Danny Kissed the Girls

Hey guys. This little beauty is a simple one-shot. Before you ask, no, this isn't the DannyxHarem story I have plans on writing. Hopefully you, the fans, will enjoy it all the same. I do not own Danny Phantom, the cover image or the song Singin' in the Rain by Gene Kelly. R&R and Enjoy!

***Valentine's Day, The Ghost Zone***

While most of the residents of the Ghost Zone went about their usual, spectral business, three ladies sat on one of the many floating rock islands that littered the Land of the Dead. Ember McLain sat on the far left, twirling one of her fiery locks with her finger and an annoyed look on her face. In the middle sat one of her best girlfriends, Penelope Spectra. She was filing away at her nails while muttering curses about her bumbling assistant Bertrand. Finally, there was Kitty. She was typing away on her phone, looking angrier by the minute with each new text she received.

"God damn it!" Kitty yelled before firing an ecto ray at one of the smaller rocks floating near by and blasting it to pieces.

"Let me guess." Ember said. "Johnny forgot about Valentine's Day and is now out drinking with the boys?"

Kitty simply nodded her head, heavily breathing in and out through her nose.

"I tried to tell you girls that our supposed boyfriends would either forget about the day or have made other plans." Penelope stated, giving her nails one final look before putting her file back in her clutch.

"Its not fair." Kitty pouted. "All I wanted today was Johnny's love and attention today. But NOOO. He's out getting hammered with the boys."

"I know the feeling. Skulker went off on one of his 'amazing hunts' today." Ember added.

"I'm just tired of Bertrand being so cowardly and inconsiderate to me." Spectra said.

Just then, Ember started chuckling.

"You know who else might be lonely this Valentine's Day?"

"Who?" Kitty asked half heartedly.

"Babypop." She said, giving them a sly grin now.

"I know that look, Ember. What devious plan do you have going on in your head?" Penelope, starting to smirk herself.

"I say we give Danny the best Valentine's Day he will ever have." Ember said.

"I wasn't planning on being in an orgy today but I'm ready if you girls are." Spectra replied, shrugging her shoulders.

"What?! No! That wasn't what I meant." Ember said, blushing profusely before continuing. "I meant let's have a competition to see who can steal the most kisses from Danny. Winner gets a bottle of wine from both the losers."

"I don't know." Kitty said nervously. "What if the boys find out?"

"Well, for one thing, they won't find out because we won't tell them." Penelope said matter of factly. "For another, even if they do find out we just tell them it was their fault for forgetting and neglecting us."

Kitty gave the idea some thought. She wasn't stupid enough to reveal what had happened to Johnny. This was just a game. Even if Johnny tried to get back at her, Ember and Penelope would have her back. Lastly...she secretly enjoyed the brief period of time she dated Danny when she possessed Paulina.

"Oh, alright." Kitty relented.

"Yes!" Ember cried triumphantly.

With that exclamation, Kitty and Spectra held on to Ember's shoulders before she teleported them to Casper High in a whirlwind of flames.

***8 AM, Casper High***

Love was in the hormonal fueled air at Casper High. Kwan and Star were walking hand in hand down the hall to their next class. Dash was sucking face with Paulina. Tucker was trying and failing to seduce the attractive females with his cheesy pick up lines. Even the nerds and lesser popular kids were exchanging valentines and candy.

The only one that was feeling lonely this Valentine's Day was one Danny Fenton. Most everyone ignored him while the A-Listers taunted him for being single and lonely today. His friends weren't exactly helping his mood. The aforementioned Tuck was not in the least bit concerned due to his determination to attract attention from the opposite sex. As for Sam, well...

"Ugh. This is so disgusting. Corporations and big companies are using this holiday as an excuse to make a quick buck off greeting cards, chocolates, and colored hearts. Doesn't help that people also use it to get into other people's pants. Why do we even celebrate this holiday anyways?" Sam complained, swatting a paper Cupid out of her face while glaring at Dash and Paulina.

"Originally, it was in honor of the Christian Saint Valentine, who became a martyr after he performed illegal marriages and spread the word of Jesus in Rome. Later, people used as a day to profess their love to one another by presenting them with hand made cards and symbolic keys to their heart." Danny answered glumly.

Sam turned to face Danny, surprised at his answer. "How do you know all this?"

"Sunday School." He replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Huh. Learn something new everyday." Sam said, before her eyes turned scornful again and roamed the halls. "Still, it is disgusting to see what it is used for now and I refuse to take part of it."

