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Nature is divided into two halves: light and dark, good and bad, order and chaos. On one side exists the nature dragons, guardians of the planet, while the other exist the Tree Clan Shizenma. For centuries, these two sides have warred with one another, keeping a delicate balance, until now.

Chapter One: Ryuu Valor! The three fangs gather!

The construction area, quiet and secluded, least for now. Work was off today which made it a good time for a walk. Least Shinya thought so. Shinya was a young man, no older than 20, clad in nothing more than a red jacket with blue jeans. A classic combo. His hair short and black with a cowlick emphasized with its point. All in all an average young man, but something peculiar set him apart. Namely there was the shirt, white but in its center lay a golden symbol: a reptilian claw. Now, one would ask why a young man would choose an old construction site as a point of walking? Well he had his reasons.

The walk itself was a brisk if not uneventful one. Yet that was about to change. Shinya gripped something around his neck, small and orb like, red with a symbol of its own right in the center: a reptilian eye. He unfastened it from its necklace holding it tightly in his left hand as he pulled out something else. Right along his hip was a saddle complete with a sheath. As he fastened that, there came a rustle, it was small but audible.


There came another sound, right below at his feet. He moved his foot away and there he saw a small root with a leaf just dangling off the tip. A small crack in the ground accompanied its presence, obviously the place it had emerged from. Funny considering the ground was devoid of plant life. Just nothing but dirt floor amongst the stacked metal. Most people would have thought nothing else upon seeing this, just a normal plant. Yet Shinya had other ideas. He backed away cautiously. A few steps and there was a distance between them.

Rustle rustle!

There came a second sound. More urgent and with a great rustling. Looking behind him, he noticed another root popping up. And to his right, and left, until they were all around him.

Shinya merely sighed to himself, resigning to what would happen next. "Let's get this over with." he spoke to no one but the roots.

Rustle rustle! The sound came again, this time with more force and persistence. Something new was happening to the roots, they were moving. They struggled and wriggled within their dirt prisons until a great upheaveal of dirt signaled the arrival of something.

The first thing Shinya heard was a shrill cry. "Naegi!" It repeated over and over again, chanting against the air. As the dirt settled, the arrival issues forth new creatures. They were humanoid, brown and from the looks of it, made of wood. Their arms and legs were sepia toned with a wooden chest peace, arm guards, shoulder pads, leg guards and heads. Yet in the head, their were three opening. Three holes opened up for the eyes and the mouth. A blackness stared back at Shinya, Bobbing from their heads was the lone leaf root. The creatures wielded curved blades, ready to strike.

They were known as the "Naegi Hei". The foot soldiers of the Tree Clan Shizenma.

Shinya looked at the Naegi Hei with solemnity in his eyes. He removed the red orb from his neck and withdrew the weapon from its sheath. In his hand he now held a dagger of sorts. Grey metal with a gold hilt, enclosed against the metal. The pommel was bare but that quickly changed as Shinya inserted the red orb inside the pommel and twisted it in. Immediately, the hilt opened up, now becoming a full blade.

"Let's go partner." Shinya said. In response, the red orb shined a red light.

"Right." a female voice spoke up from it.

Holding the weapon high, his Ryuu Kiba, Shinya shouted. "Ryuu Valor!" A red light enveloped him and then in a flash quickly turned to fire. It spread all over his body and then in an instant died away revealing a new form. The Naegi Hei watched as the human was replaced with a new figure. From the legs up to the arms, primarily a red domination of spandex. Yet there was another prominent color, white. Right in the center, fashioned after a belly. The other forms of white were the gloves, boots, and belt. At the belt's side was a sheath for the Ryuu Kiba. Lastly there was one last color, gold. Two pieces of gold. First in the center, a strange ornate dragon head upon the chest. And the belt buckle in the shape of a dragon's claw. Then there was the helmet, red as the rest of the spandex but fashioned in a beast's head. A reptilian head. With a metallic mouthpiece where the mouth would be, and a black visor. One final detail, regarding the spandex. All the red parts were patterned and formed much like a series of scales.

Shinya was no longer a normal human. He had transformed into a fighter of justice. A bastion of goodness. He was Ryuu Red, a Ryuushiger.

"Let's go." Shinya said brandishing the Ryuu Kiba.

"Naegi!" cried the Naegi Hei, charging forward.

Shinya did the same, wielding his weapon with force, and forceful it was. Shinya struck first, parrying the weapons of his opponents. And it went like that for the majority of the fight. The Naegi Hei would strike and Shinya would retaliate. Then when he got a chance, Shinya struck it against the chest of one of the foot soldiers. He did this over and over until several of them fell. And he didn't just use his weapon, he still had his free hand, and elbowed one of the soldiers. And then he switched with his legs kicking at them. Then following up with a slash. He had taken down several and saw an opening. And he took it. The Naegi Hei closed in together, all ready to take on Shinya at once.

"Ryuu Kiba!" Shinya shouted. Flipping the blade around, he held it aloft and concentrated. A flash of flame ignited against the blade and with it Shinya struck. "Flame!" A torrent of fire shot forth and ignited against the wooden bodies of the Naegi Hei. The fires burned against their bodies and they fell to the ground in a series of explosions. And now there were no more of the wooden foot soldiers. They were all dead.

Shinya stood there for a few moments but twisted the pommel and removed the orb. The weapon closed itself and a red light enveloped Shinya. He had returned to his former state.

"Well that was simple." Shinya spoke with a sigh. He honestly had expected more of a challenge.

