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After two days of that failing barbecue that princess gum has done

Here are Finn and Jake go towards to the palace

"Finn finn " said jake the yellow dog , who has always be there for finn.. he wasn't hid animal and wasn't his freind .. he was his brother , polling finn 's T-shirt

"What Jake ? said finn the human Dressing in his blue shirt .. whire hat ... yellow sord .. as usaul... looking at him

" Why do you think the princess asked us to come to the palace at this time of the night ? " asked jake wondering

"I don't know ! " replayed finn also wondering with his freind

"Do you think she is still angry because we exposed her secret about her wigs" said jake , laughing at that embbaresing moment

But finn wasn't happy about that , he was afraid and shaking .. cause that picter will stay in his mind … FOREVER

"Don't Remember Me" souted finn

Jack sigh and said " COM'ON , finn i t was fun "

Finn didn't replay and keept walking

After the opening of the palece's doors

Finn and jack saw the princess walking trough the gades ... Softly in her walk ..with her pretty rose hair made of sweet sweet gum ... and her long dress ... but her face wasn't happy as the colors of her hair and dress , there's no smile on her face … something was in her mind

"Finn , Jake I am glad that you guys could make it !" she said with a voice of an angel but a Questionable movements

" hay princess" finn replayed

"ok , guys i have something to say , do you guys remember after the destruction ceremony barbecue by the glasses which create that black hole " said the princess in the same time as she walked into the palace

Finn and jake looked at her , remembering that day

"YEAH … SORRY about that princess " said finn , then he added " those stupid glasses , making me smart * sigh* what i was thinking ? shouted finn ... i guess i just wanted to impre- " finn stopped talking , he didn't want her to know how much her feeling conte for him

" finn .. ? " the princess stopped walking and looked at him , she asked " what the metter ? "

Finn smiled , his head was looking to the ground , then , he looked at her in the eyes … smiling " haha ! NOTHING "

The princess was surprised by his reaction

As jake , he was bored … chilling with his ships eating them and then Shouted " OKAY …. WE GET IT .. IT WAS YOUR FAULT " he pionted at finn … " AND YOU DON' T CARE" he pionted at the princess " … CAN WE MOVE ON ! "

Finn was staring at him like « WHAT ARE YOU DOING « he said with his eyes looking at jake

Jake looked at him … he understand what finn is trying to do and replayed to him also with his eyes « i' m saving you , WHAT YOU THINK I AM DOING «

The princess didn't get what they were doing but then she remebered what they are here for

She involve the « eyes » contact betwenn Jake and Finn … and continued her speak " SO .. as i was saying the black hole… " she didn't finished her speak .. because of jake

" YEAH …. What's that all about "

Finn screamed at him " JAKE .. ! WHA-t are you doing ? "

" NO , he is right " said the princess

" what ? " said finn surprised

"I discovered that the glasses were NOT destroyed" said the princess

" WHAT !" Shouted jake and finn at the same time in a shock

"It traveled across a dimension , in a world that have no sence of science and logic , EVEN I CAN'T IMAGEN THE HORRER IN THAT PLACE " said the princess Describing it as it is the worst place ever

meanwhile, in Elmore

in a lovely sunday day with no school

Gumball watterson the blue skinny cat ... the stupid kid in the town and probebly the most weirdes walks admiring the stares , his head in the sky , as usual , not looking at who he could pump into or where direction he may take

"hay gumball " said Darwin behind him , the orange fish with lages ... Gumball 's best freind and by far he's most trusted brother

" OH ! hello Darwin " said gumball still looking at the sky

" so .. ! " said Darwin … and then asked " what are you doing ? "

" oh … you know … just looking for some stars " said gumball

Darwin start thinking … and thinking …. And thinking

-5 min later –

THEN darwin said after a long thinking " buT .. Gumball you can't find stars in this time of the day .. you need to wait intel the night "

Gumball didn't like what he heard and said " oh ! oka- " but wait he DID find something in the sky

" Darwin , LOOK " he shouted while he pointed at the sky with his finger

" it a Star in the sky … make a wish …Quike " the blue cat shouted at his friend

"no man " said Darwin , and then he tried to remind him how horrebly it went last time " Don't you remember what happened last time when we wished something ? "

"Calm down.. " SAID GUMBALL , and then he added " what the worst thing that could happend"

After these words , he said .. he start to think about his wish "This is my chance To impressive penny " he said to himself

