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Chapter 8 – New Labels – Epilogue


"Bella?" the guy called from behind the counter, and I took my coffee with a small thank-you to him.

I found Tanya at a table outside in the shade.

"Oh, my fucking hell, if you don't spill, Bella, I swear to God…" She narrowed eyes at me as she toyed with her own cup of coffee. "Jesus, have you even come up for air?"

My laugh couldn't be contained as I took a seat across from her. "Yes! Shut up!"

It had been several weeks since Edward and I had filmed my thesis video. We were doing our damnedest to find some sort of balance – classes, labs, his clinic work, and my editing and writing. Editing said film was trying at best, because we looked completely lost to one another. The more I'd splice and crop and blur out faces, the more I just wanted to watch us. Hell, the first day I'd started sorting through all the footage, I'd been so turned on, I just about attacked poor Edward in his apartment.

And I was desperately and completely in love with him.

"I may shake the shit out of you right here in front of everyone," she threatened, smiling when I laughed again. "Spill it, bitch!"

Snorting into another chuckle, I gave her the watered-down version of how the dry run – as she and Edward had insisted on calling it – had gone. Something in her face changed from curiosity to pride and a touch of guilt. I stopped midway through the story, glaring her way.

"You guys planned that 'flat tire,'" I accused, shaking my head at her shameless grin.

"No. No, Bella, that was all me." She laughed hard, holding up her hands when I opened my mouth to curse her the hell out. "Wait, wait," she begged. "I had a feeling that if you two were alone, things would sort themselves out. Looks like I was right."

Studying her face, I whispered, "So…Edward didn't know?"

"No, sweetie. I told him it was a flat tire, too." When my eyebrows shot up, she smiled warmly. "Look, Bella… You are so very blind. That boy was all about you. And you…you looked at him like nothing I'd ever seen. I understood the whole BFF thing, but I'll be damned if I was coming between you two. Literally."

I laughed at the way she'd put that, but I nodded.

"Speaking of coming," she segued beautifully and salaciously. "How was it?"

"Oh my God," I muttered, feeling my cheeks heat up. "I don't have words. Honestly. And now… It's… He's…"

"Mm, I'll take that as a thumbs-up."

Nodding, I was quiet for a moment, but I met her gaze. "I love him."

"And him?" she asked softly, leaning on her elbows.

Her sincerity was all over her face. Tanya was snarky and sarcastic, with a wicked sense of humor, but she was a good person deep down. Caring and kind.

"Yeah," I whispered back, nodding as I took a sip of coffee, and suddenly I needed to set eyes on Edward, but I forced it down a bit. It was too early to pick him up at the clinic. We were flying out tonight to Seattle to stay with my dad through spring break. Neither of us were thrilled about Jake's wedding, but we were going in order to appease my father, who now found it hilarious that Edward and I were finally together.

"Damn, girl, you're all dick-drunk."

Grinning, I shrugged a shoulder. "Maybe, but nothing's changed. Like we still do all the same things, the exact same way, just…now there's more."

Tanya smiled, popping up one eyebrow. "Maybe," she repeated, seeming to only grasp that answer. "That must be some peen."

The laugh that escaped me was loud, but I simply shook my head at her shamelessness. My med school studies gave me advantages when it came to seeing the naked human form – both male and female. In some ways, I was a bit callous to most of it. A penis was a penis – no matter if it was cut, uncut, straight, or curved. A vagina was a vagina, and since I owned one, I didn't give it much thought.

"On a scale of one to ten, Bella, how pretty is the peen?" she asked, waggling her eyebrows until I cracked the hell up.

My phone bleeped with a message from Edward, telling me to head his way because he was about to finish up at the clinic early.

"Oh, damn… I gotta go. He's done, and we're flying out tonight. I still have packing to do."

We both stood up, shouldering our bags, and we walked to the garbage can to throw away our cups. She hugged me, telling me to be safe, but just before she walked away, she called my name.

"Bella, you didn't answer! One to ten?"

Grinning and rolling my eyes, I shot a wave over my shoulder, saying, "Fifteen."

Her laugh caught the attention of several people, mainly men, around us. "Damn it! I fucking knew it! Maybe I should've shown up," she teased, laughing when I flipped her off and walked to Edward's car.

