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DigiMaster of Hope Chapter: 1

Bringgg! Bringgg! Bringgg! An alarm clock went off in one Takeru 'TK' Takaishi's room. The 12-year-old, blond haired, baby blue eyed, young boy, however, didn't seem to notice.

He was dreaming. The same dream he has had for the past year. It was a short dream, nothing much happened in it, till now. Usually, Takeru found himself staring out over a cliff in the Digital World. He could sense someone coming from behind. He turns around to see a man standing over him. The thing that was strange was that Takeru couldn't make out the face of the person and what the man says, "The time draws near Bearer of Hope and you must be prepared." This time though, the man says, "It's time." With that, the man reaches up to Takeru's bare left shoulder. The next thing Takeru knew was a searing pain that washed over him starting from the shoulder. The pain was intense as it effects his head the most. The last thing he remembers about the new dream is the man saying, "And I know you are ready, Hope."

Takeru's eyes snap open as he gasps for breath. The Crest of Hope is blazing on his forehead, but goes unnoticed by the horrified teen. As Takeru starts trying to calm himself down, the Crest fades but reappears on his left shoulder. Hesitantly, he kicks the sheets, which have suddenly become tangled with his legs, off and slowly makes his way to the mirror. He quickly pulls off his damp T-shirt and turns to face his reflection. Staring back at him is a well-toned boy with a scared face. He stares at himself for a while then remembers his shoulder. Fearing the worst, he turns to his right and what he sees makes the poor boy's knees buckle.

As he leans his bare back against his dresser, he doesn't notice that his alarm clock is still going off. That is until a voice jogs his mind back to reality.

"Hey, TK! Could you turn that thing off? I'm still trying to sleep!"

Takeru couldn't help but smile at his Digipartner's antics, "Sorry, Patamon. You know, though, that you need to get up."

"No I don't," replied the now wide-awake Digimon with annoyance in his voice.

Takeru resisted the laugh that was building as he crossed his room to turn off the alarm, all thoughts of the dream and mark gone from his mind. "Ok, Patamon, your call. Guess you'll miss out on homemade blueberry waffles then," he said in a teasing tone.

Patamon didn't seem to notice Takeru's tone as he jumps off the bed, into the air, and zooms out the door yelling, "Last on there is a rotten Digiegg!" Takeru couldn't take it anymore as he fell onto his bed in full- blown laughter.

Patamon heard and poked his head in the room so see what he was laughing about. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing! Don't worry! I'll be right there!" replied Takeru between laughs. After Patamon left, Takeru was still laughing as he turned to his right side facing the mirror. His laugh decreases as memories of earlier float back. The last thought in Takeru's mind, before Patamon came in to get him again, was, 'What's happening to me?'

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