressed with your work. What is your name again?" asked Don Skeletoni. "It's Clownini, my Don. Much obliged!" Clownini replied. "You're welcome, Clownini. I have good things in store for you." the Don replied. Clownini then smiled.

"Ugh, scary clown teeth!" said General Mugro. "Deploy these Journeymen, my generals!" said Don Skeletoni. "Yes, my Don!" the generals replied, as they then had a stare down before they left.

Back at Laverus Lair, the rangers were waiting for Laverus to find a solution for Roger and Andy. "So, um, what just happened the other day?" she asked, as then Nole got startled. "Oh, you mean the time I just froze?" Nole asked. "Yeah, like what were you thinking at that time?" asked Serena, as Nole then hesitated. "You can trust me, you know." she continued. "Sigh. Alright… Just don't laugh, please?" he said. "Promise, I won't." she replied.

"OK. The thing is…I'm scared of big floats." said Nole. "Oh. OH, now I see!" Serena replied. "That's the reason why I don't want to go to the carnaval. When I was a kid, I had an accident while me and my parents were watching a parade. I had to go through therapy because of it, and playing tennis is part of that." he continued.

"Wow, I never knew about that!" said Serena. "Yeah. I tried to move again through tennis, and I never stopped moving ever since. Except last year for my injuries, of course." Nole continued. "OK. So why didn't you tell me much earlier?" asked Serena.

"Come on, I'm the tough guy! No one's gonna be intimidated with me and my nonsense fear." Nole replied. "Well, I think you opening up to me is courage in itself." said Serena. "Yeah, I guess so." Nole replied.

"Matches at Rio are suspended right now, guys!" said Maria, receiving an alert. "Rain?" said Nole. "It's quite heavy, according to updates" Maria replied. "Oh, I hope it quickly calms down!" said Serena. "I think you all should get back to your quarters. I'll give you a ring when I get something." said Laverus, as the rangers then teleported out.

"Phew, what a day." said Nole, resting back on his player quarters in Rio. With only sound of raindrops heard from the outside, he then flashed back on moments of what happened in the past:

Young Nole was holding a balloon, watching a parade. His father was searching for him, as young Nole was facing a small car. In a hospital, his father apologized for what happened, as a doctor said he needed physical therapy.

On an airplane, his father told him something. "Nole, do you want to do something fun when we get home?" said his father, showing a magazine to him. "See this guy? With a racket and ball, you can fly like him someday. You want to try playing tennis?" his father asked.

As Nole finished reminiscing, he then looked towards the window. "Ugh, it's still raining." he said. With the other players inside the hotel frustrated by the rain delay, nega-aura then began to exude from them. Nimbad – who was hiding in the clouds – started to absorb the nega-aura. "Not bad for a softie, huh?" said Nimbad, as rain kept pouring around the area.

Weather became better the next day, as Bob writes some notes during class. "Come on, work!" he said, shaking his pen to get the ink out. "Ah, no go!" he said in frustration, when suddenly ink from the pen spurted out of control.

With ink all over his face, Bob then heard someone chuckling. "Hey, who did this?" he said, then looking towards Roger and Andy's way. "You two, what's the big idea?" shouted Bob angrily. "You shouldn't be a twit about it, mate!" said Andy. "Yeah, you yourself should appreciate a good prank." said Roger, as the goofy rangers then made a silly handshake.

"Well I'll show YOU a great prank!" said Bob, storming towards the two. Quickly noticing an altercation about to happen, Pete decided to split them up. "Hey, stop it, you three!" he said. Mike also helped, trying to calm Bob down. "Hey, it's just a prank, OK bro?" he said.

As the alarm rang for observation class, Pete then made a decision. "OK, I don't know what's going on with you three, but I will split you into different groups so you could just all simmer down, alright?" he said, as the students then leave the room.

Seeing what happened, Nole followed Roger, while Serena followed Andy, and signaled Maria to tell Pete about the circumstances. "We're sorry for Roger and Andy acting like this." said Maria. "What do you mean?" asked Pete. "Well, this new Journeyman we faced yesterday, like, attacked the two, with silly gas?" Maria replied.

"Oh? If that's the case, then all five of you should keep an eye on each other." said Pete. "OK, I'll just tell the others!" said Maria. "Call me if something goes wrong, OK?" said Pete as Maria leaves the room. "I will!" Maria replied.

On Court Gustavo, a local player named Teliana was playing against Paula, an Argentinian. "Hey, have you seen any signs of the Journeymen?" asked Serena. "Not really, no." Nole replied, as the two were on watchdog duty around the arena.

"Um, how are Roger and Andy doing?" asked Serena. "They're doing fine! Maria's with them." Nole replied, as they kept on scouting the area. The match goes on, and it was eventually the 2nd Set. "Guys, I'm gonna take a #1!" said Roger to his classmates during a changeover.

