"Let me get this straight," Sam grumbled, narrowing his eyes, "You want me to somehow convince Cas to stay here with me and Gabe, while you run off to some random place in the woods just to set up a freakin' date?"

Dean grinned widely, as he quickly stowed a couple of items into the trunk of the Impala. He knew his little brother wouldn't approve of his idea, but at this point, he didn't care. Dean had this whole thing planned out months ago; everything, right down to the very last detail. There was no way he was gonna let anything mess this up, now. Especially not his little brother's bitchiness.

"Forty-five minutes, Sammy," Dean assured, as he stuffed a huge blanket into the trunk, "That's all I'm asking for. One hour, tops."

"But, Dean, It's Valentine's day," Sam whined quietly, flashing a worried glance toward the motel room a few feet away, "I have plans of my own, you know! What am I supposed to do, huh? Postpone my whole holiday?!"

"Just for forty-five minutes," Dean smirked.

Sam exhaled an angered breath and folded both of his arms across his chest. The dude was doing a perfect impression of a fed-up housewife; acidic glare and all.

"Have you ever tried to tell Gabriel to wait forty-five minutes, Dean? Because I have. And it doesn't work," the kid sneered.

Dean finished loading the rest of the stuff in a blur, before standing up straight to face his brother. He really wanted Sam to understand how important this was. Having this evening with Cas really meant a lot to him...

"Sam, I need you to be my wing-man on this one," Dean said carefully, patting his brother's high shoulder, "Look, if you just keep Cas here for forty-five minutes, then I swear you won't see either of us until tomorrow. That means you and blondie get the whole motel room to yourselves tonight. Sound good?"

Sammy's glare softened almost instantly. His head swiveled back around to glance at the motel room at their side with wondrous eyes. Dean could definitely see the cogs turning in his little brother's head. It seemed like Sam didn't even think about having the room – and Gabriel – all to himself. And, while the thought of them being alone made Dean a little uncomfortable, he knew that it would make Sam happy. The younger brother eventually looked back to the older, and huffed a breath of annoyance.

"Fine," Sam spat, "I'll do it. But, how exactly do you expect me to keep Cas here when you go? You know he's not going to want to leave your side if -"

"Hello, Dean."

Dean nearly jumped, at the sound of Cas's voice. The angel had popped up out of nowhere next to the Winchesters in the parking lot, making them both gasp in shock. The moment he saw Cas's bright blue eyes, Dean quickly reached over and slammed the trunk shut; hiding the contents inside. Cas stared curiously at the trunk for a second, as if he didn't understand why Dean had shut it so fast. Shit! That was close! Cas almost ruined the surprise!

"Are you planning to go somewhere, Dean?" the angel asked, seeming confused.

"Uh, yes! Actually, I am," Dean said quickly, digging around in his pockets for the keys, "I have to, um, go and get, uh..."

"Motor oil?" Sam offered.

"Motor oil," Dean repeated, quickly tossing his brother a secret wink of appreciation, "Yeah, I've gotta go get some oil for the Impala. She's a quart low."

After Dean's terrible lie, Cas suddenly stepped forward, as if he was about to go around Dean and venture to the passenger side.

"I'll accompany you, then," the angel stated, sounding matter-of-fact.

"No!" Dean gasped, grabbing both of Cas's arms to stop him.

The look of confusion – and slight heartbreak – that flashed across the angel's face made Dean's stomach turn with guilt. Ugh! He hated seeing that look on Cas's face... But Dean really wanted this to be a surprise. And in order to keep it that way, he had to be apart from Cas. Just long enough to set it up.

"N – No, baby," Dean denied carefully, feeling his own face grow warm with nervousness, "You should just stick around here with Sam and Gabe. It's not gonna take me very long. Besides, if anything happens, I'll just call for you. Okay?"

The pained expression never dulled on Cas's face. The guy looked absolutely devastated; as if he thought Dean didn't want to spend time with him. But it wasn't true! Dean did want to spend time with him! That was actually the whole point of him leaving, right now...

