chapter 1: The Mysterious Xyz User

A few days have passed since Yuya defeated Sledgehammer the champion and made a new friend Sora who uses Fusion Summon but didn't learn that type of summoning from Leo Duel School.

the next day a mysterious man wearing a mask in the Miami City alley and then he took out a strange looking badge then looking at the Leo Duel School.

inside Silvo was with his three classmates he was dueling Kakimoto thus defeating him with Mobius the Frost Monarch reducing his classmates life points.

"Its not fair your cards are better than mine!" Kakimoto groaned.

Silvo moved his finger left and right: Uh uh you weren't defeated by my cards you were defeated... he began to say as he snapped his fingers.

"By Silvo!" His classmates said.

"Its not about the cards its about my skills that pay the bills, the give the thrills, so lets give it for.."

"Silvo!" His classmates said together.

"Some say I have a big ego.." Silvo said. "He does!" His classmates said again. "But my dueling talents are much bigger so one more time with feeling go." Silvo said looking at his classmates.

"Silvo!" His classmates said. "Is there any duelist that can beat me?" Silvo asked.

"Only Yuya Sasaki.' Ootomo muttered.

Silvo turned around. "WHAT YOU MEAN YUYA SASAKI?!"

"He did defeat you in your last duel." Yamabe said.

"Because he had better cards than me that's the reason I lost."

"Huh?" Ootomo said.

"Did you forget already?" Yamabe asked.

"Before the duel started you took his Pendulum cards and gave him deck of dungs!" Kakimoto added.

"Oh forget about that I've changed my game marks my words Yuya is going to be washed out." Silvo said.

Yuya was in the bathroom with Sora, Fedrick, and Tate washing their faces. "Hey Yuya how long is going to take to wash your face?" Yuzu asked who was holding the towels.

"A while longer." Yuya replied as he continued to wash his face. "That's for sure we've been here a hour and this started to stink.

A short time later Zuzu and Alley were walking down a dirt road. "Alley do me a favor the next time I crave for ice cream remind me not to share it with anyone." Zuzu said.

"I'm just worrying about sharing with Fedrick's flavor." Ally said.

Suddenly they heard voices from top of the bank. "I guess losing to a student from You Show Duel School is taken a lot on Silvo." Ootomo said. "Not joke I've never seen Silvo so fired up." Yanabe said. "But he gets his hand on Yuya its not going to be pretty."

Alley and Zuzu gasped.

"Let's go and get Silvo his food." Ootomo said as he and his classmate ran off.

Zuzu and Alley decided to follow them.

At the harbor there was warehouses and on one of them was the masked man.

Silvo was inside one of them sitting cross from Kakimoto then the door opened. "Hey Silvo we're sorry we're late it won't happen again." Yanabe said with sorry voice.

"It better not." Silvo muttered with his eyes closed.

From outside was Zuzu and Alley behind a crate. "Why are we here, should we warn Yuya." Alley asked.

Zuzu remembered when Yuya's Pendulum monsters saved her and the others from falling off bridge in the action field that Yuya and Silvo dueled in. (Yuya gave his all for me and its time I pay him back)"

"This could get dicey Alley so got back to You Show." She said giving her friend the bag of ice cream.

The masked man turned around and saw Zuzu in front of the warehouse. "What are you doing here?"

Silvo was looking at what his classmates brought it was a pie and he just put it in his mouth when a voice rang out. "I heard about what you're planning to do to Yuya!

Silvo choked on his pie but took a drink of water then took a deep breath. "So what is your fussing about?" He asked.

"You can forget about your plans about Yuya!" Zuzu spat pointing at the blond young man. "You're no positon.." Silvo began to say. "Let's duel." Zuzu interrupted. "You must be joking." Silvo added.

"What's wrong afraid you'll crack another lost?!" Zuzu asked. "I'm not done talking." Silvo said. "Actions speak louder than words, so what's going to be or are you too chicken?" Zuzu asked as she began to cluck like a chicken which made Silvo angry.

As Alley continued to run for home Kakimoto closed the door which got Zuzu attention. "What's matter are you chicken this time?" Silvo asked. "I'm not but I still think you're a chicken." Zuzu said.

"Argh we'll see who cries foul." Silvo said putting his duel disk on.

Just then Yamabe was knocked down on the ground which made them gasped then looked at what made Yamabe fall.

