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A/N: Hey, readers! I'm fresh off the DFK's third season finale (D-Reaper's Fury), and boy does it feel good to put that story behind me. That frees me up to finally work on this long-awaited fic! Yes, it's my Resurrection F adaptation that will see the return of one of my revered fic villains ever, Burizalor (aka my Freeza knock-off). It hasn't been long ago since the movie came out in Japan and the English dub version being released in US theaters a mere few months after the fact (unprecedented I tell you!). The DB Super series has recently wrapped up the TV retelling of said movie.

Be advised I will be adapting using the movie version. However, I may incorporate a few elements from the Super retelling (as I intend to watch on my own), but nothing that contradicts what I've written (such as Ginyu coming back; Ginyumon's been dead for a long time, folks. So there's that discrepancy out of the way!)

Now, it's my turn to adapt the recent movie. But, like I've been doing with my DFK stories, there will be new stuff added to keep things fresh, including special guest appearances and cameos of other dimension characters! Also, Burizalor won't be the only active antagonist in this story. He will have two allies to help carry out his sweet revenge.

Additionally, there will character corners! However, they're post-Shinnen: New Year scenes. I'd hope some of you are interested in the character corner stuff and read it. If not, what are you waiting for? Haha.

While this is a DFK movie fic (and presumably the last one), it could also be considered a part of the Triad Special Trilogy, along with Across Dimensions and Siege of GranDracmon). Though unlike those two, I'll be working on this one mostly on my own with little to no collaboration. It can also qualify as a Cross Generations movie fic since the events here take place post-Dimension Missions Saga (the first arc of CG). In fact, it could be considered the finale of that arc. So there may be a few spoilers from CG. You've been warned.

Other fun but useless trivia: this story celebrates the 15th anniversary of my DF series (since its humble and embarrassing beginnings in 2001). It also celebrates the 20th anniversary of DBZ first airing in the US and the end of the Japanese run.

Ok, so with all that out of the way, here's commentary from my collab partner and friend, Ford1114.

Ford1114's A/N: Hey guys, it's Ford speaking. I am excited to read this fanfic special concerning Burizalor's return. At least it pays tribute to Freeza, in which I remember the first experience back when I was young. When I first saw Freeza on Toonami, I go like I thought he was a woman until it turns out to be a 'he'. This is back in the late 1990s and early 2000s where this is controversial that Freeza sounds like a jackass granny instead of what we actually learn from his Japanese version (though Linda Young did much better as Genkai). No wonder back when how I like Cell and Buu more than Freeza. It is when Dragon Ball Z Kai is released with Chris Ayres as Freeza's new voice actor finally inspired us to what we see Freeza as a sophisticated villain to the public, now I like him equally as Cell/Buu. The same goes for LittleKuriboh in DBZ Abridged which is hilarious. Now that Resurrection F has passed and we saw the movie (alongside the Super version), the author is going to do his take with high stakes of dimensions.

A/N: Ok, now without any more delay! Onto this fic's character corner segment and then the actual story!


(Dragon Ball Z OST - 6 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (0:00 to 0:42))

Cyrus: Hello, hello, fiends and friends. We'll get to the actual story about Lord Burizalor's return, but first!

The Digital Warlord: The following is a non-profit fanfic based parody... oh fuck it! We're evil! We don't give a crap about credits!

(End theme)


Title: Episode of Fiends (Resurrection B Segments)


Faceless host: Live from the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, California, our three fiends courtly invite you to join their festivities in celebration of the vile and worst scum in the Cornerverse! Please welcome our three hosts! The Three Fiends: Burizalor, Cyrus Fujita, and the Digital Warlord!

Fans and civilians are seen gathering outside the theater like a convention center. The cameras pan out from the outside and go inside where a gathering of villains are seen seated in theater seats. Tonight is the big premiere of the Resurrection B movie, which is being released alongside the new Deadpool movie.

The most notable villains in the audience are The Joker (DCAU), Lex Luthor (DCAU), Gorilla Grodd (DCAU), Slade (Teen Titans), Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda), Drago Bludvist (How to Train Your Dragon), Juggernaut (Marvel), The Monarch (Venture Bros), Negaduck (Darkwing Duck), Sigma (Mega Man X), Turbo/King Candy (Wreck it Ralph), Pitch (Rise of the Guardians), Hansel & Gretel (Black Lagoon), Corset (Panty & Stocking), Katz (Courage the Cowardly Dog), and Le Quack (Courage the Cowardly Dog).

Taking the front row seats are Burizalor's family and blood kin: Virus (genetic clone), Mutalior (father), LadyMyotismon (wife), and a Kuriza-look alike child with fangs (Burizalor & LadyMyotismon's son).

Virus (crosses arms and scoffs): How long is that fool going to make us wait?

LadyMyotismon: Now now, you know how my husband likes to drag things out before the grand show. I mean, you should know since you are partially part of him...

Virus: And part you as well, milady, but that's beside the point. He just loves testing our patience.

Mutalior: Don't forget about his new buddies. How dare they make us wait.

Joker (sticks tongue out): Pffft, get the show started already!

Lex (covers ears): You could learn not to do that near me, you blithering buffoon!

Joker: Ah, Lexy, I know we had a rocky work relationship, but we can make it work again.

Grodd: We'd both choke on lead before we team with you again, clown.

Joker: Oh that hurts. C'mon, I'm serious! Let's make a fresh start!

The Monarch: None of us would be caught dead making a partnership with you again, Clown Prince of Gotham.

Joker (snorts): Man, ain't this a stingy crowd tonight?

Sigma: Maybe because we've had to listen to your so-called 'humor', Joker. We're not laughing.

Turbo: We're just restless waiting for the show to start!

Negaduck: Yeah, you can show the stupid movie anytime now!

Juggernaut (gets up and tears out his own chair): If y'all don't start this movie, I'M GONNA PIMP SMACK YO ASS BITCH! CAUSE I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!

Lord Shen: Oh droll, he's still going through that phase again?

Pitch: I believe it'll be 10 years since the Juggernaut Bitch parody debuted online. Can you believe the Juggernaut pretty much helped kickstart the idea of animation parody and abridging?

Juggernaut: I'm the fucking granddaddy of parody abridging! TeamFourStar and LittleKuriboh wouldn't be here without me! Cause I'm bad, I'm the baddest muthafucka in the world!

Lex: Yes, you were so bad, where the hell were you during that crisis in New York during New Year?

Grodd: Bet he got lost while crossing the sea.

Juggernaut: I was paying a visit to Charles and his X-Men. They weren't home, and I got pissed I wrecked their whole shit!

Turbo: Hard to believe they included 'I'm the Juggernaut Bitch' in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Drago: And had some rugby player named Vinnie Jones play him.

Joker: Never mind that! 10 years later, and MyWay Entertainment is still around somehow.

Sigma: Geez, that was 10 years ago?

Juggernaut: Yeah, and I'm their official mascot! Cause I'm the Jugger-!

Katz: Yes, we know who you are, you metal-faced hooligan!

Slade: Ah, seems like the show's about to start.

Le Quack: So, you can sit down and calm down, Mr. Juggernaut.

On another side of the theater, several good guys are in attendance to see the Resurrection B premiere. Out of the good guy cameo appearances in attendance: Omega X/Tai, Metalla X/Yamato, Angemon X/Dimitri, Celesta X/Kari, Max & Gojiramon (a baby Godzilla expy), Sailor Sedna, Yugi, Joey, Seto Kaiba, Tea, Taichi & WarGreymon (tri.), Robin (Teen Titans), Po the Panda, Wreck-it-Ralph, Vanellope, X & Zero (Mega Man X), Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace.