Taking the Ryuu Kiba, he sliced against the air making an opening. The opening spread open allowing Shinya passage, and he took it. Soon the construction site was empty, leaving nothing but the memories of battles past.


The realm was serene today. Calm and peaceful as a forest meadow. And it was within this realm that something slumbered. A deep bellowing sound issued forth, reverberating off of the walls and the surrounding area. Overall it was situated much like a temple. Draconic images painted against the stained glass windows. The temple walls were all decorated with tapestries. Red was prominently in the center, with blue and green to the right, and yellow and black to the left. Within the red lay the draconic symbol, prominent upon Ryuu Red's belt buckle. That symbol was more than just a simple image. It was the symbol of the five dragon clans: Sky, Sea, Land, Forest, and Steel.

The sound came again, the snoring. Just below the tapestries lay a chair, and in that chair something sat. It was small, no bigger than a house cat. It was faded red color. Faded red scales more like. It's wings spread upon its back, appearing very akin to a fairy's. Two bug like antennae dotted it's head, bobbing forward and draping slightly over the eyes. The faded colors indicated age, but what also indicated age was the long white beard flowing down from the creature's face.

This creature at first glance was a dragon, but not just any dragon, but a Nature Dragon. He was Oberon, the sage of the Sky Dragon tribe.

Just then, a flash of light along with a brimming sound brought Oberon back to the wakened world.

"Ugh...what?" Oberon muttered as he sprang awake, eyes adjusting to the surrounding area but focusing upon the light that filled the realm. Something stepped through, and when it cleared, it revealed itself as Shinya. "Oh! Shinya! You've returned!" Oberon spoke in his aged tone.

Shinya grinned a little to himself. "Enjoying a little nap Oberon?"

The old dragon cleared his voice, wings creaking as he breached the air. "When you get to be my age, you'll appreciate naps more. I take it from your pleased stance that the battle went well?"

"Better than well." Shinya answered, placing the orb, the draconium upon its necklace holding. "The Naegi Hei are getting simpler to deal with."

"Simple?" A voice spoke up from the draconium. "A flash from it and something emerged. It was as large as Oberon, and very much the same in shape. The key difference was the lack of beard and the brighter red color. The creature flapped its fairy wings as its bright yellow eyes momentarily darted across the realm. Another key difference was gender. This nature dragon was a girl. "They were weak more like it! We totally stomped them! Right partner?"

Shinya nodded in response.

"You should have been there old man! We totally kicked their asses!" the dragoness boasted. "I swear their getting weaker or the time. Or we're just getting stronger. Mostly me I think." she continued to boast.

"Now Princess Hinora. One mustn't be too prideful." Oberon chided.

Yes, Hinora was indeed a princess, the third born of the Sky Dragon King to be precise. And she certainly showed it. The princess gave a scoffing sound before she continued to speak.

"No shame in being prideful when you got the skill to back it up." Hinora boasted.

"That's enough Hinora." Shinya cut in. "We did a good job, that's all there is to it." Shinya was more humble in their victory. He knew they were good, but felt no need to rub it in.

Oberon had to concur with a nod. "I agree, you both have done exceptionally well, but I must say the Shizenma still have me worried."

"Worried?" Shinya repeated.

The old dragon nodded. "Yes. Their attacks are becoming more frequent. I fear they can only get stronger."

"What? More Naegi Hei?" Hinora replied with a laugh. "Just bring em on. I'll burn them every time!" she retorted with a huff of smoke.

"You weren't there during the war young one!" Oberon chided. "The sheer force the Shizenma are capable of was overwhelming. There was a reason only three of the past Ryuushigers survived." A hint of recollection flashed within the old dragon's eyes. The carnage, the bloodshed. Many nature dragons and humans lost their lives that day. "The Shizenma are no laughing matter. Which is what brings me to something you best both listen to." Flying slowly in-between the two, Oberon's expression softened. "I just got word from the Sea and Land tribes. It appears the last two descendents shall be arriving."

"What?" Both Shinya and Hinora exclaimed.

"Yes. They will be arriving in the city today." Oberon explained.

Shinya stood there for a few moments, taking the news in. "But Oberon. Hinora and I have been doing fine by ourselves."

"Yeah! We don't need no rookies! Shinya and I are the unbeatable duo!" Hinora boasted once more.

Shinya shot his partner a look and continued to speak. "Hinora and I can handle this."

"Now Shinya. I know you feel you have something to prove, but in order to defeat the Shizenma, you must gather a full team." said Oberon.

Shinya stared down at his Ryuu Kiba. As talented as he was with it, he knew his blade alone wouldn't be enough to halt the Shizenma's approach. His own memories played back and a voice echoes within his head.

"Shinya." He remembered the day they presented them with the blade. "From now on, you will carry on the will of Ryuu Red. You alone must bring honor to our family." And he had been doing that just fine by himself. He had pushed himself hard, he and Hinora both, well mostly him, and they had made it. But now, they were getting teammates. And for some reason, that didn't sit well with him.


The bus pulled its way through the busy streets. Two driver appointed to a strict schedule, one that he hoped wouldn't be deterred. Inside the metal shell lay an assortment of passengers, each with their own story. But two of them held a shared story, and a shared destination. The first of which was a young woman, her hair braided into pig tails and thick glasses upon her eyes. She wore a blue jacket with a skirt underneath. Beside her was a young man whose hair was braided into a pony tail. He too wore a jacket, yellow colored, but of course no skirt underneath. What drew them together in appearance was two things. One was the fact they each wore a white shirt with a dragon claw depicted upon it. And furthermore, each had a jewel around their necks. Blue for the young woman, and yellow for the young man.

