Hey guys! I know it's been a while, sorry about that. You guys like this story so far? Well, here's chapter 6! Hope you like it!

Dean didn't know how long he had been captured. Last time, it was 3 weeks. But he hasn't seen a calendar or the light anymore. He doesn't know whether it's been days, weeks, months or maybe even years. He hates to think it's been a year. The fight that Dean had in him is long gone. Dean can't talk anymore because he's afraid to. Sam had said that if he tried to talk, he would slit his throat. One time Dean did talk, and Sam did. Then of course, Sam brought him back. Since then, Dean has been confronted with all the things wrong he did. He starts to cough up blood and he wheezes. He can hardly breathe. His face is all beat up, and swollen. Dean wonders how Castiel is. He tries to send prayers to him but even if it worked, Cas wouldn't be able to get to him on time. He doesn't have his wings.

"Castiel. Please… help me." Dean coughs again and puts his head back. He's been in the same clothes he got captured in. He's way too skinny now, and he falls asleep everyday. There's nothing else to do but sleep, get tortured, then go to sleep again. Sam was right, he wished that he was dead or in hell. At least it wasn't as bad as this. Dean then heard the door open.

"Dean. How are you doing?" Dean just looks down. Sam chuckles.

"Come on bro, let's have some bonding time huh?" Dean continues not to look at Sam. He's afraid, and he has accepted that he's never going to get out.

"Want to go hunting? We could hunt monsters. Or go get a beer." Sam smirks. Dean is broken. He's been waiting for this. He's had him in here for 3 months now, and Dean lost his fight. Damn, he really has gotten good at torture. Sam has also made Dean hallucinate things that haven't happened.

"Come on Dean. Talk to me." Sam made the famous puppy dog eyes.

"S-Sammy…" Sam smiled and punched him.

"Didn't I tell you not to talk? You break so easily nowadays. It's not surprising." Dean looked down and was ashamed of himself.

"You know, I could've had a normal life with Amelia. But once again like Jessica, you had to ruin my life!" Sam kicks him at the side of his head. Dean can see his vision going out.

"Then punching me like I'm a punching bag whenever you get angry. Calling me a monster!" Sam punches Dean even harder.

"Well, look at me now!" Sam then puts his foot on Dean's neck and pressed down. Dean can't breathe.

"I'm more of a monster than I ever was back then you bitch!" Sam presses down even harder. Dean starts to cry wishing that this pain and torture would stop.

"Sam, baby. There's more demons." Lucy comes in. Sam takes his foot off and goes in Dean's face.

"You're lucky that Lucy called me. So sit here, and be pathetic!" Sam punches Dean again and then leaves. Dean was wondering if Castiel knew that he was missing. He sure misses the outside world. He misses his friends, and family. Most of all he misses his best friend.

Castiel has been in the bunker for three months now. He came back to find no Sam or Dean. No one has told him anything. He's called all of Sam and Dean's hunter friends and no one knows anything. He's worried. He can't go to the police, because everyone thinks they're dead. The last he heard from them was 3 months ago. Dean had said they were here. Maybe something went wrong with a hunt. Castiel tried calling again.

"Dammit!" Cas threw his phone on the table. He sighs and goes to his bulletin board. He really misses flying. He crosses off Jody's location. Cas rubs his forehead. Castiel goes to Dean's room and sits on the bed.

"I just need something." Cas mumbles to himself. Then, he thought he heard something.

"Cas… Please, help me…" That voice sounded like Dean. He looked around.

"Dean?! Where are you?!" Then Cas realized, he was calling him through prayer. He hasn't done that in a while. He kinda missed it.

"Please, tell me where you are." He knows Dean can't hear him, but he wants to try.

"I… need help…" His voice sounded so broken and hoarse. Like, he hasn't talked in a while. Castiel punches the wall.

"Dammit!" With his prayers, he can't track them anymore. He lost his wings and he can't teleport there anymore. So, Castiel has no idea where Sam and Dean are.

"Dean, where are you?" He's not as powerful as he used to be. He hates it. He really wants to help.

"He… wants to… kill me…" Who does? Who wants to kill Dean?
"Damn!" He calls Jody back.

"Jody. Hey it's Cas. Listen, I can hear Dean's prayers, but i'm not sure where they are coming from. He sounds like he's being held somewhere."