Later on, Caroline received a call from Roger. "Hello?" she asked. "Hey, what's you're ranking again?" he replied. "Um, #2"? she said. "Oh really?" he asked. "Yeah, why?" she replied. "Because you smell like one!" Roger replied, as he then hang up.

"Ugh, did Roger get hit on the head during practice?" said Caroline, as Andy then shrugged. "Something's weird going on with him." she continued. "Maybe he's stress relieving. It's not easy being #1, after all." Maria replied. "Sigh, well Serena's handling herself pretty well. Maybe he needs more friends." said Caroline.

The three continued watching the match, as Teliana was about to hit a serve. As she then made an ace, the skies suddenly turned dark, and a downpour of rain then fell down. "Play suspended!" said the umpire. Teliana and Paula then quickly packed their tennis bags, frustrated having to wait during another rain delay.

Suddenly, Nimbad appeared dead center on court, unleashing strong winds all around. During that moment, the line judges transformed into Mugers. A clay sweeper then approached the Journeyman, revealing his true form as General Mugro.

"Hahaha! You think it's lovely this time of year? I will make him drown all of those thoughts out!" said General Mugro, as Nimbad then absorbed the nega-aura from the two terrified players. "Oh, I love the sound of fear in the afternoon!" said General Mugro, as the crowds scattered and panicked.

With chaos around the stadium, Serena approached Maria. "Hey, we need to morph!" whispered Serena. "Caroline! Um, could you go to Pete and tell him what's happening?" said Serena, as Caroline replied "OK!" "Hurry!" said Maria. "Andy, Come on!" said Serena, but Andy did not respond. She then yanked Andy away.

The ranger arrived at the comfort room where Roger was in, but then saw people rushing to get out. "Oof, what's that smell?" said Serena. "Guys!" said Roger, as the three then entered. "Wait, did you actually took a dump?" asked Maria. "No, but I did put a stink bomb." Roger replied, giving Andy a high five. "Wait, you're in with this?" said Maria, as they then hear Nole's voice.

"Hey, guys!" said Nole from the outside. "We're here!" shouted Serena, as he then followed her voice. "Whoa, that's some strong donkey cheese I smell!" Nole replied. "It's actually a stink bomb I made, my kind sir!" jokingly said Andy. "At least no one's here now." said Serena. "Everyone…IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" she said, as the rangers then .

Back at the stadium, a huge storm kept swirling around. "Stop it right there!" said Yellow Ace, as the rangers quickly broke into action. "As expected! Nimbad, I'll let you have all the fun, K?" said General Mugro. "Yes, sir!" Nimbad replied, as General Mugro then teleported out.

"You guys ready?" said Blue Ace, when suddenly Red Ace went in front. "I'm doing all the leading here, bub!" said Red Ace. "No, I volunteer!" said Green Ace as he then budged in.

"Hey, I'm the Red Ranger! I should lead." said Red Ace. "I'm the smartest – I should lead!" Green Ace replied. "No, I should!" said Red Ace, as he then slapped Green Ace's face. "NO, I SHOULD!" shouted Green Ace, as he then slapped back. The argument quickly succumbed into a comedic slapfight, as the two flailed their arms willy-nilly against each other. "Break it out, guys!" said Blue Ace, who himself got stuck into the two's antics.

"This looks SO familiar." said Yellow Ace. "Yup, they're acting like stooges." said Pink Ace. "Tsk. Why are we cleaning up their mess…" she continued, as the two ladies proceed to attack Nimbad. Meanwhile, Blue Ace was trying to put the jokers in line. "STOP! Can you two focus on him instead?" he said.

The ladies tried to attack Nimbad with their Miami medal-powered Razors, but they noticed something's wrong. "It's not working!" said Pink Ace, as the ladies kept trying on damaging the Journeyman. With Nimbad distracted by the ladies, Blue Ace then made a surprise medal-powered Giga Glove punch. "What?" said Nimbad, as he then got knocked back.

"Hey Andy, can you help us out?" said Yellow Ace, but Green Ace just goofed around. "It's not the time for dilly-dallying, Andy!" said Yellow Ace, when suddenly Green Ace just stopped. "WHY ARE YOU WALKING AWAY?" shouted Pink Ace, as Nimbad then shoved the three rangers off.

"Not feeling it today, eh?" said Nimbad, as he then produced ball lightning, that he then threw towards Green Ace. "ANDY!" shouted Blue Ace, when suddenly, Green Ace turned around. In a split second, Green Ace was able to scoop the ball lightning with his Sling Slashers.

"Oh no!" said Nimbad, as Green Ace swiftly then ricocheted the attack back to him. "BZZT!" said the Journeyman, as he was shocked by the amplified attack. "No way!" said Pink Ace, stunned on what they saw.