"Very well," Cas mumbled under his breath, hesitantly backing out of Dean's grasp, "I will wait for you here, Dean. Please be careful."

Dean swallowed a bit as he watched Cas back away, still feeling guilty. Man, he really needed to get this ball rolling, so that Cas wouldn't feel so bad. Dean quickly retrieved his keys and waved goodbye to his brother, before walking up to peck a quick kiss to Cas's cheek. The man darted for the driver's seat of his Impala afterward, where he paused by the door to give his angel one more look.

"Be listening for me, Cas," Dean requested, before getting into the car.

Sam and Cas were standing next to each other in Dean's rear view mirror, as he started up the engine and threw it in drive. Sammy was ushering Cas back into the motel room by the time Dean reached the pavement of the open road. And Cas was watching the Impala pull away the whole time; confused blue eyes glued to the car, and pink lips tilted downward with disappointment. Dean had to force himself to face the road, as the Impala pulled out of the parking lot and headed west. Don't worry, Cas, Dean thought to himself, It'll be worth it. I promise.

Over the past few months, Dean and Cas had grown really close. It all started on some random Sunday, when Cas was leafing through one of Dean's old Playboy's and asking personal questions. After that intimate conversation, Dean actually started looking at Cas in a new light. The guy wasn't just some nerdy dude with wings anymore. Somehow, Cas had suddenly become really attractive. And it wasn't long before Dean found himself teaching Cas how to kiss, and showing him how to have sex... and saying the words 'I love you' with absolute honesty. As of right now, Dean was pretty sure that their relationship was bordering on 'commitment' territory. Which meant it was time to either pull out or go all in. And, for the first time in his life, Dean was dead-set on going all in.

It recently occurred to Dean, when he spared a glance at a calendar, that he and Cas had been having sex for months, but never went on an actual date. Of course, Dean was always the type of person that liked to skip dinner and go straight to 'dessert' – but with Cas, it was different. Dean liked their slow build up to sex, almost as much as he liked the sex itself. Just spending time with him was fun. And, now, it was Valentine's Day; the one day of the year that made it almost mandatory to go on a date with the person you loved the most. And Dean wanted to surprise Cas; to give him something special, for their first actual 'date' together.

They were currently in southern California, wrapping up the loose ends of a vampire case, and the weather outside was perfect. Warm and sunny, without a cloud in the sky. The sun was starting to set in the west already, making Dean strain his eyes against the orange light as he drove. He had a certain place in mind; a scenic overlook, right off the highway. All that stuff in the trunk was going to be put to good use, there.

It was only about twenty minutes, before Dean reached the exit. The overlook was some two or three miles into the woods, at the end of a dirt road. He and Sammy had stopped here once to eat lunch, and Dean always remembered its location, because it was strikingly beautiful. He pulled the Impala over at the dead end and cut off the engine, before jumping out to pop open the trunk and pull out all the stuff. He was so thankful that no one was around to watch him cart the massive load into the woods. Geez, someone might have thought that he was trying to dump a body or something, but he wasn't. At least, not today, anyway...

With the bright orange glow of sunset to light the way, Dean walked down a little path from his Impala until he made it to the very edge of the overlook. Trees were scattered everywhere, but they were parted just ahead to reveal the amazing view of a glistening river and gorgeous California mountains. Dean sat his pile of goodies on a nearby picnic table, in order to sort through it.

First, he grabbed the quilt he had stolen from Bobby's house, and fanned it out on the ground; covering a large space with plaid, patch-work fabric. He tossed a couple of pillows next to each other at the top, too, before reaching over to grab the bouquet of red roses. Yes. Dean had actually purchased an entire bouquet of red roses. But, he only wanted to use them for decoration. The man began destroying the flowers; ripping entire heads of them off, to pull the petals apart and sprinkle them over the quilt. The red petals fell all around the plaid blanket, making it look extra inviting and sexy. Dean smiled a little bit at his work, feeling smug. Ah, yeah. This looked just like a scene from a movie or something. Cas was gonna love this...

