Hey guys! So I have mentioned that I am OBSESSED with Supernatural. Well I've had this idea for a wile listening to the song Monster from Skillet. That is now my favorite song but I hope I do well. Because this is my first story in Supernatural and a more grown up show so I hope do okay. Anyway here is "Monster" enjoy! Also when I make people evil in any of my stories I make them like really really evil. This is set in Season 11 ok? Anyways here you go!

Monster. Freak. He kept hearing them say it and he knew it was true. But how long was it when he was gonna snap? Here he is. The monster that everyone feared standing over the figure. Knife in his hand going closer to the figure. Eyes flashing Black and Yellow. Smiling widely. Dean knew this was going to happen. He saw signs earlier. But he ignored it. If only he saw it sooner. But by the time he realized it that's when it was too late. This was all his fault. How did all of this start? Well it all started when a hunt went wrong…

2 weeks earlier

The door to the motel room slammed shut and both of the Winchester boys stepped in. Dean was currently pissed off at Sam.

"Dean I-" Sam said. But he couldn't finish his sentence because Dean turned around and punched him.
"Sam! You almost got me killed! What the hell were you doing?!" Sam jerked his head back up and wiped off the blood that was starting to form at the edge of his mouth. He met Dean's eyes. What he saw frightened him. He saw hurt,anger.

"Dean I didn't mean to okay! It was coming towards me and I didn't see you there!" Sam and Dean just got back from hunting a shapeshifter. The shapeshifter shaped into someone they loved and it tried to kill Sam and ran after him. Dean was all beaten up and then the shifter came back and choked Dean. Sam didn't see Dean being choked and went off into the other direction. Until he realized he heard wheezing and went and killed the shapeshifter. He knelt beside Dean who gave him a glare and got up.

"You didn't see me? You didn't see a guy getting choked to death by a shapeshifter?!" He threw the book off the table and went to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. Sam sat down on the bed and sighed. He felt bad for Dean. He went into a t-shirt and sweatpants and went to sleep. He heard the bathroom door open and heard Dean go into bed and go to sleep. Sam couldn't sleep. He kept thinking how much of a horrible brother he was. He got up and splashed water on his face and tried to clear his head. He went back to the bed and went to sleep. The next morning Dean woke up and what he saw horrified him. He saw blood all over Sam. On his clothes. His hands. Dean rushed over to Sam praying to god that Sam isn't dead. Although like God would care anyway. Dean shook Sam.

"Sammy?! Sam wake up damn it! Sam!" Sam opened his eyes and he saw Dean there. Dean breathed a sigh of relief and is wondering what is going on.

"Dean? Are you okay what's wrong?" Dean pointed to his shirt and Sam looked down and saw what Dean was pointing at.

"What the hell?! Why do I have blood all over me?" He got up and looked in the mirror. Horror went all over his face as he tried to wipe it off but it wasn't coming off. He changed his clothes and wiped his hands off.

"Sam what the hell? Why did I see blood all over you?!" Sam didn't know either. In fact he didn't know anything. He remembered going to sleep and then he has blood all over him.

"I don't know Dean!I went to bed then I wake up and now I see I have blood" Sam is pacing back and forth. The same thing happened to him a long time ago but he was possessed. He had his tattoo so he wasn't possessed. But if he wasn't possessed then what did he do? Was it a shapeshifter that looked like him?
"Alright well we need to figure this out okay? So we need to find out what happened and maybe we will see what is going on" Sam nodded. They got out of the motel and went into the Impala. Sam noticed something very quickly. He saw blood on the steering wheel and in the backseat. Both Sam and Dean had wide eyes and they were investigating.

"Baby! Are you okay?!" Dean said and went to the car. Sam rolled his eyes and looked around. What is going on here? They managed to get the blood of the steering wheel and the backseat.

"I need a drink" Sam and Dean said in unison. Dean drove to the bar with Sam in the passenger's seat. He was lost in thought that he didn't even hear Dean talking to him.

"Sam?!" He quickly snapped out of his thoughts and turned to face Dean.

"Yeah?" Dean looked over at Sam and is very concerned for him.

"I said we are going to figure this out okay? Whoever or whatever is doing this we will hunt the son of a bitch down" Sam nodded and looked out the window. Dean kept shooting glances at Sam and since their conversation it they haven't said a word to each other. Dean doesn't like sitting in silence so he turned on the radio. He heard a upbeat tempo and left it alone.

The secret side of me I never let you see,

I keep it caged and I can't control it.

So stay away from me the beast is ugly.

I feel the rage and I just can't hold it.

Sam listened to the lyrics and is thinking about the current situation.

It's scratching on the walls,

In the closet in the halls.

It comes awake and I can't control it.

Hiding under the bed,

In my body in my head.

Dean was also listening to the lyrics and he kept looking at Sam and he is very worried. Both of them haven't heard this song in a long time and they don't remember how it went.

Why won't somebody come and save me from this?

Make it end!

I feel it deep within it's just beneath the skin,

I must confess that I feel like a monster.

I hate what I've become the nightmare's just begun,

I must confess that I feel like a monster.

I,I feel like a mon-

Dean turned off the radio and looked over at Sam. Why the hell did he just play that song?! He didn't know that's how it went. Sam was thinking of the lyrics and thought back of all the times he failed Dean. The mistakes he made. The things he did. It was a long time ago so why was he still thinking about it? The car finally came to a stop and looked at the sign that says 'Rock House'. They both get out of the car and head into the bar. They ordered a drink and the bartender recognized Sam.