"He's paralyzed! Come on." said Blue Ace, as the three again attacked Nimbad with their Razors. With the Journeyman dazed, the rangers quickly chipped away his tufts. "Whoa, that was quite a buzz!" said Nimbad as he recovered, but with only his energy core remained. "Wait…WHAT?" he said, hurrying to reabsorb water.

"Uh, uh, gotta go!" said Nimbad, quickly flying to the sky. "Look!" said Yellow Ace, as the rangers tried to chase him — the Journeyman, however, escaped out of sight. "Argh, he's gone!" said Blue Ace, pounding his fist in the air in frustration. As the rangers powered down, Nole then received a call.

"Hello?" said Nole. "Great news rangers! I had found the perfect solution for your crazy conundrum." Laverus replied, then transporting two Match Medals to Nole. "Those are Stanford Medals! Give it to Roger and Andy, and their minds will be as sharp as before." he continued. "Wow, thanks!" said Nole, as he then hang up.

"Ooh, what's these new shiny medals?" Maria asked. "Guess these medals make them less foolish." Nole replied, as he then gave the medals to Roger and Andy. As the two held the medals in their hands, they then started to return to normal. l. "Uh, what a head rush." said Roger. "Wait, did we just do a comedy bit?" said Andy.

Laverus again called Nole. "Hello?" said Nole. "Did the medals work?" Laverus asked. "Yeah, they did!" Nole replied. "Excellent! And just in time. According to my scans, Nimbad is approaching towards the Sambadrome." said Laverus. "I knew it! They're targeting the carnaval." said Serena. "There's going to be so many people in there. Let's move!" said Roger.

The rangers arrived at the Sambadrome, but were greeted by a dark fog circling the area. "Now THIS seems familiar." said Serena. "Eh, seen stranger things." Maria replied. Nole then screamed. "What was that?" asked Roger. "Hang about..." said Andy, as the rangers then saw Nole shivering in fear.

"Nole, are you OK?" asked Maria, but Nole did not reply. "What's the matter with him?" asked Roger, as Serena then approached Nole. "Nole." she said. "Serena, is everything all right?" asked Andy, as Serena and Nole then walked towards the others.

Nole then took a breath. "OK. I have to tell you an embarrassing secret – I'm scared of parade floats." he said. "Really?" said Maria, chuckling a bit. "Hey!" said Serena. "Oops, sorry." said Maria, as Serena then saw Roger smirking at the back. "Um, sorry." he said.

"It's alright, mate!" said Andy. "Yeah, I mean it's brave to open up your secret to us. I mean, I have my own issues I'm not ready to let out in the world." said Maria. "Well, thanks for understanding!" said Nole.

Suddenly, a guy running away accidentally elbowed Roger. "THEY'RE ALIVE!" shouted the person. "Alive? What does he mean…" said Roger, as more people fled the vicinity. "Let's check there!" he said, as they then approached the root of the commotion.

As they got close, they then saw more people running away from some creatures. "Whoa, are those?" said Serena. "They look like… Oh no, TIGERS!" shouted Maria. "Those are actually jaguars." said Andy. "Regardless…RUN!" said Serena, as the rangers then tried to get away.

"Ow!" said Nole, as a jaguar gashed him. Suddenly, there was a loud roar. "Did you hear that?" asked Roger, as the sound made the jaguars transform and fly away. "They turned into…" said Maria. "Toucans." Andy replied, as a feather then dropped on his hand. "Paper?" he said.

The roar became louder, as they then saw big feet emerging from the dark fog. "No way, is that?" said Serena, as the creature revealed itself. "It's a dragon…" said Roger. Nole was shaking. "It's that float!" he replied. "The one when Nimbad's first attacked?" asked Serena. "Yeah, but now much bigger than I remember." said Nole.

As the dragon took a deep breath, the rangers then carefully backed out. Seeing Nole again distressed, Serena then puts her hand on his shoulder. "We're all here – there's nothing to worry." she said. Nole himself then took a deep breath and started to calm down, as he then braced himself. "Alright…let's slay it!" he said, as they then morph. "Serve it up!"

Facing the dragon's fire, Blue Ace used his Giga Gloves to guard themselves. "Let's play fire with fire!" said Pink Ace. "Victory Vortex!" said the ladies, as the flame blew back. Suddenly, the dragon's scales began to crumble. "Oh no…JUMP!" said Blue Ace, as the rangers evade a tail attack.

The dragon became a bit dizzy, as it then looked the other way. "Time to go medieval!" said Red Ace, as he and Green Ace made fiery slashes with their Madrid-powered Razor Rackets. "You're tamed!" said Blue Ace, giving the finishing blow on the dragon's head. "Puff, goes the dragon!" he said, as the dragon burned into ashes.

