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Chapter: 14

Takeru kept looking up at the moon in the Digital World thoughtfully. Nervousness started bubbling in the pit of his stomach as thoughts of the future filled his mind. He started to wonder what was in store for him when he started his training, who would he have to face to save the world, but most importantly; what would his friends say? 'Ken is cool because he found out the same way I did. I could care less about Davis's opinion. But what about Yamato? Would he despise me? Would he abandon me? And what about Hikari? Would I indivertibly send her into Dav…' "Whoa!" Takeru exclaimed as he tripped on a tree root. He was able to catch himself before he fell, but it had effectively woken Patamon up. Not to mention drawing Piximon's attention. Takeru have an innocent , clueless look toward the pixy then at the Digimon in his arms. He broke out into a grin and pulled a hand back and fingered the ends of his ponytail. "Heh, sorry about that. I guess I wasn't watching where I was going," Takeru apologized sheepishly.

Piximon put on an amused smile and said, "Perhaps you should keep your eyes forward instead of skyward. Maybe then you shall see where you are going." Patamon giggled at the blush on his partner's cheeks as it went a bright red.

Takeru lowered his head and mumbled, "Yes sir," as he pouted, his bottom lip sticking up a bit.

"Hey, I wasn't the one daydreaming," Patamon chided as he flew out of Takeru's arms and hovered in front of his face.

Takeru pouted more and said, "First off, it's night, second off, I wasn't the one sleeping."

Up ahead, Piximon chuckled at the duo as he paused and watched, waiting for them to catch up. When they did, the puff bal was still smiling. "It is good to see you up and about, it is," he said, looking at Patamon. "As Gennai has informed me, you wish to train with TK, correct?" The bat pig nodded his conferment. "Then I am sorry to say that I don't allow flying just yet. In order for you to become stronger, you must train your body! And flying doesn't train the body, so walking is the best exercise, yep yep!" Piximon said to the grief stricken Digimon as he descended to the ground next to his partner's feet.

On the outside, Takeru tried to look sympathetic towards his partner, but on the inside, he was beaming. 'That 'ought' a keep him occupied for a while, what after him telling me off like that.'

"At lest until we get to where ever we're going," Hope said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"That's true,' Takeru thought off handedly. 'What do you thing of all this?' he asked. 'I haven't heard more than a few sentences from you for a while so…'

"What do I thing about it?" Hope asked. "Well, I find it a bit weird. I mean, I know that I'm your Digital half and you're my human half, but that's all really. What gets me thinking is that Gennai said that we used to have the same mind and body. Did you catch that?"

Takeru was a little surprised that Hope had caught that too. He was beginning to wonder if he was hallucinating at the time. 'Ya, I did catch that. In all honesty, I think that Gennai was hiding something from us. You know, not telling us everything.'

"I got that feeling too. The meeting was rather short. Effective, but short. It didn't really go into a lot of detail."

'Took the words right out of my mouth. Maybe we'll find out during some of our training.'

"Perhaps, but I think you should focus your attention on first getting to the training," Hope said as Takeru looked up.

"Hmm?" he hummed when he saw that Piximon was yelling at him to get a move on a few yards ahead at the base of the mountain. "Oh! Sorry!" the blond exclaimed as he jogged to catch up again.

Once there, Piximon started explaining a few details about their training. "I'm sure that you noticed that you woke up next to a TV, yep? Well, that is where your body shall be appearing in reality and in your dreams. You shall walk the same path as you have seen and then you shall walk up these stairs, yep yep," Piximon explained as he pointed toward the stairs that lead to the top of the mountain.

Knowing what was to probably come from their previous training, the duo sighed in defeat. "Figures. We just had to train at his dojo," Patamon complained from his place on the ground.

"Now, now. You were the one who wanted to train with me," Takeru teased. "I think you still have time. That is if you want to back out."

Patamon looked as though he were thinking about it. "As tempting as it sounds, no. I'm going to see this through, even if it kills me," Patamon said defiantly. Takeru smiled slightly.

"Well then, if that's settled, see you both up at the top. Good luck!" Piximon said as he soared up.

"Well then, shall we?" Takeru said as he started for the stairs. He stopped a few minuets later to wait for his partner who was a few steps behind. He then started on the stairs again and stopped to wait for Patamon after a few minuets. Takeru continued going and stopping until they reached the top a little under an hour later.