"Wow! Look at the city!" the girl exclaimed excitedly. "I've never been here before have you?"

The young man beside her hardly looked entertained. In fact, he held a look of absolute disdain for what was around him. Or rather who was around him.

"This is just like out of a story. The heroine finding a new place, proceeding further along her quest!"

The young man didn't change in appearance, keeping that same stern face. And he wouldn't change so long as she was talking. And talking, and talking, and talking and... The bus suddenly came to a stop as the boy pulled on the brake cable. The bus came to a sudden stop, the passengers lurching forward slightly.

Getting to his feet, the young man headed for the doorway. He soon stepped into the outside world with the young woman trailing behind him.

"Hey Fuji wait up!" the young woman called.

"It's Fujita." the young man corrected.

"Yeah well don't walk too fast!" the girl called after catching up to her companion. "We have to stick together. After all! We're a duo!"

The young man rolled his eyes and sighed. "We're hardly a duo Naomi."

"It's Nami." the young woman corrected.

"Whatever, any way I hope you can be serious for once." Fujita said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nami asked.

Fujita stopped momentarily to stare at her before continuing on. "In case you've forgotten, we have a duty to our families to uphold."

"I know that! But think of this like an adventure!" Nami cheerfully declared.

Fujita only shook his head. She had been like this the moment she met him. Everything was just a big storybook to her. Where as he knew the gravity of their situation. He knew what was at stake, and knew the responsibility that came with it. Why couldn't she see the same?

All those thoughts were put on hold as the ground began to shake. The pair were momentarily knocked to their feet as the shaking continued. Then, several feet away from them, a bright light formed a circle upon the ground. It was a sepia toned light, and from it something emerged. The first thing they saw were horns. Arched horns that jutted from side to side. Following that was a head, amber colored skin and in the shape of a bull. The rest of the body emerged huge and beefy with metal armbands, and a silver chest piece. Leaving a four pack abdomen. The last to emerge were hoofed feet stamping the ground as the creature fully emerged.

"Monster!" Somebody yelled, and the cry bounced and echoed throughout the streets. People turned and ran as the creature, stamped into view.

"That's it! Run pitiful humans!" The monster bellowed.

Both Nami and Fujita stood alert at the new creature, hands instinctively going to their hilts, for situated around their waists were belts with sheaths attached to them. And in them were weapons, but now just any weapons: Ryuu Kibas.

The monster, Squire Minohon snorted and stamped as he prepared to attack, but stopped once he noticed the two in front of him. "That scent." he said with a sniff. "That unmistakable scent!" He bore daggers right at the pair before him. "You two! You bear the scent of the dragon clans upon you!" Minohon readied to attack. "In the name of the Shizenma! You two shall be destroyed!"

Both Nami and Fujita knew what was coming and they too were ready. Taking out their Ryuu Kibas, they inserted the orbs, the draconium into the pommels and turned them in, opening the blades.

"You ready?" Fujita asked.

Nami nodded with a "Mmmmhmmm!"

Holding their blades aloft they cried. "Ryuu Valor!" But nothing happened.

Both of them were surprised but merely assumed the transformation would take a while to happen, but after those moments, and nothing happening, it became apparent wasn't working.

"Eh?" Nami said, "Did we say it wrong?"

"No I don't think so." Fujita quipped.

Both were confused, as was Minohon. "Aww what's wrong? Something not working? Well all the more easier for me." Minohon charged forward leaving the pair little time to prepare.

Both Nami and Fukita still readied their weapons. Moving out of the way as Minohon rammed the bus. That gave all the passengers the incentive to fully depart the bus. In fact, most of the people had fled. That was good. Low risk for casualties.

Both Nami and Fujita slashed their weapons at the creature, but it did nothing more than alert the monster to their presence. Grabbing hold of both of them, he threw them to the ground.

"Ow! Meanie!" Nami whined.

"How come our blades aren't reacting?" Fujita asked.

"So these are the legendary warriors of the dragon clans? Pathetic!" Minohon proclaimed.

The monster prepped himself to run, ready to charge forward. Just before he did, a burst of flame struck him against the bus.

"What the?!" The exclamation was for all three.

Nami and Fujita looked behind them to see someone striding up to them. It was a person clad in red. Completely red, with a white belly, and a golden chest symbol.

"Is?" Nami began to say.

"That?" Fujita finished.

"A dragon warrior?" Minohon said with surprise.

Indeed it was a dragon warrior, Shinya, or rather Ryuu Red. Standing tall and ready to fight.

"Shizenma! Return to whence you came!" Shinya ordered.

"Little too formal for you isn't it?" Hinora piped.

"Shut up." Shinya cut.

Minohon threw his fist into the air. "Like I'm going to listen to that!" he scoffed.

And with that said, Minhon charged forward, and so did Shinya. The two warriors struck at one another, fists against blade. Shinya was far more leaner than the beefier squire. So therefore he was quicker. And with that speed he had a clear advantage. That advantage served him well with Minohon clearly faltering.

"Damn! Quit moving!" Minohon yelled.

Shinya stood a few feet back ready for the oncoming attack.

"Shinya? We need to step this up." Hinora advised.

"Right?" Shinya nodded.

