(Author's Note: I know that I've been calling this a 'deleted scene,' but it recently occurred to me that it was never really deleted from the story. Technically, it's being added in. So, it's an additional scene, I guess? But, eh, whatever. You get the idea. Lol. :) Everything you are about to read takes place between chapters 9 and 10, and it's in Bobby's POV. With that said, I now present to you: The off-screen event that led to Crowley helping the Winchesters. :) Please enjoy!)

The ache in Bobby's lower back was nice and painful, by the time he made it to the Impala with an armful of baby stuff. His bad knee was starting to give him hell, too; aching all the way down his leg. But he pushed through the pain, like he always did. Minor aches and pains of getting old were small potatoes, compared to what Cas was getting ready to go through...

"Here," Bobby said, finally handing off his load to Sam, "That's the last box."

The boy took the diapers and clothes and stowed them safely into the trunk of the car, before reaching up to shut the hatch. All of the baby stuff from Bobby's kitchen was now in the Impala, ready to be taken to Rufus's cabin. Sam turned to clutch Bobby's shoulder and give him a genuine smile.

"Thanks, Bobby. Are you sure you don't want to come with us?" he asked.

Bobby firmly shook his head. He wasn't planning on going anywhere until he had a solid lead on the bastard responsible for trying to hurt his boys.

"I've got an entire library of lore and contact numbers here, Sam. Ain't no better place to start huntin' than in my own backyard."

The kid gave a small nod to show his own agreement. They both knew that this situation needed to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible; that Metatron needed to be caught, before Cas was ready to pop. Sam got that worried look in his eye, when he gazed down at Bobby from above.

"Can you clean up that mess by yourself?" he asked, eyes flashing toward the house.

Bobby knew that Sam was talking about the five dead angel carcasses piled in his study like fresh road kill on the side of the highway. And, honestly, he was kind of offended by Sam's question. This sure as hell wouldn't be the first time that Bobby had to burn a pile of bodies...

"Look who you're talkin' to, son," Bobby pointed out, raising an eyebrow, "I've been cleanin' up messes since you were in diapers. Pretty sure I can handle it."

Sam nodded and smiled a bit. Passed him, through the back glass of the Impala, Bobby saw Gabriel shifting around in the passenger seat. His head of messy blonde hair was tilted down, and he seemed kind of weary. Bobby hadn't known Gabriel very long. The two of them had never really had a chance to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and become familiar with each other. But, being a hunter for so long came with a hefty set of perks – including the ability to know when someone was beating himself up. And Bobby knew that was exactly what Gabriel was doing right now.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Bobby asked, nodding toward the Impala.

Sam turned to give the car a glance, and looked at the archangel in the front seat. The tall kid scratched the back of his head and sighed, like he was worried.

"Yeah. I'm gonna try to talk him out of it," Sam promised, starting for the driver's side, "Thanks again, Bobby. Call us when you've got something, okay?"

"Yep. Be careful out there, Sam," Bobby called, offering a wave.

Sam waved back as he opened the door and slipped inside the car. Bobby stepped out of the way, figuring that the guy was going to need room to back the Impala up. But, Gabriel reached forward to grab the dashboard, and the whole car disappeared instead. Bobby blinked at the sudden empty spot in his driveway before shaking his head. Hmph. Angels and Winchesters. He would never understand either...

Bobby braced a hand against the aching part of his spine, as he turned to face his house. In the back of his mind, he knew that those dead bodies were starting to stink up his study. He was going to have to break out the bleach, scrub the floors, dig another huge hole in the backyard, and somehow carry all those heavy corpses by himself. His weary old body was already starting to regret refusing Sam's help. But, he knew that he had to send the kid away... because getting a head start on the hunt wasn't the only reason why he wanted to come home. There was something else he needed to do, that he knew the boys would never approve of. But, to hell with approval. Bobby Singer didn't need no approval. He just needed results, and the guarantee that his adopted kids would be alright no matter what...

With a heavy sigh, Bobby turned away from his house and started toward his garage, instead. It was the same garage that he had used the day before, and he knew exactly what was in it. A freshly drawn devil's trap that just needed a little touch up, and all the ingredients he needed to perform another summoning ritual. Working with a demon was the last thing he wanted to do. But, when the playing field is overrun with murderous angels, and your whole team is under fire, what else is there to do? Sit on the bench and twiddle your thumbs? Hell no. The only thing left to do was pull an ace. Even if that ace happened to come from the bowels of hell itself.