Yugi: Man don't we feel awkward being in the same theater as the bad guys?

Max: Remember don't hesitate to fight back if they try anything.

Gojiramon: Yeah, but hopefully no trouble starts.

Po: Shen notices me, but whew nothing so far.

Cloud: Surprised Sephiroth isn't here.

Tifa: You actually want him here?

Cloud: No just saying.

Joey: So, why didn't you bring Lyn along, Kaiba?

Seto (snorts): That's really none of your concern, Wheeler. My wife does what she wants. And she's out on business.

Tea: Tell her we said hi and we look forward to the baby being born.

Seto: Thank you.

Taichi (tri.) (to Omega X): So, uh other me, I heard surprising things are gonna happen in this movie?

Omega X: Uh huh, you'll see.

Celesta X (smiles): This should be exciting!

Metalla X: I can't wait for my moment.

Angemon X (rolls his eyes): I'm sure you will, father.

Sailor Sedna: Hey, something's about to start!

(Cue The Three Stooges Theme)

Everyone in attendance is taken aback by this strange choice of theater music.

Virus (miffed): What is this nonsense?

Mutalior: Is this their idea of trolling us?

Joker: Hey, I'm the one who dishes out the pranks!

Suddenly, a loud chortle is heard behind the curtains.

Burizalor (laughing): Oh, this is no prank.

Warlord: And no one is being punked.

Cyrus (strums guitar): But you're all in for a grand show!

(Theme switches to...)

(Cue Maximum the Hormone – F)

Finally, the Three Fiends (aka the Three Scumbags or Three Stooges if one prefers) come out of the curtains playing electric guitars! Everyone watches and cheers on the Three Fiends' electric guitar show. Fans in the audience pump their fists up and headbang to the J-heavy metal theme.

Juggernaut: Play my song after this! Fuck, I'll go up there and sing it since I'm voiced by Randy Hayes!

Lex (scoffs): Well, this is certainly obnoxious. I didn't know Burizalor and his cronies were into this death metal trash.

Grodd: Don't let him catch you hearing that. (backs away to avoid possibly getting blasted)

Sigma (grunts): Well, I'm mostly metal so I'm impartial to this kind of music.

Lord Shen (chuckles and teases): Ah, but aren't you death metal yourself, Sigma? Get it, death metal since you thrive on the death of Reploids.

Pitch: Encore!

Hansel: Is this to your liking, Gretel?

Gretel: I'm not sure how to put this to words, but uplifting in a twisted way. I'm reminded of all the bloodshed we've spilled. And the lyrics sound like the cries of our victims.

Hansel: I see I'm not the only one.

(End theme)

The Three Fiends stop their performance as they take a bow for their audience. The villains and fans cheer their performance, minus a few sticks in the mud (namely Lex Luthor).

LadyMyotismon (claps): Encore, encore, my love!

Kuriza look alike (claps): Daddy, daddy!

Mutalior: Eh, I guess you were ok, but the Warlord and Cyrus certainly outdid themselves.

Virus (golf claps): I could do better.

Burizalor: So sorry for the delay, but we have a few technical difficulties with the backstage crew.

Warlord: And we've relieved them of their duties for good.

Cyrus: Now, shall we get on with movie?

Everyone cheers in response. Some of the more restless finally voice their displeasure for waiting.

Burizalor: And without further delay, tonight's feature presentation!

The lights dim in the theater and the curtains open to show the movie.

Just then, Deadpool comes busting through the doors carrying a huge bucket of popcorn and chimichangas.

Deadpool: Whoo-hoo, new Box Office King here! Has my movie started yet?! (his sight is obstructed by the mountain of popcorn filling his bucket) Can't see a thing! I swear this is my sixth time seeing my own movie! Never gets old seeing me finally done right on screen!

The villains notice Deadpool. Deadpool pokes his head through the popcorn and glances at them awkwardly.

Deadpool: Um, whoops? This doesn't look like my movie...

Lex: Oh great, it's the other buffoon.

Juggernaut: Wade, remember me?! I'm the Juggernaut bitch!

Deadpool: Oook, yeah this is the wrong theater.

Joker: Well speaking of the devil, Deadpool, why don't you join us since you're here?

Deadpool (narrows eyes at Joker): Wait, didn't I kill you in New York?

Joker: Umm... no? That was another me?

Deadpool (shrugs): Eh, close enough. Might as well stay and see what movie's playing here. And I was just gonna promote my new restaurant.

Turbo: New restaurant?

Deadpool: You'll find out in the next chapter. Maybe? Looks like it's about to start. (sits down) This one better be good!

The Three Fiends: And on with the movie!


List of universes by designation

DF-616 (Digimon Fusion Kai proper)
YYGDM-01 (YuYuGiDigiMoon proper)
XLR-08 (Digimon Accel Stream proper)
GCLK-1113 (Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms proper)


"The worst wish in history, that is the beginning of despair."

-Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (2015)


The story opens with a flashback on Planet Spira. A streamlined white-skinned alien, who is the tyrant of the Digiverse, faces a spiky blond-haired digital warrior called an Ascendant.

"So the monster who can destroy Digital Worlds can't destroy one little man?" The Ascendant said with a smirk.

The tyrant stammered, quivering with fear, "…You… What are you?"

The Ascendant gives a serious expression and answers, "I think you know already. I am an Ascendant, sent from Earth and the Digital World to defeat you. I'm the legendary warrior with a courageous heart awakened by fury."

The tyrant hovered back as it let it all sink into his broken mind.



Then switches to a second flashback minutes after their battle. The tyrant, whose bottom half has been cut by his own energy disk, hatefully stares at Omega X as the Ascendant flies off behind his back.

"Half-human upstart!" the tyrant's eyes locked on Omega X as he gathered the little energy the Ascendant gave him. He channeled into his one good arm remaining, "I am Lord Burizalor. None surpass me. No one even touches me. Burn this into your mind, half-human scum! I am the emperor of the Digiverse! The likes of you should be groveling beneath my feet!" The tyrant bellowed. "You must die… by my hands…" Gathering the energy in his hand, he thrust his arm up and launched a large energy beam toward Omega X, roaring out with murderous rage. "AND YOU WILL DIE BY MY HAND!"

Sensing the incoming beam, Omega X turned as his face conveyed utter contempt. "YOU FOOL!" He quickly countered by firing the Furious Terra Beam, which repelled the evil-doer's back and sent it toward the shocked tyrant.

The villain's eyes and mouth went agape as his own beam came toward him. He cried out a blood-curdling roar. "AUUUUUUUUUUUGH!"



The tyrant's visage contorted as the beam engulfed him completely and melted him away completely.


The last flashback shifts to the tyrant's true death.

He fights another Ascendant named Angemon X, to which the young man is making a drop on him from above. The tyrant's entire body frozen stiff with shock as the last image he saw was Angemon X roaring a furious battle cry and cleaving him vertically with his sword.


One slash was all that was required.

The tyrant's contorted face froze as Angemon X remained in a stationary position with his sword. Then, his vision split into two… as well as his whole body splitting into two. The silenced tyrant couldn't even move an inch, but his eyes and body became divided.





Angemon X repeatedly hacked and slashed, vertically and horizontally until he cut the monster down into an assorted amount of floating flesh and cybernetic pieces. The Ascendant channeled Ki into his right hand and thrust his palm forward, firing a quick beam, which engulfed the shredded remains of the once invincible Digiverse tyrant.



(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' OST - March of The Stuffed Toys (Prologue))

He then awoke to the sound of beating drums, trumpets playing, and high-pitched giggles of child-like entities.