Danny simply sighed in response, opening his locker, taking out his books, and heading off to class. As he entered Mr. Lancer's classroom, a sliver of mist escaped his mouth. Knowing what that meant, he quickly looked up and down the hallway and in the classroom, trying to find the spirit that had tripped his Ghost Sense. However, the halls were completely empty, there was no screaming of shouts of fright, and nobody was firing ecto beams at him. Staying on guard, he sat down at his desk just as the bell rang.

"Good morning, class." Mr. Lancer said, "Today we will be going over one of the most well known romance stories ever published. Romeo and Juliet."

Sam raised her hand.

"Doesn't everybody die in that story?"

"Ah. So someone did the assigned reading." Mr. Lancer replied. "Yes. The two lovers perished at the end of the story due to a myriad of unfortunate circumstances and events. Now, can anyone tell me another famous romance story?"

"Twilight." Star spoke up.

The entire male population in the class and Sam let out a groan.

"I don't think that is quite what I'm looking for." The teacher replied.

"Phantom of the Opera?" Danny suggested.

"Ha! You would pick that one, Fenton. Nobody in their right mind would want to date someone with an ugly mug like yours." Dash taunted.

"Detention and a zero for the day, Mr. Baxter." Mr. Lancer chastised.

Danny's mood traveled further south than what it had been moments before.

'Maybe he's right.' Danny thought. 'Nobody seems romantically interested in me. Paulina has Dash. Star has Kwan. Sam is a good friend but she can be a little overbearing at times. Hell, even the ghostly girls have someone.'

Unknown to Danny and the rest of the class, three invisible, spectral ladies had noticed the insult Danny had taken and were planning on lifting his spirits very soon.

"I'll take the first one." Ember whispered to Kitty and Spectra. The two smiled before letting the ghostly rocker work.

"Now, who can tell me..." Mr. Lancer began before the sprinkler system went off.

"Count of Monte Cristo!" The teacher said in a frustrated tone of voice. "Alright, everyone calmly exit the classroom and to the front of the school."

Naturally, everyone bum rushed the door while pushing and shoving each other out of the way. Several times, Danny was pushed to the ground, much to the amusement of the A-Listers. Finally, Danny was the only one left in the class. He grabbed his drenched bag before slowly exiting the room and entering the now empty hallway.

"What a perfect way to start Valentine's Day." He remarked, water dripping down his face and off his wet bangs.

Suddenly, he heard someone singing. It was a sweet and melodious voice. One he had heard a few times before.

Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

Turning around, he was surprised and slightly amused to find none other than Ember McLain singing and, oddly enough, tap dancing as the sprinkler system rained down on the two of them. When she saw that she had caught his attention, she gave him a mischievous smile before making her way towards him.

I'm singin' in the rain

Just singin' in the rain,

What a glorious feeling,

And I'm happy again.

He watched as she eventually made her way to him. She circled around him, getting ever closer and closer. In the back of his mind, Danny wondered why she was putting on this little song and dance routine instead to trying to attack him or hypnotize his classmates.

I'm laughing at clouds

So dark, up above,

The sun's in my heart

And I'm ready for love.

With that, she did one final twirl in front of him before grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him into a kiss.

Needless to say, Danny was shocked at this bold move. Never in a million years would he have thought that he would get the chance to kiss the beautiful ghost. He opened his mouth to let out a groan of pleasure. Ember took this opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth. This continued for a few seconds before they separated, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips.

"Not that I'm complaining but what was that for?" The teenager asked, a silly grin playing on his lips.

"Just consider it the first of many in this little game we have going on." She replied cheekily. "Happy Valentine's Day, Babypop."

With that, Ember vanished in a whirlwind of flames.

That snapped Danny out of his daze. Game? First of many? What was that supposed to mean? While he did like the kiss, he would have liked it to have meant something rather than it be for other's amusement. He would have to keep an eye out for Ember and her friends.

Meanwhile, Ember appeared on the roof where her friends patiently waited after seeing Ember take the first kiss.

"Nicely done." Spectra chuckled while she and Kitty gave Ember the golf clap.

"Thank you, thank you." The ghostly rocker said, taking several deep bows. "I thought I would set the bar."

"Well played. My turn now." Kitty said.

"Good luck." Spectra said as she and Ember saw their green haired friend go invisible.

Back with Danny, he had just exited the building, soaking wet from head to toe while most of the other students were drying off with provided towels.