"That was easier than expected." said Yellow Ace, patting Blue Ace's back. "These creatures were made of paper maché." Green Ace replied. "And that's why we need your smarts!" said Pink Ace. "Hey guys, who's that?" said Red Ace, as he pointed towards someone in the grandstand. "Hey, isn't that…" said Yellow Ace. "It's Fabio!" said Blue Ace, as Fabio then smirked and ran away.

"HEY!" shouted Blue Ace, as he then chased Fabio. Unsure on what was happening, the rangers just followed them. "Stop! We just want to talk to you." said Blue Ace, as they continued running. "Was he just here all along?" said Yellow Ace.

Eventually, the rangers cornered Fabio into a stadium. "Citizen, aren't you Fabio Panini?" asked Blue Ace. "Yeah, I am." Fabio replied. "We're just here to ask where you have been. Your team is worried!" said Yellow Ace. "Oh. Um, you see, no one appreciates my pranks. That's why I thought me missing would be quite funny!" Fabio replied.

"Really? You call THIS funny?" furiously said Pink Ace. "You're right…it's not." said Fabio, as his eyes suddenly glow. "This is quite dodgy!" said Green Ace. Fabio was then covered by a familiar dark fog, transforming then into Clownini. The rangers were taken aback.

"They turned him into a Journeyman!" said Red Ace. "Yes, it's me! The new and nasty Fabio. Gone are the days of childish pranks, because Clownini will show you, what true chaos is!" said the Journeyman, as he then tried to attack the rangers with multiple false teeth.

"That had to be a disguise." said Yellow Ace, as the rangers tried to dodge. "No, no, no…" said Clownini, wagging his finger. "You see, no one appreciates my practical jokes. They said I should take things seriously, focusing only on my game. But during that fateful day, the armada then took me, and my art was finally recognized! Unlike someone like you…Nole and Serena!" he continued.

"How does he know?" asked Yellow Ace. "He may have been briefed by the armada." replied Green Ace. "Fabio, we're not here to hurt you!" said Blue Ace. "It's OK, because I WILL!" Clownini replied, as he then quickly swirled around the area, spreading dark fog. "Keep vigilant, mates!" said Green Ace. "I hate smoking!" said Pink Ace, as she then used her Boom Blaster with the Auckland medal to blow the fog away.

"Um, I think I'm just making things worse…" said Pink Ace, as the attack just spreads the fog around. From out of the blue, Clownini rushed towards the rangers. "Look out!" said Red Ace, as the surroundings faded to black.

"Uh… Wait, where are we?" said Blue Ace. "We're in a Dread Duel, i miei amici!" Clownini shouted, being beside Blue Ace. "You're joking!" said Red Ace. "Isn't that where players turn into creeps like him?" asked Pink Ace. "Yeah. Sis said this is bad news." Yellow Ace replied.

"OK, so here are the rules: y'all see what's there in the middle?" said Clownini. "Whoever punches that golden clown bag first, wins the duel! It's easy, no?" he continued. "OK, but what's the catch?" asked Green Ace. "To spice things up, the course will be filled with traps! The traps would try to stop me too, to be fair, of course." Clownini replied.

"So, who wants to do it? If you win, you can leave. But if you lose, you'll become my prank protégé! It's a win-win, right?" said Clownini. Immediately, Blue Ace rose his hand. "I'll do it! There's only one king of pranks here, and that's me." he said.

"Nole, are you going to be fine?" asked Yellow Ace. "There's nothing to fear as you said, right?" Blue Ace replied. "And hey, I know most things in the pranking book! I'm ready for this." he continued.

Suddenly, someone then appeared from above. "What is that light?" said Blue Ace. "Hello, everyone! I'm Carlnades, your Ump for today!" said the Ump. "Wait, isn't he…" said Pink Ace. "No, no. You're mistaking me for someone else." said Ump Carlnades. "Quite fascinating – an umpire doppelganger." said Green Ace.

"So, are both players set?" said Ump Carlnades, as both Blue Ace and Clownini nodded. The land beneath them then suddenly became bigger, as a stone maze then rose up from the ground. "This is insane!" said Yellow Ace, as gaps and tricky traps then began to emerge.

The shaking suddenly stopped. "Is it over?" said Blue Ace, when suddenly a net-like pendulum emerged at the center of the maze, swinging back-and-forth. "I didn't ask for a maze! What gives?" said Clownini.

"A Dread Duel is still an Advantage Duel – it's a property of no one." Ump Carlnades replied, as Clownini then grumbled. "In addition, both players can use their own skills and weapons, except for those that can simply bypass the maze." he continued. "Heard that? No flying!" said Blue Ace. "Who cares? Regardless, I'm gonna prove who's the king here!" said Clownini.