The whole atmosphere of the limbo he has been sent to could be described as something straight out of a preschool toddler's show. A marching band of toy soldiers and stuffed animal varieties strutted along. Then, a bunch of fairies and angel-like humanoids and Digimon danced in the air, filling the air with laughter. Bucchiemon, Bucchiemon (Green), Luminamon, Lillymon X, tiny Angewomon, tiny Cherubimon, tiny Angemon, MarineAngemon, and a slew of others. Joining them were also tiny, chubby cherubs and tiny female pixies garbed in playboy bunny garb.

A bunch of ABC blocks rolled across a meadow of yellow flowers. A large purple smiling tyrannosaur went chasing after the blocks with a green ceratopsian.

The playful creatures surrounded a nearby sakura tree with something hanging down. It looked like a white cocoon, containing a recent prisoner who had been transferred from Digital Limbo for correctional behavior.

Needless to say, he has been sent to his own personal hell and not one he wanted.

"YAAAAY!" The innocent, happy go lucky creatures cheered as they raised their arms to their newest 'play friend'.

The Bucchiemon flew up patting the cocoon with the wretched soul.

"Good morning, Mr. Happy Pants!" Bucchiemon said, laughing while flying away with Bucchiemon (Green).

The cocoon spun around revealing an irate Burizalor. The villain's face contorted with anger. He gritted his teeth hard, resisting the ever loving urge to scream for agony.

"I LOVE YOU! YOU LOVE ME! C'MON LET'S SING THE HAPPY SONG!" The purple tyrannosaur gathered around his friends.

Burizalor gritted hard as he longed to be released from his personal vile purgatory.

And soon enough his saviors would come.

(End Theme)


"Hello everyone! This is Madoka Kaname speaking! My friends' time in enforcing neighboring dimensions is going great! There's a lot of new experiences for them to explore, while me and Homura lend Shu and his group do the same thing.

I hear Tai and Yamato of DF-616 have received training from Whismon and Beerusmon to become stronger. What new Ascendant powers do they have now that they've become Ascendant Gods?

That's all there is to know… until I sense something bad approach. I have to warn my new friends."


Nexus of Time and Space

Somewhere deep in the Nexus, there was a concentrated effort being concocted. A portal opened out of a dimensional mouth. From it came two evil fiends as awaiting them was a large spaceship, similar to the ones manufactured by the Buriza Empire.

Two fiends, the Digital Warlord and Cyrus Fujita, used the former's dimension travel device to infiltrate a far off planet in Universe DF-616. They were able to secure four Digicores from right under the noses of the dragon deities similar to the Signer Dragons.

Finding themselves an isolated place in the endless Nexus sea, the two fiends set four large red Digicores, which are known as the Crimson Digicores.

"Whew, boy was that close," Cyrus wiped his forehead. "Too close for comfort before those Signer Dragon wannabes found out."

"You were worried about them?" The Warlord scoffed, seemingly unimpressed. "Please I could take them one-handed." He veered his view over the four Crimson Digicores. His eyes gleamed. "Look at them. We could wish for anything with those bad boys. Just think both of us as immortals and there's nothing those Ascendant losers can do to kill us!"

"Warlord, we stole that planet's Crimson Digicores to revive my master not to satisfy your own ego or mine for that matter," Cyrus chastised him. "Did you forget that?"

"Yeah, yeah, but look I don't know. He got himself killed by Yamakins and Mimi's boy. I'm supposed to believe bringing your so-called lord back will help us turn the tide against Tai, X, and their friends?"

"Yes, because three is better than two. Just think like Three's Company. The Three Musketeers..."

"One for all and all for one, and all that other bullcrap? Besides, I've always hated Three's Company. Whatever. Fine, while I'm interested in meeting your boss, I just don't like the idea of sharing power with someone like me," the Warlord shrugged with an indifferent look. "Oh well, so much for immortality. I hope you know what you're doing, Cyrus. Just remember these things can only grant one wish."

"You're hesitant because of your last partnership."

"Yeah, don't remind me of those two," the Warlord scoffed over his past failed partnership with Paradixalmon and Beyond. "And damn was I lucky to get out of that alive."

"I reassure you. Once we revive Lord Burizalor, we'll bring him to a level beyond anything his enemies have faced before!" Cyrus declared. "Heh, and they'll make those Ascendant jackasses rue the day..."

"Yeah, yeah, just get it over with."

"Heh, sorry I'm a sucker for the over dramatics." Nodding, Cyrus stood next to the Warlord and looked down at the Crimson Digicores.

"You remember the incantation that old coot told us to use to summon the damned dragon?"

Cyrus nodded. "Yeah, let's get this over with." He lowered his hands and yelled out the summoning incantation. "CrimsonStardramon, heed my call! I summon you to grant my wish!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' OST – Shenron Comes Out)

With that, the Crimson Digicores lit up and came to life. Each burned bright red and floated into the air, spinning around in circles over the two villains. Cyrus and the Warlord witnessed the Crimson Digicores converge into a column of bright red light.


The two fiends moved away when the bright column of red light formed a massive serpentine-shaped body. Unlike SliferGigaSeadramon and Gorugon, the dragon entity that emerged had a body entirely bathed in pure cosmic fire. It was twice as large as SliferGigaSeadramon. CrimsonStardramon floated above the Digital Warlord and Cyrus. Opening its yellow eyes, the cosmic dragon glared down at the two villains.

Inside the spaceship, a short blue alien with a koala-like nose, garbed in a green-and-black armor with a red cape, gazed in awe at the red burning dragon. This was Sorbetmon, the interim leader of the Buriza Army.

Standing beside him was a tall grayish humanoid alien Digimon, who's garbed in green, black, and red battle armor. He wore black wrist bands and a visor-like scouter covering both eyes. This is Tagomamon, one of the elite soldiers under Sorbetmon.

"Are you seeing this, sir?!" Tagomamon was taken aback by CrimsonStardramon's divine appearance.

Sorbetmon was a near loss for words. "...yes, Cyrus wasn't kidding when he said there were mystical orbs that can summon divine beings! It's no wonder Lord Burizalor saw nothing but promising things from General Cyrus."

"You sure it's wise to turn over command to Cyrus and his friend?"

"Tagomamon, we don't have a choice in the matter, and I'm all for reviving Lord Burizalor."

CrimsonStardramon's loud growls filled the endless space. Cyrus and Warlord broke the silence as they commented.

"He looks a lot bigger than the dragons from our enemies' world," Warlord observed. "Geez, they've always gotta be so damn big."

"I am CrimsonStardramon, the deity of the Crimson Digicores! You've summoned me to grant you one wish!"

"And one wish is all we need," Cyrus grinned evilly as he approached CrimsonStardramon and basked in his light.

"What is your wish?"

Realizing he was a mere wish away from reviving his master, Cyrus smirked fiendishly. "CrimsonStardramon, my wish is...!"

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F OST - CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Main Theme))


Resurrection B


Act I: Resurrection of the Evil Emperor Burizalor


Nexus of Time and Space

"CrimsonStardramon, my wish is simply to revive my lord and master! Bring back the one known as Burizalor!" Cyrus openly declared his wish to the crimson deity to all.

There was a few moments of awkward silence, causing Cyrus and Warlord to turn to each other.

"Well?" The Warlord asked him. "Ain't your wish coming true?"

"Hey, dragon!" Cyrus spat out at CrimsonStardramon. "What's the hold up?!"