"Where? Do you know?" Cas pinches the bridge of his nose.

"No. If I did, I wouldn't have called you!" He sighs.

"I'm sorry. I'm just worried, that's all." Cas put his head down.

"I feel like I'm letting him down. I wish I could just fly like I used to. Since I fell, I can't tell where the location of his prayers are." Jody sighs.

"It's alright Castiel. How about I go over there? I'm not too far away." Cas sighs.

"Yeah. I need all the help I can get. I'm freaking out here Jody. I don't know what to do!" He probably sounded so desperate. He is.

"It's alright Cas. I'm a few hours away. We will find Sam and Dean and bring them home." Cas nods.

"Thanks Jody, see you soon." He hangs up and sighs. Where the hell is Dean? He hopes that he's okay.

Dean is leaning his head back. He can't even open his mouth anymore. His face is so swollen, he can't recognize himself. Lucy comes in.

"Hey Dean-o. How's it going?" Dean doesn't say anything.

"God, your face looks disgusting. Hard to believe you were handsome once." Dean gives her a glare, but it barely comes out.

"Sammy has a surprise for you." He raises his eyebrows. Sam comes in with a boy.

"Hey Dean. Remember him?" Dean couldn't see who it was at first because his vision was blurry, but then he came in focus. He saw him. No.

"B-Ben?" Ben looked so scared. Sam was smiling. It's been years since he's seen Ben, and he looks older and very good.

"Yep. Your 'not son'. But, I think he is. Lisa's just a bitch who lies a lot." Dean tried to say something but Sam shut him up.

"You know, you wiped his memories. Lucky for him. Must be nice to not know who you are, because I'd rather not." Dean starts to cry. He's begging Sam to spare Ben.

"He makes you happy right? I'll destroy everything that makes you happy." Ben looks at Dean. Dean struggles to get free, but it's no use. Dean looks at Sam desperately, but it's not working.

"What's going on? Who are you people?" Ben looks at Dean, and Dean really tries to get free.

"He's the one that got your mom stabbed. Now, I'm gonna take you away." He looked confused, then Sam stabbed him and Ben started coughing up blood.

"No! BEN!" Dean felt so helpless. He saw Ben look at him and then fall on the floor. Ben crawls to him, but then his eyes roll into the back of his head.

"Aww, your kid is gone." Dean looks down and loses it. Dean glares at Sam.

"He was a kid Sammy." Sam then laughs and looks at Dean.

"I don't care Dean. And hold your horses. That wasn't Ben." Sam continued to laugh. Dean looked at him and was confused. Sam rolled his eyes.

"I was testing you. To see if you would talk and see the look on your face when you thought you lost someone you loved." Dean put his head down. Shit. He talked and screamed. He was afraid of what Sam would do.

"You failed." Sam then stares at Dean and Dean's intestines come out. He screams in agony and Sam comes close to him with an evil smile.

"Night, Dean." Dean breathes heavy and then closes his eyes once again.

Castiel is getting relentless. He's obsessed with finding Sam and Dean. He needs to know where they are. Especially Dean. He sounded so weak and hurt. Castiel has all sorts of maps and locations drawn. He can't find anything. Dean hasn't said any more prayers.

"Fucking hell!" Castiel loses it and trashes the bunker. He's so damn angry that he can't find Dean. He sighs and looks up.

"Father, I don't know if you can hear me, but I need some help. It's Dean. He's in trouble." Castiel didn't know what he was expecting. He obviously wasn't expecting God to just suddenly pop up. It wasn't a surprise when he didn't.

"Please. You have to know where he is. He's weak, and sounds lonely. I haven't heard anything about Sam. No one will tell me anything." Cas puts his hands in his head and sighs.

"I'm desperate. I can't lose him. Dean, he's family. You created him. Someone's trying to kill him, but I don't know who, or what but I need to find him." Once again, he looks around and sees no one.

"It's bad, I-I don't know what to do. I can't save him. You can. All I ask is that you help me find him. You don't even have to come here. I just need something that can help me." It's silent. Castiel sighs and wonders why he even tries. He then starts to clean the bunker. That can help take some stress out. But it doesn't do much. Why did he expect anything different? He goes to the map and sighs,

"I'll find you Dean. I'll save you. Somehow." Castiel rubs his neck and then closes his eyes. He feels helpless. He has no idea what's going on, or why Dean's hurt, but he's trying his best not to give up. As Castiel turns around, he sees something.

