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Warnings: None really... sorta angsty....


Opening the door, Seifer slid inside the dim-lit room silently. He looked around the dark room once before treading over to where a figure slept sprawled out on the bed. "A voice is telling me things that you'd probably hide, Squall," he whispered to softly himself, pulling the covers down so that they rested at the lean brunette's hips.

"You always shy away from me. You never let me in..." he trailed off, running his fingers through Squall's soft, downy brown hair. Settling down on the bed beside him, Seifer caressed his cheeks gently and bent to kiss his neck. "I can't live without you anymore, Squall. I realize that now," he said, nuzzling his lips against Squall's collarbone.

Squall's stormy eyes popped open, feeling the heavy weight covering his own body. Looking down slightly, he saw that a blonde head and broad shoulders blocked his line of view. "Seifer?" he wondered, pushing against the extra weight. He felt the lips pressing harder against his skin. "Seifer, what the hell are you doing in my room."

"I'm tasting you...."

"What?" Squall stared up at the ceiling a moment before forcefully shoving Seifer off of him. He watched as Seifer fell back to sit on his feet.

"You know," Seifer said smugly. "Sometimes I can't help but feel like you don't want me around."

"Oh, really..." Squall replied sarcastically.

"Yeah 'really'. But, inside it bottles up until now... when you tell me how you feel about me," Seifer breathed, climbing on top of Squall again.

"That was then, Seifer," he said, holding Seifer away at arm's length by his broad shoulders. "You tore my world apart and..... I can't do this anymore."

"I love you," Seifer stated desperately, aiming for Squall's cherry lips.

"I hate you," he cried, turning his face away sharply. "I hate you for what you did to me. As much as I tried to love you, you denied me of what I needed."

"I'm sorry," Seifer whispered, resting his forehead against Squall's.

" 'Sorry' doesn't exactly just patch everything up considering the fact that I can almost literally see my blood and my pain all over your hands." He slid out from underneath the large blonde and climbed out of his bed. Walking over behind the auburn-haired man, Seifer wrapped his arms around his slim waist.

"I-- I just can't take anymore of this life without you."

"Well, what about me?" Squall thundered, ripping the arms away from him. "What about the fact that I was left to pick myself up off the floor after how bad you hurt me. You didn't care then, so what do you care now?" He turned to meet Seifer's tear flooded eyes with his own angry ones. "I'm done with you, Seifer. Now and always...."



A/N: Recognize any of those words? I got the idea for this when I was getting ready for school one morning and I happened to be listening to "Always" by Saliva! But, sadly this didn't exactly come out the way I'd hoped, but I liked writing it anyways.... thx.