"Looks like Fenturd got drenched." Dash mocked as the black haired teenager searched for a towel to dry himself off with. "Too bad there aren't anymore towels for your sorry ass."

Danny sighed, trying his best to wring out his shirt.

"Hey Danny." Someone said behind Danny.

Turning around, he came face to face with Star, second only in beauty to Paulina.

"Hi Star." He replied, unsure how else to reply.

"You must be cold with those wet clothes on." The blonde remarked.

Danny chuckled before replying. "Don't worry. I've been colder before."

"Well," She said, getting closer to Danny, here eyes flashing red momentarily before changing back to normal. "Maybe I can warm you up a bit."

Before Danny could protest or remark on the change in her eyes, the girl had pulled him into a kiss. Unlike Ember, Star, or whomever was possessing Star, liked to lightly nip at his lower lip before continuing to kiss him. Like Ember, she slipped her tongue in when she got the opportunity.

After a minute, she separated from Danny. Then, Kitty phased out of Star's body, gave the teenage boy a wink, then turned invisible. Unfortunately for Danny, he only had a few seconds to comprehend this new information before he felt someone slug him hard in his right eye.

"Nobody makes out with my girl but me, Fenton!" Kwan yelled, towering over Danny as he covered his steadily swelling eye.

"Detention, Kwan." Mr. Lancer called out. "I clearly saw Star initiate the kiss with Mr. Fenton. As for you Star, I would try to refrain from public displays of affection, whether they are for your boyfriend or whomever you wish."

Kwan stomped away, dragging a dazed and confused Star with him. Slowly, Danny got up from off the ground. He was a little disappointed neither Sam nor Tucker were around to aid him but reasoned that they might be lost somewhere else within the mass of students.

"I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't able to stop him in time, Daniel. It is also unfortunate that there aren't enough towels to go around." Mr. Lancer consoled.

"It's alright." Danny mumbled, dusting himself off.

"ALL CLEAR! FALSE ALARM!" The fire marshal said over his bullhorn, allowing the students and faculty to file back into the school.

Mr. Lancer glanced back at Danny, noting that the punch he had taken was now developing into a black eye.

"You should get to the nurse and have her check that eye out. I won't count you tardy when you return."

"Thank you, sir." The black haired teen said before heading into the school.

Danny made a quick stop in the restroom to go intangible and get the water out of his drenched clothes before heading off to the nurses office.

Back with the girls, Penelope was giggling up a storm at Kitty's antics while Ember gave a disapproving look at the side effect.

"In my defense, I didn't think the jock was looking when I kissed Danny." She said, nervously rubbing the back of her neck.

"Can we all agree to try not to get him in trouble and physically harmed?" Ember proposed.

Kitty nodded her head in agreement while Penelope simply shrugged her shoulders and said "Sure."

Having come to an agreement, Spectra phased into the school and prepared to take her kiss from Danny.

After weaving his way through the student body trying to get their books for their next class and mingling around, Danny finally made it to the nurse's office.

"Excuse me, Ms. Roberts. Mr. Lancer sent me here so you could check out my eye." Danny said as looked around for the nurse.

"Ah, Danny. Come in, come in." The nurse said, smiling widely at him.

Nurse Roberts was a tall 5' 10" with long, waist length strawberry blond hair, hourglass figure, and lovely C-cup breasts. She had a heart shaped face with violet eyes and an award winning smile. She was the fantasy to many of the male population in Casper High, himself included.

Bringing himself back to the present, Danny walked towards the nurse and sat down on the examination table.

"Oh. I looks like you have a nasty shiner. Who was the brute that gave you that?" She asked, cupping his chin and getting a closer look at his injury.

"Kwan but luckily Mr. Lancer caught him in the act and gave him detention." Danny replied, leaving out the part on why Kwan had punched him.

"You poor, handsome boy, you." Nurse Roberts said. This confused Danny slightly. When had she ever call him or any other student handsome?

Looking through his good eye he saw the nurse's eyes change from lavender to ecto green.

"Ah crap." Danny moaned.

The ghost in control of Nurse Robert's body gave Danny a seductive smile. "Found me out already, I see. Oh well. Might as well do what I came here for and be on my merry way."

She leaned forward and captured his lips in her. Whomever was possessing the nurse seemed much more aggressive than Ember and Kitty before her. She let her hands roam Danny's body, moving up and down his sides, over his upper thigh..."