Suddenly, Blue Ace shook in fear, overwhelmed by the occasion. "NOLE!" shouted Yellow Ace from afar, as Blue Ace then looked towards her. "No fear. Right?" she said. Blue Ace then tried to compose himself, taking a big, deep breath. "No fear… AJDE!" he shouted. "OK, let's go! Ready…play!" said Ump Carlnades, as the duel then commenced.

Blue Ace and Clownini each faced their first obstacle, as clown bags popped up from the ground. "Alright, time bop and pop!" said Blue Ace, as he then sliced the inflatables one by one. "Oh, this is such a sticky situation!" said Pink Ace. "Don't worry, let's just trust him." said Yellow Ace.

More traps began to emerge, as both duelists tried to dash through the maze. Blue Ace was seemingly in the right path, when suddenly a pit emerged in front of him. "Piranhas?" said Blue Ace, as he then quickly jumped over the pit.

"Sigh, I was not expecting that!" said Blue Ace, when suddenly a pie appeared out of the maze wall. "Yikes!" he said, as he then tried to avoid it. "Figures. Good pranks always have a Plan B!" he said.

As he zipped away from the flinging pies, Blue Ace then faced a crossroad. "Which way?" he said, when suddenly another pie landed on his face. "Oh, donkey cheese! Forgot one! But hey, it seems…" he said, when the pie then suddenly exploded. The other rangers gasped, but Yellow Ace kept being positive. "I know he can do this! I hope…" she said.

On the other side of the maze, Clownini was casually avoiding traps. "Oopsy-daisy!" he said, as he then turned a trap into something else. "Umpire, was that even legal?" asked Green Ace. "He's just pranking the prank. I'll allow it!" Ump Carlnades replied, as the rangers became a bit more concerned.

Meanwhile, Blue Ace tried to avoid a trip wire. However, he wasn't able to notice another one in front of him. Suddenly, a trap fell from above. "FIRE?" he said, as he then quickly tried to roll away.

As Blue Ace stood up, he then faced his toughest test yet. "Whoa!" he said backing off, gasping for air as he looked towards the sharp, swinging, net-like pendulum axe. "Now, how I'm gonna get through this?" he thought, then observing the pendulum as it swings very erratically. "There's no pattern here!" he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Come on, Nole. Ajde!" Yellow Ace shouted, as the other rangers also gave encouragement. Hearing their support, Blue Ace then again gasped for air – this time, however, to strengthen his resolve.

"Alright, here goes everything." thought Blue Ace, as he then rushed towards the pendulum. In a quick moment, Blue Ace was able to pass it, safely sliding underneath it. The other rangers cheered, and with one obstacle left, they were excited to see Blue Ace close to winning.

"OK. Just cross this river, and win…I know I will." said Blue Ace, looking towards the river which had oddly shaped rocks floating along it. "It can't be that easy." he wondered, as he then tried to step on one. As he did, the rock then sank, making him fall into the river. The other rangers were shocked, but a bubble then emerged from the river, floating Blue Ace inside it back to shore.

The rangers gave sighs of relief, as Blue Ace restarted. "Phew, thought I was a goner." he said. As he made another attempt, Blue Ace was then able to first step on a stable rock. It then burst out an unsettling sound. "Wait, are these…" he thought, realizing something. "Oh, they're like whoopee cushions!" he said.

Blue Ace quickly zipped through the next rocks, but then on his 7th step, fell again. While in the bubble, Blue Ace heard an angry voice. "It seems I'm not the only one having troubles." he said. At the other side of the maze, Clownini was getting frustrated. "Why isn't this working?" he said, as he then touched a rock. The rock then turned into a bowling ball, something Clownini did not want it to change into.

Wondering why the rock did not turn into a floaty like he wanted to, Clownini then realized something. "Ugh, I can only make nasty traps!" he said, then stamping his feet in frustration.

"There has to be a solid solution to this." said Blue Ace, as he then observed the rocks. He then noticed that when a rock goes to the left side of the maze wall and disappears, a new one then reappears from the other side. Seeing a potential path, Blue Ace then remembered something. "Hey, what if?" he said. "What's he doing?" asked Pink Ace. "Wait, I think I know!" Yellow Ace replied.

"Oh, farts!" said Clownini, as he again stepped on a sinking rock. Meanwhile, Blue Ace waited for the rocks to reappear, and then noticed that one had a blue streak on it. Seeing it, he then stepped on a different rock. However, he again sank with it. As Blue Ace floats back, he then saw the rock float up – now having a blue streak on it.

Clownini meanwhile takes another attempt, but then again fell on his 2nd step. On the other hand, as Blue Ace tried again, he then saw the new, blue stained rock. "Cool!" said Blue Ace, as he again stepped on a different rock. "Nice!" he said, seeing that the rock was stable.