"Who's there?!" He slides his angel blade out of his coat, and looks around. He knows something is there, but he doesn't know what.

"Show yourself!" Cas looks all around. He doesn't see anything.

"Now Castiel, is that any way to talk to your father?'' It couldn't be. Is it? Castiel turns around and sees…

"Chuck? What are you doing here?" Chuck then laughs and looks at him.

"Oh Castiel, you don't see me? Really see me?" Cas looks and then he gasps.

"F-father?" Chuck nods. He then steps forward and touches Cas's shoulder.

"You can just call me Chuck. No need for the whole 'father' thing." Castiel was in shock. He didn't expect God himself to actually come here.

"Y-you'll help me?" Chuck nods and laughs.

"Of course. After all, I created Dean Winchester. Remember? So of course i'll find him." All Cas could think is' why now? Why didn't he come before?'

"But why now out of all times? Why haven't you helped or come down here before?" Chuck sighs.

"Because I thought my creations could excel. But then, they started to do all those things. Killing, hurting, and cheating." Chuck sighed and shook his head.

"That's not how I made them. They were supposed to be beautiful and pure." Castiel was shocked to hear this.

"But, that's what humanity is all about. They also love. And Sam and Dean have been through a lot." Chuck nods and sighs.

"I know that. Metatron just gave me the same talk. Both of you are right." Castiel sighs. He was happy to hear that.

"Good. I'm glad that you're helping." Chuck smiles a little bit at that.

"Yeah, me too." Cas looks at him.

"Do you know who's behind this? Because it's not like Sam and Dean to just disappear for months." Chuck looks at him and stays silent. He knows who's doing it, but he just doesn't want to tell him.

"I guess we'll find out, huh?" Castiel looks at him and then crosses his arms.

"You know who's doing it. Don't you?'' Chuck looks at him.

"Yes. Okay? But, I can't tell you that." Castiel sighs and looks at him.

"Is it that bad?" Chuck looks at him. Well, there was his answer. Who would want to hurt Sam and Dean? Wait. Correction: Who would want to hurt Sam and Dean that is still alive?

"I understand. I just wish I knew what's going on." Chuck looks at him again.

"Did you hear Sam also?" Now that he mentioned it, no. He didn't hear Sam.

"No. Then again, Dean and I are much closer so Sam doesn't pray to me as much." The bunker door opens. For a split second, Cas thought it was Sam and Dean.

"Hi Castiel." It was Jody. Castiel sighed. He wanted it to be Dean.

"Hey Jody. Glad you made it." Jody smiles and sees Chuck.

"Of course. If it's Sam and Dean, I'll come."Chuck smiles at her.

"Who's this?" Castiel was going to say something, but Chuck bluntly said it.

"I'm God. But just call me Chuck." Jody looked shocked and not really convinced.

"Come on. You expect me to believe this? Look, I believe in angels, but you can't be God." Chuck smiles and then he makes himself float in the air and he starts to glow and everything in the bunker starts floating and Chuck shows his true form.

"Holy…" Jody was convinced now. She couldn't believe it. She was actually in front of God right now?

"Yep. I truly am God. Jody Mills. Hunter, new mother, friends of Sam and Dean. When you pass, I guarantee you a spot in Heaven for all the good work you've done." Chuck smiles. Jody was so happy. She always thought she was going to Hell, but now that God or Chuck himself tells her she's going to Heaven? She knows she did the right thing in life.

"Wow. Thank you so much." Then she remembered what she came here for.

"So. Sam and Dean. Let's find them." Castiel nods and looks at Chuck.

"You know where Dean is. Show us." Chuck sighs and snaps his fingers. The map then shows a spot.

"Sioux Falls, South Dakota?" It clicked in Jody's mind.

"Of course! That's where Bobby lived! But, why are they there?" Castiel couldn't believe he didn't notice. All the hunter friends of Sam and Dean, haven't been to South Dakota lately.

"Maybe going after a case?" Jody asks. Chuck knows the reason, but he wasn't going to say anything. He still doesn't believe that Sam is a demon. There's just no way a new species of demon was created.