"MMPHH!" Danny moaned into the lips of the possessed nurse as she pinched his bum.

When she finally released his lips, she backed away before Penelope Spectra came out of her body.

"My, my, Mr. Fenton. I look forward to our next little encounter." She said before going invisible.

Nurse Roberts shook her head vigorously, trying to clear her head before spotting Daniel before her.

"Oh my! I didn't notice you come in, Danny. What can I do for you?" She asked in a concerned tone of voice.

"Can you do something for my black eye and maybe get me some ibuprofen for this headache I am developing?" The boy moaned.

As Danny was receiving his treatment, the ghostly ladies were giggling up a storm at the boy's expense.

"You should have seen him. Didn't know what to do when I started to feel him up." Spectra chuckled.

"Do you think he will try and capture us?" Kitty asked once she had calmed down?

"Nah." Ember answered. "We aren't harming the town and by the time he knows that its us, we snag our kiss and disappear before he can do anything about it."

"Although." The rocker said, almost as an afterthought, "He might not appreciate the after effects of our kisses."

"Oh stop being a spoil sport. He is a single, hormonal, teenage boy getting kisses from three, sexy, ghostly ladies on Valentine's Day. I'm sure by the end of the day he won't even remember the minor troubles he had to deal with because of us." Spectra said.

"You sure, Penelope?" Kitty asked "I know I wouldn't want to be toyed around like that if it were happening to me."

"Come on, girls." Spectra said, letting out an exaggerated sigh. "We already agreed that this was just for fun. If it will make you feel any better, we can all apologize to him tomorrow. Besides, I haven't had this much fun in a long time and I don't want to quit when it is just starting to get interesting."

"I guess." Ember and Kitty said together.

"Good. Now that we have gotten that matter settled, lets get back to having fun." Penelope said before the three of them went intangible and entered the school.

***10:30 AM, Chemistry Class***

"Alright, class. Who in here can complete the formula on the board and tell me what it forms?" Mrs. Jones asked her class.

As she expected, nobody raised their hands. The so called A-Listers were playing around with the test tubes and pilot lights while the everyone else gave her a blank or confused look.

"Alright. It looks like I will call a volunteer." The teacher proclaimed, looking around the room for her victim. Her eyes rested on Daniel Fenton, a bright, charming, somewhat forgetful student of hers.

"Mr. Fenton, would you please come up to the board?"

Danny sighed but stood up all the same.

"Can you see the formula clearly?" Mrs. Jones asked, a note of concern in her voice over Danny's swollen eye.

He nodded his head and picked up a piece of chalk. He knew some parts of the formula but the rest seemed like gibberish to him.

"Any time now, Fenturd." Dash called from the back.

"Zero for the day, Mr. Baxter. I also wouldn't play around back there unless you want to lose an eyebrow." The teacher scolded.

Danny let out a long sigh before he looked at the formula again. He was about to start writing his answer when there was a scream from the back of the room. Everyone turned to see the pilot light burning tall and Dash flailing his arms around in the air. Danny chuckled at the jock's misfortune before turning back to the board. He was surprised to see Kitty hurriedly writing on the black board before setting the chalk she had used down.

"All done." She whispered to Danny before giving him a conspiratorial wink and pulling him into a kiss. While this one lasted about 10 seconds, it was no less passionate and, Danny admitted, enjoyable. When they pulled apart, the green haired ghost turned invisible and flew away.

"I told you messing with the pilot light would cause you to burn your eyebrows, Mr. Baxter." The teacher scolded the jock, breaking Danny from his musings. Thankfully, everyone had been either, shocked, concerned, or laughing at Dash's pain that they hadn't noticed Kitty. When Mrs. Jones inspected the answer on the board, a smile broke out on her face.

"Correct, Mr. Fenton. Not only did you complete the formula, you also successfully guessed what it made. For that, you win a prize."

Walking over to her desk, the teacher pulled out a king size bar of chocolate.

"Incidentally, the answer to the formula is also your prize. Congratulations, Danny."

Smiling, Danny accepted his prize and went to his seat. Class continued as usual with no other interruptions. When class let out, Danny began to enjoy his chocolate, savoring the sweet flavors on his taste buds, as he made his way to his locker. He was chewing some of the delectable sweet as he opened his locker only to come face to face with Ember McLain.

"How is your day going so far, Babypop?" The ghostly rocker asked, giving Danny a cheeky grin.

"Why are you doing this to me?" He asked in an exasperated tone of voice.