Pausing a bit, Blue Ace then gashed that rock with his Razor. "What's he doing?" asked Pink Ace. "I don't know." Yellow Ace replied. "Oh Nole, you beauty!" said Green Ace, knowing what Blue Ace was doing.

Blue Ace repeated the cycle – avoid the blue, step on gashes. With only four steps left, his confidence was at its peak. "Just a few more…" he said. He then took another step, but he chose poorly. Blue Ace got down on himself, but the other rangers then kept lifting him on. "You're almost there! You can do this." said Yellow Ace.

"That joker's gonna win!" Clownini muttered to himself. Suddenly, he saw the blue streak. "Wait, that rock…it didn't look like that before!" he said, avoiding it instead. With two steps to go, Clownini made a mistake. The Journeyman then spurted out an ironically poetic rant, getting a snicker out of the rangers.

As he restarts again, Blue Ace then focused on his plan, now quickly skipping through the rocks with much less difficulty. With only two steps left and no blue streak, he had to make a decision. He bravely jumped towards the rock on the left, then gave a fist pump as it was sturdy – only one step to go.

Clownini eventually caught up, and he too had to face the final step. In front of both players were two rocks, each in a static position. "So it's a coin toss, huh?" said Blue Ace. The two duelists finally chose their rock – both chose the one at their right, yet both chose wrong.

As the two got back to the start, they were too exhausted to restart again. Willing himself to continue, Blue Ace then let out a big roar, pulling through the obstacle with all his might. Clownini also tried to catch up, and the two again was one step away to the other side.

Clownini chose left, while Blue Ace again chose right. Somehow, Clownini sank again. However, Blue Ace saw a blue streak at the rock on the left, knowing he needs to avoid it. Blue Ace heard a tooting sound as he stepped on it, and was able to get across the river. The other rangers rejoiced.

"There it is….the golden clown bag!" said Blue Ace, as he then quickly ran towards it. Suddenly, he then stopped. "Wait…" he said, as he then checked around. From his left side, Blue Ace saw a net pendulum approaching. He then quickly dodged the pendulum, and in a split second, punched the clown bag before the pendulum comes back.

In a bright flash of light, the duelists were transported back to the start. "I declare this Dread Duel, over. The victor is...Blue Ace!" said Ump Carlnades, who just appeared above them. The pocket dimension suddenly disappeared, as all of them returned back to the stadium.

The nega-aura suddenly then dissipated from Clownini, reverting him back to Fabio. "Well that was exhausting." said Blue Ace. "Hey, how you thought of that plan?" asked Green Ace. "I just used this invisible ink we confiscated from Fabio the other day, and thought it would help keeping on track. The rock sinks, get wet, and they float to reveal the streak. Easy peasy!" Blue Ace replied, holding the invisible ink bottle on his hand.

Suddenly, a ball of light came out of Fabio, landing then into Blue Ace's hand. "Hey, what's this?" said Blue Ace, as something appeared in his hand. "It's a Match Medal!" said Red Ace. "It says… Rio de Janeiro." said Blue Ace. "But how?" said Yellow Ace. Blue Ace just shrugged.

"Oh, where am I?" said Fabio, who was regaining consciousness. "Oh, let's help him up!" said Blue Ace. "Wait, aren't you Power Rangers?" asked Fabio. "Um, yes, we are." Blue Ace replied. "Awesome! But, why are y'all here?" asked Fabio.

"Wait, you can't remember anything?" asked Yellow Ace. "Yeah. Actually, I remember being ambushed by a freak in armor." Fabio replied. "Freak in armor? Maybe it was an armada general." said Green Ace. "Anyway, you're safe, OK?" said Blue Ace.

"Thanks!" said Fabio. Confused, he then called his coach. "Oh, I see. I'll be there." he said, as he received some bad news. "Hey, I have to go! It seems the freaks are back in the tournament." he said to the rangers. "What?" said Pink Ace. "My coach said they have all evacuated to a hotel close here." Fabio continued.

"Hey, do you want us to go with you?" asked Red Ace. "It's OK, I can handle." said Fabio. "Well, be safe." said Blue Ace. "Also, try to level down on pranking, OK? You got into this bit of trouble because of it." said Blue Ace, grabbing Fabio's shoulder before he ran to the hotel. "Yeah, I will." Fabio replied, nodding back. "You heard him. Let's go back!" said Red Ace, as they then zipped back to the tournament.

"Wow, this place is soaked!" said Pink Ace. "The flood's getting higher. Let's find that storm trooper!" said Blue Ace. "That's not what a Stormtrooper is." said Green Ace, as he then followed the others.

"The wind's so strong!" said Yellow Ace, as the rangers pushed forward. "Hey, there's more wind picking up over there." said Pink Ace, pointing towards Court Gustavo. "I concur Nimbad is there!" said Green Ace.