"I don't know. Dean sounded in agony. Like he was being tortured when he prayed to me." Castiel sighed. He hates to think of something happening to Dean.

"Let's go save Sam and Dean." Cas and Jody said. Chuck nods. They all leave the bunker. Castiel hopes they find them.

Sam was satisfied. But he was missing something. Besides Lucy, he wants another form of torture to Dean who he's close too.

"Who am I going to get Lucy? Someone who's close to him and hates him as much as I do?" Lucy shrugs.

"I don't know. You'll figure it out. You always do." Lucy kisses him. Sam then groans. He's light headed.

"You've been using too much power again." Sam looks at her.

"I'll be fine. I just underestimated how much I was using. But, I'm getting better at not getting headaches or being weak as much." Lucy then cuts her wrist.

"Just be careful okay? You've made great progress." Sam then grabs her arm and drinks her blood. Lucy groans. This is an everyday thing. Lucy has begun to love it. She truly is in love with Sam.

"That's it baby. Get as much as you want." Sam does and he drinks more. She tilts her head back as Sam is ravished with hunger. Lucy wasn't worried about being drained. She's a demon after all. Her blood comes back quicker than humans. Sam finally stops and his mouth is covered in blood.

"You were hungry." Sam flashes his eyes at her and then pushes her on the bed and starts to kiss her. Lucy moans and puts her arms around his neck.

"No. I'm famished." Sam then rips her clothes off and starts to kiss her everywhere. Lucy moans so loudly. Lucy rips his clothes off and starts to kiss his chest.

"Well. Then I think you need to start getting filled." Lucy smirks and then goes on top of him. Lucy starts to scratch his chest and then bites his neck. Sam growls. Then Lucy starts to pant as Sam thrusts himself against her. He then puts her on her back and he's on top of her again. She screams his name in such pleasure.

"Good girl." Sam said. Lucy clutches the bedsheets and arches her back. She has never had so much pleasure in her life. She can feel the real Lucy inside her trying to get out. She wants to be with her boyfriend and regrets cheating on him. The demon pushes her down and seizes control.

"Wow Sammy. You've gotten a lot better." Lucy pants. Sam looks at her.

"I know. I've been hungry." Lucy then puts her hand on his chest and he has his arm around her.

"So. Did you find out who to get?" Sam nods. He then gets upset.

"It has to be someone who's close to Dean and I, but hates him more." Lucy looks at him.

"Maybe family?" Sam looks at her.

"But all of our family is dead. Except for…" Sam lights up and kisses Lucy.

"Oh, you're a genius!" Sam gets up and puts his clothes back on. Lucy blushes and smiles. Sam then goes to the darkest pits of Hell.

"I really need family right now." Sam is in the cage. Lucifer turns around and chuckles.

"Really? You want me to come up there?" Sam rolls his eyes and makes Lucifer go back. Lucifer is shocked.

"How did you-?" He then sees Sam's true form and he gets afraid.

"No…" Sam smirks and goes to Micheal.

"Hey Michael." Micheal crosses his arms and scowls at him.

"What do you want Sam?" Sam smirks. Then starts to put his hand up.

"My brother." Sam begins to pull Adam from Micheal and Micheal starts to scream. Sam is holding on to Adam's soul and body, and smiles.

"Have fun with each other. Bye." He shuts the cage and goes back up to earth. Sam then heals Adam and brings him back to life. Lucy comes in and sees him.

"Who's that?" She asked. Sam smirks and crosses his arms.

"My half brother. But now, he's gonna be the brother I never had." Sam goes to Adam and then closes his eyes and makes Adam different.

"Cool." Lucy smiles. Sam backs away.

"Adam was human. But now, he's back. With a twist." Adam then gasps and wakes up. He looks around and has no clue where he is.

"Where am I? What's going on?" He then sees Sam and then gets angry.

"You! You left me in the cage!" Adam then tries to attack Sam, but Sam lifts his hand up and freezes him in place.

"What the-?" Sam rolls his eyes but then smiles.

"Adam. Sorry about that. But, I'm your brother. We don't need to fight." Adam scoffs and crosses his arms.

"You left me down there for 6 years! I was going crazy!" Sam looks at him.

"But, I made you new." Adam looks confused. New? He didn't really feel any different. But, he has this rage he never had before.

"Made me new? I feel the same." Sam chuckles.