After finishing the blanket, Dean walked over to grab the small cooler. It was about the size of a large lunchbox; just big enough to contain a few beers and some ice. He placed the cooler on the ground next to the quilt, before reaching over to grab the tiny radio off the picnic table. He figured that it might help to set the mood, if he filled the air with some music. The radio started playing some soft R&B, as Dean angled it toward the blanket. The quiet sound echoed through the trees; making the place sound just as good as it looked.

Dean took a few steps back and glanced over his work, feeling proud. Hell yeah. It was perfect. The scenery, the lighting, the sounds – everything was flawless. It was the best place in the world, to have an actual first date. Dean's eyes flickered over to the picnic table, where he saw Cas's gift sitting by itself. The man quickly dashed over to grab it and tuck it behind his back, before taking a bracing breath. This was it. It was time.

The only thing he had left to do, was call Cas.

Castiel stood by the window of the Winchesters' motel room, and stared out at the parking lot with yearning. Behind him, Sam and Gabriel were engaging in some type of board game, but Castiel was not concerned with it. He was too preoccupied by Dean's absence to take part in such playful activities.

"Ha ha! You're gonna lose, kiddo! I own all of the railroads, now," Gabriel taunted, flashing a set of cards at Sam.

"You own most of the board, Gabe. I'm already losing," Sam grumbled, even though he was smiling.

Castiel tried his best to ignore Sam and Gabriel's conversation, as he watched for the Impala. It was very unusual for Dean to refuse Castiel's company. After everything they had done over the past few months – sharing secrets, showing affection, engaging in passionate intercourse – Castiel assumed that he and Dean had become inseparable. But, perhaps that was not the case. Perhaps Dean still required time alone, and needed –

"Hey, Cas," Dean's voice suddenly prayed, "I need you."

Without hesitation, Castiel instantly flew from the motel room to Dean's current location. The angel landed in some sort of wooded area, where the sun was sinking behind a set of large mountains in the distance. He immediately searched around for Dean, fearing that the man was in trouble. But, alas, Dean was perfectly fine. Castiel found the man standing near a picnic table with both hands behind his back; wearing a smile, with excitement twinkling in his jade eyes.

Castiel took a cautious step closer, feeling a bit confused. Why was Dean here, in this wooded place? Wasn't he supposed to be purchasing motor oil for the Impala? And, why was there a blanket laying on the ground? Why was it covered in flower petals? Castiel's sight ventured back to Dean's face, where he saw secret pride lurking in the man's expression. It appeared as though Dean was carefully monitoring Castiel's reaction; watching the angel take in his surroundings with wonder.

"What do you think?" Dean smirked, bringing a single hand forward to gesture to the space around them.

Castiel glanced around once more, taking in the sight of it all. Why did Dean want his opinion of this place? Was Dean responsible for its comforting appearance?

"Did... did you do this, Dean?" the angel asked.

"Yep. I sure did," Dean replied pridefully, easing closer.

"Why?" Castiel asked.

"Because it's Valentine's day," Dean explained.

Castiel eyed Dean's form as it drew closer in the space. While he was glad to see Dean behaving so happily, Cas was still unsure of what exactly was going on.

"I thought you needed motor oil for the Impala, Dean," Castiel mumbled.

Dean let out a dramatic sigh, as he rolled his eyes. With one hand still lodged behind his back, the man used his free hand to reach out and take hold of Castiel's coat. He tugged the angel close enough to rest their foreheads together.

"No, Cas," Dean uttered, smiling, "I came here to make a cozy spot for us in the woods."

"Why, Dean?" Castiel asked, curious.

"So I could show you this awesome view," the man answered.