"It's like a swimming pool!" said Yellow Ace, as they arrived at the heavily flooded court. "What's happening here?" asked Blue Ace. "Rangers! They survived?" said Nimbad, centered on the court as he keeps whipping up the storm. "Hang on, guys!" said Red Ace, as he then quickly twirled his Slick Staff to counter the gusts. "Let's end this…ajde!" shouted Blue Ace, as the rangers then charged.

The rangers tried to attack Nimbad again, but the Journeyman evaded. "Haven't you done this already?" said Nimbad. The rangers then again used their Miami medals on their Razors. "Why it's not working?" said Pink Ace. "Our attacks seem weakened by the wind and rain." said Green Ace.

"What if we try an electric attack?" suggested Red Ace, as he then said "Tokyo medal, set!" The others then followed suit. "Electricity? We'll all be zapped if you do it!" warned Nimbad in a taunting way. "We have another sticky wicket here, mates!" said Green Ace.

Suddenly, Blue Ace had an idea. Inserting the Standford medal in his Razor Racket, he then looked towards Green Ace's way. "Hey, Andy? Look there!" he said. "What?" Green Ace replied, looking at his left. Suddenly, Blue Ace attacked him with an energy slash.

"Nole, what in the world?" said Yellow Ace. "Another ranger lost his marbles!" laughed Nimbad, as he then attacked. Quickly, Blue Ace then shielded the rangers with his Giga Gloves. Green Ace slowly recovered, when suddenly images of salt and cloud seeding popped up on his mind, and so were lessons about Match Medal powers.

"Eureka!" said Green Ace. "Mates, I know a way to defeat him!" he continued. "What is it?" asked Red Ace. "If we can make Nimbad heavier by forcing water into him, and then force him to precipitate, then we can possibly weaken him!" Green Ace replied.

"How did you come up with this?" wondered Pink Ace. "I just had a brain blast! Quick, use Geneva medals for your Victory Vortex!" said Green Ace. "Sure!" said Pink Ace, as she and Yellow Ace then again combined their weapons. "Here we go…Victory Hydro Vortex!" they said.

"Whoa, let me out of here!" shouted Nimbad, trapped inside the water tornado. "Roger, Nole, use the Beijing medals on the Giga Staff!" said Green Ace, as the two men also combined their weapons. As Nimbad was about to drop, Red Ace and Blue Ace then quickly jabbed the Journeyman around.

"Why do I taste salt!" said Nimbad, as his tufts began to disappear. With the core exposed, Red Ace and Blue Ace made a knockout punch. After they hit the core however, it then started to go crazy. "Oh guys, what's happening here?" said Blue Ace.

"It seems the core's going to discharge!" said Red Ace nervously, when suddenly the rangers received a call. "Rangers, it seems the Journeyman's core is now unstable!" said Laverus. "Yeah, I'm freaking out right now!" said Blue Ace. "Don't worry! Combine all your individual weapons, and create the Court Xrosser!" said Laverus.

"What does it do?" asked Blue Ace. "The Cross Xrosser will be able to diffuse the core's power by using its special attack." Laverus replied. "Nice! Thanks for your help." said Blue Ace, as the rangers then hang up. "You heard him, guys!" said Blue Ace, as the rangers then combined all their weapons.

By intersecting the Boom Hammer and the Giga Staff at the center, boosting them with the Geneva, Stanford, Miami and Beijing medals, and by interlocking them with Green Ace's Tokyo medal powered Sling Slashers, the rangers were able to form their combined team weapon, the Court Xrosser.

"This looks incredible!" said Yellow Ace. "Come on, let's end this rain delay!" said Blue Ace, as the rangers then throw the Court Xrosser towards Nimbad's core. The Court Xrosser then circles around the core, creating a barrier that traps it. "Xross Cutter!" said the rangers, as the Court Xrosser then cuts through the core like an X, as the core then explodes safely.

"Argh, he's left to nothing!" said General Mugro back at the Dreadful Default. "I won't let Don Skeletoni down! Ballbasher…deploy!" he shouted, as he then pressed a button in his tablet, dropping a giant Muger Ball towards Earth. "Everyone, I think a Bulk Pill is dropping right at us!" said Pink Ace, as the rangers ran out of its way.

The Muger Ball made a giant wave, wiping out everything around it. "Wait, that doesn't look like a Bulk Pill." said Green Ace, as the giant Muger Ball then released the Ballbasher. "This is new!" said Blue Ace, as the giant creature tried to attack them.

"Rangers, this enemy is called a Ballbasher!" said Laverus, contacting the rangers. "For real?" said Blue Ace. The Ballbasher then launched large BB's towards the rangers, and then tried to step on them. "Let's use this pool party to our advantage. Serena, lets summon our Zords!" said Blue Ace. "OK!" said Yellow Ace, as the Stingray Ace Zord and Hammerhead Ace Zord then appeared.