"Wait for it." Adam looks confused. Then, his eyes turn black and he throws a lamp towards the wall.

"Whoa. What am I?' He looks at Sam. Sam puts his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"You're a demon now. A very powerful one too." Adam then looked at him.

"How do you know I won't just kill you?" Sam smirks and then looks at him. Adam started to feel pain.

"I made you new Adam. I can kill you with just a snap." Sam then gets in his face. Adam was terrified.

"Do you want that?" Adam nodded his head. Sam smiled and let him go.

"Good. Besides, you should hate Dean more. He chose me over you." Adam was shocked. Dean had a choice, and he didn't pick him?

"He's that selfish?" Sam then gives him a sad smile.

"He didn't hurt just you. He hurt me too." Sam then put his fingers on Adam's head and showed him all the things Dean has done. Adam saw it.

"Monster!" Dean punching Sam. Dean saying that Sam is not his brother, saying he preferred Benny, taking Sam away from Jessica, Dean using a fake text from Amelia, Dean pointing a gun at him, Sarah dying, Dean being hostile about Sam's powers, calling him a freak, stealing Sam's prom date. Adam saw everything. Every detail that Dean did to Sam.

"Ahhhh!" Sam frees Adam from it and Adam falls to the floor. Sam crouches down.

"I'm so sorry you went through that. He's not a good brother." Sam looks down sadly.

"I know." Adam smiles at him. He puts his hand on his shoulder.

"I'll be a better brother than Dean. I'll make sure you never get hurt again." Sam genuinely smiles.

"That's why I got you out. To be my brother. Someone who would be loyal, and take over for me if I ever die." Adam was honored and so happy.

"I want nothing more than that." They both hug. Lucy started to cry too.

"Aww. Bromance!" Sam helps Adam up.

"Dean's here. And, he doesn't look too good." Adam smirks.

"I definitely want to see this." Sam leads him to where Dean is. Adam sees Dean tied up with blood and bruises on him. He also looks very skinny.

"I didn't think it would give me such joy. But it does." Adam smiles.

"Good. Because you have the pleasure of torturing him right now." Adam lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Thanks Sam! You're a good brother." Sam actually smiled when he heard that. Adam is his true brother. Not Dean.

"This will definitely surprise Dean. He won't know what's coming." Adam smiles. Sam opens the door and walks in. Adam is behind him.

"Hey Dean-o. You up?" Dean looks at him and puts his head back down. Sam then puts his chin up.

"Now, is that a way to treat a guest?" Dean glares at him but then sighs.

"Just… do it…" Dean's voice was so weak, it became a whisper. He almost forgot what it was like to talk.

"I would. But, someone else wanted that opportunity." Sam stood up. Dean was confused. Maybe Lucy? Sam moved out of the way and that's when he saw him.

"A-Adam?" He couldn't believe it. His brother was right there. Adam then crouched down and gave him a wicked smile.

"Hey Dean." Adam's eyes flashed black and Dean knew that he was a demon.

"But, Y-you're in the…" Dean stopped and coughed.

"The cage? Where you left me 6 years ago? No. Not anymore." Adam then gets pissed off and puts his hand in Dean's stomach. He screams in agony.

"Did you know how long I was there? I was full of hatred! Anger! Knowing that my so-called 'brother' left me there on purpose!" Sam smirks while crossing his arms.

"Sam… forgot you too…" Adam then punches Dean with his other hand.

"He's the one who saved me. He got me out and remade me. Now, I'm stronger than ever." Dean is coughing out blood. Adam pulls his hand out roughly and Dean gasps for air.

"You had a choice. You didn't pick me. Some 'brother' you are." Adam then kicks Dean in his ribs and it cracks. Adam then puts his foot on his broken ribs and steps on it.

"Sam's whole life, you ruined it! You could've stopped him. But all you cared about was how it affected you." Dean tried his best not to scream, but he was just in so much pain, it came out.

"You were right Sammy. He isn't as tough as he used to be," Sam smirks and comes up to him.

"You'll be seeing a lot more of him." Sam then puts a cheeseburger on his tray.

"To fatten you up more. You look a little skinny there." Sam,Lucy, and Adam leave. Dean knows that burger is probably a trap or tastes awful, but he didn't care. He was so hungry. Dean went up to it and ate it. He looked at it and there were worms in it. He couldn't do it, he spit it out and threw the burger on the floor.

