Hello everybody, and welcome to the final chapter of The Second Date. Not gonna drag this out. Wander over Yonder is owned by Disney. Enjoy.

The Second Date: Epilogue.

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

All across the Blasteroid Asteroid Formation, this is what the people were chanting. Be they Watchdog, Fist Fighter, Wingman, or Automaton, it did not matter, for now they were all the servants of one dark lord.

From high atop his makeshift throne, which had been carved from one of the smaller asteroids in the field, the new supreme ruler of the galaxy looked down on his new minions and smiled. For although his favorite cloak had been ruined and his skull had been so painfully cracked, he felt like a king. And he felt this way because, in spite of the overwhelming odds, he had been the one to claim it. The One Ring, with which he would rule them all.

Ever the ham, the dark lord got up from his throne of stone, and in a loud booming voice, he addressed his evil horde.

"Today the Galaxy, Tomorrow the Universe!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"

"Hate's Great! Best Villain!"


But unbeknownst to the new King of the Cosmos, while he was busy lapping up his new followers' praise like a kitten laps up milk, three figures were watching him from an errant asteroid less than half a mile away.

"Think we should tell him that ring's a fake?" asked Sylvia, who was sounding mighty casual in spite of the last few hours.

"Nah," replied Wander, sounding equally casual. "Hater's had a pretty rough day. Let's just let him have this one."

"Yeah, and besides, it'll be way funnier to let him find out on his own." Said Dominator impishly, as she pulled her new boyfriend into an affectionate cuddle. "Ain't that right, Pumpkin?"

"Oh~ Someone's a Naughty Girl~"

"You got that right, Shnookums~"

"I can already tell I'm gonna hate this."


Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the formation, two figures watched as Lord Hater performed an asinine victory dance in front of his new minions.

One was the villain known professionally as the Night Mayor.

The other was a tall, thin, vaguely humanoid robot, with clawed hands, a see-through cranium, and a long jagged scar on the right side of his face.

Both were looking super menacing.

"Ugh! Just look at those pathetic little cockroaches!" said the robot-man, sounding extremely irritated. "They should be worshiping us! Not that prancing jackass!"

"Language, Doctor. Language."

"I'm not censoring myself, so you can just deal with it!"

"You shouldn't let it get to ya so much. Just let Hater have his fun." Said the dandy bat, in a clear attempt to defuse the situation. "Besides, it's not like any of this matters anyway."

"Yeah… I guess you're right."

"Of course I am, now on to business." The Night Mayor said as he adjusted his signature monocle. "What's the status of the Grand Plague?"

"The latest batch of embryos finished gestating over an hour ago. That brings our grand total up to four hundred thousand."

"Excellent. And how long 'til we have the requisite eight hundred billion?"

"At our current rate of production, I'd say about… six or seven months." The robot-man explained. "But what about Dominator? She could still ruin everything."

"We'll worry about Lord Lovesick later." Answered the dandy bat calmly. "For now, let's just focus on the task at hand. What's my next target?"

"Strategically speaking, I believe Baaaaa-halla is the smartest choice. The locals are skilled fighters, but they value strength above all else. Just take out the Prince and the rest will fall in line."

"Sounds good to me, Doc." Said the Night Mayor as he leaned over the side to get a better look at the scene below. "Sounds good to me."

As he looked down on the thousands of scrumptious, nectar filled little morsels occupying the lower platform, he felt his black heart begin to race, and he started licking his massive fangs.

"Just seven more months," he said quietly, sounding almost as if he was in a trance. "And then the feast begins."

End Notes:

Well, that's the end of The Second Date, but not the end of the story. As some of you already know, I've planned several sequels. I'm gonna be taking a break from WoY for a few weeks so I can work on one of my other projects, but until then, here's a list of the sequels I have planned. FYI: The titles may change.

The Revenge: Coming in May.

The Pillow Talk: TBA.

The Vacation: TBA.

The Breakup: TBA.

The Grand Plague: TBA.

Until next time my loyal readers.