Chapter 33


Eva Janko arrives on short notice the day before Thanksgiving and has a surprise of her own to offer while Eddie must break the news about the newest little unoka bean and Jamie is set for another shocker.

"So, Mom… I hope it was all right to stop here at the diner for breakfast this morning. Kaylin woke up late, and she didn't get a chance to eat before I had to take Jamie into work; his car had a recall, so it's in the shop until Friday, and then we came right to the airport to pick you up. What brought you down to the city this week on such short notice?" Eddie inquired before the waitress at Miller's Diner returned to take their order, decidedly leaving out the details about the already contentious mood her husband was in after his trying turkey roundup and the great Sister Agnes plumbing fiasco the day before. "Please tell the nice lady what you would like for your hungry tummy this morning," she directed Kaylin who was carefully studying the pictures on the kiddie cuisine page.

"Pancakes! Like Pop Pop makes for me," the little girl finally decided. "And some milk, p'ease!"

"Do I need a written invitation to come visit my daughter and her family on a holiday?" Eva responded with words that might have been taken as a challenge at one point in time in the not-too-distant past as she stirred her coffee once the orders were taken, but there was a coyness and certain mysterious lilt about the inflection of her mother's tone that left an already nervous and guilt-ridden Eddie a little more unsettled than defensive.

"No, of course not," she answered quickly while opening up the little package of crayons so Kaylin could color on the placemat while they waited for their orders. "In fact, Jamie and I were talking about driving up to Rochester next weekend to come see you before we got your call. It's just that your real estate office usually keeps you so busy and it's hard for you to get away very often. Our guest room is always open though now that we have one," she smiled warmly as she considered the fact that their house had four bedrooms, which after the baby's arrival would of course just leave a single spare for company. Eddie couldn't be sure, but she thought her mother's gaze had sharpened a little with that revelation and she had almost undoubtedly picked up on that clue. Eva Janko was normally very quick-minded and tended to filter out information like that as well as any first grade detective with a perp in the box. "I feel bad we weren't able to move our work times around on such short notice though, so he's on first shift today and I have to work third again tonight. We both have the rest of the day off tomorrow and all of Friday though, and you're of course invited to the Reagans' for Thanksgiving dinner with us in the afternoon," she added, knowing that the sooner she revealed the news about the pregnancy, the better, since it would give Eva time to adjust and get whatever was coming out of her system before they joined the whole family at such an important function the following day.

"There is no problem with that, Edit," Eva assured as she prepared to reveal her own shocking surprise. "And you do not have to worry about catering to me, this trip was unfortunately not all for pleasure... there are things on my schedule. The new business owners decided to close the office for the entire holiday week…" she explained. "They are very strict-minded in their approach and many of the agents are unhappy," she sniffed with a contentious frown. "We will see what comes of it. A few of my former colleagues from Long Island are located in Park Slope now and there is an interest perhaps for a new manager at the agency there so I decided to come here and meet with them. I have a dinner reservation of my own tonight and an appointment there on Friday afternoon."

"In Brooklyn?!" Eddie gasped as suddenly that somewhat comforting six-plus hour cushion of space between Bay Ridge and her mother's current home in Rochester looked to be sliced down to thirty minutes and she wondered what Jamie's reaction to that would be as this week had held nothing but stress for him. "You're considering moving back down here?"

"If the correct opportunity presents itself, then yes," her mother admitted as the waitress quickly arrived back to deliver their easy order: egg whites on wheat with ginger tea for Eddie, a short stack of pancakes for Kaylin, and small serving of melons and other fruit for Eva. "There has been a significant decline for property values in the north over the past few years and I do not see that trend righting soon. I need to be aware of things like this and very careful, Edit… there is no one other than you to look out for me, and I do not have anything else to fall back on since your father decimated us financially," she added as she eyed Eddie's breakfast choice carefully, particularly the lack of a favored mainstay of bacon and the inclusion of the tummy-soothing tea. Strike two. "Is that a concern?"

"No, of course not, Mom," Eddie conceded as she cut up Kaylin's pancakes and made sure the now uncommonly quiet but obviously hungry little girl's milk was in reach. "It's just that you seemed to be so... settled in Rochester. These past few years, you managed to put so many things right with your career and there's your beautiful house that you worked so hard for… are you sure you're ready for such a big change?"

"Indeed," Eva regarded the two younger blond-haired generations before her and marvelled at the fact that despite all the family trials she had suffered through the past several years her daughter had slipped so easily into motherhood, even for a child that was not her own at first. Still she had concerns about the news that she was sure now was about to be revealed. "I can ask much the same thing about you, my lány, no? You told me this first year you wanted to focus on career advancement and settling in your house, but perhaps there is another reason for me to consider it now?" she added with a small frown and a telling raised eyebrow.