The Ballbasher quickly tried to attack the Zords with rapid fire, but the two were able to dodge. "Nice moves!" said Blue Ace. The Hammerhead Zord then smashes its head on the water, tripping the Ballbasher.

With the Ballbasher wiped out, the Stingray Zord comes out from behind, as it then used its tail to slice it like sushi. The Ballbasher was destroyed, and the rangers celebrated. "Oh well, I guess we'll have to dry out those chairs again." said Yellow Ace.

"Argh, how will I face the Don after this!" said General Mugro, ruing Nimbad's defeat. "Your plans failed again, I see!" said General Flopez. "Hey! That clown failed too, y'know." said General Mugro.

The next day, Nole and Serena returned to Court Gustavo. "OK…NOW that's the last of it." said Serena, finishing drying up the chairs. "Hey, Fabio's unusually quiet today." said Nole, seeing Fabio sitting at the player's bench. "I'm gonna go check on him, OK?" he said. "OK!" she replied.

"Hey bro, are you OK?" asked Nole. "Oh, I'm fine. It's just that crazy things happened to me these past days. Made me realize a new perspective, you know?" Fabio replied. "Wow, that's deep coming from you!" said Nole. "Well, I just realized that maybe I should be a bit more serious in my training. Try to channel my artistry more on court, I think." said Fabio.

"Hey, there's always time for pranks, right? You just had to find the right balance." said Blue Ace, as he then gave the invisible ink back to Fabio. "Hey, thanks! Nole, you want a practice match?" asked Fabio. "Now? Oh, sure!" Nole replied, as he then tried to shake hands with Fabio.

However, Nole suddenly felt a sharp jolt. "What was that?" he said, quickly realizing the situation. "Oh, you…" he continued, as Fabio then showed his joy buzzer. "Hey, I said I'll try." said Fabio as he then smiles, as the two then start to warm-up.

Author's Notes:

Well, that took longer than expected (but seems shorter than the gap from the previous one), haha. I noticed that most of my chapters are seemingly two-parters that can be shrunk to one, so I tried to make it a bit longer, but all contained in one chapter. This episode did have 2 Journeymen, but it is a singular story piece. Tried to shorten it, but it still quite long with 11,000+ words — hope it's not too much.

Anyway, this is episode focuses on Nole with a bit of Serena, as Nole comes to terms with one of his biggest fears — parade floats? It seems like an absurd fear, but as memories from the past resurfaced, it seems there's more to it than meets the eye. As the threat of the Faultissimo Armada rises, his joking tendencies seem to have waned, if not fully gone. Still, being a prankster has its perks, as his resourcefulness makes it possible for him to succeed, saving what could've been a gloomy day.



1. Nimbad - A Journeyman developed by General Mugro, he is able to create great storms around an area, able to also split into MiNimbuses, disrupting matches and create rain delays.

2. Clownini - A Journeyman developed by General Flopez, Fabio becomes a clown of chaos, bringing real danger and fear, perfect for invading a planet.


Fabio Panini - A talented, yet lax, he's more of an "artist" than a player, prioritizing things he just likes to do. Quite a prankster, he and Nole bonded on tour because of it. Seeing his potential for troublemaking, the Faultissimo Armada captured him, turning him into a Journeyman of chaos.

He's inspired by Italy's Fabio Fognini, a player known for his flamboyant strokes, but also his rollercoaster demeanor. He had won a Grand Slam in doubles however, pairing with his friend Simone Bolleli (who is the inspiration for Simoné in a previous chapter).


1. Richard Baas - The tournament director of many tournaments in the circuit, he oversees to make sure they run smoothly. He's inspired by Richard Krajicek, a former Wimbledon champion and a tournament director (Rotterdam as of this writing).

2. Marcelo - Brazil's best men's singles player, known for his big serve. He's based on Marcelo Melo, a Career High #1 player in doubles and a two-time doubles Grand Slam champion.

3. Teliana - Brazil's best women's singles player. She's based on Teliana Pereira, currently one of Brazil's best players.

4. Paula - Argentina's best women's singles player. She's based on Paula Ormaechea, currently one of Argentina's best players.

Other Thoughts:

Sorry if the fart jokes with the stink bomb and the whoopee cushion are a bit much, but you can't have a prank-themed episode without them haha. Also if you're asking about why does the Beijing medal has the power of salt, then I suggest searching for the biggest salt producing city in the world. It's actually quite fascinating.

Also, I think you can catch an MMPR reference somewhere here. "i miei amici" meanwhile means "my friend".

Want to know more about Nole's backstory? Well, let's just say it will all be clear on another day. But for now we look forward to the next chapter as the rangers go to the desert city that is Dubai in Game 9!


Power Rangers is a property of Saban Brands. The characters are inspired by tennis personalities and should not be treated as their real life inspirations.