"We thought we could brighten your day through this little game. Nobody wants to be lonely on Valentine's Day." She said, sincerity in both her voice and her eyes.

Before Danny could reply, the blue haired ghost leaned forward and captured his lips in a kiss. She was slower and more sensual with this one than her first. One of her hands began to caress his cheek as her tongue entered his mouth and danced with his.

When they separated, Ember licked her lips before giggling.

"I've never eaten chocolate like that before but I wouldn't mind doing that again."

With that, she disappeared through the back of his locker, leaving a stunned and slightly annoyed Danny. They didn't seem to realize that while he enjoyed their kisses and their attempt at cheering him up, they were going about it the wrong way. He wanted something that would last longer than today. A romance, not a fling.

Sighing, he put his books back in his locker and replaced them with the ones for next class. Checking his watch, he saw that he had a few minutes to spare before he had to be at his next class. Thinking he might as well relieve himself before his next class, the black haired teenager made his way to the bathroom. Seeing that it was empty, he walked over to the nearest urinal and let the water flow. He absentmindedly looked towards the ceiling, thinking over what had happened today. He hoped that there wouldn't be anymore unpleasant surprises or consequences.

"It seems that you are a grower rather than a shower. But there is nothing wrong with that." Remarked a female voice.

This startled Danny out of his musings. Looking forward, he saw Penelope Spectra, her head and shoulders sticking out of the wall and gazing at his family jewels. She then looked up after his slight spasm and gave him a seductive smirk.

"Why are you..." Danny began to ask before Spectra silenced him with her lips. Fortunately for Danny, she didn't try to grope him like she did last time.

"This is all just a game. Besides, I couldn't resist taking a peek." Spectra replied, winking at him before disappearing back into the wall.

Danny gave a frustrated growl. This game the girls were playing was starting to get out of hand. He wasn't sure how much longer he could take this until he decided to forget about school and confront them. Sighing, he finished up his business before heading off to his next class.

***1 PM, The Cafeteria***

"So, how is your day going so far?" Sam asked Danny as they ate their lunch.

"Complicated." He answered, not wanting to fully explain what had happened so far.

"Yeah, I feel you. It seems that everywhere I look, people are either flirting or making out. I think Tucker has tried to seduce the entire female population at least twice and is making his way through his third round."

That managed to earn a chuckle from Danny. Never let it be said that Tucker wasn't persistent.

"Then there was that thing with the fire alarm being pulled. Nobody seems to know who pulled it." Sam continued.

"I guess we'll never know." He replied.

"Finally, I heard a rumor going around that you earned that black eye from Kwan because Star started to make out with you out of the blue." She finished, giving her friend an inquisitive look.

"It just sorta happened." Danny explained, not wanting to mention that Star was possessed by Kitty at the time.

"Did you enjoy it?" The goth girl asked.

This threw Danny for a loop. This question had trap written all over it. He looked at Sam, trying to determine what her angle was.

Seeing the nervous looks she was getting she sighed and gave him a reassuring smile.

"You can tell me the truth. Like you said, it just happened. Its not like you had any control over the situation." She said.

Danny took a deep breath before nodding yes.

"See, was that so difficult?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. You have yet to respond to this new knowledge." Danny countered.

Sam laughed at the nervousness in his voice.

"I appreciate your honesty. It shows that you value our friendship." She replied.

"That is good to know." Danny said, sighing with relief.

"You deserve a reward for such honesty." Sam said, her eyes briefly flashing ecto green and her lips turning into a sly grin.

"Oh no." Danny moaned before the possessed Sam capture his lips with hers. He tried to move away but she gripped his knees, holding him down and deepening the kiss.

When she finally let him go, he wiped his mouth and glared at her.

"Cut it out! This isn't funny anymore." Danny hissed. Instead of replying, Sam was shaking her head.

"Huh? What?" Sam mumbled, trying to clear her thoughts.

Danny groaned, burying his face in his palms.

"Trouble in paradise, Fenton?" Someone asked from behind Danny.

He turned around and came face to face with Paulina, the Queen B of Casper High.

"You have no idea." Danny replied.

"That's too bad." She said, her eyes flashing red for a moment and cracking a cocky grin of her own. "Maybe I can fix that."

"No." He said, knowing what was coming.

Now Danny was being kissed by Paulina. She gently nibbled at his lips while her tongue roamed his mouth. He couldn't move anywhere because she was pushing him into the table.

By the time they had separated, Sam's head had cleared and she was not pleased by what she had seen.

