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- flash-back –

It the new chapter of Adventure time and Amazing world of gumball and his journey to become Guineas , a story fall of mystery ; excite;Sensations ; sadness ; and maybe a little bit of happiness

with Gumball's new power , he now can control all home's devices with his brain he've also discovered that his mind advanced , can even saw a glimpse of the future and the new strength enables it to carry things and moved from one particular place to another ... he has now the ultimate power but against his own family .

Darwin was hugging his sister with so much love , even gumball couldn't imagine that ..

Darwin looked into his eyes and say " gumball , you can't do this "

Gumball giggled a little bit and then said " oh , really ? and why is that ? " he asked " are you the one who gonna stop me ? "

Darwin wasn't sure of the answer but after he let go his sister he shouted " i could , but i won't "

" are you really that confident ? " Gumball asked

" yes " he replayed immediately .. the he added " cause i know who is behind those glasses , a weird , very strange cat .. who never stopped believing in me or his friends and always wanted to help the others , cause he knows that this world we are living in is his amazing world no matter what "

Gumball got immediately angery because of those words , they didn't leave the impreshion that Darwin wanted , insted they remind Gumball how stupid , none good , his toughs or dessisents was

He yelled " that boy is gone.. " looking at them , then he added " but , you are right in one thing my little fish "

Darwin's little heart start to beat ,he was hopping that all that talk can get into Gumball , and change his mind to retuned to his old self

" really ..? " Darwin said with a smile on his face , " and what's that .." he added

" this world is gonna be mine , maybe not now .. but soon enough " gumball said with an evil voice

As these words come out of Gumball's mouth , Darwin's smile slowly gone away , his face turned out a face of fear , it went all black , the nightmare of the darkess days was passing by , and his eyes could already see it .

" i'll rule you all , no one can be smarter than me ! " Gamball yelled

Anais couldn't just stand there and watch her brother got yelled at , she wasn't frozen of fear anymore , her courage lead her finally to speak up and say " i can do it "

Darwin and Gumball looked at her with a confuse look

" you ..? " Gumball asked ... " you are nothing compared to me .. you stupid Rabbit "

Anais couldn't take her words back, so she end up saying " yeah ? well if i am stupid ... how did i came up with an easy question , even you couldn't solve ? "

Gumball want this to be a challeng to brove them wrong " what kind of question..? " he asked

Anais start to think and then she had the perfect question and then said " well .. it not a question , it's a puzzle "

" Puzzle ..? " Darwin and Gumball asked in the same time , then Gumball cough a little and said " well .. tell me this puzzle of yours "

Anais wasn't afraid and she immediately said the puzzle " if i was your sister , what my mother's name "

Darwin was shocked , the puzzle was so easy even he could solve it , so with Gumball's big brain , it wouldn't be a challenge , it a peace of cake to him .

Darwin whispered to his sister " what are you thinking of ...? , anyone can solve that "

Anais wasn't stupid ,she knew that the puzzle was so easy , in fact so easy that Gumball won't go to the simple answer , Instead of that, he will think to much .

" you really don't get it do you ..? " Anais said while looking at her brother , the fish

" huh ? " Darwin said confusing , Anais pointed at Gumball and said " look closely . "

Darwin didn't get what she was trying to say , but he looked at Gumball anyway , and then he noticed ; Gumball didn't gave them the answer right away , Instead he was still thinking .

Darwin was amazed , then he whispered to his littel sis" what is he doing ? .. that puzzle was so easy "

Anais smiled " being smart isn't about solving things or puzzles , or how big your brain is .."she start to explain " it about thinking and focusing on every single detail .. " she added " if there is one thing i learned about being smart , is to think of every option , even if it wasn't necessary .. and that what Gumball is doing right know "

" but , what if he end up solving it " Darwin whispered

" oh , he will ... " she replayed

" and then..? " he asked

" you will see .." Anais replayed

Anais stopped talking with her brother , and faced Gumball " so ..? " she asked ... and then added " what's the answer ? "

Gumball was thinking really lowd and then said " well .. if you are my sister , that mean i am your brother , but if you are adopted , that mean i am not your legal brother .. which mean , it will be hard to find your biological mother ..! so ..? "

Darwin was so confused and said " what ..? you know that not even true .. so why are you talking about it ? "

" will , i've to mention all the possibility ..! " Gmballl replayed

Darwin was shocked , Anais' plane is working , then she smiled looking at her brother the fish , and whispered " see ..? told ya ! "

Darwin made the same smile as his sister .