CrimsonStardramon frankly replied. "The one which you call Burizalor has been sliced to pieces. Therefore if you wish to revive, he will be revived the way he was before he died."

"Wha...? Oh right, how did I forget that?! He did tell me how Yamato's son sliced him to pieces!"

Warlord grumbled. "And that slipped your mind?!"

"Excuse me," Tagomamon overheard the situation. "Sirs, but our ship is equipped with new regeneration machines to use for our troops. Perhaps that can solve the problem. Even if the damage is severe, we should be able to still repair him."

"Ah, but of course! That should work!" Cyrus quickly pivoted over and addressed CrimsonStardramon.

Sorbetmon smirked hearing this. "Good thinking, Tagomamon. That should be more than enough to restore our great ruler."

"Ok, dragon! I don't give a damn what shape he's in! Just bring him back as I told you!" Cyrus barked at CrimsonStardramon.

CrimsonStardramon growled in response to Cyrus's indecency. "It's unwise to be rude to a dragon, especially me, CrimsonStardramon. You're lucky my Signer guardians haven't found you now."

"Fine. So, can you do it? Please bring Burizalor back to life," Cyrus replied, calming down. "Is that better?"

"A foolish choice, but very well," CrimsonStardramon said, seemingly hesitant, but fulfilled the evil wish. His yellow eyes gleamed.

(Cue Neurotech – The Tide is Rising)

Suddenly, the sound of something falling caught everyone's attention. Those present noticed pieces of skin falling and raining on the ground.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The pieces made loud squishy sounds, causing Cyrus and the Warlord to shudder. The chopped remains of Burizalor tried to piece themselves back together but to no avail. Sorbetmon and Tagomamon were the first ones to approach the fallen pieces. Cyrus and the Warlord pushed them aside to get a closer look over the former tyrant's remains, still able to function and move of their own free will.

One piece of skin rolled over next to the Warlord's feet. The piece turned out to be an eyeball as it opened up and stared intently at the Warlord.

"Feh, the hell are you looking at?! You go squish now!"

"Wait!" Cyrus pushed Warlord back and picked the eye up. "My master needs every piece of him if he's to be fully restored."

"He was giving me the evil eye first! No one out-evil glares me!"

Sorbetmon interjected. "Please, gentlemen! We've come to what we've been searching for! Let's just take my lordship's remains to the ship and place them in our regeneration chamber!" He bowed his head to them both.

"Fine, whatever. Let's get a move on," Warlord shrugged.

"Your wish is granted. Now I must take my leave now," CrimsonStardramon said his piece and vanished in a big sphere of red light. As the red column faded, the four Crimson Digicores turned to stone and hit the ground with a thud.

"What do you want to do with the Digicores?" Tagomamon asked Cyrus and the Warlord.

"Huh? We take them back to the planet we stole them from," Cyrus said. "Besides, we plan to go back."

"Whatever for, General Cyrus?" Sorbetmon inquired curiously.

"You'll know in due time, Sorbetmon," Cyrus addressed him, smiling deviously and collectively. "Tagomamon, get a container and collect our master's remains."

"Yes, sir," Tagomamon complied as he went to fetch the container.

As Tagomamon returned, he and Sorbetmon picked up Burizalor's pieces and placed them into the container. Cyrus picked up the other eye of Burizalor and clamped it inside his hand.

"Lord Burizalor, we've gone to great lengths to revive you from death. I, having been revived thanks to that foolish Evo-lite's botched attempt to control me, have gathered your Empire's remnants to see that you're restored to your full glory!" Cyrus laughed gleefully and malignantly, which sent chills down Sorbetmon and Tagomamon's spines.

The Warlord, on the other hand, stayed on the sideline. He didn't bother helping collect the pieces. As they finished and closed the container, he followed Cyrus and the others back into the spaceship.

Inside the spaceship, Cyrus held the container in his lap and caressed the top surface of the lid.

"Don't worry, my lord. You'll be back on your feet in no time. Together, you, me and the Warlord can unite to strike down those wretched Ascendants!"

Warlord sat down next to Cyrus and smirked. "I for sure won't dare miss out on your master's rebirth. I'll be there front row when he's restored."

"And surely you won't be disappointed."

"Let's hope not."

"We're disembarking back into Dimension DF-616, General Cyrus and Digital Warlord!" Sorbetmon announced. "I must say I never thought multi-universal travel would be possible for us, but you and the Warlord came through for us."

"This is the best method to avoid detection from the Ascendant's friends. They'll never even knew their worst enemy has been revived," Cyrus said with the utmost confidence. "Now plot a course somewhere far in the Digiverse! Once Lord Burizalor is revived, we shall return to Planet Nazca. Who knows? Perhaps we'll see that old man who pointed us to the Crimson Digicores in the first place."

"That creepy old man..." Warlord shuddered. "Even as someone as deplorable like me wasn't fond of the vibe he was giving off."

"I wholeheartedly agree, but let's not dwell too deep about that old fool. Thanks to him, we've been able to revive my master. Perhaps he can show us to the fabled Crimson Devil where the three of us can harness its power."

"You actually believe in that mumbo jumbo?"

"Warlord, having seen the CrimsonStardramon, would you not be willing to believe in anything? Besides, if we harness the powers from this Crimson Devil, there's nothing to stop us." Cyrus said while continuing to caress the container lid.

(End theme)


Other World/X's Planet/July 17, 2011/Dimension: DF-616

(Cue The Matrix Reloaded – Teahouse (Juno Reactor & Gocoo))

Buckling down and training hard, Max Kamiya received a helping hand with his fellow D3s to help work off his rustiness. Max parried blows from Tike and David as the boys came charging at the front. Kara swooped down from the rear. Max tucked his head and jumped out of the way, causing the three runts to bump their heads.

"That all?!" Max boasted as Sam shot up toward him. "Oh seriously? Think you can tag me, Sam?!"

"It won't hurt to try!" Sam yelled out, throwing a Ki ball in Max's direction.

"Hah, don't make me laugh!" Max caught Sam's Ki attack and batted it away. He quickly flew across and kicked Sam so hard he sent him sailing across the planet. "Next!" He looked over his shoulder and sighted Keke dropping into a fighting stance. "Fitting it'd come down to us, huh?"

Keke smiled playfully. "Give it your best, hot stuff." She rushed at Max and landed a sidekick, which Max countered and ducked under another kick. She jumped over Max and went for a spinning back kick.

Max quickly grabbed Keke's foot and flipped her over. After being knocked up, she landed, only for Max to go for an elbow to her face. Keke closed her eyes. Max's elbow narrowly paused in front of Keke's nose bridge. She opened her eyes and noticed Max turning away.

(End theme)

"Max?" She asked worriedly. "You just stopped."

He said nothing and stared off, sensing a disturbance stirring beyond their dimension.


"Yo, dude, what's up?" Sam asked as he, Tike, Kara, and David gathered near him and Keke.

"Yeah, don't keep us in the dark!" Tike added.

Max furrowed his brows as he mused. No, that could've been... that felt like the Warlord! If it is, what the hell could he be planning now?


Digital World/Piximon's Training Grounds

(Cue The Legend of Korra OST – Firebending Training)

More training was in session for BanchoLeomon and his Bancho Digimon posse. Sheila and Piximon watched from the sidelines as BanchoLeomon worked up over defending himself from his Bancho students' attacks.

BanchoStingmon came from the front. BanchoMamemon appeared from the rear. BanchoLilimon flew from the right. BanchoGolemon charged from the left.

Readying his Pantera Sword, BanchoLeomon swung his weapon and unleashed a shockwave that knocked all four Bancho Digimon away. However, the non-aerial Bancho Digimon managed to keep themselves afloat with the flight technique they learned from BanchoLeomon.