With a gentle pull, Dean spun Castiel to the side; letting him face the sinking sun once again. It was barely peeking out from between the mountains in the distance, causing the golden-orange light to glisten on the river far below the edge of the cliff. Castiel stared out at the majestic sight of his Father's creation with admiration, feeling in awe of its utter grandeur. Dean was correct. This view was definitely 'awesome.'

The angel felt the man suddenly pressing at his back. Dean's free hand snaked up the front of Castiel's torso to hug him from behind, while the two of them stared out at the lovely view. Soon, Dean's wet lips were moving against Cas's ear.

"And give you this," he whispered.

Dean's other hand came forward to offer Castiel a sizable object. It was a cylinder-shaped item, wrapped in yellow tissue paper and adorned with a white ribbon. After giving Dean a curious glance, Castiel carefully took the object from Dean's hand and looked it over with wonder. Why was Dean giving him something? What was it for?

"Open it," Dean urged, still holding Castiel from behind.

Though he was a bit bewildered by everything that was taking place, Castiel did what Dean requested and gently tore the yellow tissue paper from around the solid object. Before the angel knew it, he had revealed a large jar of honey; nearly a pint of it, filling the container to maximum capacity. The golden liquid was almost glowing as the sun shined through the clear glass, illuminating the amber contents. A large square of raw honeycomb had been placed inside the jar as well, giving the thick liquid something to cling to. Castiel's jaw lowered in surprise, while his eyes searched the beautiful jar of nature-made goodness. It was so lovely! Where did Dean acquire such a perfect specimen of God's handiwork?

"I found it at that farmer's market back in Nebraska, a few days ago," Dean whispered, answering Castiel's unasked question, "Do you like it?"

"I love it, Dean," Castiel breathed with honesty, turning to meet his eyes, "but, why did you get it for me?"

Dean's smirk softened in the fiery orange glow of sunset.

"Because I love you, Cas," he answered, running his hands along the front of the angel's torso, "and because this is our first date, and I want you to be happy."

"Date?" Castiel repeated.

The angel had never heard the word 'date' used in such a context. Dean seemed to understand Castiel's confusion, because he quickly offered an explanation.

"Yeah, a date. You know, it's where two people go somewhere and do something fun," Dean replied.

Castiel absorbed this information, letting his mind draw a conclusion on the matter.

"Do something fun... You mean, like intercourse?" he almost whispered.

The humor in Dean's eyes seemed to disappear. He glanced along Castiel's entire face, as he briefly licked his lips. Arousal seemed to have surfaced in his expression.

"Yeah," the man nodded, "I mean, if that's what you want to do."

Castiel could feel his own heart quickening in speed, as he stared into Dean's beautiful emerald eyes. Yes. Sharing intercourse with Dean was Castiel's favorite thing to do. And, if a 'date' truly consisted of going somewhere and doing something fun, then being here and having sex with Dean seemed like the most perfect date of all.

Instead of speaking his reply, Castiel simply leaned closer to capture Dean's open mouth. In the warmth of dwindling sunlight, Dean's fingers wiggled their way between the buttons of Cas's white shirt to tease the angel's bare skin as they kissed. Castiel turned around to embrace Dean fully, as he slipped the jar of honey into one of his coat pockets. He shrugged out of the coat and carefully lowered it to the ground, afterward; making sure his new gift was safe, before the intercourse took place. Castiel knew that he and Dean tended to become quite boisterous during sex, and he didn't want the fragile jar to break.

More and more clothing began to disappear from their bodies, as Dean guided Castiel closer to the rose-covered quilt behind him. By the time they tumbled to the blanketed ground, both of them were topless; bare chests exposed, and pants tightened by growing erections. Castiel noticed that soft music was playing nearby, as he turned to look toward a radio. Dean continued kissing the angel's mouth and neck; showering him with heated affection in the first stages of their intercourse.