Concentrating, he focused upon his Ryuu Kiba. He could feel the power of the sky, the blaze of fire. He could feel Hinora as well, and with that their spirits fully entwined.

"Form Shift!"

Fire surrounded the Ryuu Kiba. And with that it's shape altered. No longer was it a dagger, but it had transformed into a full on sword. With a red handle and hilt and an orange flame patterned blade.

"Blaze Sword!" Shinya declared.

With that said, he stood at the ready while Nami and Fujita watched.

Minohon charge forward, as did Shinya. He reared his sword back and charged forward. Time seemed to slow as the two combatants neared each other. And then there was a flash of flame as both stood on opposite sides.

"Flame Strike!" Shinya cried as he delivered the blow.


Shinya heard the sound and looked behind him. Something indeed had clattered to the ground. It was Minohon's left horn. The monster knelt down cradling the horn in his hands.

"My horn!" he wailed. "You cut it off!"

Shinya propped his sword upon his shoulder, ready to strike again. Minohon was having none of that and with a whimper, he shrank back into the sepia light. Taking a few moments of reflection, Shinya stared at the area around him. So far there was no damage and nobody seemed hurt. That was good.

"Wow!" came a bubbly cry.

Shinya looked on to see a girl with pig tails and glasses approaching him. The girl grabbed hold of him shaking him slightly.

"That was so cool! You were in incredible!" she exclaimed.

Shinya looked on at the girl's expressive display and was a little put off by it. The other one, the boy with the pony tail seemed a bit more reserved.

"Oh my gosh! Is this what you're supposed to look like when you transform?" the girl continued.

Shinya didn't really know what else to say except for, "Um yeah."

Fujita shook his head and stared at his Ryuu Kiba. So he had seen a Ryuushiger, and it looked like the team was together. But he had to wonder? What would happen next?


Cold, the realm was cold. Darkness surrounded it on all sides, permeating, sinking in, giving off a scent of unpleasantry. This was the Shizoku Realm, land of the Tree Clan Shizenma. Within the dark, one thing stood out. One solitary thing. It was a tree. A giant tree looming in and over the center of the realm. It's roots bore into the nonexistent ground and spread all around. Within the tree were several openings, with one in particular near the top. It was coated by a large canopy of leaves, crowing the top and giving off the illusion of life within this dreary realm. And through the opening lay a room, and within that room Minohon now lay.

It was a grand room, a great large hall with a red carpet spreading from the balcony to the center where a large circular rail lay. Spreading up were a series of roots, intertwining into the ceiling where several seeds hung. Minohon cradled his broken horn, feebly attempting to reattach it back in place.

"They w-w-were too-too strong." he whimpered.


Minohon stopped what he was doing and gazed into the darkness as footsteps reached his ears.

Something was approaching him. The footsteps were precise and with dignity. And that dignity brought something into view. Someone actually. Orange was the first thing that came to sight. An orange suit with a flame like design. Bits of black speckled in there, mainly near the legs. But the flames spread into an ornate looking chest armor, completing the flame like design upon the shoulders, with red sleeves. Two swords were at his side, rapier like in appearance. The face was vaguely human like, light orange skin with glowing red eyes, one with a monocle over the left. Atop his head was a bird like helmet, orange just as the rest of the clothing d├ęcor. Lastly was a pair of wings folded in upon his back.

"You ran away like a simpering coward!" said the bird creature, wings spreading and sending bits of fire and air towards Minohon.

"P-P-Please Pheoken-sama! They were too strong, and look what they did to my horn!" Minohon pleaded.

"That's no excuse!" Pheoken said brandishing one of his swords. "You're a pitiful warrior. Not worth this realm."

Minohon scurried away only to stop once loud laughter pierced his ears. "Ohhohohoho!" It was very akin to the stereotypical noblewoman's laugh. "Oh Sir Pheoken. You certainly are fired up today!"

Out of the dark stepped another creature. This one tall and in a blue colored breastplate. The legs were bare, revealing light blue skin, draped over so slightly by a white skirt. The face was human like, just as Pheoken's, but her face was covered by a white veil. A tiara crowned her head with cyan colored hair draping down; the very color of ice. In her dainty hands she held a blue staff, one with a white snowflake at the tip. Like Pheoken, she had glowing red eyes.

"I would watch your tone Lady Yukiffu." Pheoken warned.

"Or what? You'll melt me?" the ice woman dared.

Pheoken growled and leaned forward.

"That's enough you two." a hard voice said.

A third figure entered from the darkness. This one was big and burly, looming over Minohon. In it's hand it held a large hammer, held only by a gray skinned hand, tight as the muscles bulged from underneath The rest of the body was a gray skinned behemoth, the color of stone. An brown chest plate covered his body, save for an opening that revealed his rippling stomach muscles. Brown pants covered the legs, with brown metallic boots at the bottom. Lastly the creature's face was a stern ghoulish visage. An ogre right off the bat, with two upturned tusks jutting out from the mouth. The head was completely bare, save for being flanked by two dog like ears. Just as the other two knights, his eyes were fierce and red.

"Knights of the Shizenma shouldn't fight amongst themselves like this." the ogre spoke.

Pheoken sheathed his sword and returned to a calm position. "You should pick your squires better Sir Onihan."

A clatter gave away as Minhon dropped his horn and grabbed hold of Onihan's leg. "Oh Onihan-sama! Please forgive me!"

"Silence yourself Minohon. They merely caught you off guard." Onihan patted his squire upon the head.