Sheila whistled. "Wow, they're able to take kitty cat's best! Just over a year ago, they were getting whipped."

"The labors of their training are truly shining through, yep-yep!" Piximon added with a smirk. "Gotta give credit to my training as well."

BanchoLeomon sheathed his Pantera Sword as the Bancho Digimon landed.

"That's enough training for one day," BanchoLeomon declared. "Outstanding work."

"Have we improved from over a year ago? Have we truly come far?" BanchoStingmon asked.

"We need to know!" BanchoGolemon pleaded.

"Please, master! Have we gotten that much stronger?!" BanchoLilimon asked, begging to know.

"You want my honest opinion?" BanchoLeomon said, folding his arms. "Simply put, you four are miles stronger than a year ago, but with more training, you'll possibly be able to fight toe to toe with Ascendants. No, I'm very certain you will. Your vigorous fighting spirit will be what pushes you four to your potential. Keep it up."

The Bancho Digimon clapped and bowed to their master.

(End theme)

Sheila floated over and playfully tapped BanchoLeomon's side. "Aww, when are you gonna let me train them again?"

"Not anytime soon. Last time, you almost killed them with your threads."

"But, you told me not to go easy on them!"

"You didn't have to go that far!" BanchoLeomon barked at her.

Sheila rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Well, excuse me if I can't discern if you want me to go easy or go postal on them! When you said do whatever, I thought you wanted me to go all out...!" She noticed BanchoLeomon turning to the sky. "Hey! I'm not done talking to you, you overgrown throw rug!"

"Quiet..." BanchoLeomon growled.

"Don't shush me!"

"I'm getting a bad vibe."

The Seductressmon looked perplexed. "You're sensing an evil presence? From where?"

(Cue Maximum the Hormone – F (0:29-1:45))

"That's just it. It's not here and it's not an evil Ki. It's just a bad feeling I'm getting..." BanchoLeomon replied vaguely, sending unsettling vibes to Sheila, the Bancho Digimon, and Piximon.


Digiverse/Southern Digital Quadrant/Spaceship

In the deepest reaches of the Digiverse's Southern Quadrant, the spaceship cruised through space. The villains aboard gathered in a massive room.

Among Cyrus, the Digital Warlord, Sorbetmon, and Tagomamon were other Digimon alien minions garbed in battle armor uniforms, including a tall red humanoid alien with brown curved horns in green and black armor.

Situated in the center of a spacious room was a large oval-shaped healing chamber filled with green fluid. Inside the tank was Burizalor, whose body was being regenerated. His body was a big lump of pink flesh. The lump of pink flesh's arms and legs gained musculature. Layers of flesh covered the muscles and veins. Then, white and purple armor chitin resurfaced on the tyrant's regenerating body.

Both of his hands and legs twitched. His whole body twitched and his eyes quickly shot open, sending a shockwave that tilted nearly the whole ship and shattered every soldier's Scouters. Everyone, but Cyrus and the Warlord, watched in awe. Cyrus was all smiles. Warlord was indifferent.

The glass covering the roof of the healing chamber shattered. From it, Burizalor pressed his right foot down. Taking a good look at his spectators, he shook off the green healing fluids drenching his newly restored back. He was back to his base form: a relatively short creature with a large chestnut-shaped head. Two, black horns protruded at near 45-degree angles out of his head. A large oval-shaped purple orb embedded his forehead. Coming down the sides of his cheeks was rough, scaly pink. His arms and tail were also bright pink and scaly. His long and relatively thick pink tail twitched behind him with a spiked purple end.

As he walked forward, a new set of body armor, akin to the one he had before, lowered from the ceiling and attached itself to the restored tyrant's body. He then expelled whatever green fluid was left in his mouth all over Sorbetmon and a few bystander minions.

(End theme)

Warlord blinked upon seeing Burizalor's base form for the first time. "Well, this is something."

"Welcome back, Lord Burizalor!" Cyrus formally addressed the digital tyrant, kneeling before him.

"We've been waiting for your return!" Sorbetmon bowed.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' OST – Freeza and His Terrible Power!)

Looking over his shoulder, Burizalor withdrew from surveying his new unfamiliar surroundings. However, deep down, he'll gladly take anything over being in his own personal hell with cute and fluffy creatures.

"Hmm? And you are?" Burizalor addressed Cyrus and Sorbetmon.

"Your excellency! Surely you remember me, Cyrus Fujita! The one who willingly betrayed Taito Yagami and his crew to join your rankings! You've even promoted me to be leading commander of your forces!"

"Ah yes, Cyrus Fujita," Burizalor smirked as he faced his loyal subject.

"I came back from death myself as a result of unforeseen circumstances and have returned to my old body as you can see. I pledged to revive you, but I had help from a new ally. Lord Burizalor, allow me to introduce you to a being every bit as abhorrent as you."

"And I'm Sorbetmon. I used to be staff officer of the third digital star system!"

The Digital Warlord stepped forward but elected not to bow to Burizalor. Instead, he folded his arms proudly and smirked condescendingly.

"You're him, huh? You look smaller than I perceived you to be."

Burizalor eyed the Warlord painstakingly and shared an evil grin. "Well, looks can be quite deceiving, my friend. Yes, I can tell that while you look human on the surface, underneath that shell is a monster without irredeemable qualities. I can see why Cyrus elected you to help revive me."

"Oh, there's more to me than you don't know, but I think you'll find out soon enough."

"Now I'm intrigued," Burizalor chortled. "Well done, Cyrus. I knew you'd serve me well."

"Anything to appease you, Lord Burizalor. Up to now, Sorbetmon was in charge of the Buriza Army, but now I've taken command."

"Only because you forcefully wrested power from me!" Sorbetmon snapped.

"Someone had to do it. The Buriza Army was in need of a new commanding leader before Lord Burizalor took his rightful place."

"Well, it's no lie it appears I've truly come back to life!" Burizalor clenched his right hand tightly.

"It was done through the use of the Crimson Digicores and our latest regenerative machine models," Sorbetmon confirmed.

"Digicores, eh? Those fabled orbs from Planet Spira," the tyrant said.

"Actually, these Digicores were collected from the Planet Nazca."

"Planet Nazca? I thought that planet's history perished eons ago?" Burizalor pivoted over to Cyrus. "How were you able to find it?"

"You've been gone a long time, my lord, but multi-dimension travel has become very popular these days," Cyrus explained. "Your enemies, especially the Ascendants, have access to the Nexus, an endless space where those with the ability to dimension travel have access to any world they want to enter. The Warlord and I have been able to incorporate technology that's enabled us to travel through dimensions."

"Wouldn't you believe you can step into any world beyond this universe? We've even found dimensions where other Taichis exist!" The Warlord's words intrigued the digital tyrant.

"You don't say?" Burizalor asked.

"They're not the only ones who helped with collecting the Crimson Digicores!" Sorbetmon bowed to Burizalor. "My men here..."

"Yes, Tagomamon at your service!"

The big red bull-horned behemoth walked over and bowed. "And I am Shisamimon! We pledge our services to you!"

"These two were promoted in place of Captain Ginyumon and Piedmon after their untimely demise," Sorbetmon said.

"Huh, is that right?" Burizalor seemed less than interested after the prospect of dimension travel was raised to him. He pointed his finger and fired a quick beam, which shot up an armored grunt and deleted him.

Everyone, but Cyrus and the Warlord, was shocked by Burizalor's nonchalant albeit ruthless action.