But Castiel was staring hard at the radio for a moment, feeling slightly ashamed. Dean had truly made this date perfect. He had even considered the sound quality of their rendezvous, and planned to play music to fill the noiseless void. Dean had been so considerate of everything – and Castiel had not contributed anything at all. The angel felt terrible, as he felt Dean suckling at his earlobe. Perhaps he needed to do something for Dean as well, so that the man would feel just as loved...

"I want to do something for you, Dean," Castiel suddenly announced, sitting up to face him.

By now, Dean had freed Castiel's erection, and it was laying heavily on the man's bare stomach below. Cas was straddling Dean on the quilt, as the sunlight dimmed around them. Dean blinked up at Castiel questioningly, as he rested both hands on the angel's hips.

"Uh, okay," the man mumbled, "What is it?"

Castiel gulped, as he flashed a glance around. Oh. He had not thought this far into his plan. Castiel knew he wanted to do something for Dean, but he didn't know what that something was. Perhaps Dean could offer him some suggestions...

"What would you like, Dean?" the angel replied carefully, reaching down to caress Dean's warm cheek.

The man's throat quivered with a gulp, as he eyed Castiel with feverishness. His pupils were dilated, giving Castiel the impression that he had already thought of his answer. Dean took the time to give Cas's thumb a wet kiss, before speaking.

"... How 'bout you show me your wings?" he requested quietly.

The angel blinked down at the man in surprise. Wings? Dean wanted to see Castiel's wings? During intercourse? The very thought put Castiel on edge. Humans were unable to withstand the sight of an angel's true form. The mere act of displaying angelic grace caused humans physical, irreversible damage. And Castiel couldn't bear the thought of it happening to Dean...

But, even as Castiel thought this, Dean was already tugging at his own pants; desperately trying to remove them, so that their bodies could merge. The angel shifted on the blanket to allow Dean more room, as he quickly debated the options in his mind. Yes, showing his grace was dangerous. But, perhaps Castiel could only show a small fraction of it. If the only thing Dean wanted was to see Castiel's wings, then maybe the angel would only have to expose a tiny bit of his true form. Just enough for Dean to behold his feathered appendages.

With the removal of the rest of his clothes – and a generous amount of saliva – Castiel quickly straddled Dean's hips once more, and guided the man's erection inside his tight entrance. Dean's lovely eyes drank in the sight of himself entering Castiel, as the angel eased down onto the swollen shaft. They had performed this act many times, and Castiel was quite used to the sensation of being stretched open by Dean's hard member – but his discomfort was more potent now than it ever had been before. He was so worried about accidentally harming Dean; so unsure of his own ability to keep himself contained. Do not fear, the angel thought to himself, You will not harm Dean. Everything will be fine. Wishing to take his own internal advice, Castiel bounced a few times in Dean's lap... before carefully allowing his grace to shine through his vessel.

The radio near them began to emit static, as Castiel's true form came forth. His body began to glow, the air began to move, and the tree limbs began to rattle at the precipice of his arrival. Below him, Dean's mouth had fallen open; gasping, as he watched Castiel emerge from his vessel. The angel continued to bounce in Dean's lap, remembering to stimulate the man's erection, as he carefully stretched out his wings.

"Holy shit," Dean breathed erotically.

Castiel wanted to agree with Dean's statement, but he was too preoccupied with his own being. The angel could suddenly feel everything. He could feel the dust particles swirling in the air in his lungs, and the tiniest shift of each and every hair moving on his body, and the wind rushing through every feather of his wings. He could feel every line and ridge of Dean's fingerprints pressing into his skin, and hear the man's heart beating against his ribcage – but, most of all, Castiel could feel Dean's veined and throbbing erection piercing his angelic body with full force.

"Ah!" Castiel cried, his angelic voice echoing through the trees, "Dean!"

