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Following the Tramp

Chapter 1: Don't You Trust Me?

"And where are you going?"

Tramp froze on the spot. One front leg and a back one were off the floor while he crouched closer to the ground. The hair on his back raised in fear, or was it guilt, for being caught.

"Well!" Lady asked again.

"Just to see some of the old gang from the alley, that's all. Why, don't you trust me?" he replied with a forced smile of innocence.

"Really, for the third time this week? Where are you really going Tramp?"

The sad look in Lady's eyes nearly killed him, but Tramp stood his ground and the fact that he was going to see his old gang. Lady nodded and walked away, head hung low. He knew he should come clean, but he couldn't. Not yet anyway. Turning around, Tramp walked out the door and onto the street.

As soon as she had left the room, Lady quickly slipped into her small, hooded coat, and out the back door. She hid behind the bushes near the front door and, as Tramp passed, held her breath, only to let it go when Tramp was at a safe distance.

Keeping this distance between them, Lady followed Tramp as he moved through the streets of London. Finally stopping in the alleyway behind the Italian restaurant where they first kissed. It was now closed. Gone out of business, they say. The truth was, the chef had passed away and no one wanted to take the place over.

Tramp seemed to just stand there as if he was waiting for something or someone. Then Lady saw her. The newcomer was a little scruffy and dirty. Even from this distance, Lady could tell that the newcomer's fur should've been white. But for the most part, it was covered is dust and dirt turning it a dark shade of brown.

A street dog!

Her tramp was meeting with nothing better than a common, low life street bitch. How could he? Tramp was...hers. How could he betray her like this? Too ashamed, Lady turned tail and left. She didn't want to hear what they were talking about. Her heart was broken too much already.

It was two hours later before Tramp came walking back in the front door. Two hours he had spent with her. As Tramp joined Lady in their spot in the kitchen, she pulled away from him and when he tried to get close again, Lady turned on him.

"Go sleep near the back yard," Lady snapped, bearing her teeth with a low growl.

Tramp didn't understand Lady's bad mood, but he didn't want to upset her, so he moved to the back door. Lady felt a little guilty as she watched Tramp try to make himself comfortable on the cold tiles. But the thought of him with that...street dog entered her mind again, reigniting the pain and anger. Lady turned around so she didn't need to look at him.

For the next few days, Lady gave Tramp the cold shoulder. She wouldn't talk to him, look at him or even stay in the same room with him if she could leave. Tramp was confused. He had no idea why Lady was acting this way, he just hoped she hadn't found out about his meetings with Tara.

It was the end of the week and Lady had shown no signs of warming up to Tramp. In fact, she seemed to be getting worse and Tramp had had it. If tonight didn't change Lady's attitude, then that was it. He would be walking out the door, never to return.

"Excuse me, Lady," Tramp said as he walked up to her.

Lady turned her head sightly to look at him over her shoulder. "What do you want?"

Tramp wasn't sure if he should go through with this or not, but he had spent too much time getting tonight perfect to not at least try.

"I want to show you something. Will you please follow me?" Here it was. Letting his normal guard down and wearing his heart on his paw, Tramp just prayed that Lady would go with him.

"Why should I?"

"Because...it's...I asked you to. Please, Lady! Please come with me. If you don't like what I have to show you, then I will bring you home and you will never see me ever again."

Lady's heart broke even more. The thought of never seeing Tramp again hurt so much. Swallowing back the tears which were threatening to fall, Lady took a deep breath. "Lead the way," she replied as she stood up and faced him.

Tramp held back the smile he wanted to give her. Lady was the love of his life. He hoped that he could fix whatever he did so it could fix them. Leading the way, Lady quickly realised that Tramp was leading her back to the alleyway.

Not wanting to let him know, she asked. "Where are we going?"

"You will see," Tramp called back.

Soon they were walking down the dark alleyway, but it was different than when Lady was here a week ago. The aroma of spaghetti and meatballs floated in the air. Then, before Lady realised it, Tramp had stopped. Because she was too busy sniffing the air, she didn't have time to stop herself and she bumped into Tramp, who had turned around.

He was so close. She could smell his scent, mixing with the spaghetti and meatball smell. See deep into his dark brown eyes and taste Tramp's warm breath. As she started to lean in for a kiss, the alleyway was flooded in a dim light.

Behind Tramp, Lady could see a small table set up like that night they sat here eating ..."

"Can I show you to your table, sir?"

Lady blinked at the street dog. 'What is she doing here?' thought Lady.

"Thank you and yes," Tramp replied.

The street dog nodded and walked towards the table. Tramp started to follow, but when he realised that Lady wasn't moving, he looked back to her.

"Come on, my dear," he encourage her.

Lady didn't know what to think, but she was soon walking beside Tramp. Sitting on either side of the table, Lady didn't know what to say. That was, until the street dog brought them a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

"Tramp...what is this?" Lady asked as he looked around her. Except for the Italian chef being missing, it was just like that night. Even the alley cats were supplying the music for the evening.

"What do you think it is?"

"I'm...I'm not sure, but it looks like our first date."

"That's what it is, at least I've tried to make it like that. Tara here has been helping me. I wanted to make it just right. I guess by the look on your face, I failed. I'm sorry, Lady, I was trying to give you a happy Valentine's Day."

"What! It's Valentine's Day?"


"Oh Tramp, I'm sorry. I followed you a week ago and...I saw you with her and ..."

"You didn't trust me?"

"I do, but you were sneaking out of the house and then I saw you here with her, and I...I was heartbroken. Can you forgive me?"

"No," Tramp replied. "I can't forgive you for something I don't blame you for! I love you, Lady, and I'm sorry if my plan to surprise you backfired, but that was my mistake, not yours. So, can we have our Valentine's Day dinner and then go home?"

"I love you too, Tramp, and thank you."

After they ate their spaghetti and meatballs, they went for a long walk in the moonlight in the park. They watched a few lovers that were celebrating their love on Valentine's Day, before heading home again. That night, they slept in the kitchen beside the warm stove and dreamt of their future together.

The End

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