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Story Notes: Mr. Darling plans a Valentine's Day surprise for Mrs. Darling.

Happy Valentine's Day

Chapter 1: My Mrs. Darling

Lady and Tramp watched as Mr. Darling rushed all over the house muttering to himself. He had been doing this ever since Mrs. Darling left that morning. It was like...he was in some sort of panic.

"Now, the bedroom is done and the food is ordered," Lady heard as Mr. Darling checked off something on a piece of paper. "Now, what's next. Arr...yes, the dogs," he added as he eyed them off.

Tramp was getting a bad feeling about this. Whenever Mr. Darling gets that look in his eyes, one of two things are about to happen. One, he was going to try and bath him or two, a trip to the vet. Given all the activity around the house, Tramp guessed it was the first one and he was right.

There they were, Mr. Darling sitting on the wet floor of the bathroom rubbing his sore backside, and a half soaked Tramp standing against the door watching him. Sighing, Mr. Darling rubbed his hands over his face.

"I guess that will have to do. So, will you let me dry you?"

Tramp tilted his head to one side, thought about it and decided sure, but as soon as he was close enough, Tramp shook off most of the water all over the room and Mr. Darling.

"I guess I deserved that," he laughed out as he dried Tramp off.

Once Tramp and Lady were dry, Mr. Darling went about finishing off the house. He cleaned the bathroom and set the table with one red rose in the nicest crystal vase they had. The food was delivered and then he had a shower and dressed in his best suit.

After sprinkling red rose petals on the floor leading up to and over the table, he put a nice red bow on Lady and a bow-tie on Tramp.

"Are you two ready?" Mr. Darling asked the two dogs, who responded with happy barks. "Good. Now when Mrs. Darling comes home, I need you to bring her along the petals and to the table."

With that, Mr. Darling left the two dogs near the front door. It wasn't long before Mrs. Darling walked in. At first, she thought the dogs had gotten into the roses, but then she noticed the bows.

Smiling, she lent down. "Are you to lead me somewhere?"

Lady grave two quick barks before she and Tramp started to walk back to the dining room. Mrs. Darling giggled a little and started to follow. In the dining room, she found Mr. Darling standing next to the table, hands on the back of a seat.

"Happy Valentine's Day, my darling," he said as he took her hand and sat her down.

"Oh, darling, it's beautiful. It must have taken you hours."

"Anything for you." He kissed her sweet hand before disappearing into the kitchen and returning with their dinner.

Lady watched as Mr. Darling wined and dined Mrs. Darling. After a little while, Lady laid down and Tramp did the same, placing a paw over one of Lady's.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Lady," Tramp barked.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Tramp," Lady replied before giving Tramp a small lick. Then they stayed there watching the Darlings enjoying their dinner.

The End

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