The booming sound caused the radio to explode near them; briefly filling the space with electronic debris. Dean flinched away from it, before sitting up on the quilt. They were both moving, now; Castiel bouncing and Dean thrusting, creating a steady and pleasureful rhythm. The angel's head fell back in utter ecstasy, at the feeling of Dean's strong arm circling his back to hug him close. Ah! This felt so wonderful! Dean was thrusting so hard, and whimpering with such arousal, and smearing his wet plump lips all over Castiel's flat chest. It was all so erotic that Castiel found himself on the verge of orgasm already; needing only a tiny bit of stimulation to reach it.

"S – Son of a bitch, Cas," Dean groaned, tilting his head back to look up at the angel as he moved, "Ahh! Baby! Yeah!"

Without warning, Castiel suddenly felt Dean's erection spurting inside him. The angel gasped and clutched at his own glowing stomach; able to feel Dean's hot semen being released inside his body. Dean's face was tight with pleasure as he thrust erratically; lingering in his own euphoria. The sight – and sensation – of Dean's climax was just enough to throw Castiel into his own.

"Dean," the angel moaned, his voice cracking loudly.

A colossal storm of pleasure rushed through the angel's entire being, making his wings shudder and his erection pulse. His erupting member painted Dean's bare abdomen with white fluid, as he lost himself inside orgasm. For a moment, Castiel feared that he might have accidentally exited his vessel completely; that he had harmed Dean without meaning to. But thankfully, after his overwhelming pleasure subsided, Castiel found Dean in perfect condition. The man was pecking the angel's glowing neck and shoulders with kisses; allowing Castiel to feel each and every tiny crack in Dean's dry lips. Wanting Dean to remain unharmed, Castiel quickly withdrew his grace back into his vessel; closing his wings, and letting his shine fade out.

Once the angel was safe in the confines of his vessel, he found that he was extremely weak. He let himself go limp in Dean's arms, to which Dean quickly tightened his grasp and laid back down on the quilt; pulling Castiel down to lay beside him. The two of them were speechless for a moment, as they panted and declined from orgasm. Sweet scented rose petals were fluttering between their faces, as they stared at each other in the dwindling light.

"Wow," Dean breathed, hugging Castiel close in their horizontal position, "Best. Valentine's day gift. Ever."

Castiel smiled brightly at Dean's gratefulness, feeling proud. He was glad that he could give Dean just as much happiness as Dean always gave him. As they caught their breath, Castiel suddenly realized that the sun had finished setting. The moon and stars were gradually emerging over head, casting a soft glow on the forest around them. Dean's beautiful face was glistening, as he stroked Castiel's bare back.

"So, what do we do now, Dean?" the angel asked, figuring that the man had more things planned for this date.

The man eased into a comfortable position with Castiel; laying on his back and snaking an arm around the angel next to him, before turning his sight toward the sky above.

"I say we just lay here and watch the stars," Dean almost whispered, wearing a small smile.

Castiel sank into Dean's loving embrace and joined him in looking up into the heavens. Fireflies were beginning to spring from the trees, as well; peppering the atmosphere with a yellowish glow. The sight was so beautiful – but, even with all of nature's astounding beauty before him, Castiel's favorite view was Dean's bare body breathing in and out beside him.

"I love you, Cas."

Castiel momentarily raised his head at the sound of Dean's whisper. There was nothing but pure honesty on the man's peaceful expression, as he stared back at Castiel from the pillow.

"I love you, too, Dean," the angel replied, quietly.

After witnessing Dean's smile return, Castiel nestled back into the crook of his arm. Many thoughts were passing through the angel's mind, as he lay naked on the blanket with his favorite human. He briefly pondered on the splendor of his father's creation, and recalled the jar of raw honey that Dean had purchased for him, and acknowledged how perfect his first date with Dean had been.

But, in the midst of his wandering thoughts, Castiel was distracted by a sensation. It was so faint that he almost didn't feel it, but he couldn't deny that it was there; a tiny tingle, echoing from the depths of his stomach. The angel shifted on the blanket to rest his hand against his lower abdomen, as he blinked up at the stars in wonder.

What was causing that strange sensation?

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