"Pathetic." He heard an inside voice. It sounded like Sam's voice. This is so much worse than Hell. Sam was right. He would rather be in hell, than here. Dean puts his knees to his face and sighs. He tries to get some sleep. His wrists are in shackles, but he can move his hands. He just can't get free. Dean leans his head against the wall and goes into another nightmare.

Dean was in a black abyss. He was alone. The ground was shiny, so he could see himself. He looked like himself before all this happened. Dean doesn't know whether he's dreaming anymore. Someone flickers and he was expecting his family. But he was shocked by who he saw.

"Cas?" It wasn't him. But, he wanted it to be him so bad.

"No. I'm not Castiel. I'm whoever really." Dean was confused.

"Where am I?" 'Castiel' looked at him and sighed.

"You're not really anywhere. We're inside your head." Dean looks down.

"Am I dead?" 'Castiel' looks at him.

"You have died over and over, but you're almost on your last life, if you want to put it that way."

"Sam is pissed. He won't stop until i'm actually dead." 'Castiel' looks at him.

"Fight back Dean. You're stronger than this." After months of torture, he hasn't felt strong. He believes every word Sam has said.

"No. I'm not. Maybe Sam should just kill me. Then, I could see my mom again." 'Castiel' was shocked.

"You're Dean Winchester! You're a hunter!" Dean looks down.

"Fine. You won't listen to me…" Dean looks up and sees himself.

"Then maybe you'll listen to you." He hadn't seen himself in a while. His regular face. He forgot what he looked like.

"Why are you looking like me?"

"So you can fight back! Dean, I'm your subconscious. This isn't who you are." Dean sits down and sighs.
"It is. I'm worthless,pathetic, the worst brother in the world." His subconscious looks at him.

"You can't believe the words and things he's said. That didn't get you down before." Dean shrugs. He just didn't care anymore. He wanted all this pain and torture to end.

"I've looked back on it, he was completely right. I destroyed his life. I don't deserve to live." The creature, or whatever it is, shook his head. It then slapped him in the head.

"Wake up! You can't let him win!" Dean just sits down and puts his head down.

"I can't. I'm so tired. He won. I give up." His subconscious was so shocked and upset. Dean then proceeds to curl into a ball.

"Don't you see how bad you look?!" Dean shrugs his shoulders. He didn't care anymore. He just wanted sleep. Was that so much to ask?!

"I don't care. Just let me sleep." His subconscious was so shocked. How could he be like this?

"You're letting him win?" Dean just shrugs and lays down on the floor.

"Wow. You're really not going to fight?" Dean looks at him.

"Even if I did, he's so much stronger than me. I don't stand a chance. I can't fight my brother." His subconscious scoffs.

"You still think he's your brother? Your brother died the moment he became a monster." Dean shrugs and tunes him out.

"He's not your brother! Dean, listen to me!" Dean sighs and goes to sleep. Finally getting some rest.

Adam was having so much fun being out. He really wants to thank Sam for getting him out. He's such a good brother.

"So, how does it feel being out?" Adam sighs and looks at Sam. They are currently at a bar right now.

"It feels awesome. I missed having fun." Sam smiles and raises his beer.

"To my true brother." Adam smiles and raises his beer as well.

"My brother." They clink glasses and drink. Sam smiles. Finally, a brother who isn't an asshole. Adam is truly his brother. And, he's older. Feels good.

"Why are you smiling like that?" Adam asked. Sam chuckles.

"I realized, I'm older." Adam groans.

"Let me guess, you're going to believe you're right?" Sam smirks.

"Well, the oldest is always right." Adam chuckles.

"Yeah, but doesn't the oldest get in trouble because the youngest was acting up?" Sam looks at Adam and rolls his eyes.

"Whatever. I'll still be right." Adam laughs. This is what it's like to have a family. It's been a long time since he had that. Not since his mom died. Sam's phone rings.

"Hey Luc-" Sam could barely finish before he heard Lucy's voice.

"Sammy. Get back here now. There are some creatures here. I think it's Castiel." Sam's whole body goes cold. Then he starts to get angry.

"We're on our way." Sam was pissed off and he looked at Adam.

"What happened?" Sam was clenching his fist and grabbed Adam's shoulder.

