Alright, so this is an idea that I had about Henry going to New York for college and meeting the Castles. This is going to be a one-shot, unless people like it, then I'll make it a series of one-shots. Now things are going to be a bit different in this universe. Most spoilers are going to be for OUAT, but it is set in NY. Also Henry is older since he's in college, but Alexis is still going to be the same age as the show, so they're both 20-21. Castle and Beckett are married and together (none of the sneaking around that's happening on the show), but Castle does have his PI business, Alexis still works there, and Beckett is Captain.

And I don't know anything about the layout of NYU, so sorry if I got anything wrong.

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A First Encounter

Alexis Castle was watching her quarry as he made his way across the quad, thinking over the case that had led her to this moment. There had been a string of robberies from the dorms of NYU, which had eventually culminated in the murder of the thief, a Bandon Wright. The problem was that all the stolen merchandise was still missing and there was evidence that Wright had had a partner in his thieving ways. The NYPD had asked Castle Investigative Services for their help in finding the murderer.

And now Alexis was on campus following their number one suspect. Henry Mills had been Wright's roommate. He also didn't have an alibi when it came to the murder. Plus it was weird how protective he seemed of his bag according to Ryan and Esposito who questioned him earlier. Alexis and her father believed that there was valuable evidence in the bag and were determined to get it before Mills could dispose of it. Which is why Alexis, who could better blend in with the college crowd, was now following Mills.

It was coming on evening so there was less light as Alexis followed Mills across the quad. Mills was about to head into his dorm, where Alexis would not be able to follow. Making a split second decision, Alexis pulled her hood over her head. She took a deep breath, then took off running, pausing only long enough to grab Mills' bag.

There was a shout and the sound of footsteps from behind her, but she refused to stop. Alexis had reached a small, grassy spot on the quad, a fact that she was grateful for as she was tackled to the ground, as it made for a softer landing. Alexis wiggled out from underneath her attacker, grasping for the bag she had dropped.

Alexis had gotten up on her knees, preparing to make another mad dash for it when she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head. She fell back to the ground, dazed. Once the spots cleared from her vison, she found herself staring up into the bewildered face of Henry Mills.

"You're a girl," Mills said unintelligently.

"What happened?" Alexis asked, reaching back to gingerly touch the back of her head.

Mills looked sheepish, "I hit you with a rock," he said, holding up the offending object. Alexis could only blink at it. "Are you alright? I hope I didn't hit you too hard."

"I'll be alright. I don't think it's a concussion." Mills helped Alexis into a sitting position, where she swayed for a moment.

"What were you stealing my bag for?" Mills asked, once he was sure Alexis wouldn't keel over. Alexis looked at the bag, wondering what she should say. Mills looked her over before saying, "If you need some money, I'm sure I could help you out." Alexis looked at him in shock. Mills pulled out his wallet and handed Alexis $33. "That's all I have right now. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, I'm fine. Really," Alexis tried to wave him off. He still looked worried but didn't try to push the issue. "Are you going to call the police?" Alexis wondered if Kate would be able to help lessen the charges.

"No. Why don't you take this money, and think about not stealing? There are other ways to take care of yourself than resorting to a life of crime," Mills wrapped her hand around the money before she could protest. He gave her a small smile before picking up his bag and standing up.

"Wait," Alexis called out. Mills gave her a questioning look, but Alexis wasn't sure what to say.

After a moment of silence Mills spoke up, "Do you want to get a cup of coffee?" Alexis agreed before she could think it through. The two of them walked over to a coffee shop around the corner, where Alexis had to pay since she had Mills' money.

"I wanted to know what was in your back that was so important," Alexis blurted out once they sat down. She put her newfound trust down to the head injury, but there was a logical part of her mind that said that anyone who bought coffee for their attempted mugger couldn't possibly be a murderer.

Mills blinked at the non sequitur, before he gave a small laugh, "It's nothing that anyone really cares about," he explained, pulling something out of his bag, "It's just something sentimental that's important to me and my family. There have been a lot of break-ins on campus lately and I've been worried someone might try to steal it if I didn't keep it close. Although that didn't seem to work out for me." He handed Alexis a large, leather bound book with the words Once Upon a Time etched in gold letters on cover. Alexis thought that whole explanation made sense, and she really hoped it was true. Mills seemed really nice, and as long as he didn't turn out to be a murderer, she would very much like to get to know him better. This thought brought Alexis back to reality. Mills was a suspect, which meant she shouldn't be hanging out with him.

"I just remembered, I have somewhere to be," Alexis jumped up and fled the coffee shop, ignoring the surprise on Mills' face. Her dad wasn't going to be too happy with her.


The case was solved. Wright's accomplice turned out to be his girlfriend who worked in the housing department. Alexis was currently sitting on a bench in the NYU quad, near the area that Mills had tackled her a couple of days before. She was relishing the satisfaction of another case closed when someone plopped down next to her. She looked over to find Mills himself smiling at her.

"Looking for someone else to mug?" Mills asked easily.

"No. Just enjoying the fresh air." Sitting next to him, Alexis had to admit that she felt guilty for trying to steal his bag. "Truth is the reason I was trying to steal your bag was to figure out if you had anything to do with Wright's murder."

"I know," Alexis looked shocked at the revelation. "I saw you the other day, with the policemen who arrested Sandy. Didn't take long to realize that you work with them."

"Oh. Well I want to apologize for what I did. I'm sorry."

"It's fine," Mills smirked at some unknown joke.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, it's just that, in my book," he gestured to his bag where she knew he kept the leather bound book, "Snow White and Prince Charming discovered each other, their true love, when Snow White hit Charming in the head with a rock."

Alexis laughed at the implication, "So are we destined to be each other's true love then?"

Mills shrugged, "You never know." Alexis was reminded of her dad at that moment. Mills seem to have that same charm and childlike belief her dad always exhibited. She was broken from her musing by the sound of Mills' voice, "Would you like to get another coffee? And actually stick around for the whole drink this time?"

"I'd like that. I'm Alexis by the way."

"Henry." They walked to the same coffee shop they had been at several days ago. Alexis wondered if this might be the start of her own fairy tale.

So, how was it? Do you like Alexis and Henry as a couple? I changed things up a little, what with the guy being the one to do hitting, but I think it worked. Henry does have his grandmother and mom's DNA in him, so of course he would have to hit his true love in the head with a rock. Please review!