"Hey Sam" Sam looked up and saw the bartender. He looked confused and Dean gives him a look like 'really? You stole my thunder'

"How do you know my name?" Was she a demon? Shapeshifter?

"You don't remember? You told me. I had such a good time last night" She put her hand on his arm and gave him a wink. She got out a shot glass and poured whiskey in it.

"This one is on me" She winked at him. Dean clears his throat and tries to get the bartender's attention. She looks at Dean but doesn't look interested.

"Yeah?" Dean looked surprised. First off he was really confused. He wasn't the only one that was confused. Sam was confused as well. What the hell is going on here?

"What about me? You gave my brother one can I have one?" He winks at her. She rolls her eyes at him and nods no. Then she goes over to Sam and puts her hand on his.

"You wanna get out of here and go somewhere a little more private? Like we did last night?"Sam gulped. He did something last night? But he doesn't remember leaving the hotel last night.

"I would but I am working and were leaving town. I am sorry Melissa" He read her name tag at the last minute. She made a pouty face and then smiled.

"Nah it's okay I understand. But will you come and see me another time?" He nods. She walks to him and kisses him and smacks his butt. She smiles and walks away. Sam and Dean looked at each other both confused.

"What was that? She totally ignored me!" Sam gave Dean a 'really?' look. Dean got out his wallet and paid for the drinks. Well his drink because the bartender gave Sam all of his drinks free. They were outside and about to get in the car.

"Sammy look at you. Going for the bartender Were you fast or slow?"Sam hits Dean. Dean puts his hand up and chuckles.

"Dean. Stop it okay? I don't remember being at the bar. What is going on?" Sam is worrying. He hasn't seen Cas in a while. He is wondering what is going on.(A/N:In here Amara doesn't come out and Castiel isn't possessed by Lucifer).

"Wait you don't remember?" Sam nods his head no. Dean asks to see Sam's chest. Sam looked really uncomfortable but pulled down a little of his shirt to show that his tattoo is still there. Sam can feel stuff in his veins. That's not possible. How can it still be there? He did the trials! That should've cleaned it away!

"No I don't. I think we-" Sam didn't have time to finish because they saw a body on the ground near the alley. They run there and examine the body closer. It was a woman who looked like she was in her thirties. Her arms were slit her neck was cut. She looked like she was tortured and beat to death. Sam looked horrified and Dean put his fist to his mouth and gulped. He sighed and tried to find I.D. He found her wallet and it read 'Miranda Thompson'. They called 911 and they came over. They need to know what is happening. Before more people get hurt.

"Yeah officers we were just walking towards here and then we see a body." That was the truth. The officer was holding a notepad and nodding when Sam spoke. Dean was talking to another officer probably asking him the same questions. The officers put their heads down and thanked them for their time. Dean went over to Sam.

"What do you think demon?" Sam shrugged. He honestly didn't know what was going on.

"I don't think so. Look at the bruises on her body. It looks like a human did this. Plus there's no sulfur" Dean nodded and agreed.

"Dean what is going on here?" Dean shrugs his shoulders and they walk back to the Impala. They pack their bags just in case they have another case. They put in the car and close the trunk.

"I don't know Sam okay? But before we go we can look at the security cameras that are there" Sam nods. They drive to the Police Station and get the security cameras. Luckily they were in their FBI suits and they managed to get to the security footage. Sam and Dean sat down and looked at the footage. It was dark outside but there was light that you can see a little. Miranda was walking towards the streets then she heard a noise and went to the alley. She saw a figure and he came out and attacked her and she screamed. He beat her to a bloody pulp then choked her and slit her wrists and her throat. The figure had blood on his hands and clothes and then he ran off. Sam and Dean couldn't see who the man was. But he had long hair and he was really tall and was wearing a black shirt with jeans.

"Okay so it doesn't look like a shapeshifter or a demon. Then what could it be?" Dean shrugged. They decided to stay in town one more night. They get in the Impala and the song comes up again.

My secret side I keep hid under lock and key,

I keep it caged and I can't control it.

Cause if I let him out,

He'll tear me up break me down.

Why won't somebody come and save me from this?

Make it end!

I feel it deep within,

It's just beneath the skin.

Sam heard the lyrics once again and he drifts off. His mind goes to the demon blood and hurting Dean. When he was soulless and let Dean get turned by a vampire and almost killed Bobby. This was so long ago why does he keep thinking about it? He can relate to this song very well. He was a monster after all. Who's to say he isn't now? He hasn't done anything bad. Has he? If he has he definitely doesn't remember. But he does know one thing. He needs to figure out what is happening fast. Before it happens again.

Whoo! Okay thanks so much for reading! I hope I did okay trying my best to keep them in character. Who is this mystery person? What is going on with Sam? You have to stay tuned! Review if you have any ideas! I love you thank you! Also sorry about the lines. I don't know where to put them it's my first time using them but like I said I hope I did well. I will do as many chapters as you want me to but I kinda like where the story is going. So yeah I hope you liked it I am still new to this Supernatural story but I hope I did well. Also yes I know for people who have seen this I deleted it then redid it. But it's the same like before. So yeah that's why it says today. I hope you don't mind. Anyways hope you guys liked this chapter more to come!