"I wish. I wish to become smart. just for penny " he said with a smile on his face like a littel innocent boy … but while looking at the sky ... he couldn't not noticeing that star has become closly and closly near to his face " ... and… AND …. I wish the star doesn't fall on meeee" he souted while runing the faster that he can

while darwin is sittinn there watching the show

BAM ! the star has fallen and hit gumball's head … he couldn't see anything now .. everything terned to black

someone calling him " Gumball .. gumball wake up "the voice said … he opened his eyes and it was his best freind calling him

" D-d-ar-wi n" he said not in his best shape .. " wha… what happened " he added

" thank god .. i tought i lost you " said darwin with a happy face

" GOSH … DAMN YOU Earth's gravity " gumball SCREAMED

" G-gum-ball ? " said darwin

" yeah .. !? " his friend replayed

" what did you just say ? " Darwin asked him

" i- i don't know .. i said something … " and then he realised " SMART " HE SHOUTED .. " i just said something SMART " HE SOUTED AGAIN .

" BUT … how … " SAID DARWIN , and then ASKED " and what that thing in your head ? "

" UH ? " Gumball said .. as he took out the glasses " It is clear that the glasses and the atmosphere was thrown from another dimension " he said with a smart and confident voice

" you did it again ! " Darwin screamed , and then added "Gumball can you remove the glasses "

gumball removed it and suddenly , he wasn't feeling it anymore , that weird feeling of a smart and an intelligent person

" UGH ... Darwin let go i am so borred i wanna make fun of dad " Gumball said in a borred voice

Darwin puts his hand in his chin .. trying to see .. what the different

"can you re- put it , please " Darwin request

Gumball reput the glasses and wow that feeling has come back " Darwin , my dear .. don't you love how the Radiation energy from the sun passes the ideal amount of land which is 50% "


asked Gumball " why ? "

darwin said " JUST , PLEASE "

Gamball agreed and remove it and suddenly the feeling has gone AGAIN !

" LET GO PRANK MISS SEMAIN AGAIN , PLEEEEEEEASE " gumball said out of no-where

And gumball started removed it and re-put it again and again

"OMG, Darwin Do you know what this means" Gumball screamed finaly

"Ehhhh…Does this mean that you are not angry about that embbaressing video that I posted on the Internet ?" said darwin quikely

"what! no This means that the star has made my wish come true ,I am SMART, Finally I can impress binny" said Gumball and then ASKED wondering " Wait, what video ?"

"Nothing" quikely said Darwin

"We'll talk about it later , Come on"

"damn it " said Darwin " i was so close "

" LET GO ! " gumball Shouted


In the land of Ooo

IN THE PRINCESS' laboratory

"Well, what's the plan princess ?" FINN asked

"ok right now We must go to that dimension as soon as possible, so I'll make a cosmic gate and as soon as I finish Building it , you two go to that dimension and, destroy those glasses" said the princess while explained the plan

"This is a wonderful plan " said finn and jake at the same time

" I have a question, Where did you get the glasses Finn ? " asked the princess , looking at finn ,with a Serious look

"Ohhh…. We've got them From Cuze Cuze at the magical shake " said finn

"good , go to him and try to know the weaknesses of the glasses " the princess ordered

" Ok princess come on jake " said finn

"here we go " said jake

" IT ADVENTURE TIME " yalled finn and jake

Two hours, after the return of the two adventures

"so ….Are there any weaknesses ? " asked the princess

"no…..sorry princess Cuze cuze said no weaknesses " jake replayed

" well, It doesn't matter, as long you are with us finn " the princess said looking at finn

" I Will not let you down princess " said finn with his hero voice

"I trust you finn, the land of Ooo trusts you" said the princess with her hand touching Finn shoulder .

Jake involve the dialogue by saying " okaaaaaaaay… Stop the Drama for a moment " and then asked " princess are there any news about the cosmic gate"

"well … i am working on it " said the princess and then added " but don't worry about you guys being lost , cause I am comeing with you " the princess Announced


"princess, i am not trying to be rude but don't you think that this is a dangerous mission for you " said finn

" no " the princess answered " don't worry about me "

Jake looked at finn with his eyes and said FINN … SAY SOMETHING !

