That's the stupidest fanfic I've ever written -_- Enjoy! I don't own Medabots, by the way. It's script format, I know. Sorry 'bout that.

The Kraft Dinner Caper Chapter 1

*Ikki's house. Ikki sits in front of the TV like a fat idiot, (only he's not fat..yet) and Metabee is getting really annoyed at this.

Metabee : Come on, Ikki, let's Robattle!

Ikki : *Eyes never leaving the TV* Later.

Metabee : This is boring!!!

Ikki : Keep it down, would ya?

Metabee : Ikki!! Let's do something!! Ikki!!

Ikki : I said, keep it down!!!

Metabee : Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki!

Ikki : SHADDUP METABEE!! I'm watching Beyblade!

TV : Shaddup Kenny! I'm watching Medabots!

Ikki: What the.

TV : You are what you eat! Gotta be KD! Kraft Dinner!

Ikki: Man! I feel like eating Kraft Dinner! Let's go Metabee!

Metabee : Where?

Ikki : To the grocery store! On the double!

Metabee : Eh, beats staying inside.

*** In the grocery store, Ikki encounters bananas, cereals and Koji hitting on Karin.

Ikki : It's Karin! And she's with Koji! Grr! What are they doing here together!! Hey Karin! Koji.

Karin : Oh hello Ikki! Koji offered to help me do my groceries! Isn't he nice?

Koji : A true gentleman never leaves a lady in need!

Ikki : I'll help you too, Karin!! I'll carry your bags! *snatches bags from Koji*

Koji : I'm the one helping her! *takes bags back*

Ikki : I am!

Koji : I am! *Koji and Ikki each pull on bags until they break and everything falls down.

Koji : Allright! That's it! We'll decide this with a Robattle! Whoever wins gets to help Karin carry her bags home! Sumilidon!

Ikki : You're on! Metabee!

Metabee and Sumilidon: No way!

Ikki : What?

Metabee : You should solve your personnal matters on your own! This is your battle!

Sumilidon: Medabots are not to be use for love quarrels!

Ikki : You mean fight without a Medabot?

Koji : You mean fighting without Medabots exist?

Metabee : 1, 2, 3, Fight!! *Ikki and Koji scratch each other's face and pull hair*

Sumilidon : ..

Karin : Oh my! I just remembered! I forgot to buy Kraft Dinner! *At the KD word, Ikki instantly stops fighting*

Ikki : Me too! That's why I came here!

Karin : Great! You two can help me carry it home! *Karin puts 30 boxes of Kraft Dinner in their arms* Now you both can come home and we'll have a big KD feast!

Ikki : Hurray!

Koji : Dinner with Karin!

*The three of them go to Karin's giant house. Neutra Nurse greets them, then sweatdrops at the sight of Ikki and Koji carrying 30 boxes of KD.*

Neutra Nurse : I don't think eating that much Kraft Dinner can be good for you!

Karin : Nonsense! KD is good for us! Isn't it?

Metabee : Oh brother.

Ikki : Metabee! You should like KD! It's the same color as you! *grins*

Karin : Eh! You're right! It's the same yellow coloring! Isn't that fun, Metabee?

Metabee : -_-;

*They enter a room with a giant cooking pan, with boiling water*

Ikki : Woah! Is this all for us? *Karin nods* All right!!

*Metabee, Sumilidon and Neutra Nurse sweatdrop, then leave.* Unknown to our friends, someone else had their eyes on those 30 KD boxes.