"My how forgiving you are." said Yukiffu "Such grace and style despite your imposing frame."

"Er, thank you Lady Yukiffu." Onihan said, hiding his face slightly.

Just then, a soft tune played throughout the air. The other knights looked about and finally settled towards the top. Upon the roots a figure sat, thin and lithe. One leg dangled down revealing a green silk pant just slightly revealing violet skin. The upper armor was a chest plate, green colored and metallic. The same silk green outfit was wrapped around the arms, spiraling down revealing the violet skin held together by white beads. The creatures face was soft, not a blemish in sight. The eyes were as red as the other three knights, which belied the soft demeanor the creature presented. Curly green hair mopped his head and upon his back, was a pair of wings: fairy wings. Held in his hand, and to his mouth, the fairy held an ocarina.

"Playing another one of your songs Sir Yoseika?" Pheoken spoke.

Yoseika continued to play, ignoring all around him.

"My my, still the same as always." Yukiffu observed.

"He is truly at peace." Onihan observed as well.

Pheoken turned away with a "hmmph!" "Style, grace, all that matters in battle is strength!" he said whilst walking away towards the balcony.

"The humans that mill about the planet, and the animals that skitter about the ground, air, and sea, they must all be eliminated! So that we, the Tree Clan Shizenma can claim this world as ours! It is our right as the true heirs of the planet!"

That was the decree of the Shizenma, spoken through the voice of one of the Four Seasonal Knights. That was their goal, that was their reason for existence. And they wouldn't accomplish it by staying underground. A return to the surface was needed.

"Onihan! Send that cowardly squire back up there!" Pheoken ordered.

Minohon wasn't hearing it however. "But Onihan-sama! Look what they did to my horn!" he said holding up the broken piece.

"Worry not Minohon," Onihan reassured, "A quick stop to the smelter is needed."

"Smelter?" Minohon said with worry. And then he noticed Onihan brandishing his hammer. "Oh no..."


"Wooooooooowwwwwww!" Nami exclaimed, taking a deep long breath before she had spoken. The girl was positively ecstatic, warms spread all around as she spun, taking it all in.

Fujita was far more refined in how he observed things. "Amazing, so this is the realm of the Nature Dragons?"

"Very astute of you young lad." Oberon said flying into view. "This realm is specifically designed to remain in-between the five triiiibbbbesssss!" Oberon's speech became drawn out as something tugged against him, his beard to be precise.

"So cuuuuuttttttteeeeee!" Nami said as she tugged along the beard of the elderly dragon.

"Stop that! Let me go!" Oberon demanded.

"Wow! You must be so old!" Nami exclaimed.

"Yeah she sure got you pegged gramps!" Hinora's voice piped up from within her draconium. But in short time, the young nature dragon was out and about, flying through the air and showing off her skill in the air.

Upon seeing Hinora, Nami stopped what she was doing and strode over to her. "You're even cuter!" she exclaimed.

Hinora did a little flip in the air before coming to a full stop. "Naturally! It comes with being a woman!"

"Wait? A woman?" Fujita observed. Though he couldn't tell physically, the voice was a dead giveaway. "Your nature dragon's a girl?" he asked to Shinya.

"Yeah? You got a problem with that?" Hinora challenged.

"Well no it's just that I didn't expect a boy to...um well have a girl dragon."

"I felt the same way." Shinya muttered.

"Yeah but you're happy I'm me!" Hinora piped.

Though there was that break in the subject, Nami's excitement had yet to dim. "I can't believe it, I got to meet a Ryuushiger and a dragon all in the same day!"

"Wait? You mean you guys haven't met your dragons yet?" Shinya asked.

Both Nami and Fujita nodded. "Yeah, our Ryuu Kibas don't work." said Fujita.

The pair of them presented their Ryuu Kibas to the rest of the group, draconium and all.

"Hmm...very interesting." Oberon noted. "Though no doubt you two have been trained, I wonder if the same could be said for your respective dragons?"

"What?" Everyone exclaimed.

"Yes, though perhaps they are waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves." Oberon suggested.

Fujita threw up his arms, "Well that's helpful."

Nami looked down in disappointment, right into her draconium. "Come on dragon! Wake up!"

"Well honestly, I hope they stay asleep." said Hinora. "Last thing we need is another dragoness."

"What about you?" Nami said.

Hinora did another one of her flips and replied, "Well I'm all the lady this team needs...no offense." she apologized to Nami.

Shinya had remained mostly silent through most of it, but at last he felt compelled to speak. "Oberon, do I really have to team with these two? I mean they can't even transform."

"Now Shinya, I know this wasn't how we expected things to go, but the three of you are the last remaining hope this world has against the Shizenma. Together you make up the legendary team, the Yosozyu Sentai Ryuushiger."

"Well how can we be a sentai when only one of us has the skill?" Shinya presented.

That got Fujita's attention. "Now what's that supposed to mean?"

"You heard me." Shinya said.

Nami was also compelled to speak. "Now hold on! Just because you've been doing this bby yourself doesn't make you better than us!"

"Actually it kind of does." Hinora chimed in.

"That's enough Hinora. Look, I've been doing fine by myself, well me and Hinora, and you guys aren't ready."

Fujita had more to say, but then suddenly, a shiver ran down Hinora and Oberon.

"The Shizenma are attacking again." was all Oberon said.

And for Shinya and Hinora, that was all they needed to hear. Taking his Ryuu Kiba, he cut open a portal.

"Hey wait!" Nami called.