The garage was dark, cold, and empty, just the way Bobby left it. The fluorescent light flickered and buzzed to life when he flipped the light switch on, carefully brightening the room with a dull glow. The painted devil's trap was still drawn on the floor, only broken in one spot where Bobby had rubbed the paint out with his foot. The man grabbed the can of paint and hobbled over to the drawing, where he connected the lines again. Once the trap was reset he walked over to the workbench, where all the ingredients were still sitting out. He quickly did the old song and dance; tossing all the crap into the bowl, striking a match, and saying the Latin phrase.

The spell was over in a matter of seconds, but the waiting had just begun. Bobby knew it was gonna be awhile before Crowley decided to show his face – if he ever did decide to show his face, that is. The title of 'King' had gone straight to that bastard's head, and Bobby knew it. But, luckily, the old man was a patient hunter. He would wait in the garage all night, if he had to; dead bodies in his study be damned. Bobby stepped over to a stool and sat down to give his bad knee some relief, as he blinked lazily toward the empty trap in the middle of the room. Yep. This was probably gonna take awhile. He should have grabbed a case of beer and a crossword puzzle, before settling into his seat...

"Summoning the same demon twice in two days? My word, you must be getting desperate."

Bobby spun around on his stool, at the sound of Crowley's voice. The demon had appeared near the garage door, instead of inside the trap. His dark eyes and arrogant smile were full of charm, as he smirked at Bobby from across the room. And Bobby felt like a total jackass. Dammit, why didn't he hide the trap somewhere else? Crowley wasn't dumb enough to pop up inside the same trap twice. Bobby didn't have the upper hand, now. He was basically at Crowley's mercy, if the demon decided to take action against him.

But, luckily, it didn't seem like Crowley was going to do anything rash. He just stood by the door with a smirk, wearing his usual black suit and red tie, with his hands stuffed inside his pockets. Bobby eyed the demon for a second, while he carefully got to his feet. Crowley looked awfully happy, and it made Bobby skeptical. What the hell was he so damn cheery about? Was he happy that things were turning south for the Winchesters?

"Hello again, old friend," the demon cooed, batting his long eyelashes, "How have you been for the past few hours since we last saw one another? You're looking well, if I may say. Did you get enough sleep? Walk the dog, perhaps?"

"Cut the shit," Bobby grumbled, narrowing his eyes, "You already know why I brought you here."

Crowley's annoying smirk only widened. The demon sighed and took a few steps into the light, letting the florescence glow shine on his dark hair. Bobby had instinctively taken stock of the weapons at his disposal, though they weren't much. He had a canister of holy water in his pocket and a pistol full of salt-soaked bullets in his waistband. But, neither of them would kill Crowley. They would only stun him for a few seconds, long enough for Bobby to make a quick getaway if he needed to. The only option that Bobby had to stay safe was to talk civilly with the demon. And, hopefully, make a deal...

"Indeed, I do," Crowley purred, his thick accent echoing around the empty garage like a soft melody, "You hunters are always asking for the same old things. 'Save my family. Save my friends. Save everyone I love. Blah blah blah.' It gets boringly redundant after a while. But, I must admit, even after all this time, I still adore seeing the desperation in their pitiful eyes. The pure emotional urgency of it all. That's the part that gets me out of my four-poster bed every morning. And seeing that look in your lovely eyes, Robert, truly makes it all worth while."

Bobby gulped under Crowley's intense stare. There weren't many people in the world that had the ability to make a mighty, full-grown hunter like Bobby Singer feel like a small, red-faced school boy. But, Crowley had somehow managed to do it. Bobby couldn't remember the last time his cheeks had flushed with heat and his heart raced with nervousness. But, no matter how quick-witted and clever that demonic bastard was, Bobby was bound and determined not to let Crowley get the best of him.

"Well, good for you," the hunter spat, "At least you've got a reason to get up every mornin' that doesn't include pamperin' your own ass."

Crowley chuckled a little bit, making the devilish sound echo hauntingly through the garage. Even though the bastard was laughing at him, Bobby stood his ground. Crowley may have been able to make the man blush, but Bobby sure as hell wasn't afraid of no demon.

"Ah. That's what I love about you, Robert Singer. Even when you're gazing into the face of hell, you're still able to retain your ruthless, stoic composure," Crowley smiled.

Crowley's sentence sort of caught Bobby off guard. One of the words had stuck out like a sore thumb, and the hunter couldn't believe he heard it come out of a demon's mouth. Love? Did Crowley seriously just use the word love? How could a satanic creature like him ever say a holy word like that? Bobby shook his head and scoffed loudly in disbelief. Crowley's smile dimmed a little bit and he eyed the hunter with confusion.