We were carpooling more and more to campus these days. It was easier and our schedules meshed pretty well, but really, we just liked the routine we'd now started – sharing a bed and shower and coffee, not to mention studying in the library and walking into class together. Nothing had changed, except that we touched more, kissed more, and told each other "love you" before separating for the day.

I pulled into the parking lot of the physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic where Edward worked. He was there at least three times a week and was pretty sure that was where he'd end up for his internship and most likely his residency. The staff loved him, but the patients loved him more, which was why they'd already approached Edward.

My future, on the other hand, was still a little iffy. My thesis video was just about finished, my paper almost complete, and my mentor was pretty sure I could publish it if I chose to, but I hadn't decided. It also gave me ample opportunity to start my internship at a sexual-health facility with some of the best therapists and gynecologists in Florida. If that was the case, then both Edward and I would be staying right there in Tampa, and that made me very happy. And Edward had no idea, since I'd had an appointment with my mentor just before meeting Tanya for coffee.

I walked into the front doors of the clinic, shooting a wave to the guy behind the front desk. When I stepped into the main workout area, I couldn't help the smile that crossed my face as I watched him work with an elderly gentleman. Edward with patients was a lesson in people skills. His laidback, happy demeanor was infectious. His smile was calming, and his smooth speech put the most frustrated person at ease.

But nothing beat the smile that crossed his face when he caught sight of me across the workout room. It made the elderly man glance my way as well, and he started to chuckle as they walked toward me.

The old guy said something to Edward, which made him laugh and nod, and once they were in front of me, Edward greeted me in his usual manner.


"Cullen," I said with a chuckle.

"I'm just about done," he told me, turning to the man at his side who was at least six inches shorter than he was. "Mr. Sherman, this is Bella. Bella…Mr. Sherman."

My smile widened as I recognized the name. Edward spoke most highly of the elderly man.

"Ah, the best friend," Mr. Sherman said, reaching out a misshapen hand that looked like it had seen long years of hard work.

"The girlfriend," Edward corrected with a wink my way.

"Oh? Did she finally take pity on you, Ed?"

Edward chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, something like that."

"It's nice to meet you," I said through a soft laugh, shaking the man's hand, but he pulled his other hand away from holding on to Edward's shoulder in order to sandwich mine. And Edward stayed close to make sure his shaky standing position didn't give out.

"You too, Bella." Mr. Sherman whistled low, shaking his head. "You're right, son. She's beautiful."

Edward's grin was shameless. "Told you," he sang, shrugging a shoulder.

I felt my cheeks heat up, but I shouldn't have been surprised. When Edward had told me he wanted to spoil me and show me off, he hadn't been exaggerating. He wore our relationship like a badge of honor. He was still the same outgoing, flirtatious thing he'd always been, but I could see the difference now – how he treated me versus everyone else, specifically the female population. It had always been there, but now it meant more.

Occasionally, I'd get a bit overwhelmed over it all, wondering if somehow we'd missed out on years of what could've been, but I wasn't sure that was true. I also had a resurgence of hatred for Lauren, because I couldn't fathom not only cheating on Edward but turning my back on someone so very sweet and funny, never mind sexy. I was concerned she'd been dropped on her head as a baby. While Edward was a very loyal, very good friend, he was amazing as a boyfriend. He brought our existing deep friendship into it, adding in so much more love and respect and gentleness.

"I'm telling you, Ed, best friends are the keepers," Mr. Sherman whispered, and Edward grinned.

"I'm aware, Mr. Sherman." Edward leaned forward, kissing the side of my head. "I'm almost done, beautiful. Give me five minutes."

"No problem," I replied, smiling when Mr. Sherman patted my hands once more and let go.

"So I guess you really do have a hot date this time," the old man teased Edward, who barked a laugh. "Not so complicated now, is it, son?"

Edward set Mr. Sherman's hand onto his strong shoulder, but his eyes were on me. "Easy as breathing, Mr. Sherman."

It was those things he said, those moments where he took my breath away. It was those types of things that made me want to kiss him stupid or climb him like a jungle gym, because he was shamelessly loving, with fire and heat in those gorgeous green eyes aimed my way. He made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered. And I realized not long after our first time in the lab that he'd always made me feel that way.