"Just stay here." Shinya directed before he stepped into the portal.

The portal closed behind him as he stepped inside, leaving Nami and Fujita alone with Oberon.

"That jerk!" Fujita exclaimed. "And he's supposed to be our leader?"

"He was a big meanie!" Nami also exclaimed.

A soft sigh escaped Oberon." Please don't judge Shinya too harshly." with a wave of his claw, another portal opened up, yet inside displayed something new. There was no bright light, but instead an image. Screams could be heard on the other side, and the city view came into sight.


Minohon roared as he charged at anyone he could find. Several people tried to get away only to be rammed by the minotaur.

"Heh ha! Stupid humans. You aren't fit to walk upon this beautiful earth!"

"You're one to talk!"

"What?" Minohon muttered.

Looking to his side, he noticed a red figure jump into view.

"Ryuushiger!" Minohon grumbled.

Sure enough, it was Shinya, or rather Ryuu Red. Brandishing his Ryuu Kiba, he looked ready to fight. "You ready for round two partner?" he asked Hinora.

And up from the Draconium, she replied, "Always."

Right away, Shinya transformed his weapon into it's sword form: the Blaze Sword. Then he charged forward, weapon at the ready. "Flame Strike!" he cried. He aimed right for the horn, oddly enough, it was still on, but he didn't pay it much mind, or even realize it until it was too late to change his actions.


The dull sound came as Shinya stood on the opposite side. Yet, there was no clatter.

"What!?" Shinya exclaimed.

A short guttural laugh escaped from Minohon. "The same trick won't work again stupid! Take a look!" Jumping around, Shinya at last noticed the change in his enemy. Both of his horns had metal plates crafted into it. "Both my horns have been reinforced for strength! Now nothing can crack them!" With his new strength displayed, Minohon charged forward.

"Well, I guess I'll have to beat you the old fashioned way!" And Shinya also charged forward.

The two met face to face and began to fight. Sword against fists. That alone should have told who would be the winner, but it wasn't so easy. Shinya's sword struck against beast, but Minohon was quick to retaliate. He punched Shinya square in the chest and then to finish up, he rammed him hard. Shinya flew back before skidding to the ground. His sword clattered next to him.

"See? You may have caught me off guard last time. But this time I've got you licked!" Minohon boasted.

The squire expected to see the human lay down, to give up. Certainly there was a good gap between their power? He had simply been caught off guard, that was it. But to his surprise, the red warrior didn't stay down. Grabbing his sword, he propped himself up.

"No matter what. I'm not staying down!" he proclaimed.

Minohon snorted. "So be it!" and then he continued his assault.


"Wow. The monster seems much stronger than before." Nami noted.

"I guess he's fighting at full strength this time." Fujita also noted.

"Yeah, but Shinya's going to win right?" Nami asked.

Fujita shook his head. "Last time the monster ran away, this time he's at full vigor. I doubt he'd run this time." Crossing his arms, he confidently tossed his head back. "Kind of serves him right for going out by himself."

"Fujita! That's not a nice thing to say!" Nami chided.

"Well it's true. Acting like he's the only one who can handle this. Honestly I don't know how you worked with this guy." he said to Oberon.

The old dragon shook his head. "You judge Shinya too harshly. Despite what he may have shone, Shinya truly is a kind, spirited person."

Both Nami and Fujita looked to the dragon, and then to the screen. All the while, Shinya was fighting, putting all he could against the monster. Though Shinya was fighting bravely, he was getting smacked around by the monster. Yet, each and every time he fell, he could get right back up and continue fighting.

"Shinya has a lot of pressure riding on him. To his family to his bloodline, just as the two of you." Oberon said. "Yet he keeps pressing on. That is how a Ryuushiger fights!"

Nami and Fujita listened well and watched the battle unfold. They could have stayed, maybe should have, but they knew that would be selfish. Selfish and ruled by anger. Though they hadn't become fully fledged, they were still Ryuushigers. And Ryuushigers wouldn't leave another one of their own.


Shinya spun around as he was stricken again. The minotaur wasn't bluffing before. There was a clear difference in strength.

"It's useless! Why don't you just give up?" Minohon asked. Picking him up by the neck, he through Shinya far off.

That attack stung, as he didn't move right away. He wanted to get up, but he kept finding something bringing him down. He wasn't sure if he had just given up, or maybe he was being realistic. Part of him said if he was smart, he would stay down. But he didn't. He got right back up and stood ready to fight. And he wasn't alone.

"What the?" he said as he noticed two new guests beside him. "You two?" he said both to Nami and Fujita.

"Wait? Aren't you the two from before?" Minohon noticed.

"Yeah, you leave him alone you meanie!" Nami demanded.

"If you go through him, you go through us!" Fujita chimed in.

Shinya felt his weapon devolve back into the Ryuu Kiba. Hinora had given a lot of her strength to maintain that form. "I thought I told you guys to stay back?"

"Yeah like we're going to listen to that." said Fujita.

"You were in trouble, so we wanted to help." Nami added.

Shinya readied his weapon, "But he's too strong, and you can't transform."

"So what? We can't just leave you alone, and we won't give up!" Nami piped.

"Oberon said that was how a Ryuushiger fought and lived. And that's what we're going to do!" Fujita proclaimed.