"You bitch! How dare you toy with Danny!" The goth girl yelled, ready to deliver a bitch slap. Unfortunately for Danny, he thought it was wise to stand up at the moment and try to defuse the situation


Her hand left an imprint on Danny's left cheek. He gasped in pain, trying to hold back the tears welling up in his eyes.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry Danny! I didn't mean to hit you!" Sam rapidly apologized.

Danny's luck continued to travel south as he turned away from Sam to face Paulina. She just so happened to be releasing her own bitch slap that came across Danny's right cheek. The slap stung and he couldn't help the few stray tears that fell down his cheeks this time.

"Get out of the way, Fenton! I'm going to teach your goth friend a thing or two about who is a bitch." Paulina hissed as she glared at Sam.

In no time at all they were in an all out cat fight, scratching each other's shirts and pulling each other's hair.

Meanwhile, Danny shakily tried to walk away from the scene but ran into the last person he wanted to face.

"First you think you can make out with Star. Now you think you can steal my girl from me? You got another thing coming, Fenturd!" The jock yelled before hurling a fist at the unfortunate victim of circumstance. The punch connected with Danny's mouth, thankfully not breaking any of his teeth but still giving him a busted lip. He fell to the ground and curled into a ball, hoping to protect his vital parts if Dash decided to kick him while he was down.

"ENOUGH!" Someone yelled.

Carefully looking up from the ground, Danny saw Mr. Lancer glaring intensely at the scene before him.

"Ms. Manson and Ms. Paulina, you both have detention for starting a fight and for harming another student. As for you, Mr. Baxter, I will be sure to have you suspended from your next football game for harming Mr. Fenton because it seems that detention isn't enough of a punishment for you." He said, venom dripping from every word he said. His attention turned towards Danny and his looked softened.

"You may head home, Mr. Fenton. You've had quite an unfortunate day today. I'll be sure to inform your teacher's of your absence."

Danny simply nodded before grabbing his bag and rushing out of the school and towards the park. Once he found a quiet and solitary place he said, "Come out. I know you've been following me."

Before him appeared Ember, Kitty, and Spectra. Kitty and Ember were a few feet away, looking mortified at the trouble they had caused Danny while Spectra appeared in front of him, winking at him before moving forward and kissing him.

Danny snapped. He grabbed the misery ghost's shoulders and shoved her away from him.

"I didn't know you could be so aggressive, Danny." Penelope said, winking at him.

"Stop it! Just stop!" Danny yelled. "I've had it with you girls."

"We didn't mean to let things get out of hand, Danny. Honest." Ember pleaded.

"Yeah, if we would have know those girls would have acted as they did, we wouldn't have possessed them." Kitty added.

"It was all in good fun, Daniel." Spectra said. "We were just trying to brighten your day."

"Well you have a lousy way of doing it." He replied.

Unknown to Danny, Desiree, the wishing ghost, poofed into the park behind Danny. She had planned on twisting the wishes of Valentine's Day playboys and hustlers but stopped when she came across the Ghost Child yelling at Ember, Kitty, and Spectra. From what she could gather, they had played a nasty prank on him.

"You think your kissing game would improve my day? It made it so much worse! I got a black eye from Kwan because he thought I was stealing his girlfriend. Penelope spied on me while I was taking a leak. Sam and Paulina left their hand prints on both my cheeks because I tried to defuse their fight. To top it all off, Dash gave me a busted lip because he thought I was taking his girlfriend."

The boy was breathing heavily after summing up his horrible day. It was then that he saw his Ghost Sense going off. Turning around, he saw Desiree standing right behind him. This made his blood boil even more.

"Even after all that, you still think this is a game?" He asked, turning back to face the three ladies. "Well, lets see how you like it."

Without another word, Danny hooked his arm around Desiree's waist and connected his lips with hers. Desiree was shocked at the bold move the boy had made. So shocked that she didn't resist as he deepened the kiss. His tongue entered her mouth, playing with hers while he occasionally nibbled on her lower lip. When he finally separated, they were both panting for air while a thin string of saliva connected their lips.

"Ha!" Danny said, turning back to the three girls. "What do you think about that?"

The reply he received was neither expected nor satisfying. Spectra began to laugh, clutching her stomach at the slight ache it was causing. Kitty looked stunned at his action. Lastly, Ember gave him worried look before answering his question.

"Babypop...Desiree wasn't in on our game. She just appeared behind you a few seconds ago."