"What?" he prompted, in that velvety accent.

"You don't love anything," Bobby accused firmly.

A look of bewilderment flashed across the demon's face, as if he didn't quite understand what Bobby was talking about. Crowley lifted a thin eyebrow and narrowed his dark eyes a bit.

"That's not true," he denied, "I have a hell hound named Juliet whom I love very much."

Bobby shook his head, feeling the urge to laugh. He should have known that the king of hell would have a hell hound on a leash...

"That don't count," he spat.

For some reason, this discussion about love seemed to be getting under Crowley's skin. All the humor had abandoned his features, and he was starting to look like an offended businessman. In the back of his mind, Bobby knew that he was probably treading on dangerous waters, by correcting a demon that had the power to kill him in no time flat. But, what the hell. He'd threatened worst creatures before and lived to tell the tale.

"And why wouldn't that count?" Crowley nearly demanded, teetering on the verge of anger.

"'Cause you're a demon from hell, and love don't exist in hell. At least, not the kinda love I'm talkin' about," Bobby murmured.

"I see. And which version of this complex emotion are you referring to? I was under the assumption that there was only one," Crowley growled, his eyes turning into slits.

Bobby wasn't swayed by Crowley's dark tone. The hunter just wanted to make a stupid deal and get this interaction over with, but he decided to play along with the weird conversation he was currently trapped in. Hell, it wasn't every day that he got to argue with a demon about human emotion.

"I mean real love, you know? The kinda love that men sell their souls for," he explained, "The kind of love that wakes you up at two in the mornin' and forces you to call someone just to make sure they're alright. The kind that makes you give up everything that you own – everything that you are – so that someone else can be happy. I'm talkin' about pure, honest, unconditional, selfless love... And it can't grow in a place like hell. That'd be like tryin' to plant a tree in a sandbox. It won't even take root."

Crowley's eyes softened a bit, but his lips stayed tucked together. Bobby had never been good at reading someone else's feelings just by looking at them. But now, as he stared at the demon in his garage, Bobby could tell that his little speech had an impact on Crowley. The guy in the black suit just stood there and let his eyes wander; like he was thinking hard about everything he had just heard. Bobby casually cleared his throat and looked away, feeling another ache tingle up his back as he shifted around nervously. He didn't mean to go off on a rant like that, and he knew it was about time to get back to the subject at hand.

"Anyway," the man mumbled, trying to get back on track, "I didn't call you here to chit-chat about nonsense. I called you to make a deal."

"Yes. I know," Crowley said calmly, seeming to regain his arrogant composure as he looked back up at the hunter in front of him, "You no longer have the power to protect the squirrel, the moose, and their birds from the big bad wolf upstairs, so you want me to do it for you."

Bobby huffed a weary sigh, and tilted his hat up a bit. Boy, there was no hiding the truth from a demon, was there? Crowley must have smelled his desperation from a hundred miles away...

"Can you do it, or not?" he asked.

"For a price," Crowley replied slyly.

"So, what's it gonna be? My soul? My house? My first born child? 'Cause, it might be a while on that last one," Bobby said, his tone flat.

The hunter knew that the price on this deal was going to be pretty high. And, honestly, he didn't mind trading in his own soul, if it meant that his boys would be okay. Deep down, he knew that each one of the Winchesters were worth way more than his soul, and hoped that he could back it up with something of value; like everything in his house and junkyard, which included some pretty rare artifacts.

But, while Bobby fretted over the lofty price of his deal, a mischievous smirk had grown across Crowley's face. He didn't quite look like a demon, anymore. Now, he looked more like a little teenage boy who couldn't wait to do something cheeky. Crowley removed a hand from his pocket and held it out, letting the florescence light of the garage shine on his pale skin.

"I believe I'll take that old hat you're wearing," the demon answered.

Bobby blinked a few times, letting his mind catch up with his hearing. Huh. Maybe his hearing was finally starting to go, because he could have swore that Crowley just asked for his hat...

"Uh... Come again?" the old man mumbled, this time tilting his head forward to hear better.

"That hat on your head," Crowley pointed upward, his smirk growing, "I want it."

For a few seconds, Bobby was at a loss for words. His hat? That was it? That was the only thing Crowley wanted? No, that couldn't be right. This offer had 'bullshit' written all over it. There had to be some strings attached somewhere. Demonic deals always came with lots of strings; especially Crowley's deals. The demon just stood there with a grin on his face, seeming pleased with himself.

