This is the last chapter of this story, but I will definitely continue replica fan fiction.  I'm not so good with endings, so if this chapter is too corny, I can rewrite it, okay? 

10:07 posted by: lostperfection: Hello, Seven.  I'm Amy, Number Five.  One of the few clones that lived.  When you left, a few Amys and Andys were sent on a search party to find you.  Although the Organization would be fine minus one clone, they had a hunch on what you were up to, and couldn't bear to lose when they had come so far.  Within two hours, the entire search party returned, saying that you were nowhere to be found, except for Number Nine.  She never returned, none of us ever saw her again.  Anyway, in a few moments, we were attacked, and many of us were killed.  I found Monique and Marie, and I ran away with them.  Your Andy, and a girl they refer to as Bethany Eleven, (a newer clone,) followed me.  Amy Eight took a run for it as well, but I don't know if she made it or not.  If any of the other clones survived, I never found out.  In any case, I found Mr. Devon, and he was able to write me false adoption papers for Annie's two kids, and stop their rapid aging.  Now, Monique is thirteen, and Marie is about eleven.  I knew that it was a risk trying to raise two children on my own; especially Annie's but I just couldn't leave them.  Yes, I eventually did get married, but I've lived a very secretive life.  I cut my hair, and dyed it so that no one would recognize me as an "evil clone," and I now live in Miami.  How are you doing, Seven?  I knew that if anyone else survived, one of them would have been you.

10:08 posted by: amy07: I'm fine, I guess.  I have felt regret building up inside of me every day since I turned all of you in, but I never knew, and never will know if I would have felt more having stayed.  I'm glad that you saved Monique and Marie.  How are they?  I hope that Amy One and Andy Eleven made it out okay, and it breaks my heart every time I think about Aly.  Still, you say that my Andy escaped with you.  Do you know where he is?

            Amy sighed, and took a moment to absorb everything that she had just heard.  Amy, Number Five, her old rival and friend was alive.  And so was her lover…maybe.

10:09 posted by: lostperfection: Andy Five lives in a small house, alone.  He was dating a girl named Alice for a while in college, but he just didn't love anyone else.  He could never stop wondering if you were out there, somewhere.  I've kept in touch with him over the years, because it reminds me that maybe more of us are out there, like One, and Eight…  I'd even be happy to see Ten at this point, just to contact another living Amy.  If you ever see Eric again, tell him that Thirteen told me about a day before she died that her biggest fear was losing him forever.  Can you do that for me?

10:12 posted by: amy07: Five, I've waited so long to finally find you, or one of us at least.  I'll do anything. 

10:14 posted by: lostperfection: Then you know what you have to do.  Find your Andy, and straighten out your life.  The Organization has taken the physical lives of many of our sisters and brothers, but you can't let them take our emotional lives.  If you stay at home, hiding in shame from what happened eleven years ago, you've let them win.  They wanted power, Seven.  No, they may not have gained power over the world, but they're still controlling you every moment you let them.  I am too, at times, but we can't do that anymore.  I'll give you Andy's address, in case you're ever in L.A.  I live about a block away from him.  Please come, we'd both love to see you.

10:17 posted by: amy07: Thank you, Five.  I really misjudged you.  You turned out to be a very good friend, and probably my closest sister.

10:19 posted by: lostperfection: It's okay, Seven.  But you owe it to Andy, to Aly, to the deceased clones, to your mother, to Dr. Jaleski, who created you for greatness, to pull your life back together. 

10:21 posted by: amy07: How do you know so much about me?
10:24 posted by: lostperfection: I'm your sister.  Anyway, are you coming?

10:26 posted by: amy07: Yes, Five.  I am.  I'll see you soon, all right?

            Amy logged off the computer, and picked up her phone.  She clutched it tremulously, close to tears from the shock of all of this.  "Tasha?" she asked.

            "Hi, Amy," Tasha chirped.  "Hey.  Is something the matter?"

            "I'm going back to L.A., Tasha.  I might not see you for a while.  Amy Five told me that Andy is alive, and I have to find him!  But I just wanted to thank you for always being there for me.  You're the best friend I could ever have.  I'll see you, okay?"

            Tasha sighed.  "Okay, Amy.  Goodbye."

            Amy ran upstairs, and discovered that she still had the lightning speed that she shared with all of the remaining clones.  She packed a few sets of clothing, toiletries, and a book for the flight, although her own thoughts could probably occupy her for hours. Next, she ran down the stairs, and left the house, making sure to lock the door.  With that, she took a run for it, and continued to run until she saw a taxi at the side of the road.  She waved it down, and got in.

            "Where to?" the driver asked.  "Aren't you in a hurry?"

            Amy nodded apprehensively. "Yes, I am.  I need you to take me to the airport."

            Amy knew that Five was right.  She was a wreck, and she had to get her life back.  In a matter of hours, Amy was in L.A., and she was happy that the familiar streets and sites from her childhood were still there.  She would visit Andy, and Amy Five soon, but she had one thing that she needed to do first.  She walked for a long time, until she reached her old neighborhood, her old house, and knocked on the door.

            "Who is it?" a voice called out.  "A…Amy?  Is it really you?  It…it can't be?  Oh my God, Amy!" Nancy threw her arms around her long lost daughter.

            Amy nodded.  "Mom, I love you," she said.  "I missed you so much!"

            Nancy led Amy inside, and sat her down on the couch.  "What on Earth happened to you?" she asked.  Still, Amy knew that Nancy knew perfectly well where her daughter had been for so long.

            Once Amy had told the whole story, her mother was in tears.

            "Amy, I never moved after you were kidnapped.  I thought that maybe there was a chance that you were trying to come home, that you would come back here.  And here you are," she said, continuing to cry.

            "I thought I'd never see you again," Amy said.  "I really did."

            "So, what happened?" Nancy asked. 

            "Well, I was outside, and I saw a girl named Heather who turned out to be Tasha and Chris's daughter.  They told me to search for the others, and I found Five online.  She told me to stop blaming myself for what had happened, and that she and Andy wanted me to visit, but I had to see you first," Amy said, with tears in her eyes.

            "Well, Amy, I raised you from the time you were a baby, and I know as your mother, that whatever happened to the other clones was not your fault," she said to Amy.

            Amy and Nancy shared a hug, the first one they had had in eleven years.  In a couple of days, Amy decided to find Andy.  She walked up the steps to his house, and rang the doorbell.

            "Andy?" she asked.

            "Are you…my Amy?" he asked her.

            Amy nodded, and he threw his arms around her, and she knew in her heart that he was her Andy, the one who loved her, who was made for her.  The one that she had waited so long to see, and finally did.  The one who had purchased a special ring many years ago, and would only give it to one girl.  Amy, Number Seven.