"How did you know?" Eddie asked as she looked down and bit her lip before lifting her shining eyes and confirming the presence of a new unoka bean with a single look.

"Edit," her mother sighed as she glanced over at Kaylin and decided to keep her response low key in front of the child. Suddenly it was clear there was another reason for this breakfast meeting between the three in a public place since the news was sure to be delivered and ingested in a quiet, methodical fashion. Her daughter was certainly learning to handle iffy situations between them in a clearly advantageous manner, but Eva was still not convinced this had been a good decision. "So soon? We spoke of this before you were married and now you will be further down that list. Nonetheless," she conceded with a huff. "I take it I'm the last to be told and everyone will know that at the Reagan dinner tomorrow."

"Only because his family can read Jamie like an open book," Eddie defended with some disappointment at her mother's expected hesitancy. "If you were here, you would have seen it too… we found out on his birthday and he was too excited to hide it from them, and you're not the last," she added with a knowing nod towards the little girl aside of her. "I didn't tell Daddy yet, and we were waiting until things were a little further along so she would be able to understand so please don't..."

"When?" came the next rather flat interrupting inquiry.

"When did it happen, or when will it?" Eddie asked with just a hint of bite now in her tone and her own frown. As she had feared those few crass words were instilling the doubts once more… doubts as to if she was ready for this next step in her life and prepared to give up the things it would require. "Second night of our honeymoon, June thirteenth, and no… it wasn't planned, but we're both over the moon about it," she finished with conviction and Eva knew they were at one of those relationship crossroad points again. "Please say you are happy for us, Mom," her daughter pleaded.

"Edit, I can see that you have reservations too…" Eva began without giving her daughter that immediate satisfaction she craved before catching herself going down that absolute wrong road. "But I know this is something you wanted deep in your heart eventually, and can see what a wonderful way you have with my unokája so we must take it as it comes now instead of waiting for a surprise later," she smiled at Kaylin and re-tuned her response. "You are a very good mother, Edit, and will be to both… I know that. This will be different, though," she warned. "Having your own first with another so young to take care of… a demanding job, a new marriage… it will be hard, no? You are already feeling that?"

"A little," Eddie admitted, somewhat pacified by getting a lukewarm response, anyway. "I've mostly been feeling sick in the late afternoon, so I've been taking all first or third shifts. I just can't eat the same things I used to, but the doctor says everything looks good so far, though," she informed Eva who did offer a relieved sigh with that knowledge. "I had one check already where we saw the heartbeat and we'll find out more in about three weeks at my next appointment when they do a detailed ultrasound."

"And Jamison, he supports you working in this condition?"

"If Jamie had his way, I would be at home covered in bubble wrap with my feet up for the next seven months while he worked both our shifts," Eddie admitted without exaggeration. "Of course he wants nothing more than to protect us, but he's left that decision up to me. When the doctor says it's necessary or I feel like it's interfering with patrol, I'll switch over to desk duty," she explained with a slight grimace as the thought of months chained indoors at the precinct both before and after the baby was due as the one major flaw in this predicament, coupled with the fact that it made her dreams of earning her gold shield before expanding their family just a fleeting wish now. Once she was transferred off patrol if she didn't plan things right, she would undoubtedly lose contact with her rabbi Detective Rivera in the 12th's squad who was her one solid connection to that desired promotion. A likewise overprotective Grandpa Frank had suggested a move to 1PP's personnel department as an option so he could undoubtedly keep his own eyes on her every day, but Eddie was leaning towards staying at her home precinct with a hope of being attached to the detective squad upstairs so she still felt in touch.

"Well, I must say I am in complete agreement with Jamison over this," Eva tutted as she sided with her new son-in-law for once and vowed herself to keep a closer watch on her daughter as that motherly sixth sense of worry crept in and she considered the fact that the prospective move back to the city might be necessary for other reasons now. "You always try to do too much, Edit," she scolded. "Surely you should plan to make the switch sooner than later; you never know what you might run into in this city and there is another to think of now."

"I will, Mom, I promise… probably sometime before Christmas at the latest," Eddie swore as Kaylin perked up at that word.

"Santa?" she questioned as she looked between her Nagyanya and mother now that her hungry tummy had been filled and all the pictures on her placemat properly colored. "But Pop Pop said the turkeys and the 'rade come first," she frowned in confusion while getting herself upset at the notion she had missed something important and demanding an explanation. "He promised I see them! Did they get chased 'way yesterday? Uncle Danny said Daddy was an 'uperhero for saving us from 'paging drumsticks and wings before you played on the floor with him, Mommy," she reminded in a huff.