"You just want... my hat?" Bobby clarified, his voice tainted with skepticism.

"Yes," Crowley agreed, sounding overly confident.

Bobby scoffed loudly again. Yeah, right. That couldn't possibly be the only thing he wanted. What the hell was a demon going to do with an old hat?

"Why?" Bobby asked, his eyes narrowed.

"What does it matter to you, why I need things?" Crowley retorted, "Look, Singer, that hat is my price for keeping those plaid-wearing parasites safe from the scribe of God. Unless you want that angel to get to them first -"

"Okay!" Bobby interrupted, not wanting to think about his boys getting hurt, "Alright... You can have the damn hat."

The man quickly reached up and ripped the blue fabric cap from his head and tossed it toward the demon in front of him. Crowley casually snatched the hat out of the air and smiled down at it; using his free hand to dust off the bill. Bobby gulped a little bit, as he watched Crowley play with his favorite head wear. Frankly, he was still confused as to why the demon only wanted the hat and nothing else. Was Crowley going to use it for a decoy? Use it as an ingredient in a spell? Mount it on his bedroom wall? Wear it around? Hmph. The thought of a sharp-dressed guy like Crowley walking around in an old baseball cap was really strange...

"Is that it?" Bobby pressed, knowing that there was probably going to be a second part to this payment.

"Yes, this will do," Crowley murmured.

The demon let his dark eyes flicker back up to meet the man's stare, and Bobby could feel his own guts churning with distrust. Nothing about this deal seemed right. It was too good to be true. There was no way in hell that Crowley was satisfied with just a silly old hat... Was he?

"Now that I've received your payment, I suppose it's time to make this deal official," Crowley hummed, his eyes filling with amusement.

All the blood drained from Bobby's face in an instant. Ah, hell. He had forgotten all about the way demons sealed their deals. He forgot that he had to kiss the damn guy to make it stick. Son of a bitch. Why – oh, God, why – why did it have to be a kiss? Though his stomach was already bubbling with nausea, Bobby forced himself to take a few steps forward. Do it for Dean and Sam, he thought to himself, For the boys, and the angels, and the baby they named after you...

Bobby was about a foot away from Crowley, when the demon finished closing the distance between them. He stared up at Bobby for a second, looking like he was holding down a chuckle. And, before Bobby knew it, Crowley reached up to grab a handful of his shirt and yanked him downward. The man cringed and braced himself; knowing that the demon's mouth was about to collide with his own – but, it didn't happen that way. Crowley's mouth had found its way to the old man's cheek, instead.

Bobby blinked down at Crowley's black suit up close, feeling confused as hell. Was Crowley doing it wrong on purpose? The demon had pressed his lips gently against the man's cheekbone; giving his bearded face a quick and careful peck. He let go and stepped away afterward, still wearing that smug look on his face. Bobby was stunned. What the hell was that? That wasn't the way demonic deals were sealed, was it? Why was Crowley being so weird? Why was the guy being so... nice?

"It's settled, then," Crowley beamed, stuffing the blue hat inside his jacket pocket, "I get to keep the hat, and you get to keep the Winchesters. Ugh, making sure those petulant children stay alive is going to be quite the job. I have my work cut out for me."

Bobby only blinked slowly and stood motionless, as he watched the demon back away. He had finally realized that Crowley was basically going to help him for free. A crossroads demon – a creature that lived for making deals to gain profit – was going to keep the Winchesters alive for no cost at all. He didn't want Bobby's soul. Hell, he probably didn't want Bobby's hat, either. Maybe – just maybe – Crowley was trying to prove a point...

"Try not to go too hard on the liquor tonight, Robert," the demon purred, turning to give Bobby a slight wave, "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again very soon."

Before Bobby could even summon the courage to say 'thank you,' the demon was already gone. The garage was empty and silent again; leaving the old man to stand amongst his workbenches and tools alone. He glanced around the old place for a second, unsure of what else to do. The man had just made a deal with the king of hell and paid the debt with a worthless old hat. And he was thoroughly stunned. Huh. Maybe Bobby had been wrong. Maybe demons actually could be decent people. Maybe hell wasn't void of good emotions after all...

After taking another second or two to gather himself together, Bobby slowly began to shuffle toward the garage door. A million thoughts were racing through his mind, making him question his own belief system and his trust in other people. But there was one small thing that stuck out in his awareness the most, out of everything...

The old man's back wasn't hurting so much anymore.

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