Several emotions went through Danny's mind. Shock, anger, fear, defeat, and a few others. Turning back to Desiree, he saw that the wishing ghost had recovered from her unforeseen kiss and was starting to get angry.

"Great." Danny moaned as he fell to the ground on his knees. "This day keeps getting better and better."

The wishing ghost was about to go off on Danny for breaking her one rule of nobody touching her unless she willed it when she saw how mortified the boy was. On closer inspection, she noticed the bruises and injuries he had sustained during the day. Taking a calming breath, the took her gaze off the Ghost Child and turned her attention towards Ember, Kitty, and Spectra.

"Would somebody explain to me how this all started?" Desiree asked the three.

Taking a deep breath, Ember explained how their ghostly boyfriends and love interests had forgotten about them on Valentine's Day. How Ember had come up with the idea that since the Ghost Child was single, they would cheer him up through a game of who could steal the most kisses from him. She told of how they attained their kisses from the unsuspecting boy and the side effects of each. By the time she was finished, Ember was looking just as mortified as Danny. Kitty was also appeared to be regretting her decisions. Spectra, while not looking as apologetic for her actions was no less sorry for the consequences they brought. The only major difference for her was that her misery powers were acting up, absorbing the emotions Danny was giving off.

"Penelope!" Ember yelled at Spectra. "Not the time to retain your youth and beauty."

"I can't help it if my powers act up when there is misery nearby." She replied, doing her best to stop the influx of misery.

Desiree sighed after hearing the full explanation. The Ghost Child had certainly endured much pain and embarrassment today.

"I'm sorry, Desiree." Danny said, breaking the silence that had formed. Looking down, she saw the tear stains on his cheeks, his bloodshot eyes, and the look of genuine remorse on his face. "I got so caught up in their game and I accidentally dragged you into this. I deserve whatever consequences I have earned by breaking your rule."

Shakily, he got to his feet and stood in front of the wishing ghost.

"I wish that you would deal whatever punishment you deem just for this situation." He said with a sigh of resignation and acceptance.

To say that the four girls were shocked by his wish would be an understatement. Ember, Kitty, and Spectra were surprised that Danny would willingly ask to be punished for something that should simply be considered a misunderstanding. They also felt guilty that he was asking for this after it was them that had started this game in the first place. Desiree was shocked at Danny's wish. In the centuries that she had roamed the earth as a wishing ghost, nobody had ever made such a wish from her. Following that was newfound pride and respect for the Ghost Child. The fact that he was willing to own up to his mistake, one that she was going to let him off on because it was a simple mistake, and accept any consequences she deemed fit to put on him spoke volumes about his character and heart. Besides, she couldn't say that she didn't enjoy the kiss. It has been centuries since she had experienced one so innocent and passionate.

Floating forward, the wishing ghost gently caressed Danny's cheek and gave him a reassuring smile before saying, "So you have wished it, so it shall be." before snapping her fingers.

Multiple poofs of smoke went off in the area. The first one engulfed Danny, followed by three simultaneous ones surrounding the other ghostly ladies.

"Now I shall explain the terms of my punishment while they take effect." Desiree said, giving Danny and the girls a knowing smile before continuing. "First, the Ghost Child."

Danny simply nodded his head.

"First, I healed your injuries that you sustained today but tonight and the following day, your body will be completely sore, barely able to do anything but lay down and breathe."

Danny's hand went to his face, gently touching first his cheeks, then his lip, and finally his eye to confirm that they had been healed. While he was grateful that his injuries had been healed, he was slightly confused at the second part of her statement. Nevertheless, he accepted it as part of his punishment.

"Next, because of your weakened state, you will miss school tomorrow and will have to make up whatever assignments you miss." Desiree continued.

Seemed fairly self explanatory, Danny thought.

"Finally, I shall steal something from you." She finished.

Danny looked up in surprise. Steal something? What could Desiree take from him? His friends? His family? His powers? It could be any number of things. Still, he had wished for this punishment so there was no point in complaining about it. Looking the wishing ghost in the eye, he slowly nodded his head in understanding.

Desiree smiled at him, her one, visible red eye giving him a reassuring look. Slowly, she leaned forward and captured his lips in hers. Desiree's kiss was gentle yet full of passion. Danny was stunned by the wishing ghost's move. This was the ghost that hated men touching her. Yet here she was, making out with him. Her tongue danced with his, occasionally nibbling on his lower lip. Finally, the two separated. Desiree couldn't help but giggle at his stunned reaction.