"Don't let the boy drive you crazy, Bella," Mr. Sherman warned. "Men have an uncanny ability to push their women to the brink of insanity just by being stupid."

I laughed, now understanding why Edward liked the man so much. He was a silly, fun thing and brutally honest.

"Leon, leave them be," a woman's voice sounded from behind us. "Gracious, you silly old romantic."

He grinned and nodded. "Yes, love," he conceded sweetly.

Edward was still shaking his head and chuckling as he helped Mr. Sherman through the doors and into the car that Mrs. Sherman had pulled up to the front doors of the clinic. He waited until they pulled away before coming back inside.

"So that was your wise man who told you to keep your BFF," I teased him, and Edward grinned.

"Hell, yeah. He's been with his wife for fifty-something years, Swan. I figure he knows a thing or two."

"Hmm," I hummed noncommittedly, pressing my lips to his. "Get your stuff, Cullen. We've got a plane to catch and still have to grab our stuff back home."

"Yes, love," he copied Mr. Sherman surrendering tone, which made me giggle as I watched him walk to the locker room.


"Bella, it's good to see you again." I heard behind me, and I turned to see the bride's mother standing there.

"Sue," I greeted, hugging her before picking up a glass of punch. "You too. Beautiful wedding."

"Thank you. They wanted something easy." She smiled with a bit of pride, and we both stayed quiet as we gazed around First Beach.

The wedding had been simple but pretty, and the bride and groom both looked happy. Leah was already starting to show a baby bump, but the cream-colored dress hid it well. Jacob looked…different. Or maybe I was looking at him with grown-up eyes. We'd been teenagers when we dated, and I'd been eighteen when I left home for college and almost nineteen when he'd left a voice mail for me, ending things. I'd thought I loved him once, and I probably had loved him, but as my eyes caught sight of my dad and Edward laughing and chatting with each other across the reception area, I realized that it hadn't come close to the real feeling.

What Jake and I had had was fun. It had been good at the time, but once I'd left for USF, things had started to unravel. I could admit it now, but not at the time. I'd wanted it to work, but it would've never lasted. Jake was happy right there on the Quileute reservation, where I'd wanted out and away from the small towns outside of Seattle. He'd been upset once that he couldn't go to college, but he was working his way up the ranks at an auto repair shop his friend's dad ran. While I was glad he was doing something he liked, I knew for a fact that my road would lead elsewhere.

"That is one handsome boy," Sue muttered, nudging me with her elbow.

I broke into a chuckle, shaking my head and looking back at Edward – or really, the looks Edward was receiving from the people around him, specifically the female members. Old, young, it didn't matter. They all looked him over. But the only eyes Edward locked on to were mine.

"Yeah, he is," I sighed wistfully, grinning when Sue giggled like a girl.

"Your dad speaks highly of him. I believe he's going to be a doctor, too?"

"Mmhmm," I answered, nodding her way. "Yeah, his focus is more toward physical therapy and orthopedic medicine. Sports medicine, really."

"What about when school is done?" she asked me.

I smiled a genuine smile. "We're staying in Tampa," I told her, nodding a bit. "Both of us. We've both got prospects there, so we'll be continuing our internship and residency in Florida."

Edward and I had been so rushed to get home from the clinic, pack up his car, and get to the airport all checked in that I didn't get to talk to him about my meeting with my thesis mentor until we finally sat down on the plane. To say Edward was happy that I had opportunities in the same city would be an understatement. He'd kissed me until I was flushed and laughing…and until the flight attendant stopped eye-fucking him.

Most of the cross-country flight had been filled with talk about the future, steps we needed to take with school and jobs versus steps we wanted to take with each other. I had a suspicion that Edward wanted to move in together…and soon. And really, that would be just about perfect. Where we'd be coming up on some busy times soon, we'd at least be able to come home to each other at the end of the day.

Smiling at the feel of strong, familiar arms wrapping around me from behind, I glanced over my shoulder to see a sweet, if not smug Edward.

"Sue Clearwater, this is my boyfriend, Edward Cullen," I introduced them.

"Nice to meet you, Edward."

"Nice to meet you, too," he said cordially. He nuzzled my cheek, whispering, "Your dad is almost ready to go. He's bitchin' about the tiny finger foods and wants something more substantial, like a cheeseburger."