"Just as expected, my skills have become rusted around the edges. I dare say it will take a tad longer before I can exact my sweet revenge."

Sorbetmon gulped. "Um, your revenge, sir?"

"Don't tell me you're surprised? Of course, my vengeance must be satisfied!" Burizalor gritted and clenched a fist. "I won't rest until those two Ascendant primates and their friends are vanquished! They'll pay for what they did to me and they'll pay in blood!"

Cyrus smirked. "And vengeance is what you'll get."

"Believe me. No one wants another shot at killing those punks more than me," the Warlord said with a sadistic grin.

"Um, pardon if I speak out of turn, but wouldn't it be wiser to forget about the Ascendants, my lord?" Tagomamon spoke up. "Perhaps it's best we focus on the rest of the Digiverse. Namely, rebuilding the Buriza Army back to its fullest strength? Otherwise, we'd be wasting our efforts!"

Cyrus sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Oh boy, should've kept your mouth shut, kid."

Warlord smirked evilly. "This is gonna get good."

Raising his finger, Burizalor pointed and formed a red circular beam over Tagomamon's chest. Tagomamon found himself somehow being lifted into the air and shifted over toward a window.

Burizalor then waved his finger and just like that Tagomamon was blasted out of the window.


"AUGH!" Tagomamon wailed while being blasted out into space. "SORBETMON!"

"TAGOMAMON!" Sorbetmon yelled out for his subordinate as red alarm lights went off.

A vacuum started to pull everything and everyone inside the spacious room. Well, everyone except Burizalor, Cyrus, and the Warlord. A few Buriza Army grunts, wailing fearfully, were pulled in and sent flying out of the room.

"Raise the shields quickly!" Sorbetmon yelled out for his life, clinging tightly to a capsule.

With that, a green barrier materialized around the spaceship that stopped the space vacuum and saved as many passengers aboard. Though it's not as if three of the passengers weren't in any danger whatsoever.

Every soldier hit the floor hard.

"Wherever the red dot goes, ya-bang," the Warlord joked in light of the moment.

(End theme)

"Hn, either you've brought some of the most cowardly of my troops to my revival party, or the Buriza Army has become woefully faint of heart," Burizalor coolly chastised Cyrus and Sorbetmon. "How do you expect us to strike fear throughout the digital galaxies if we're cowering before some Ascendant garbage?"

"With all due respect, my lord, the Ascendant known as Omega X, or Taichi Kamiya as many know him, has grown tremendously since you've been gone," Cyrus pleaded his case. "And I've only just taken over the reins recently. If anyone should be reprimanded for amassing weak forces, the responsibility falls on Sorbetmon."

"What?! Now see here...!" Before Sorbetmon could finish, Burizalor's tail slapped the ground hard, silencing the blue-skinned alien.

"Continue, Cyrus."

"Yes, Omega X has faced countless foes since then and has prevailed. The Ascendant numbers have also grown since your demise. This includes Yamato, Takeru, Taichi's sister Hikari, the group calling themselves the D3s, the boy from the future named Dimitri, and an unconventional Ascendant from another dimension named Kensuke Rainer."

The Warlord was seen curling his lips, recalling his previous encounter with the D3s and Kensuke. "Yes, how could I forget about X's little crew? I still owe my nemesis payback, but there's still Kenny! That asshole's going to pay for smashing an iron pole in my royal crotch!"

"Hmm, intriguing," Burizalor listened. "Yes, Dimitri is that boy who slew me and LadyMyotismon, but even more intriguing Taichi and Yamato's blood kin have achieved such power. And I see that Taichi's become far more formidable than before when he bested me."

"I know it's hard to hear, your lordship, but it's the truth," Cyrus plainly said, to which Burizalor responded with a haughty laugh.

"I'd expect nothing less from that monkey and his reptilian pet! This is a sign that I must become stronger myself! It's as simple as that!"

"Yes, but he even beat D-Reaper..."

"Yes, I witnessed that battle during my time in limbo," the digital tyrant pointed out. "I'd hope that creature obliterated that simian bastard, but Taichi ended up besting the destroyer to my dissatisfaction. I grew livid they sentenced me into purgatory..." He refrained from losing his cool exterior in front of Cyrus and the Warlord.

"The battle with D-Reaper was the last conflict our drones recorded," Sorbetmon confirmed, to which he got startled by Burizalor's tail slapping the floor again.

"Father once told me there were two entities in the Digiverse I was to never challenge: Beerusmon the Destroyer and D-Reaper. The fact Taichi defeated that D-Reaper astounds me. He's even mightier than I dare to dream! This could be most salubrious for me."

Sorbetmon became dumbfounded. "Um, I'm not sure I know that word, sir." He asked about salubrious.

"It means beneficial to a person's health and well being," Cyrus chimed in. "Do try and keep up, Sorbetmon."

"As you say," Sorbetmon replied, backing off to make room for Burizalor, who floated into the air bathed in a dark pink aura.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' OST – Freeza's Potential)

"I've never trained a day in my life! There was never a need. Imagine what could happen if I could unlock my latent potential!" The digital tyrant openly declared as he basked in a healthy pink glow.

"Wait, you could get stronger?!" Sorbetmon asked. "Stronger than your final form?!"

"Of course, he can. Me and the Warlord are living proof of what happens when you take time to improve one's self," Cyrus said. "I've finally managed to unlock the power to go full Ascendant myself."

"And I've gotten much deadlier with my sword's skills, Sephiroth would be bowing to me," the Warlord brandished his long sword and grinned maniacally. "Say, what do you say we take your boss to Planet Nazca?"

"That's exactly what I had in mind," Cyrus whispered back.

"Ok, now shut your gaping mouths and let me concentrate," Burizalor raised his arms and focused on finding his latent potential. "If I can train for at least four to six months, I can reach a level beyond even my own comprehension!"

Sorbetmon and his minions cowered back from their master's deathly glow.

"Then, perhaps training on Planet Nazca will suit us best. Once we acquire the Crimson Devil's power, you can train with me and the Warlord to bring out your latent potential, my lord!"

Upon hearing this, Burizalor turned and cast an intense glare at Cyrus. He pivoted over to the Warlord, who unlike the minions didn't flinch an inch. He floated down to meet Cyrus and the Warlord.

"Just know Burizalor, I'm only agreeing to this alliance because it was your subordinate's idea," the Warlord remained undeterred by the digital tyrant's icy glare. "I don't like the idea of sharing power with a potential rival, but having common interests is what forges our unholy alliance." He extended his hand to Burizalor, who looked down at the Warlord's gloved hand.

Burizalor reached out and applied a firm grip on the Warlord's hand. The two evil warlords didn't take each other's eyes off the other.

"This is exactly what I've been hoping for," Cyrus smirked. "And with this handshake sealed, consider our unholy alliance official. I decree us The Three Fiends."

Burizalor and Warlord shared maniacal grins.

"Just know, Burizalor, you stick your hand out to me, and I'll stab you right in the heart when you least expect it." The Warlord whispered under his breath, bearing an evil grin.

Burizalor shot back with an equally menacing evil grin of his own.

(End theme)


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/10:30 AM

Having returned from his latest dimension travels with Sailor Sedna, Dimitri, and Kensuke, Tai and Agumon walked by to meet with Matt and Gabumon for training.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST – Dark Days Are Coming!)

Just then, Tai paused as he felt a disturbing vibe nagging him.

Matt noticed this. "What's wrong, Tai?"

"I can't explain what it is, but I felt something bad just now..."

"You, too, Tai?" Agumon asked curiously.

The Bearer of Friendship scoffed. "Coming up with an excuse to skip out on training and me kicking your ass?"