Shinya was taken aback as the pair had come forth. This was a surprise to him, even after he had put down their lack of skills. Yet, here they were. Said exactly like a Ryuushiger. Suddenly, Nami and Fujita gave little gasps of shock. Holding up their Ryuu Kibas, they noticed their draconium was glowing. And then in a flash, something emerged. Two solid shapes. One blue, the other yellow, both with glowing yellow eyes, fairy wings, and two antennae on each body. It was obvious what they were.

"Greetings! Greetings! It's such a pleasure to meet you!" The blue nature dragon spoke in a feminine tone.

"Yo likewise." The yellow nature dragon spoke to Fujita.

"Woah! My Nature Dragon!" Nami exclaimed. "I'm Nami!" she added excitedly.

"It's a pleasure Nami, my name is Sea Dragon Tribe Knight Mizami." The blue nature dragon greeted.

"How's it going? I'm Land Dragon Tribe Knight Tsuro." The yellow nature dragon greeted.

"Fujita." Fujita greeted.

The two nature dragons looked toward Minohon and their eyes grew serious.

"Shizenma, you will cease your wrongdoings!" Mizami declared.

"It's time to kick some butt and go home heroes!" Tsuro proclaimed.

In a flash, the two dragons vanished into the draconium. Both Nami and Fujita stared at the weapons, awe in their eyes.

"Guys...transform!" Shinya proclaimed.

Holding their Ryuu Kibas high, the pair shouted, "Ryuu Valor!" A flash of blue and yellow shone brightly as their respective elements covered their bodies. For Nami, water flowed all around her, and as for Fujita, it was sand. The respective elements solidified into full on suits, and then lastly into helmets. Another flash signified the transformation's end. Most of the detail of the two costumes were the same, save for colorization: blue for Nami, and yellow for Fujita. Same white belly, gloves, boots and belt, and the same gold chest symbol and belt buckle. And at their sides were their Ryuu Kibas. Exactly the same, save for the skirt on Nami's uniform.

"Wow! I'm a Ryuushiger!" Nami said pumping her fists.

Fujita looked himself over and felt his hands against the helmet. "Incredible."

"Big deal! The three of you can't stand up against me!" Minohon boasted.

"Get ready you two, I expect the hard fight is about to come." Shinya directed.

"Wait! First we have to do our roll call!" Nami piped.

"Roll call?" Shinya repeated.

"Do we really?" Fujita said with a sigh.

"Come on guys! This is our first battle so we need to make our presence known." Nami explained.

Both boys were uncertain about this whole thing, but they admitted to themselves it seemed appropriate."

"All right. I'll start." Shinya said, finally relenting. Sheathing his weapon, Shinya crossed his fists and brought them out all while announcing himself. "Dragon of the skyward flames! Ryuu Red!"

Full of excitement, Nami was next. "Dragoness of the serene sea! Ryuu Blue!"

And lastly, Fujita. "Dragon of the vast land! Ryuu Yellow!"

And then it was time for the clincher. "The mighty fangs of the dragon tribes! Yosozyu Sentai! Ryuushiger!"

Just then, a great explosion rocked behind them as they all posed.

"Uh what was that?" Fujita asked.

"Don't ask me." Shinya replied.

"Oh never mind about that, we pulled it off." Nami reassured.

"Enough of this!" Minohon roared. "Naegi Hei!"

Right on cue, the wooden foot soldiers rose up from the ground, all while crying, "Naegi!"

"Everyone. Let's go!" Shinya directed.

Brandishing their Ryuu Kibas, the three Ryuushigers charged forward, as did the Naegi Hei. The sound of clashing blades sounded out as the two forces collided. The multi colored trio struck at their wooden combatants. Though the Naegi Hei were numerous, the Ryuushigers were skilled.

"Ryuu Kiba! Flame!" Shinya cried sending a flurry of fire towards a horde.

"Whoa! How do we do that?" Nami ask.

"Just concentrate!" Shinya said as he resumed fighting.

Just concentrate? Not much to go on. But they did it anyway.

Nami and Fujita concentrated, focused, and then they found themselves compelled to speak.

"Ryuu Kiba! Splash!" Nami shouted, sending out a torrent of water. The water struck against the Naegi Hei, defeating them.

"Ryuu Kiba! Sand!" Fujita shouted. On cue, sand shot forth and struck against the wooden foot soldiers.

More fell and the rest were easily handled. Minohon watched this all with uneasy eyes. He had brought them out for protection, but they were falling one by one. And now he was alone. And he didn't like that. Not even his reinforced horns were giving him any confidence.

"Everyone! Let's combine our power!" Shinya shouted.

Bringing their Ryuu Kibas together, they focused their energies, and the elements of Sky, Sea, and Land came together.

"Ryuu Kiba! Trinity Force!" they all shouted at once.

Fire, water, and sand all came together and spiraled toward Minohon. The minotaur fearfully stammered and shifted in his place. But it was too late considering how fast the attack was. A great explosion rocked the area and when the dust cleared Minohon was on the ground motionless, a burn mark upon his chest.

"All right! We did it!" Nami proclaimed.

Even Fujita and Shinya had to express their joy. So far, it was a victory, their first. And it felt good.


Onihan grumbled lightly. "Minohon was fallen." he stated.

Yukiffu put a hand to her mouth. "Oh my."

Pheoken turned around, facing the balcony. "It was expected."

Despite this setback, there was one who didn't feel any disappointment, no he still held an important task. Sir Yoseika played his flute, and played it well. As he did, the tree rots above began to glow and a great power resonated throughout the room. The other knights felt it, and it found its way to the human world.


"What's that sound?" Fujita noticed the music.