Finn didn't know what to say … but then " okay … PRINCESS " he souted

" WHAT ! " JAKE Shouted too, " finn Have you lost your mind ? " he asked ironicly

"Don't worry she is a strong girl and she seems to know what to do ,Come on Jake" said finn in confedent

Jake sigh … but he wasn't so sure about that after all it IS a dangerous mission

In the next day at Elmore

On a sunny day at school after one day of Gumball and Darwin have found the glasses

And everyone knows in Elmor ,that you can't start a beautiful day Without Miss Semain's screaming from our lovely school

"Guuuuuuumball" Miss semain Shouted

"Yes Miss Semian" said gumball looking at her in a shame .. even if he doesn't know what he did .. he felt it and it wasn't a good feeling

"Immediately to MR BRAWN's office now" yelled miss semain

at this time Gumball realised that it is the first time that he goes to the office without Darwin ,

But he heard a strange voice tolding him to forget it

" but he is my freind .. "said gumball to himself .. but the voice keept telling him " WHO NEED THAT TALKING FISH "

" I do " gumball shouted

Then out of no-where he slapped himself

" wha- why did i do that ? " he asked to himself as he walked to the office

It like that , the strang voice become an action ... almost alive

Gumball stopped talking to himself and realised that he is in front door of the principal's office

Knock …Knock

"The door is open, Come on in " the principal shouted behind the door .. sitting in his office while drinking coffie ... man how much does he loves that coffie even if it tast like dirt

"How are you ? … principal Brown … you look good today " gumball started to compliment MR brawn , hopping that it will get him anywhere BUT detention

" i t okay gumball , you don't have to be nice with me .. you are here because of a good thing you have done " the principal said with a nice , non-angry voice

GUMBALL shouted out of no-where " I KNOOOOOOOOOW I AM SORRY I SHOULDN'T DONE THAT I AM S- " then he stopped " wait ,wait ,wait, what did you just say ?" he asked in shoke

" yes , gambull you heard me correctly .. a good thing " said MR BRAWN

" it the end of the world isn't " gumball said in a sassy voice

" no gumball , you got 100/100 in the exam .. that amazing " MR BRAWN shouted " HOW DID YOU DO THAT " the MR asked

"Professor Brown , i think that the best words describing this situation is , I become an adult" said gumball ironicly

"okaaaaaaaay" mr brawn said in a worry .. and added " don't get in trouble Watterson This is everything for now … Close the door behind you when you go out " said brawn sitting in his chair

"ok good Bye sir" gumball shouted

" What happened " said gumball to himself , " I don't care , this glasses is the best thing that ever happened to me " said gumball jumping and jumping in a happy mood

" Gumball ,Gumball" someone shouted

" uh ? " gumball said while he turned around

"Ohhh pinny hello , how are you ? " he asked her with a red face

"good good but What happened inside Are you okay " said pinny in a worry

"What- oh ! every thing is fine " said gumball laughing

"Oh Gumball i am so impressive that you didn't get in troubel " she said smiling

" YES " gumball Whispered " my plan is working "

"What did you just said ? " asked penny looking at him

"nothing" lauged gumball ..

he gave her his hand in a confident and said " shall we go now "

penny smile is bigger and bigger now " OH ! gumball yes , what a gentleman "

the bill has rung , and then Gumball shouted while he is holding penny's hand and every one who was ready to go out of school was watching " HEY EVERYBODY ... LET GO TO THE PIZZA PLACE .. I WILL PAY ... Celebration OF MY 100/100 AND MY NEW GIRLFRIEND YEAAAAAAAAAAH "

everybody screamed in happines and penny was in shoke .. everyone screamed " gumball - penny - gumball - penny " and they left them in the air

it is penny chance to ask " so .. is that mean you are asking me on a date out as your girlfriend gumball ? "

gumball didn't melf or anything , incted he was more confident than ever " wasn't that clear enough " he said with a steamy voice and a smile in his face , penny was in heaven .. she never saw this side of gumball ..even if she wasn"t so sure she did like it

Meantime at the watterson's house

when Gumball become smart , Things were not good for Darwin and Anais

Darwin has oppened the door of his house , and what a Surprise without his best freind … and then he saw his lonly sister Anais in the dark at the sofa … there mom didn't come from work yet and where is MR WATTERSON probebly sleeping

" ANAIS , ? " Darwin yelled , " is that you ? " HE ASKED

"What do you want from me i want to stay alone!" she shouted

He get closer and closer to her "Why are you crying ? " he asked ..