"Hah, as if, Matt! No way I'm passing this up!" Tai quipped as he and Agumon followed Matt and Gabumon out. His smile faded as he mused. What could've been that I just sensed just a minute ago?


Other World/X's Planet

"Wait, you're telling us you might've felt the Warlord just now?" Sam asked Max. "Are you sure you weren't imagining it?"

"Recall we never actually killed him when he teamed up with Paradixalmon and Beyond," Max reminded them. "We just punted his ass through a dimensional wormhole taking him to who knows where."

"Meaning he could've gone to anywhere in the Nexus," Keke speculated.

"Shit, and looking for him will be like looking for a tiny needle in hundreds of haystacks!" Tike said.

Just then, BW barged right in overhearing their discussion.

"So, the Warlord's at it again I hear?" BW asked as he approached Max and the D3s.

"That's the hunch Max's having right now," Sam said.

"Can't really say I blame him considering the crap that guy's put us through," BW turned to Max. "Well? Spill. Where is he?"

"My main concern is, what is he up to now?" Max mused. "And I also got a vibe he's not alone. In fact, he just might be gathering allies again."

"Didn't he learn the best time we beat him and Paradixalmon?" Kara said.

"That son of a bitch will never quit. That psychopath destroyed our home dimension, he's still hellbent on finishing where he left off," Max growled, conveying his contempt for his and his team's worst enemy. "He'll go to any lengths to get what he wants, even if he has to find other nefarious beings that can help accomplish his goals."

"So, who could he be aligning with now?" Keke wondered.

"Can't be anyone from Digital Limbo..." BW nodded.

"There's Cyrus! Ugh, how did he slip my mind?! He was revived by Greil's group thanks to Jishikitori X's spell!" Max recalled. "There's the possibility of him finding Cyrus, but who else would be heinous enough to align with one of those two?" He thought. I just hope they don't find a way to revive someone like Burizalor.

(End theme)


Odaiba District/Odaiba Park/12:05 PM

(Cue Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST – Bad Omen)

"Ah!" Madoka snapped awake from a nap. She sat up from a picnic sheet she used to lay on. She was seen sitting by her friends: Homura, Shu, Inori, Gai, and Mana.

"Madoka, are you ok?" A teenage boy with brown hair and red eyes asked her.

Madoka nodded to the boy. "Not really, Shu. I had a vision."

A pink-haired girl wearing a dark gray dress conveyed concern to Madoka. "What did your vision tell?"

"Something bad coming, but nothing clear, Inori," she answered, rubbing her head.

Homura grabbed Madoka's hand. "Tell us the best you can describe."

"Well, I did see two figures and something bursting out of a chamber."

"Something?" A blonde-haired man wearing black asked.

"Yeah, Gai. More like someone," Madoka corrected herself as she recalled the third man breaking out of the chamber. "That someone had an evil power I didn't like."

"Oooh, sounds twisted," Mana half-smirked.

"Mana, this isn't a funny matter."

"Who's laughing, Shu?" The salmon-haired older sister of Shu shrugged.

"Perhaps this is something we should talk to Tai and the others about?" Shu suggested to his friends.

"Well, we can't confirm if this is a premonition," Homura said. "Not yet anyway. Is this the first you've had this vision, Madoka?"

"Yeah, just the first time."

"I say we wait and see if any more similar visions become more consistent."

Shu nodded. "Probably for the best, but I hope they're just that. Meaningless visions."

"Sure, I suppose," Madoka smiled softly. "Besides, we have dimension journeys ahead of us, don't we?"

Looking down, Madoka wasn't too sure to take the vision she had at face value or take it seriously. For now, she decided to take Homura's advice to see if any more similar nightmares pop up.

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/Dimension: YYGDM-01/July 31, 2011/4:35 PM

Sitting in front of her fire, Rei Hino performed her vision readings. She was currently at peace of mind until three dark shapes materialized inside the wall of fire. All three had gleaming red eyes.

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST – Anxiety and Impatience)

Gasping loudly, Rei snapped her eyes open. "These evil auras...!" She turned to a teen girl, garbed in priestess robes, who was sitting next to her.

"Sister, what are those three dark shadows?!" She asked Rei.

"I... I don't know, but they don't appear to be from our world, Cammy."

"Should we tell the others yet?" Cammy inquired, standing up.

Just then, the Houou, the cosmic phoenix entity in Rei, telepathed with her. 'Yes, we must remain wary of this evil from another world and alert the others. They must be warned if this evil were to congregate into one of our worlds.'

"Well, sister?" Cammy asked.

"Let's call for a small meeting with Usagi and the others first. Then, call forth Takato, Takuya, and the others," Rei nodded. "While this could just a sign of an otherworldly threat our other dimension friends can handle, this requires our attention for sure."

(End theme)


Digiverse/Southern Digital Quadrant/Planet Nazca

Deep in the far reaches of the Southern Quadrant, the villains made their successful landing.

Shortly after their spaceship landed, the Three Fiends arrived near the gates of an archaic landmark. Situated right in front of them is the ruins of a temple.

"Well, isn't this a lovely vacation spot?" The Warlord half-joked at the barren and gloomy scenery. "Wasn't counting on coming back here."

"Lord Burizalor, might I suggest after we've received our new powers from the Crimson Devil, we amass a more powerful army to replace the weak forces Sorbetmon was only able to scrape up?" Cyrus addressed Burizalor while accompanying him along a trail. "Since the Warlord and I have access to dimension travel, we can find the most worthy subjects that could aid us in our revenge against Taichi and his friends."

"And I know the perfect dimension spots we can find the best recruits," the Warlord added. "I think you'll be most pleased."

Burizalor smirked evilly. "I suppose. Anything to replace the remnants of my old forces. Moreover, I'm much more intrigued with the notion of dimension crossing, especially finding worlds where other Taichis exist. Perhaps I can make an example out of one before exacting my vengeance on the Taichi I want to kill."

(Cue God of War 3 OST – Depths of Hades)

Strong winds quickly blew between the Three Fiends and a decrepit old man with a long thick beard. The old man wore a black cloak and hood. Cyrus walked forward placing the four Digicore stones down.

"Ah, so you've actually followed through with that wish after all?" The old man spoke in a calm and dark tone. He smiled a disgusting grin, revealing chipped and tar covered teeth. "Heheh, well done, sir." He veered over to Burizalor and chortled. "And this is much feared icy tyrant." He glared intently at Burizalor with a Cheshire cat's grin. "Lord Burizalor, I take it. I see the Crimson Digicores revived you."

"Let's cut to the chase, old timer," Burizalor scoffed, surveying the ruined temple behind him. "Is this the site where we'll find the fabled Crimson Devil?"

"But, of course, if you're interested in gaining more power for you and your two cohorts."

"Lord Burizalor, legend has it the Crimson Devil will only bestow his power to the most wicked of souls," Cyrus said.

"Then, the three of us are overqualified," Burizalor plainly stated, smashing the ground and leaving a dent using his tail. "Old timer, I demand you escort us to meet with the Crimson Devil."

"Just between us four, his name is RedNovaDemon," the old man darkly replied.

"Whatever, just take us to meet him," the Warlord snorted.

"Agreed," the ancient man concurred, leading the Three Fiends into the ruined temple. "I'd suggest leaving the Digicores behind since you won't be needing them anymore."

With that, Cyrus set aside the four stones and walked behind his two colleagues. They surveyed the war torn planet that had been contested for ages between CrimsonStardramon and RedNovaDemon. That battle ended eons ago. Now CrimsonStardramon had been confined into the Crimson Digicores by the Signer Dragon guardians. RedNovaDemon, nursing his wounds, sealed himself inside the planet by his Immortal Earthbound guardians.