After Anais explaned to her brother the plane , she was looking for a clock anywhere around .. and she saw it , in the corner of the room , Gumball's Alarm , it was exactly * 11:23 P.M *

" it the perfect timing ... " she whispered

Darwin heard her mumbled and asked " the perfect time for what ..? "

" you will see .. now , we have to give him as much pressure as he could take " Anais replayed

Darwin nodded and the both start to scream " COM ON GUMBALL ... THINK ... YOU ARE NOTHING .. YOU STUP- .. FOLL ...HAHAH ... YOU LITTEL CAWARD .."

The voices of the two of them made Gumball thinking harder and harder ,his power was so powerful that he left all room's furniture at once , intel ...

" I GOT IT " , Gumball shouted

" will , i think it to late now .. " said Anais , pointed at the Alarm it was * 11:30 *

Gumball shouted " NOooo ...! "

Anais replayed " oh , yes .. "

Darwin was confused " what going on .. ? " he asked

" it ... it ..." Gumball replayed

" MOM ! " both Anais and Gumball shouted ,

There mother , Nicole smashed the door .. her eyes were in fire .. her face gone all red , she was like a lion mother protecting her children , the only thing different here is, Nicol is a Blue cat , who loves her 3 kids so much ... so when she crushed into the room , she saw all devices and furniture in the floor , her kid with a big brain , and the two shouted ... she was so scared of what could happened to them .

Nicole yelled " WHAT ..! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE ... "

All the three kids , Darwin , Anais , and Gumball turned to her

Gumball was furious... he lost all of his contrastante so he dropt all the machines , fernaters at once which leed to a horrible noise of crushing and bricking things ; and that sound made Mr. Watterson wake up

-Back in Gumball's room -

Anais' plane worked , they now could stop Gumball , but that didn't go how Anais imaged

Gumball shouted " EGHHH.. this wasn't a puzzle to proff if i am right or wrong , this is a trap .. how would you .. you little Rabbit.." looking at Anais

" you didn't see that coming , huh ? " Anais said

" but , how - i have the power to see glimpse of the future , how i didn't see this ? " he asked

" did my little brain confused yours " Anais asked sarcastically , then added " your brain may be big , but he only focus on one thing and one thing only .. which mad my trap a success

Gumball was so angry and then he yelled , the talk was for each one in the room , '' you are wrong , all wrong , i am the mastermind , i will rule Elmore , and it won't be the same , remember my words "

Gumball used all his power once again , all the things in the room were in the air , flying , then , he pushed them all once trough the wall , it works , Gumball now can get away from them , he jumped the faster that he could , of course he couldn't make it over one jump , so he ordered the cares to linedup in one huge line , he now can run over all the cars .

Anais and Darwin and also Nicole , saw him running because of that huge hole gamball mad , Anais immediately knew that they should follow Gumball right now.

The little Rabbit said to her mom as she turned around " MOM ! we have to save Gumball from those glasses "

Nicole wasn"t sure how to responde to this , so she asked in fear " wh-what ha-pp-ene-d ?"

Darwin involved and yelled at them both " UGHHHHH... we don't have time to explain , we have to save our brother "

The talking fish grapped Anais' arm and run with her down stairs , Nicole couldn't stop them they were to fast .

the two sister and brother followed Gumball 's marks on the cars , hopping it would lead them to thier brother

-Back in Gumball's room –

MR Watterson , the father , was a big old rose Rabbit named Richerd , who didn't work ... didn't go to the gym ... didn't get a job ... he was absolutely irresponsible and always loved to take naps .

Richerd just woke up from his nap because of that huge noise Gumball made earlier from the drop of all thosee machines ... when he woke up he didn't know where the sound came from ... but he noticed all the crush and rockes in the floor hole-way leading to Gumball 's room ...