"I-i am not crying , i am cuting onions … see ? " she didn't know what to say .. so she made the worst excuse ever .. EVEN Darwin could find that out

" do you think i am stupid ? … we don't have onions in here … mr dad eat them all .. remember "

Orrrrr ... probebly not

" ehhh … " Anais sigh

"Come on, I am your brother" Darwin said

"you are a fish darwin … a fish with legs " she said as she looked at him

" see .. ! that the Anais I KNOW ... nothing slips under her littel cutie nose " he said that while touching her noise with a voice of a big brother , Anais laughed .. then he asked her " so .. are you gonna tell me what happened ? "

"Ok , Ok I am jealous " Anais said

" jealous ? " Darwin replayed " jealous of who "

"... of .. of .. Gumball " the littel one said , " I can not believe I'm saying this but ,yes I am jealous of him " she shouted and then added

"the Physics Club kick me out , The only club that i am wanted in is the Club of rejectes, Gumball stole my life"

" I have no Friends Since Gumball become smart And now I'm the stupide member of this family

Darwin didn't want to say this but "What if we take the glasses and destroy them" he said

"what glasses … ?" ASKED HIS SISTER .. and she added " you mean the ones you and him found , the other night "

" YES .. " he yelled " these glasses are the reason why he is so smart "

Anais couldn't believe what she heard .. this tought is against every logical science phenomenon ever … but it was her only choice

"How ,I Mean, Gumball is stuck with those glasses, and Without any doubt he will not give it to us " she said at her brother

"when he sleeps he take them off … that is our chance " he said then he asked her "But what do we do With the glasses ? "

"Throw them where they belonge , with the lucky hat " Anais said

" you mean , the fire hole ? " he asked

" YES " she replayed

"But what will happen to Gumball ?" Darwin asked her , worred about his brother

"he will get over it .. like he got over the lucky hat " Anais said

Darwin sigh

befor Anais was gone .. she asked him one more qeustion " so .. where is he anyway ? "

" huh ? " darwin didn't get her qeustion

" your brother " she replayed " the one you are worred for ... is he here in this room ... is he looking for you right now ... is he even careing about you ! " Anais shouted

" n-no" he whispered to himself , she didn't heard him " WHAT ! " she shouted ... Darwin couln't handel it anymore " STOP ! " he shouted ,

" wha-! " Anais felt scared " this is nothing about being smart or not .. don't you see .. the same thing is happening .. the same thing with the lucky hat ...you changed ... Gumball chenged .. even i - " Darwin start to cry

" even i " he said with the tires in his eyes " i am sorry " he added , " i didn't want to scream .. i just wanna to protect you " Darwin said while his tires are on the floor

Anais felt the gelt and said ith her both hands in his shoulder " it okay Darwin .. it okay "

After two hours

Darwin and Anais meet up in gumball's bedroom after the party at the pizza place was over

Here they are watching him going to sleep bay the door's key hole ... preparing to implement the plan

Gumball softely take off the glasses and put them ... put them in Darwin's Aquarium place .. up in the tabel ...

Darwin's littel heart has been brocken by his on brother

" good night , my frien " Gumball said that while looking to the glasses

what a heart crashing sceen

"This is our chance Darwin" whispered Anais as they walking into the room

"ok … let go " darwin whispered too

Softly… softly…. Trying to captured the glasses on the tabel

Suddenly, out of no-where Gumball's head turned around .. he puts his hands on Darin 's hand , saying " well , hello there littel brother "

" AHHHHH ... " Darwin yelled

"well ..well… are you looking for something " gumball said as he is on the top of his bad looking at them .. he put his glasses on ..waiting for an answer .. " well .. ? "

"Gumball What happened to you " Darwin shouted

"These glasses have become a part of me and now I can control all home devices … HA .. HA .. HA .. " SAID GUMBALL WITH AN EVIL LAUGH

all devices Become under the control of Gumball waiting the Order to attack them

"emmm… Anais I want an explanation NOW" darwin yelled , as Anais she is frozen doesn't know what to do

And before she even say anything , Gumball said

"You don't need Anaïs now , I am the mastermind , I am the only genius in this family and I will explain to you , These glasses give me absolute power, And whenever I wear this glasses A voice tells me what to do and what not to do And you know what ….. I like it ... so you better get used to it " gumball start to explain

"I control all the devices and no one will stop me ..NO ONE … Attack " GUMBALL order the machines