Eva's responding raised eyebrow likewise demanded an accounting of that rambling narration from the three-year-old's perspective.

"Oh, no baby, turkey day is tomorrow… we didn't miss it, and Daddy promised to take you and Pop Pop to the parade in the morning," Eddie assured the little blond pouting face looking back at her before turning to a similar, but older version. Although not related by blood, Kaylin had somehow seemed to acquire a good portion of classic Janko expressions and mannerisms the more time she spent with her maternal side. "Maybe your Nagyanya will go with you too to see the big birdies."

"Speaking of running into things on the street… funny story in case you missed it on the news, Mom…" she started. "Why don't you have another cup of coffee while I explain…"


"Pop… Dad… it's me," Jamie called out as he dragged himself in the backdoor of the Reagan family home to pick up Kaylin after eight that evening, purely exhausted after another impromptu 12-hour shift left the little girl in need of a babysitter while Eddie slept and prepared herself for a midnight tour and Eva attended to her mysterious dinner date uptown.

"Ain't nobody here but us chickens," Henry called out from the sunroom where he was sitting on the couch finishing a crossword while Kaylin was curled up next to him watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on the television and already preemptively dressed in her jammies. "Maybe I should make that turkeys, right sweetheart?" he chuckled as he elbowed her side as he took a deliberate dig at his youngest grandson given the events of the day before. "She's gonna want to finish watching her show before you walk home. Sit down and have a beer."

"My thoughts exactly," Jamie concurred as he grabbed a bottle from the fridge and plopped himself down in the chair across from them. "Where's Dad?"

"Had an unexpected dinner engagement come up," his grandfather replied as he carefully studied his nightly puzzle. "You might know this one, coach. Six letters, second is an 'L', soccer stadium chant."

"Ole Ole," Jamie offered as his head sank back wearily against the cushion.

"Eh, flopper works better but doesn't fit," Henry grumped as he had no real interest in the rest of the world's beloved form of football except to cheer on his great-grandchildren and buy the post-game ice cream when they insisted on participating, even when it was a bunch of three- and four-year-olds running around in chaotic fashion on a field chasing a ball like a flock of super excited screeching birds as Kaylin's new team did. At least coach Jamie generally had them running in the right direction most of the time, a point that had seen them remain undefeated throughout the season so far as their opponents were just as likely to score on their own net as anything else. The older man allowed an eyeball to roll over the top of his glasses to regard the slumped-over figure across from him. "Want to talk about it?" he asked.

"No," Jamie replied despondently.

"Might help."

"Just the regular holiday stuff…" he finally admitted after a long, tired pause. "You know, there's always a big uptick in domestic violence calls Thanksgiving week… family members that avoid each other like the plague the rest of the year suddenly think it's a smart idea to get together in a big group and drink themselves silly while there's carving utensils in easy reach."

"In-laws come into town," Henry added knowingly, thinking of the special gift that was Eva waiting for Jamie at home. "If the Pilgrims and Indians could find a way…"

"Maybe the first Thanksgiving was 'cause they were just too worn out to fight anymore," Jamie deadpanned. "Eighteen domestics on one shift... I was lucky to get everyone back to the house in one piece today," he sighed before adding the worst part. "Plus one off the Williamsburg onto the roadway… twenty years old and the voices told him to do it. First unit on scene couldn't talk him out of it… not even Rossi and he's usually pretty good with unstable jumpers," he offered in a resigned tone as that resulting image of the young man was seared in his mind since he and Annabel had arrived as backup right after it happened. "I just finished making the notification to the parents… they'd stepped out for dinner and were actually caught up in the traffic on the way back to the house while we were clearing the scene. It was a rough day for the whole platoon," he admitted. "I don't really want to see Eddie go out there on a midnight… bunch of drunken bar fights," he admitted. "She could get hurt."

"Sounds to me like a certain sergeant needs these couple of days off that are coming to him," Henry advised with a worried frown as his grandson always tended to take such things to heart and tally them as personal failures, plus he knew Eddie's current condition just added to that sense of dread. "Like your father says, you can't save every puppy, son… you need to let some of this go and Eddie's more than capable of taking care of herself. She said she'll be riding with Wilson again tonight when she was here. You know he did that on purpose to look out for her… he always has her back."

"Nope, I know… he's a good cop and you sure can't help everyone… not this way anyway..." Jamie trailed off in resignation as he glanced over and saw Kaylin's eyes had drifted shut as she lay on the pillow at Henry's side, the later hour having claimed her even before the end of the animated special. "Sometimes you get lucky though," he added.