Shinya and Nami heard it as well. And they weren't the only ones who heard it.

"Hmmm?" Minohon muttered, eyes fluttering open as he suddenly felt something growing within him. It was power. Rising to his feet, he snorted and stamped his hooves. A bright glow enveloped his body and in a flash, he shot straight up, high into the air, and modified in size. He was now a giant, looming over the three Ryuushigers.

"He-He grew!" Nami stuttered.

The three Ryuushigers stumbled as Minohon stomped towards them, laughing all the while.

"Just calm down everyone!" Hinora's voice spoke up from her draconium.

"Yes. Hold up your draconium aloft." Mizami explained.

"What?" Shinya questioned.

"Don't question her. Just do it!" Tsuro ordered.

The three Ryuushigers turned their Ryuu Kibas upside down and held the pommels high.

"Now shout come forth Dragon Titans!" Hinora directed.

"Dragon Titans?" Shinya questioned. Another stomp from Minohon told them not to argue.

"Come forth Dragon Titans!" the trio shouted.

A bright light, a rainbow trio of red, blue, and yellow spread forth, high into the sky. Within the light, the three nature dragons emerged. But their forms didn't last as they too grew and shifted. When the light settled, the Ryuushigers gazed at their partner's new forms.

Hinora now looked like a traditional European dragon. A metallic red color with a black plating below her.

Mizami bore resemblance to a sea serpent. She was perfectly lithe save for the small turtle shell upon her back. Her ski nwas the same metallic shade as Hinora's, save for being blue. Then there were her sea green claws.

Tsuro was the oddest looking of them all. At most, he bore resemblance to a draconic horse. Four hooves, a short tail, with two horns spiring up from a draconic face. He was a metallic yellow, while his hooves were black.

Suddenly, the three Ryuushigers found themselves flying through the air and heading right towards the Dragon Titans. As soon as they neared the heads, they vanished and found themselves in a new realm. It was dark, save for lights mirroring their respective colors. And at the center was a platform.

"Where am I?" Shinya asked. The other Ryuushigers held the same sentiments. But it dawned upon them there was an indentation in the platform, as if something had to be inserted. There was only one thing. Taking their Ryuu Kibas, they inserted the blade in with the pommel facing upward. Each Ryuushiger placed a hand and right away, their vision changed. They could see the towering buildings, and they could see Minohon before them.

"This feels, incredible!" Shinya exclaimed.

"It's like we're one with our dragons!" Nami added.

"Is this really the result of our bond?" Fujita asked.

"Enough talk! Let's fight!" Tsuro exclaimed.

And they were off. The three dragons charged (or flew in Hinora and Mizami's case)

"Whatever! I'll smash you!" Minohon declared, charging forward himself.

The first to act was Mizami. "This will cool him down." she said forming a circle. Right as she did, a bubble formed. It swept over the field and struck Minohon.

"Yikes! That's cold!" he cried.

"Yo! Let me take this one!" Tsuro proclaimed. He rode right up to Minohon and rammed both of his front hooves upon his chest. And then, he brought them down causing a tremor. Minohon stumbled backwards before falling right on his rear.

And lastly it was Hinora's turn. "Hey ugly? How about a face full of flame!" Hinora boasted before sending out a stream of fire. It burned against Minohon's skin and set him ablaze. "All right. Enough of this. Let's finish him off!" Hinora proclaimed.

The three dragons came together and their bodies began to glow. Inside, their partners concentrated all of their might against their draconium and they felt that power rise. And when it reached its peak, the bodies of flashed and formed into a solid multi colors ball. The ball shot forward like a billiard and hit Minohon square in the chest. The ball bounced back and reformed back into the three dragons.

"This...can't...be!" Minohon shouted before he fell over and exploded.

The dragons let out a triumphant roar which echoes throughout the city. The people below watched with awe and amazement, especially with one woman in green.

"Now that's a shot!" she said as she took pictures with her camera.

The very same feeling could be felt by a boy in black. "Incredible!" he exclaimed.

And that's the general gist of how everyone felt. It was the first victory of the Ryuushigers.


The three Dragon Titans transformed back into their normal forms, and the Ryuushigers had gone back to their civilian attire.

"We did it!" Nami exclaimed happily hopping up and down.

"Indeed we did Nami. I look forward to working with you more." Mizami added.

"So you up for more rumbles?" Tsuro asked Fujita.

Fujita thought for a moment before answering. "Count on it."

Shinya was the next person to speak, but someone beat him too it.

"Well now that we're all settled, there are some things we have to hash out." Hinora spoke. "First off, I'm top dragon around here."

"And what just makes you top dragon hmm?" Mizami spoke with a hint of a challenge.

"Well, first off, I'm royalty, where as the rest of you are simply knights. And since my partner is Ryuu Red, technically that makes me the leader of all of you." she said to the other two dragons.

"I aint taking orders from you!" Tsuro piped.

"That's right. We are all equal here! And we don't need some spoiled little royal pain telling us what to do!"

"Royal pain!?" Hinora blurted. "I aint no royal pain! I am the utmost in draconic grace and beauty. I rock! I rule! I'm the best! So there nyaaaaaa!" She said as she pulled down one of her eye lids.

Shinya merely sighed and shook his head. "This isn't going how I thought it would." he muttered. But he knew there was nothing he could do. This was the start of a new team, and he would have to except it.

And so, the Super Sentai team walked off, uncertain of what the next horizon would bring.

To be continued...

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