I laughed. "Of course he is. Well, he's not getting diner food. I already told him I was cooking dinner when we got back to the house."

Edward grinned against my ear, kissing it softly before pulling away just a bit. "Yes, love," he said, and I snorted into a giggle. It seemed Edward had adopted Mr. Sherman's surrendering phrase. However, the silly-sweet smile on this handsome face wavered a little when his eyes glanced over my shoulder. "Jacob," he greeted, reaching around me to offer a hand. "Congratulations…on both accounts."

"Thanks, Edward." Jake grinned, but it fell when he looked to me.

"I'll give you guys a few." Edward kissed my cheek, but it was the whispered, "Love you, Swan," that was only for me that left chills behind when he stepped away.

"Bells, I…" Jake started, but his eyes watched Edward for a moment, only to turn back to me. "I wanted to thank you for coming. I didn't think you would when I mentioned it to Charlie a few weeks ago."

I nodded and smiled, though it felt a little forced. "I probably wouldn't have, but this was my last chance to see Dad for a while," I explained honestly. "I'm glad you're doing well, Jake."

When I started to walk away, he stopped me. "Wait, Bella! I…I owe you an apology for…how I handled things. I was a dumb kid."

"Yes, we both were," I agreed easily, shrugging a shoulder. "What's in the past is history, Jake. I'm…good."

"So you two…" He pointed to me and somewhere behind me to wherever Edward was. "You've been together a long time, huh?"

"No." I laughed at his confused face. "No, we just recently took things beyond friendship. He's been my best friend since I got to USF."

"Yeah, but…no…no, he…threatened me, B."

"I'm sure he did." I laughed. "I threatened his ex, too."

"Well, shit," Jacob said with a chuckle, shaking his head. "And the whole time I thought you and he…that you two… I was sure you two had…"


Jake snorted. "Then I really do owe you an apology."

"All is forgiven, Jake," I said, glancing over my shoulder to see my dad's disgruntled face as he held some sort of cracker thing up, while Edward smiled in amusement at him. "I should go. I need to get Dad something more than finger sandwiches and cake." I laughed, shaking my head. "Congratulations and good luck, Jake."

Jake chuckled because he knew my dad. But when he pulled me in for a hug, I froze for a moment; his large, tall form used to give me comfort, but not anymore. I felt nothing but a touch of nostalgia. He had to have felt it too, because he had a small smile on his face when he pulled back.

I walked away, tossing a wave his way, but I joined the two men I loved most in the world.

"I think it's cheese, Charlie," Edward told my dad.

"It smells funny."

"Oh my hell," I sighed. "C'mon, you two. I'll feed you both."

"Cheeseburgers?" Charlie asked with a childlike hopefulness behind it.

"Fine, fine," I told him, leaning into Edward's kiss to my head.

"Everything okay, Swan?"

I smiled, looking up at him. I couldn't resist his lips, so I pressed a chaste kiss to his mouth. "Yup. You know that thing…where everyone saw it but us?"

Edward grinned widely, nodding. "Lemme guess. So did Jake?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Excellent." He kissed me once, turning me toward the parking lot of the beach.


I was sitting in my old bedroom on the bed when the sound of the shower shut off, and I glanced up at Edward as he stepped back into the room with a towel wrapped dangerously low around his hips. Sometimes he made me shake my head in awe. As silly and fun as Edward was, as much as he was such a bright, happy spirit in my life, he was ridiculously good-looking. I always teased him about being arrogant, but he was far from it. There was a difference between arrogance and confidence – or even simply being at ease in one's own skin. While Edward was aware of how he looked, he'd never been an ass to women. He'd always treated them well, with the best of intentions, but like a lot of relationships, things didn't always work out. And he couldn't stop his personality that was flirty and fun. It was just…Edward.

And I'd watched all that from the sidelines for years, not particularly jealous, because I'd had my own relationships, but I was always intrigued when dumb girls didn't know how good they had it.

The truth was that he'd always been there. No matter what or who was in our lives, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could step across the hall of our apartment building and fall into that comfortable thing we had on the worst of days, trusting that he'd make it all better just with his lighthearted nature. And I wondered if that made me just like the dumb girls who overlooked the best thing that ever happened to them.

