I think the second fic I ever wrote. Horrible writing, but at least somewhat funny. I will be editing a LITTLE bit before I post. Got the idea from three things. 1. Arnold learned Karate from his grandmother. 2. My love for the Ranma ½ verse Characters. 3. I'll tell you later.

But relax you don't need to know anything about the Ranma verse at all to enjoy this. It is: Not a cross over Not an alternate Universe

Pink Thunder of PS118

By Zukone

Prologue: Blue Thunder

Helga spent the afternoon in Phoebe's house. Phoebe was fencing an imaginary foe while Helga just stared aimlessly at the wall adorned with general fencing things and samurai swords etc.

"Sorry Helga, if I don't practice now, I might lose a competitive advantage for my matches." Pheobie said while she thrust her sword forward.

"What matches?"

"The ones with my dad."

"Oh brother." She said dully while rolling her eyes back.

"Well, Helga," Phoebe parried an imaginary foe, "just put in one of those videos. I'll be done shortly."

She looked at the videos and browsed through the titles. "Lets see. Quantum physics," Helga gagged, "The Joy of Irrational Numbers, MOlecular science EXPLORED?!.. Pheebs what kind of junk is this?!" she yelled to Phoebe, who was too busy lunging to really hear her. "Well, here goes," she exhaled as she shoved a not too boring looking video it into the VCR.

"I better not learn anything!" Helga mumbled to herself.

On the screen appeared a showdown between two martial artists. They were dressed in different show down attire. One wore blue baggy pants, really baggy pants, and a lighter blue baggy shirt and he had a wooden sword stick in his hand, the other wore a Chinese shirt, regular pants, and slippers. A girl was also with them

"Hey this might not be too bad after all. At least they're going to clobber each other." She said.

"Who are you?" probed the one clad in black and red.

The guy in blue retorted, "Insolent fool. Don't you know who I am? That is no way to address me. I am upper classman Takewake Kuno, Blue Thunder of Furinken High!" He yelled as the sky streaked with blue lighting. "Ranma Saotome, I shall smite thee!" It had begun to rain and his opponent ran away.

"He kind of has style," Helga admitted as the movie continued.

Eons later, Kuno ended up in another showdown. This time with a girl who is wearing a classic Karate outfit. He had a rose in his mouth and in a dramatic display began to spout off poetry,

"Whither the wind blowest So does my fair Akane goest."

Kuno began. "Alright, Akane Tendo, I shall allow you to date me."

"But I don't want to date you!," the girl objected and loudly.

"Alright then we shall have to spar and if I win, I shall allow you to date me."

"What do I get when I win?" She asked annoyed.

"You strike a hard bargain, but alas if you should win, I shall allow you to date me."

The girl was dumbfounded. "That doesn't even make any sense." The girl said

"Makes perfect sense to me," Helga uttered while popping a cheese dip in her mouth.

They stood there ready to battle.

"Defend yourself!" Kuno yelled as he ran with fury to start the battle. Akane caught the wooden sword with her hands and held it in place.

"Now this is what I'm talking about." Helga said getting more into it.

Phoebe just came into the room after finishing her spar. "What did you end up picking, Metaphysics?"

"No, it's this great movie you have here."

Phoebe looked at the screen. Oh yeah we bought that by accident. We thought it was a video on Kendo.

"That figures. Can I keep it?"

"I'll ask my dad, but I am sure that he would not find it objectionable. We tried to sit through it once but found the plot to be."

"Ok Pheebs I get the point." Helga said as she popped the video out of the VCR. "Kendo is that what that guy in blue was using."

"Yes it is a martial arts technique which uses a boken as a practice sword. It was developed during the."

"Save it, just wanted to know." Helga interrupted.