The big rabbit was half a sleep , he keept yawning , intel he saw his wife and said " Nicole , i just got a nap , can you make me dinner-" the father was shocked by the room and his wife coverd in dust ...

"Nicole ..? are you okay ? " Ricard asked her .. ha was worried and wondering

Nicol's only responde was , and the only thing she tought off in that exact moment was " i am a terrible mother "

That was Nicole bigges nightmer , which is so far ; the truth

Meanwhile in adventure time

In the tree house - finn and jake's home-

Finn and jake were getting ready for thier adventure in the mystery land , princess Bubblegum didn't told them where or when they will be , because even she didn't know ... so the two heros better be ready

In finn's room

Finn was packing for the jerney , he didn't need any clothes or anything , because he always Dressed the same exact thing .

The real hero of the land of Ooo needed just one thing ; his sword

Finn's only power is fighing for the ones he loves and friends ... so he will do the impossible to take back the glasses and destroyed them befor they get into the wrong hands ... and he must choose his sword carefully , cause it the one and the only weapon he's gonna take .

Jake the dog was also packing for the adventure , but jake didn"t need any arm or sword , oh no ... the only thing he was thinking of is his stomach

Jake oppened the fridge sighing and a happy smile on his face and said " oh food , you are my only friend " .

Jake started grabbing all the food he found and he put it in one huge bag and start to close it , but it won't fit in there ... so he yelled for finn's help .


With finn in the other hand , was also busy trying to choose from all his priceless babies , but then he decided , and choose his sword , his .favorite actelly

After choosing his sword , finn went down stairs to help jake at whatever he's doing right now , and the kid yelled " coming jake , just a second "

Jake was trying and trying but the food won't fit in no matter what , so the dog said to himself " OH , god .. there is no chance i'm gonna leave my food here , i hope that finn could help me " then he said out loud " finn where are you man ? "

As soon as jake said these words , finn start to walk down stairs and said " coming , what you wan- "

Finn didn't finish his sentence and said " WHAT THE HELL JAKE !? "

Jake looked at his food then at finn "what ? "

Finn posed and said " what do you mean what ? , YOU ARE STUFFING ALL OF OUR FOOD INTO YOUR BAG "

The dog said then , with no worries on his face what so ever " so ? "

Finn sigh a little bit , befor he says anything jake involed and said " look finn , you are the one who told princess and me to pack .. so here i am doing it "

Finn was so shocked by jake 's answer and said " wha- ? yes i said that , but i meant clothes or arms or swords .. or anything that could help us really .. not ...food ? "

*dramatic noise*

" HUH ..! FINN HOW DARE YOU TALK TO MY FOOD LIKE THAT , finn i think you don't get it .. my food is my soul .. my life .. it why i woke up every day .. don't you love Adventures times so much , it exactly how i fell right now with my food , so you better use to it "

Finn sigh , and jake added " be sides .. I DON'T WERE CLOTHES .. and you always dressed the same shirt and same pants , everyday"

Finn want to say something but then he realised that jake is actelly right , he looked at himself and then said " oh yeah , i think you right .. fine we will take our food , but i'm taking my sword , no one knows what monsters we could found in that world "

" fine man , do what ever you wnat " jake replayed

-after 1 hour –

" okay finn i'm ready " said jake to his friend

" okay buddy , i've to call the princess and let her knowen that we are coming , i hope she is ready too " said finn

" yeaaaaah , i am not sure about that " jake mumbled

Finn said quickly " what ? why "

" finn com'on , you know what i am talking about... the princess is nothing but a girl .. yes she is smart and stuff but this is our Adventure . we got to can't let her come with us man "

" you're right " finn said

Jake yelled without realising what finn just said " but fin- " , and then asked " wait , did you said i'm right ? "

Finn smiled and said " yeah , pretty much "

" i love you bro " jake said with a smile on his face , but then asked "so , what now ..? "

" don't worry , i have a plane ... " finn said while picking his phone up

" who are you gonna call ..? " jake asked

Finn replayed with a wisk on his face " you'll see " .

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