"Good, good!" Piximon exclaimed to the slightly out of breath Takeru and the heavily panting Patamon. "Took less time then I thought it would for starts. Even with the both of you going together. Next time, lets see what happens when you come up on your own, yep," the pink ping-pong ball stated. Patamon seemed to have gone a creamy orange at the thought of going get by himself. "Now then, onward. First a drink to freshen you two up, then back to work," Piximon said as he lead the way to the main living quarters of the stadium like dojo.

10 minutes later found Patamon guzzling down a cool glass of water while Takeru fingered the rim of his cup with the tips. Patamon stopped when he noticed that his partner hadn't touched a drop. "Hey, TK? What's wrong?" However, the silent blond didn't answer as he continued to finger his cup. "Hey. You there? Digi World to TK. Come in TK," Patamon joked as he waved an ear in front of Takeru's face.

"Huh?" Takeru said as he jolted up from his train of thought.

?What are you thinking about?"

"Hnnn. This and that. The past, present, and what might happen in the future. Not a vision thing, but just thinking," Takeru answered. He then gave a bitter smile and said, "Hope thinks that is dangerous for my health."

Patamon giggled and said, "I happen to agree with him."

Takeru rolled his eyes, propped his head up with his hand and muttered quietly to himself, "I'm surrounded." Patamon heard and started giggling harder. Saving Takeru from embarrassment, Piximon then came and ushered them out and down to the lowest level of the dojo. 'Talk about being saved by the bell,' the blond thought on their trek down.

Once there, the duo found many wooden buckets containing water, a few things of soap, many rags, and many towels that were stacked up on shelves, away form the cleaning supplies. Takeru and Patamon both went considerably paler at the sight. 'My fur is going to be completely white after this,' Patamon fretted. Takeru also suspected that if he could see him, Hope would be pale too.

Piximon saw the obvious fear on his students faces and decided to quell them. "Now, now. It is not as bad as it seems." Incredulous eyes met his. Piximon sweat dropped and said, "You will be cleaning this single hall from top to bottom, banisters included, yep yep." Takeru and Patamon seemed to loose some of their fright, but only slightly. Piximon sighted and said, "When you are finished, come and see me. I will be on the top floor. Then start the last part of tonight's training we will," the pixy said as he flew off.

Takeru and Patamon only stood and stared after him for a few minutes until Takeru took the initiative. He sighed as he slouched over to the entryway to the open arena. He slid off his slippers and placed them on the single step that lead to the dirt ground. He walked in front of the supplies and stopped to roll up his pant legs before grabbing some of the soap and dumping it into a bucket of cold water. He picked up a rag and the rope handle to the bucket and stood. He silently walked over to a corner of the hall and got on his hands and knees. He dipped the rag into the water then wrung it to get rid of any unnecessary water. He then started scrubbing the wooden floor in front of him in silence. He had on a blank face as he dipped and wrung his rag again. Patamon just stood and sulked as he watched his partner. He unwillingly went and got supplies for himself a few minutes later.

Back in the real world, an indigo haired boy tossed and turned in his inability to sleep. Giving up he tossed his covers off, climbed down his ladder and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. 'Darn it. I know I'm worried, but this is getting out of hand. Still though, I wonder how he's doing. I remember him telling me once about training with this Piximon before, but he never went into much detail. Come to think of it, none of the original seven talk much about their time in the Digital World. It is always on a need to know basis.' Finding out that Patamon as Angemon had been beaten, even deleted, before kind of shook Ken a bit. It was only now did he realize that he didn't know all that much about their first adventures. Sure he heard about Etymon, Myoticmon, all four of the Dark Masters, and Apocolomon, but only little snippets. Talk of Devimon was practically nonexistent. Ken just figured that the experience was too painful for them to relive. That was what got Ken thinking. 'What is so painful that they won't eve tell their own team mates? And after our talk with Gennai last night, I'm guessing that whatever it was must have been bad. Very bad.' He went over what he had heard from Takeru and Hikari and the rest of the older Digidestined. All he found were vague and not much to go on. 'Perhaps Davis will know. He's closer to the Original Destined then I am. Yolie and Cody might be able to help as well. I could ask Hikari, but if the older kids won't talk, then I doubt that she would know the beginning of it all.' That last thought in itself was strange. The beginning. He know that they first went to the Digital World when all seven went to the same summer camp. And that was almost five years ago. 'But Takeru said that Hope said that he had been a part of Takeru for the past 'eight' years. And that he was awoken sense day one. What was day one then?' Ding, ding, ding…the family clock above the mantel rang, signaling that the time was midnight. 'I have school in a few hours. I'll talk to Davis later,' the boy thought as he dumped his untouched water and put his glass in the dishwasher. If he hadn't been so tired, he would have notice that the shadows practically moved out of his way.


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