"Amen to that," Henry agreed as he followed those thoughts, thanking heaven once more for the appearance of that little girl in their lives.

"Speaking of family members that avoid each other like the plague," Jamie started as he finished his beer and returned for Kaylin after he disposed of the bottle. "I've got one in my own house I guess I need to see. Eva should be back from her dinner soon and Eddie said her mom had some big news of her own to spill, but she wouldn't tell me what it was until I got home… or even what happened when she found out about the baby. I have no clue what to expect there."

"Oh, Eddie said that went okay when she dropped Kaylin off, but I didn't know about the rest. You think maybe Eva met someone?" Henry questioned with interest. "She seemed to loosen up a bit there at the reception that night… even cut the rug a little with your father. Maybe that's all she needed. I bet she's on a date tonight."

"Can't say," Jamie admitted as he picked his daughter up before pausing to turn around. "And please don't remind me of that little thing on the dance floor with Dad," he grimaced. "Still waiting for that nightmare to pop up in my head when I go to sleep. If that's it though wouldn't it be weird that she'd be meeting someone here in the city though, right? I mean she left the day after the wedding to go back home to Rochester and hasn't been here in months."

"Eh, she's probably just out with an old friend," Henry conceded. "I have no idea what's going on with Francis either. He knew I was making chili for us tonight and then he called at the last minute and said he was going out for steak at Del Frisco's. Probably won't even bring me home a doggie bag," he grumped.

"Okay, well I guess there's no time like the present to see where Eva is at with this. Eddie should be up by now to get ready for her shift. I'll see you tomorrow, Pop… we'll be here around seven to pick you up for the parade," Jamie offered on his way out after he covered Kaylin up in a warm blanket for the short walk home since he was still carless.

"Wait!" the older man called after him. "What's an eight-letter word, starts with a 'B', something Ale, a hearty northeastern brew?"



Eddie scrunched up her nose and flinched as the sound of Jamie's still-sharp, but lowered voice cut through the kitchen after he had just put Kaylin to bed. "Please tell me you're not serious!" he begged in a huff after his wife had just informed him of Eva's possible job interest in the city, and frankly even after the rough week he'd had on the job and home to that point, nothing he'd run into so far had made his stomach hit the floor as hard and fast as that news.

"I only said it was possible," she tried to soothe. "And it's Park Slope, really… you know, all those brownstones; she's really good at selling to people like that. Besides, look at how busy my mom keeps herself at work… we'd hardly see her… at least she took the news about the baby well," she hyped with a hopeful smile. "With two we can always use another sitter on standby."

"Oh, boy…" he conceded before collapsing down on his favored breakfast bar stool with his head in his hands. "This week keeps getting better and better," he muttered. "What next? Sounds like Dad's out on a date tonight too. Maybe I'll have a new step-mommy for Christmas," he hissed in a tone that caused even Bear to look up with concern from his preferred napping roost above the refrigerator.

"Jamison Reagan," Eddie sighed as she slid up behind him and started rubbing his tense shoulders. "You just need to relax. I know you get all wrapped up in a big ball of worry over things like this, but they always work out, don't they? I mean it wasn't our plan to have a baby this early… I really wanted to wait until I had my gold shield, but I'm dealing with it, aren't I? I'm gonna ask Wilson to see if he can pull any strings and get me posted upstairs in the squad at the 12th for my house mouse duty. I figured I could do desk work up there for the detectives and that way I can stay on Rivera's radar. If I do a good job, then maybe when it's time for me to go back to work full time I can get that promotion. And once we saw the little munchkin on the screen you didn't want to go back on the deal, right?"

"Right," Jamie conceded as he was enjoying her touch and he had to admit that proposal for her time on limited duty was actually a pretty good one. He had worried about her feeling as if her own career aspirations would have to be forgotten completely with the arrival of a new baby.

"So… maybe you just need to look a little harder to see the silver lining if my mom comes back down here to live. I mean she has a few friends still around from when we were on Long Island… and I did sort of tell her to move on and not be alone anymore," Eddie admitted as she remembered that big showdown between her and Eva during the wedding rehearsal. "So if she's actually trying and willing to take my advice, we have to support her, right?"

"I guess," he sighed.

"And you never know when having family close by will come in handy," she reminded. "At least we wouldn't have to drive up to Rochester anymore. Two kids in the car… lots of potential for cookie tossing there, especially with me at this point..."

"True," came the quiet, defeated reply.