In the entrance was the masked man. "I hope not interrupting." He said walking towards Silvo and his classmates. "Who are you?" Zuzu asked. "Someone that's on a mission a special mission I'll complete no matter what." The masked man said.

"Yeah yeah but you can see we're about to duel each other." Silvo said.

The masked man revealed his duel disk which was purple and black.

"I never saw a duel disk like that." Silvo muttered. "Ok I guess that means you'll be dueling for Zuzu?"

"He mostly certainly will not this my.." she began to say when the masked man put his left arm in front of her. "I've already put you through enough." He said as his mask revealed his right eye.

"Alrighty Mr Mystery if I win you'll take off that mask." Silvo said as the masked man was silent. "I'll take your brute silent as a yes."

"LET"S DUEL!" They both proclaimed.

"I'll start by placing the five cards I have in my hand facedown." The masked man said. "WHAT?" Silvo asked even his classmates and Zuzu were puzzled that the mysterious man didn't summon a monster.

Yamabe, Ootomo, and Kakimoto laughed at this so did Silvo. "This guy must be quite dumb to play all his cards face downs." Yanabe mocked. "Yeah he's not so smart maybe." Ootomo added.

Meanwhile Ally made it back with the ice cream she got with Zuzu. "Hey our ice cream melted." Sora groaned. "Yeah and my favorite is melted like ice which it is cold like ice." Fredrick groaned too. "I'm sorry and Zuzu is in trouble." Alley cried. "What?" Yuya said. "Where is she?"

Back at the duel with Silvio and the mysterious man. "I'll show you perfect dueling I draw!" He proclaimed. "I special summon Escher the Frost Vassal by using two of set cards you placed which was five you placed down."

"Then I tribute my Escher to advance summon Mobius the Frost Monarch!" Silvio proclaimed.

Mobius the Frost Monarch Attack 2400

"Silvio managed to summon a powerful monster." Kakimoto cheered. "Then I activate Mobius' ability when this monster is used tribute summoned I'm allowed to destroy two of my opponent's magic and trap cards." Silvio asked. Somewhere in the outside a mysterious young girl with green light hair was looking around the dock. The cards facedown where Phantom Spear and the Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil then both were destroyed.

"Then I activate the spell Carnival Tribute with this I can tribute again and summon another monster." Silvio explained. "What's coming next?" Zuzu asked.

"I summon Mobius the Mega Monarch!" Silvio proclaimed. "This monster usually requires two tributes but my spell Carnival tribute changed that to one tribute so I was able to summon Mega Monarch with one monster to tribute."

"Since this monster was tribute like my Frost Monarch, he can destroy three cards on my opponents." Silvo explained. Mega Monarch used its big hands to make fists and made into Tornado.

The mysterious man lost his three remaining cards. "This blizzard feels real." Zuzu whispered covering her face. "Now now mr mystery man don't feel to bad about your field being empty." Silvio mocked. "Now I attack with Mega Monarch!"

Mega Monarch charged with its big fists. "I activate my The Phantom of Knights of Shadow Veil spell from my graveyard which I can summon three Phantom Knights in defense mode!" The mysterious man proclaimed. "He's playing a spell from his graveyard?" Yanabe exclaimed. "That's something." Zuzu said.

3 Phantom Knights Level 4 Defense 400

"However when one these knights is destroyed it is sent to the graveyard." The mysterious man added.

"Mega Monarch continue your attack!" Silvio commanded. Mega Monarch managed to destroy one of the Phantom Knights. "Then I place one card facedown and end my turn."

"You know Silvoi is a great duelist." Kakimoto cheered. "Yeah this duelist won't last until Silvio's next turn." Ootomo added. "I'm afraid I'm ending this now." the mysterious man said as he drew his card.

"Why is that you didn't put much of a fight." Silvio said with a laugh. "Then I'll show you by doing this I overlay my two level 4 Phantom Knights!" The mysterious man proclaimed. "Hey is this what I think he's doing!" Silvio said.

"It is I Xyz Summon Dark rebellion Dragon!" The Mystery man proclaimed.

Dark Rebellion Dragon Rank 4 Attack 2500

"He Xyz summoned!" Yamabe exclaimed. "Yeah but clearly Mobius the Mega Monarch is stronger." Ootomo added. "Oh yeah it looks your Dragon's attack points aren't enough to my Monarch which has an attack power of 2800." Silvio mocked.

"There's more to it than Xyz monsters attack points." The mystery man said. "Their powers is in the Overlay units so I'll use one you see by using of my Dragon's overlay units I can cut a level 5 or higher monster attack points in half!"