"Why?" He asked.

"I stole a kiss from you." She chuckled in reply.

Danny was at a loss for words so he simply nodded his head in reply.

With that finished, Desiree turned towards the remaining three, grinning a little as she saw her powers beginning to take effect on them.

Ember, Kitty and Penelope all seemed to be slightly dazed after the cloud of smoke disappeared from around them. The whites of their eyes now had a slight pinkish hue to them and they were gazing at Danny with longing in their eyes.

"Why is your wish affecting us?" Spectra asked, trying to clear her thoughts about the young halfa.

"We thought you would only be punishing Danny." Kitty added, gazing longingly at Danny.

Desiree smirked before replying. "He didn't specify who should receive punishment. He simply wished for me do deal whatever punishment I feel is necessary."

"You don't need to do that, Desiree. I was the one that broke your rule." The black haired teenager said.

The wishing ghost turned back to Danny and gave him a proud smile.

"While that is very honorable of you, Danny, I still feel that these three deserve some punishment for the pain and embarrassment they brought on you through their game."

With that, she turned her attention back to the girls before continuing. "As your punishment, the three of you will be showing the Ghost Child a more intimate kind of love and affection for the rest of today and all through the night."

"Huh?" Penelope mumbled.

"What?" Kitty gasped.

"Babypop!" Ember cried before rushing forward and wrapping her arms around the stunned teenager. The ghostly rocker then proceeded to make out with Danny like her life depended on it. Her fingers glided through his hair while she began rubbing her chest up and down his front. Danny would have tried to state how Desiree method of punishment for the girls was unneeded and attempted to separate himself from the horny Ember but the longer she continued her ministrations, the less he wanted to say no.

"Looks like it didn't take much for her to come around." Desiree chuckled.

"What exactly...did you do to us?" Spectra struggled to say, doing everything she could to prevent herself from pouncing on the teenager and making him into a man.

"I'm glad you asked." The wishing ghost replied. "I amplified the affections you already have for the Ghost Child along with your hormones. It seems that Ember already had some hidden feelings for Danny, hence why it didn't take long for to pursue him. You and Kitty may not have as intense of affections for the boy but you will eventually with the rate your hormones are growing.

"B-Bu-But what a-ab-about Johnny?" Kitty stuttered, unsure if her feelings for her current boyfriend would hold out much longer at the rate her affections for Danny and her hormones were increasing.

Desiree sighed, not pleased with being the bearer of bad news.

"See for yourself." She said, waving her right arm off to the side and giving Kitty a view of exactly what her boyfriend was up to now.

Through the spectral window, Kitty saw Johnny sitting on what looked like a barstool in the human realm. Around him were his friends, drinking beer and liquor while flirting with the women. Suddenly, a buxom red head walked up the her boyfriend and plopped down on his lap.

"Hey there, sugar. Got a girlfriend?" She asked.

"Nope." He replied after eyeing her D-cup breasts and feeling her bottom grinding on his lap. "You want to be mine?"

With that, the two leaned in and started to make out. That was all Kitty needed to give in. Quick as a flash, the green haired ghost glued herself to Danny's right side while Ember shifted over to his left. Every time Ember separated her lips from his, Kitty was quick to take over, while Ember planted butterfly kisses on his neck and vice versa.

Now, only Spectra remained and she was barely restraining herself.

"I must say that I am impressed by your strength of will, Penelope. I didn't think you would hold out this long."

"Must...resist...ravishing...Danny." Spectra said through gritted teeth.

"He's young and inexperienced." Desiree said.

"So are half the boys in the high school." Penelope replied.

"He'll let you take the lead."

"I do that with Bertrand all the time and he can change into anything I want."

"He has it where it matters most AND he can satisfy you." Desiree whispered in her ear.

With that last statement, Penelope's will cracked and she pounced on Danny. The boy's face was covered with lipstick imprints and developing hickeys while the girls were grinding up and down on his body.

"I think it would be wise to move to someplace private. Unless you get a thrill at other people watching." Desiree giggled.

Seconds later, the foursome vanished in a whirlwind of flame to who knew where to get to know Danny better.

"Lets hope that by the time they tire out tomorrow, Danny won't be as lonely as he was today. I have a strong feeling Ember will stick with him, possibly Kitty if she decides to dump Johnny after what he did. Not quite sure about Penelope. Only time will tell." Desiree said before she drifted towards town.