Locking gazes with warm, sweet green, I couldn't stop myself from smiling and whispering, "I love you, Cullen."

The sweetest smile curled the corners of his mouth, and he sat down on the bed in front of me in all his toweled glory, reaching for my face. "Love you, too, Swan."

I leaned in and kissed his lips. "Dad was called down to the station, but he'll be back in a few hours."

Edward nodded, kissing me again before pulling back just a little. He glanced around the room, landing on our bags I'd repacked. Our flight back to Tampa was in the morning. We'd spent the week with my dad, attending the wedding, and one day was spent in Seattle doing the tourist shit, but all in all it had been a break from school and homework, not to mention a bit of a test on our relationship, considering we'd never traveled together. Not long distance, anyway. We'd done the Florida/Disney/beach things, but it had usually included the people we'd been dating or Jasper or whatever. But this… This had felt domestic, marital, and it had been just as easy and fun as everything else we had done or recently changed in our relationship. It helped that my dad loved Edward and didn't even bat an eye when we stayed in my old bedroom together.

His gaze raked around the room again, and he grinned. "I'm trying to imagine you in here as a teen, but I can't. I expected pink, but there's purple."

"It was yellow."

He shook his head, his nose wrinkling. "Definitely can't see the yellow."

"That was from when I was a baby. Mom liked yellow."

"Hmm," he hummed, reclining back and propping himself up on an elbow, which stretched his long, lean body out and caused that towel to shift a bit lower.

God, I wanted him.

Some days, he was irresistible. Though he said the same about me. We seemed to be playing catch-up on the physical side of us all the time. And not for the first time did I wonder if it would ever level out. I realized I didn't want it to level out, and my hand reached out to touch.

Edward's eyes darkened as my hand skimmed across his chest and stomach, edging around the towel to toy with the tucked-in corner.

"What'cha doin' there, Swan?" he asked in a husky, raspy tone that I'd learned he used when he was about to lose control.

I shook my head, leaning over and kissing him. "Eye-fucking you, but I may change that to really fucking you."

He chuckled evilly. "Mmmm, damn, your dad may kill me dead if he knew the things I want to do to you in here, that I've already done to you back home."

Giggling, I pushed him until he was on his back, his legs dangling off the side of the bed and the towel finally giving up and falling open. Edward pulled me to him, humming appreciatively when he discovered I was only wearing a T-shirt, which he quickly gathered up and lifted off me. Skin on skin was addictive and felt so good. He was still very warm from his shower and freshly shaved after having gone a few days since he didn't have to work at the clinic.

He smelled amazing and clean as I leaned in to inhale deeply at his neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses to the skin. I loved the needy-sounding moan he let out when I did that, and soon we were shifting and moving and kissing on my old bed. Strong hands with long, knowing fingers pulled at my thighs until I was straddling his hips. Edward sat up, keep me astride his lap as we continued to touch and grind and whisper to each other for more and more. However, nothing could stop his words.

"You want me to fuck you in your old room, Swan?"

"Yes," I hissed as I felt his hand, his fingers tease me between my legs.

"Mmmm, good. I want to erase whoever else has been in here."

"No one's been in here, Edward," I told him, grabbing his face in my hands and kissing him. "Fuck!" I groaned out through gritted teeth as his fingers teased and drew me closer and closer to the edge. "I want you…"

Something a bit dark and feral crossed his usually laidback features. "No?"

"No. Just you."

"Damn, baby. I want you, too. Just like this. I want you to feel me every time you move in the plane seat tomorrow."

"Jesus, Cullen…" My breathing caught for a second or two when his fingers slipped out of me and his cock teased between my folds.

"Bella, please…"

I lifted up, and he guided himself inside. My eyes rolled back as the feeling of being filled was almost overwhelming, but the touches slowed down from a bit frantic to an even, sensual pace. Before I could stop myself, the truth of it all came spilling out of my mouth against his lips.

"Shit, how did we live without this for so long?"

"I dunno, I dunno, I dunno," he chanted, guiding my hips and movement with his own thrusts and his hands on my ass. "But holy fuck, I can't… I want…" He trailed off, but one of his hands skimmed up my back, over my breast, and finally threaded into my hair at the base of my skull, gripping in a delicious way that always made me whimper at how good it felt. "Never, Bella. It's never, ever felt like this for me."

