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Pairing 5: Kakki and Heikichi

It was lunch time so Kagayaki decided to go down to the cafeteria to get some food and whilst he was there perhaps brighten someone's day with his 'charm'.

He walked in eying all the patients and families who had came to visit them to look for a victim. But he couldn't seem to find anyone that he had taken a liking to.

He had either already met them or they looked happy enough.

So he ordered himself some Yakitori chicken then decided to look around again.

That's when he noticed an old man in the corner by himself. He didn't particularly look happy but neither did he look sad either.

Either way, he looked a good target!

So Kakki went over to sit with him.

"I think there is something in your eye sir" Kakki said squinting "Oh wait it's just a sparkle!"

The man looked up at Kakki but then carried on eating his soup.

"Don't you know who I am?" Kakki bragged.

"Hmpf" he groaned "Yeah"

Kakki then began to feel a little annoyed about the man's negative attitude but he was determined to at least make him crack a smile before he had left.

"Why you so glum gramps?" He asked.

"Why am I so glum?" Heikichi scowled.

"Why am I so glum?" He repeated "I don't know how anyone can expect me to be happy when I'm dying!"

Kakki felt shocked and heartbroken, he had never even met this man before but the thought of death made his skin crawl and his heart shatter.

"Oh..." Kagayaki mumbled.

The man carried on eating his soup and silence fell between them.

"There's...still hope" Kakki said trying to lighten his mood.

"That's what they told me months ago, and now my organs are failing and I'm in a diaper" He grumbled.

"Death isn't always a bad thing" Kakki empathised "You should make the most of your life while you can, You should celebrate all the memories that you have gone through in your life. Maybe you could have party to celebrate them?" Kakki suggested.

"If you say so..." Heikichi sighed.

Heikichi took his last spoonful of soup and put the bowl to one side for one of the cafeteria staff to clear up. Kakki then gestured him to stand up and took him by the arm.

"Come with me" Kakki told him.

"Where are we going?" Heikichi asked a little confused.

Kakki continued to drag Heikichi along without a word until they had reached his room.

Kakki took Heikichi in and say him down.

Heikichi was still rather confused on what he was planning on doing, but he had nothing else to do in the hospital, so he just went along with it.

Kagayaki then began to pour some alcohol into two cups and pushed one towards him.

"I can't drink this!" Heikichi exclaimed "I don't even know if I'm allowed with my new medication! Who knows what it could lead to".

Kakki sat down beside him with a sparkle in his eye.

"But this could be your last day" he told him with a sad tone "Don't you want to die with at least one happy memory in mind?"

Heikichi stared at the glass hesitantly for a moment and then began to drink it.

"That's the spirit!" Kakki told him "Now let's get this party started!"

Kakki went over to a CD player that was conveniently in his room and began to blast some loud tunes.

He then got up onto the bed with his glass in hand and began to dance unshamefully.

Heikichi downed his drink and watched him awkwardly.

"Come on!" Kakki said as he held out his hand.

"I don't think that's a good idea" Heikichi refused "not at my age anyway"

But Kagayaki was very persistent and grabbed his arm anyway.

Soon enough they were both jumping up and down on the hospital bed in the rhythm of the music.

Heikichi laughed with euphoria as Kakki began to pull silly poses and he began to join in.

Kakki poured even more glasses of the alcohol and began to down one after another and Heikichi even began to join in.

Heikichi never would have dreamed of doing something like this at his age but when he did it brought back memories.

Memories of when he was in high school and attended his first house party. He remembered playing the party games with his friends and get completely hammered.

That event really was a milestone in his life because he then began to have much more confidence in himself which also led to him meeting his future wife, which he was obviously completely oblivious of at the time.

All these memories flooded back one by one whilst Heikichi drank more and more.

"Let's turn it up!" Kakki yelled as he turned up the CD player and then proceeded to lock the door.

Kakki then drew the curtains in his room and turned on his lava lamp which glowed multiple colours at a time.

It was just like being in a club but without the other people of course.