Currently, the guardians have relocated into the Nexus and every once in a while return to Planet Nazca. The Three Fiends won't find themselves having any problems dealing with any guardians as they make their way into RedNovaDemon's domain.

The Three Fiends and the old man walk down a flight of stairs into an area resembling the fiery pits of hell. They watched as a red demonic visage with yellow eyes materialized in a pool of red lava.

"I take it that's RedNovaDemon?" Burizalor inquired to the old man.

"Yes, and soon he'll determine whether you three are wicked enough to harness his divine power," the old man raised his arms and beckoned to the demonic being. "Come forth, RedNovaDemon! You have guests that request your audience!"

The Three Fiends held their ground and watched as a pillar of red flames shot out of the lava pool.

"This better be worth it," Warlord muttered under his breath.

Smirking, Burizalor awaited for RedNovaDemon. "Yes, come forth, RedNovaDemon. Determine if we're heinous enough to inherit your power."

(End theme)


Next act: Jacomon's Distress


A/N: Hope you liked the Resurrection B character corner segment. It was never a long term plan in the works, but I figured why not? After all while Ford1114 is done writing fanfics, I can still carry on Cornerverse stuff in my own stories. Ford1114 will continue providing me ideas and help out with outlines/scenes. Cornerverse shall not die so easily!

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In story stuff: I'm going to be mostly adapting from the Resurrection F movie. I understand the film has certain flaws.

-Most notable ones: Gohan's regressed power which can easily be chalked up to lack of any training.

-The 1.3 million power level line by Freeza, which I've excised from this chapter.

-How Freeza could believably train to go from being weaker than average Super Saiyans to stronger than Buu Saga-level characters. To be honest, Freeza was said to be a prodigy and could've trained to become stronger to unleash his full latent power. He simply just became complacent with the power he already had and felt there was no need to soil his own hands while being surrounded by underlings. In this story, Burizalor's latent potential will be augmented by the Crimson Devil's power and the training will help him go beyond Ascendant level 3 fighters. Likewise, the Warlord and Cyrus will receive the same enhancements. So, as you can tell, getting a power boost from an evil god and training with newly acquired divine power should be an easier pill to swallow than just training for 4 months.

-Not really a flaw, but Cyrus has revealed potential recruits to enhance their army. Who will the Three Fiends end up recruiting from these other dimensions? You'll have to wait and see. ;)

-The ending of the conflict might play out differently. We'll see, but hopefully, an end that satisfies enough sides.

Btw, yes that was Madoka and Homura of Madoka Magica in the DFK universe. But, they're visitors from a different dimension. Likewise, that is Shu, Gai, Inori, and Mana from Guilty Crown, and they, too, are from a different dimension. These six come from a shared dimension called GCLK-1114, the Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms universe created by Ford1114.

Here's the lowdown on the GCLK main cast:

-LK!Shu is more heroic than his mainstream counterpart.

-LK!Gai has returned to being good and is the Lancer to Shu's Hero.

-LK!Inori is a reincarnate called Inori II with all her memories and love for Shu intact.

-LK!Mana is much less of a villainous psychopath and more of her old big sis self but still has some yandere mannerisms.

-Shu/Inori and Gai/Mana are official couples.

-LK!Madoka is an aspect of the true Goddess Madoka/Ultimate Madoka. Otherwise, the goddess would easily curbstomp the Three Fiends and their entire army. This Madoka is a close friend to Shu and company.

-LK!Homura is adopted by LK!Shu's step mother, Haruka, and is renamed Homura Ouma. This Homura is not Devil Homura (yet).

-These six now temporarily live in the DFK universe since they're involved in big missions with the DFK and YYGDM ensemble cast in my newly released Cross Generations fic (originally intended to be a full GT adaptation has changed to become its own thing). If you haven't read CG yet, it's out and has been released since November. The first preview chapter is available to read.

If you want to imagine how Cyrus sounds and laughs, his given VA is Johnny Yong Bosch. So imagine evil!Lelouch for every dialogue he gives. :P Warlord's VA is Kirby Morrow. Burizalor is of course Chris Ayres.

The other Puella girls and Funeral Parlor members are around but will be used sparingly. In fact, for this story, Homura won't be seeing much action. It'll be Madoka, Sayaka, and Kyoko doing the fighting against some of the Fiends' forces.

As for the YYGDM (aka YuYuGiDigiMoon) side, yeah so far Rei Hino/Sailor Mars and her sister Cammy (an OC) are the first to sense the presence of the Three Fiends. The Houou (exclusive to YYGDM) is pretty much the equivalent of the Phoenix Force from Marvel, which possesses Rei and utilizes her as an avatar to protect Sailor Moon. Only this Rei has such an entity in her, making her unique to her other dimension counterparts. You can expect the Tamers, Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi, and Spirit Detectives to be involved. A few Duelists could be involved (making this the first time they're involved in a Dimension Trinity crisis), but their focus will be minimal at best compared to others.

In fact, to save me time and energy, not every group will have extended battles. Just brief glimpses of the action.

As for how the battles will be structured: expect them to be spread across several dimensions (which I will reveal in time).

The Crimson Devil/RedNovaDemon and CrimsonStardramon are obviously expies based on the Yugioh 5Ds deities. After all since SliferGigaSeadramon is based on Slifer the Sky Dragon. The old man is based on nobody and just someone who happens to be a survivor from the warring periods on Planet Nazca. Don't expect his identity to be shown, he's not around for too long and his role was to aid the Fiends to get their power-ups from RedNovaDemon.

As the next chapter title implies, Jacomon is coming. Thanks to Chaosblazer, he was able to make an expy for the character and he's part of the Galactic Council (digital counterpart to the Galactic Patrol in Dragon Ball). He'll be coming next chapter, but you want to see more of his exploits prior to the events of this story: I recommend reading Chaosblazer's Digimon Accel Stream: Side Story Slamfest Chapter 15: A Weekend at Kenny's Part 1 (ongoing 3-parter with two more forthcoming chapters). So, if you notice a certain Digi-Destined of Sincerity being too familiar and friendly with the alien visitor you'll know beforehand.

Speaking of Chaosblazer's Accel, Cyrus was revived in his series through a magic seal by a villain named Jishikitori X. He was intended to be a mindless servant for the story's other main villain Greil, but Jishikitori X purposefully botched to let Cyrus escape with his free will restored. So, here we are Cyrus ends up in the Nexus and meets with the Digital Warlord. Recall from my Battle of Digital Gods fic's post-credit scenes (one of the three) that Cyrus and the Warlord were going to search for a certain new ally. Here we are. The whole point of this story: Resurrection B.

As for the time period, this conflict takes place: it's set after Cross Generations' yet to be released Dimension Missions saga (the first arc in that story) DFK-wise. YYGDM-wise, it's set after fics like Apophis Rising and Valkyrie Advent. It's also set after Ford1114's Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms. So there may be potential spoilers, but hopefully nothing that ruins this story experience. Though, for this chapter and the first sections of the next, it's set roughly around the first stages of the Dimension Missions saga, which would explain Tai and Agumon returning from a 'dimension trip' in this chapter and Shu's group staying in the DFK world as they wait to be sent on their dimension mission.

That was a lot of info, but needed to get the gritty details out of the way before I'm bombarded with questions. Hope this story was enough to satisfy. Another chapter of build-up and we should be begin at the stage of the conflict.

Until then, send a review and see you next time!