"I know. Me, either," I breathed back, and his mouth met mine in a soul-deep, claiming kiss.

He wrapped an arm around me, stilling my movements, and suddenly he stood, keeping us connected, and then he turned around and pressed me down into the bed. We were a tangle of limbs and tongues and groping hands as he took things to a deeper, faster pace. There were sounds of grunts and pleas for more, skin meeting skin, and heavy breathing.

As he braced on one hand, his other traveled over my breast, teasing my nipple, and down my stomach to where we were connected. He knew just how to bring me to the pinnacle of pleasure, how to make me lose control and unravel for him. And I did, with a shameless moan of just how good he made me feel. And he wasn't far behind me, especially when my heels pressed into his thighs and my hands raked down his back to his ass.

A string of curse words left his mouth as he buried his face into my neck, and he shuddered when he lost it.

We were completely still for a few moments, my fingers trailing up and down his spine. Just when I thought I was putting him to sleep, he pushed back a little to lock those dark-green eyes on me. His face was somber as he brushed my hair from my face.

"I want it all with you, beautiful," he said softly but confidently, nodding once. "Everything. I don't want two apartments anymore, Bella. We… Things are going to be so fucking busy soon. I don't…" He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his brow furrowing. "I also don't want you to ever doubt that my being busy means I don't…that I…"

"Shh, Edward," I whispered against his lips. "I'll be busy, too, you know." It was a subtle reminder but the truth nonetheless.

"I know, but… I want this every day, every night. Hell, we're together already anyway."

Grinning, I nodded. "Okay."

"Yeah?" he verified, a sexy-as-all-hell smile curling up his mouth.

"Yeah," I said through a giggle, pressing my lips to his. "So…who's moving? You or me?"

"Me. You have a helluva lot more shit."

I laughed, my head falling back to the pillows behind me, and I felt his chuckling kiss to my neck. "Fair enough. Then move your ass in."

"Okay," he mumbled against the skin behind my ear. "I want more than that, Bella, but that's a start." His voice was soft, and I pulled at him until I could look him in the eye. "I mean it."

I studied his handsome face. It was the same expression he'd worn when he'd asked me in the lab the day of filming if I'd wanted kids. I'd told him eventually.

"Eventually?" I whispered, reminding him. When he nodded, his eyes darkening again, I grinned. "Okay."

Cupping his face, palms flat on either side, I brought him in for another kiss. I loved him to a ridiculous level. I loved that I knew him so well that I'd seen this coming. I loved that we both seemed to stay in sync and on the same page with our relationship. But even more, I loved that our friendship stayed exactly the same, that absolutely nothing changed about us, except that we were more. We were stronger, better, but more. Our foundation was unshakeable, so no matter what more we added, nothing seemed to shake us.

I saw it all gazing back at me with green eyes and a sweet smile. One day we'd both be doctors and we'd be busy as hell with schedules and patients and appointments, where we'd probably only see each other when we fell into bed at night. One day he wouldn't greet me with Swan; he'd greet me with his own last name. One day we'd go from there being two of us to three, or more, but none of it was scary because he not only loved me, but he was my very best friend. And I knew there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for me. Hell, I had video proof of it, which only made me smile and tease him.

"Excellent. Wanna help edit the film?"

His eyes narrowed, but his tongue dragged slowly across his bottom lip. "Um, no. I just want to keep reaping the benefits of the hot and bothered director."

I laughed at him, because despite how much I came to him when I was working, he never showed any interest in watching it. I think he was afraid to see the close-up shots, which was fair and understandable.

"Then I can't wait to go home."

He smiled, leaning in to kiss me. "Hell, yes… I've now caught myself a case of the live-in girlfriend. I'm pretty sure it's all over now."

"Aww, Cullen, you're doomed," I said through a giggle, wrapping my arms and legs all around him.

"Fuck yeah, I am, Swan." He smiled through more kisses. "Like I said before, it's not necessarily a bad thing."

Smiling up at him, I raked my fingers through his hair. Labels seemed to change, and some didn't always reveal themselves right away. I knew whatever label we put on us would never matter – BFFs, boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, lover, spouse, or parent – whatever "case" we caught next would be just as easy as breathing.

"No, Edward. Not bad at all."


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