Mobius the Mega Monarch Attack 1400

"Not only that the amount of what you monster lost is added to my Dragon's attack points." The mystery man added. "What?" Silvio said looking shocked.

Dark Rebellion Dragon Attack 3900

"3700 attack points?!" Silvio exclaimed. "I use my Dragon's second overlay unit again so it gains your Monarch's attack points again." The Mystery man explained. "What, he's using the Dragon's ability again?" Ootomo asked. "It seem so." Yanabe said.

Dark Rebellion Dragon Attack 4600

"Now Dark Rebellion Dragon attack Lighting Disobey!" The mystery man commanded. The Xyz dragon attack with its sharp tusks and destroyed the aqua monster causing big impact of wind. "That attacked seemed real!" Ootomo exclaimed. "I want to go home." Yanabe whimpered in fear.

The young pink haired girl was watching from a window outside the warehouse.

Silvio: 100

The mysterious man stepped in front of Silvio who sitting on the ground after his monster was destroyed. "Here do you know about this badge?" He asked revealing a badge which looked similar to the badges from Leo Institute of Dueling. "What is your connection with Duel Academy?" He asked again. "I don't what that is." Silvio replied. "All duelists that go to LID has a badge like that."

The mysterious man sighed and walked away. "Then you're nothing to me."

"Hold on I activate the trap Ice Rage which destroys a monster that destroyed an Aqua Monster and you take damage equal to its attack points." Silvio explained. "So you will lose."

Just then the window on the upper right side of the warehouse was shattered open causing the gang to gasped expect for the mysterious man. "Who are you?" Ootomo asked the girl. She didn't answer but she just made a creepy grin.

"You will be the one losing blondie." The girl said looking at Silvio and then at the mysterious masked man. The mysterious man looked at the girl but only nodded at the girl's statement. "I activate the Continuous Spell Phantom Spear from my graveyard by banishing itself from there and it can negate your trap and you take 100 points of damage." He explained.

Silvio backed into a corner in fear. Then his three classmates noticed the girl walking towards them. Yanabe got up and confronted her. "You think you're tough girlie?" Yanabe asked rudely. The girl didn't seem happy with that remark.

The pink haired girl then slowly she opened her mouth revealing big strange looking four pair teeth that seemed like fangs from a vampire. Yamabe gasped in horror and felt a shiver go down his spine. "What the heck are you?" He asked trembling in fear. Ootomo and Kakimoto noticed this too and so did Zuzu. "(What in the world is she?)" Zuzu thought. "What kind of girl is she?" Ootomo asked with fright. "Don't be stupid this girl is just trying to scare us!" Silvio shouted. "Well its working!" Kakimoto who seemed more scared as than the others and had fear in his eyes.

"That's enough!" The mystery man called out which the girl stopped and backed away. "Now my spell card negates your trap and like I said you take 100 points of damage."

The Phantom Spear fired at Silvio and pierced his jacket.

Silvio: 0

The blond boy shivered in fear and then collapsed as the mystery man took off his mask and revealed his face. Silvio and his classmates including Zuzu gasped at the man's face which seemed to resemble Yuya's face. "It was you Yuya." Zuzu said approaching him. the man didn't respond but just started at her. Then the pink haired girl then approached Silvio's friend Yamabe. "Let's get out of here you guys!" He screamed as he ran off screaming. "Let's split!" Kakimoto yelled as he and Ootomo carried Silvio by his arms and ran out the warehouse.

Zuzu was starting to shiver at the girl's nature. "You're not our friend." The pink haired girl said glaring at Zuzu. "I said that's enough!" The man yelled. "Yuya how do you know this girl?" Zuzu asked. "He's not any Yuya you're talking about." The Pink haired girl answered.

Just then Zuzu's bracelet glowed as the pink haired girl grabbed the mysterious man's arm and they both disappeared. Zuzu looked around confused and then Yuya appeared. "Hey Zuzu where's Silvio?" He asked.

She looked at Yuya closely and imagined him wearing the mask, wearing different clothes, and having different hair style.

"(Who or what was that guy in the mask?)" She asked herself. Though she was even more puzzled about the pink haired girl who seemed had vampire fangs but for some reason she started to think the fangs that the pink haired girl had wasn't any plastic vampire teeth that people use for Halloween. "What is going here?" She mumbled.

"What is it?" Yuya asked.

end of chapter.