I kneel, by my lord's throne. Next to me is my commander, known to others as Lucius. Yet I know who he really is. We are old friends, in fact. His name is - My master strides in, gripping his scythe. He sits himself down at our head of operations; Mount Othrys. Ah, finally, he is reborn.


I was introduced to the world of the gods about a year ago. And I learnt how annoying most of them can be. Artemis with her feminaziness, Zeus with his arrogance, Poseidon with his stubbornness, etc etc. But for some reason, I wasn't accepted at camp any more that I was accepted at camp about the time when I joined.

The only friend I had was Luke Castellan, but he supposedly died; killed by this "hero" Joseph Sigma. He is the epitome of what I hate; stupidity, clumsiness, and the overall retardedness of his nature. Purely disgusting.

But back to the story. I, being shunned from the campers, decided to visit my mother and stepfather back home. It has been a rough year, especially since I was a year-rounder, so I really needed this visit.

When I opened the door to my parent's apartment, it was strangely empty. At the kitchen table, there had been a note, saying "Meet me at Olympus". It wasn't signed. I shrugged and put the note in my pocket. Or at least tried to. Once my fingers touched the note, I was immediately transported to the entrance of the throne room to Olympus.

I spot my parents kneeling at the centre of the huge room. The only words I hear are from Zeus "- sentenced to execution and eternity in Tartarus. Goodbye". There is suddenly an extremely bright flash and a sizzling noise. That would only mean one thing. Zeus had struck down my parents with his master bolt.

I run to the still sparkling chains, shocked, not even bowing to Zeus, you know what? Screw him! I howl out three words : "You will PAY", as everything goes black and I feel myself getting sucked away by an unknown force.

When I open my eyes, I found myself amongst black ruins that seemed to be rebuilding themselves.

I slowly get up and dust myself off, as I look around.

I am apparently on a mountain. A very high mountain.

I grin; for some reason I love heights. I enjoy the view for a moment. Then I realized that the sea was on the WEST side.

And I was amongst ruins.

As I piece it together, I realize it can only mean one thing; I'm in Mount Othrys, the base of operations for the titans during the first Titanomachy.

I take out my weapon; a celestial-bronze shotgun that can also transform into a spear at the push of a button. I have no idea how I got that weapon; it was lying next to me when I woke up one day.

Anyways, I take out my shotgun and start slowly exploring the ruins, every now and then raising the shotgun up when I round corners.

I find a few hellhounds and 2 dracanae, but nothing else. Strange. With such a huge scent, there sure should be more than just a few random monsters. Suddenly, I feel a breath on the back of my neck, and I black out.