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Pink Thunder of PS 118 By zukone

Chapter 5: Pink Thunder's Final Strike

-The instructor, Gerald and Phoebe talked at the kendo gym.

"Is she a better martial artist when she is like that? I noticed last night that she's much quicker than usual" Phoebe asked the instructor.

"Naw, she's not better." He said without needing any time to reflect.

"I told you Phoebe. There's nothing to worry about. My man Arnold has it all under control."

"What I meant to say is that she's always been good. She usually matches her pace with her opponent out of consideration."

"Oh" Gerald replied. "So you actually think she has a shot of winning?"

"Actually, I would be surprised if she didn't win."

"I noticed, sir, that even though Helga is in a strange state, you don't seem to be that worried." Phoebe asked.

"I guess I'm not."

"Why not."

I was more worried the other time this happened to her but from what you told me of what she's done, the situation's not too bad. She only attacked an opponent but she didn't hurt anyone. Well except for Jane, but I don't think she expected to land a hit. I think she was probably testing this "Arnold you say?

Phoebe nodded.

"Arnold's ability, and then she challenged him giving him time to prepare. Helga, the one we know, knows my rules."

"She doesn't seem to be following any rules though," Phoebe interjected.

"Funny you should mention that." The instructor smiled, "When Helga first came to this school, I wasn't sure that I wanted her as a student because she was so violent, but I found out that she might act all tough on the outside but she doesn't really want to be. Helga, the one we know, uses my rules as an excuse to not pound someone. This makes me think that our little pink samurai is. just Helga, only Helga in a dream or something like that."

Phoebe nodes as if she understood. Gerald just shrugged his shoulders.

"Her being "violent" is nothing to be afraid of." The instructor continued. If she does anything too weird it will be more like being nice or saying something she wants to keep hidden."

"Are you saying that Helga is actually nice?" Gerald said disbelieving.

Phoebe's eyes widened realizing what Helga could let out in a dream state.


"Why are you doing this. This is not normal, even for you." Arnold called out desperately. They were still in the same position as before.

"I'm tired of people telling me that. What if it is normal for me? I have a real reason to fight you and a good reason to win.. So do you."

"At least tell me, why are we fighting? What do you get if you win?"

"I can't tell you that."

"What do I get?"

"You get to know why I want to win."

"Do I want to know?" Arnold asked concerned.

She looked him and said, "I hope so."

"Do you want to win?"

She instead of pressing down, she twisted and yanked the sword back prying it from Arnold's grasp. Arnold mentally kicked himself for being thrown off guard yet again. It was Helga G. Pataki he was dealing with. He spared no time though and took several quick paces back. If he wasn't close enough to her, not only would he get to see her attacks better, but she would have to travel farther to get to him. Using this strategy he could tire her out, hopefully faster than he tired himself out

"It ends now! One way or the other!" Helga declared pointing the boken in his direction.

Arnold would have to brace himself if he didn't want to use the final attack. But if he just braced himself he would end up seriously hurt. Not only that, Helga would win and he would never get to know why she dragged him up there to fight. He smirked. A small part of him was happy for the challenge. He knew winning in this situation wasn't as important as resolving the crisis at hand, but he wanted to win. He couldn't explain why. He just wanted to win. But he had no other choice did he. He didn't want to hurt her and he couldn't use the final attack on her. To do both those things he would have to brace himself instead of attacking.

There they stood like two natural enemies, the cobra and the mongoose.

"I'm sorry we had to meet this way" Helga said. "And it seems like nothing was accomplished because it's over.I've already won unless you move. And I know you won't."

Arnold closed his eyes, "fine." He thought.

"I was hoping you would. I was hoping you'd think it was worth it."

Arnold opened his eyes. Hers were closed this time. She was looking down and ready to attack. She had put her sword in the string around her pants. "This is my final attack." she said plainly.

Arnold noticed that she seemed to sigh before she continued and there was a slight frown on her face.

After the pause she let out a yell. "Pataki School of Martial Arts.." It was a last minute decision and he decided to go for it, "Sunset Arms School of Martial Arts."

Helga was a little surprised by his voice, but continued with urgency.

"Final ATTACK!!!" they both yelled fiercely. They ran full throttle toward each other.

They're final attacks meshed. Both of their thoughts were flowing as the other executed their move. Helga's arms lunged forward and he could tell she was going for his neck. His move provided no defenses but neither did hers.

When he grabbed her around the waste she expected to be thrown, but both of their expectations from their opponents were wrong.

It took less than a milisecond for their lips to meet, his arms were around her waste and hers around his neck.

Arnold didn't know what to think. That was a rotten thing to do. He was kissing someone he didn't even like not to mention like like. He tried to justify himself. He had no other choice, He had to unleash the final attack. It was the only way to find out why Helga needed to fight so bad. He was doing it for her. He comforted himself by tightening his grip around her and kissing her deeper. She pushed him away after that. He tried to continue. He smacked his lips, eyes closed, reaching for more.

"It's only a final attack. It kinda cancelled out right." She said as she walked away.

"Oh." Arnold said just a little disappointed.

She draped the outer pink vestment she cast to the side earlier over her shoulders and started packing her stuff.

Instead of being glad the volatile situation was doused he jogged after her and asked her the question.

"Well who won?"

"I did." she said before turning around and punching him in the face. She went to the edge of the mountain behind a huge rock dropping out of his sight.

He held his nose for a long while and nursed it. "you did not I'm still standing" He argued while he continued to pursue her. "you heard that." he yelled out to her not realizing how close he was to her. When he peeked over the rock she was stretched out on a grassy patch.

He sat next to her and laid back onto the ground facing the opposite direction. He reached out his hand and touched her finger tips with his. She looked at the fingers.

"I won" He said. "Fess up."

"OK. I confess. You won."

"That's not what I meant"


"No." Arnold said as he sat up "You're supposed to tell me why you wanted to fight me Helga."

Helga sat up too. "Oh that. Well" she laughed bashfully, "No reason." Helga laughed nervously.

"Why are you making this so difficult?"

"Diffucult. me?" she asked incredulously.

"Yeah you." Arnold barely realized that he was still playing with her hand.

"Ok. Ok." Helga said. "It's because. well... So I can finally stop bothering you. See I stopped calling you football head, football head."

"That's not it and you know it."

"Oh yeah, well what am I supposed to say then?"

Arnold started joking, "Your supposed to say 'hey Arnold I love you. I've been in love with you for a very long time, and I wanted to tell you but I was too scared and that's why I'm mean and pick on you all the time.' Then I could pretend not to be excited or happy that you like me."

Arnold, after a brief moment, laughed.

Helga didn't. She looked away and said more seriously than he, "Hey Arnold." she said softly while gently pulling her hand away.

His hand felt empty. He reached over and put his hand over hers. He looked up and let out a sigh, "I like you too, Pink Thunder of PS 118"



TANO WAS RIGHT!!!!! Great guess. Yes the final attack was a kiss. Ranma ½ universe is knows for silly attacks etc. As a matter of fact the "Anything Goes School of Martial Arts" final attack is. "Run Away!"

The final attack kiss was also my third inspiration. I wanted to make a totally stupid/funny way for Arnold and Helga to kiss. Hahahaha. Oh.. Yeah I hope you enjoyed.