"Castiel found Dean. He's there." Adam was pissed as well.

"Well. Let's show him how messed up he is." Sam teleports back with Adam. Sam opens the door and Dean is still there with his eyes looking down. The door bursts open.

"Dean?!" Sam turns around and Castiel is shocked. He can see Sam's true face.

"Hello, Castiel." Chuck was shocked too. He had never seen that type of demon before.

"What are you doing? You're the one hurting Dean?" Sam smirks.

"Well. Look who's finally smart!" Sam then looks at Castiel and then Castiel starts coughing.

"What?" Sam smirks.

"I'm breaking your ribs. Every angelic thing inside you is weak." Castiel is in so much is worse than anything that has ever happened to him.

"Why… are you doing this?" Castiel knows Chuck is behind Sam. Sam is too focused on Castiel. He chuckles.

"Because I hate my brother. I wanted to make him pay." Sam stops and realizes something.

"Join me. He's hurt you too. He's said to you that he doesn't care." Cas is still panting and holding his stomach and Sam crouches down.

"Never" Sam then kicks Castiel in the face and Adam punches him.

"Your call." Castiel was shocked to see Adam.

"Adam? You're alive?" Adam flashes his black eyes.

"Yep. And remade." While Sam, Adam, and Castiel were hitting each other, Chuck was untying Dean.

"Dean. Wake up." He looked very bad. Chuck was trying to remove the shackles. Sam notices and flings Chuck around.

"What's a prophet doing here?" Sam then rips Chuck apart from the inside out. Chuck screams and he's in shock. Sam can't be this strong.

"Well, you came here to die." Sam continues and Chuck is gasping. Dean doesn't even notice anything around him.

"Dean is way too broken for you to fix." Sam stops. Castiel gets up weakly. Sam then stabs Dean and Dean gasps lightly.

"No!" Castiel runs and sees Dean's eyes roll back and then his body goes limp.

"Take him. He's already pathetic and dead. You won't be able to heal him." Castiel looks at Sam.

"Please Sam. Think about what you're doing." Sam was angry and Lucy was enjoying the whole thing.

"I have! I wanted to do this for a very long time!" Sam then slits Castiel's throat and sees how strong his grace is. He closes the cut back up and laughs.

"Your powers are pathetic. But since I'm nice, I'll let you have a hunter's funeral for him." Castiel looks at Chuck and he nods. Sam has no idea that he's God.

"Thank you." Sam then sends him flying over one more time.

"Pathetic. I let you off easy, but if you come near me" Sam closes his eyes and spikes go and cut Castiel. Sam opens his eyes and Castiel finally sees what colors they are.

"Oh my god…" He had never seen those eyes. One was black the other yellow. Sam smirked and twisted his body around.

"You're lucky that I think you could join my side. I normally leave no survivors, but I know you can't heal Dean." Sam laughs.

"I would love to see that actually." Castiel picks Dean up and brings him out. Chuck was about to leave too, but Sam burns him from the inside. Chuck is in agony.

"Sam, please. He has nothing to do with it!" Castiel literally goes down on his knees.

"Please, spare him." Sam rolls his eyes and lets him go.

"Only because you begged. I like seeing you weak." Chuck himself was scared. He never saw a demon like Sam. He doesn't know how to deal with him. Cas gets Chuck and they leave. Jody was in the car and she saw Castiel and Chuck.

"What happened?" They look at each other. Dean is in the backseat and Castiel stays back there. Chuck goes in the front.

"We'll explain on the way. Just go to the bunker." Jody drives and Castiel starts to cry. He then lifts Dean's shirt up and he's shocked.

"Oh my god." He sees so many bruises, cuts, scars, blood and he's very skinny. His face was swollen and he had scars all over his face. He barely looked like Dean anymore. All Castiel had in his head was: Will Dean be able to recover? Will he still be Dean? Most importantly, can he bring him back?

Wow! This was a very long chapter! I had so many ideas for this! I'm so sorry it took so long to update! But I really hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'll try my best not to take so long next time. But, what did you think? Dean was finally rescued! But not in the way he wanted. Adam's back, but in a different way. What will Castiel do? Can Dean be brought back? Will Chuck bring him back? And will anyone be able to stop Sam? Stay tuned! I have it all planned out! Bye! Hope you enjoyed!