"That's the spirit, lambchop!" Eddie enthused as she wrapped her arms around him from behind and offered a big, tight hug. "I knew you had it in you! Now, I'm not sure what time mom is coming home... she's actually out a lot later than I thought. Must be having a good time. Do you mind staying down here on the couch and letting her in? I forgot to give her a key, and we changed the code to the alarm since she's been here. I'm gonna leave early and go see what I can work out about that desk duty… I should probably get right on that since I'll need to switch by the end of next month at the latest and I don't want them to think I'm using a hook to get in there," she added. "Although I've got a big one now considering the Commish's newest grandbaby will be front and center," she said as she patted her belly. "And soon no one is gonna be able to miss that. I've already had to let out a notch or two on my belt."

"I'll wait up for your mom," Jamie agreed as stood and turned around to embrace her. "I love you, Edit Katalin, and I love you too little baby bean," he added as he bent down to kiss her belly. "Well actually, week ten is the end of the embryonic period and the start of the fetal…" he stated as he slipped back into ultimate expectant daddy encyclopedia mode. "Better make that a kumquat. You actually passed bean and grape stage and are starting to look like a little human now... besides you're right, Ed," he assured as he stood back up. "We can make anything work as long as we're together. Stay safe out there tonight, promise? It was a rough one today," he admitted and she could see the worry lines were not just all because of the surprising news about her mother that she had sprung on him right after he walked in the door.

"Jamie, do you need me to stay and talk about it?" she questioned as she searched his eyes for the truth. "You've been so stressed out this week… you really do need a few days off. I'm sorry, I didn't even bother to ask about your tour…"

"No, it was just a tough shift… lots of domestics. Pop already got it out of me. The whole platoon came home in one piece though, thank God, and that's all that matters… the other stuff, it was just out of everyone else's hands... I'm fine," he assured as she squinted back at him with a little frowny face. "Tomorrow morning I get to spend at the parade with Kaylin and then the whole rest of the day at a great dinner after defending my honor in the Great Reagan Turkey Bowl…" he smiled as he kissed her. "You can't play this year, lambchop… you're on the DL. The trophy is mine," he teased.

"You'll get some rest tonight and not stay up and worry while I'm gone?"

"Promise," he assured as he moved into the living room and turned the tv on. "I'll settle myself right here on the couch and watch the game while I wait for your mom to get back, and then I'll go to bed, okay?" he added as he plopped down and stretched his legs out comfortably. "This is the new, improved, go-with-the-flow husband you requested," he advised before Eddie shook her head at that obvious lie and offered her goodbyes again. Despite that admitted resolve his eyes soon slipped shut with exhaustion as he floated off into dreamland only to have the previously mentioned dreaded nightmare come knocking only minutes after she left. He twitched as his eyes darted back and forth while a familiar scene played out in his brain with a somewhat mixed-up character set.

Soft music was evident in the background and a crowd of people were talking indistinctly, laughing in the upscale restaurant on the waterfront near a bridge while two couples sat at a round table under the soft chandelier lighting.

"Whitney, tell them where you've been," Maxwell Barncroft urged before jumping in with the answer in his typical self-absorbed fashion which never failed to leave a vile, bad tasting air of spoiled arrogance behind. The 'significant other' of one of Sydney's close friends, he had always rubbed Jamie the absolute wrong way. "She's been in Alberta, working on a takeover of a Canadian shale oil outfit."

"Jamie's the one with the exciting new gig, though, right?" Whitney returned with a sly smile as she set him up in deliberate fashion.

"Yeah, how was life on the mean streets today, Jaimer?" Barncroft goaded as he smirked and dug for dirt on Jamie's decided career move away from Harvard law and into the NYPD as a beat cop.

"A kid took a nosedive off that bridge out there today, hit the pavement and scattered his brains all over the street because nobody could stop him from listening to the voices in his head," Jamie revealed crassly considering the company they were keeping as he sat next to his very pregnant wife's side. "There's some messed-up people out there."

"I need a cigarette," Sydney stated as she pushed herself and her enormous beach ball belly away from the table.

"Excuse me, guys," Jamie frowned before getting up and he hurried to follow her out into the crowd on the upper level open-air patio deck. "Syd! I'm sorry! I know this isn't easy for you, but you can't smoke with the triplets in there! They're each the size of a bunch of asparagus now!" he admonished as he took the lit cigarette out of her hand and tossed it over the rail into the water. "You're putting the babies at risk! It's child abuse! Syd?..." he questioned as he watched her hair turn from brunette to blonde before his eyes as suddenly Eddie was staring back at him with angry flashing blue orbs and an equally protruding midsection.

"You did this to me!" she accused as she threw a whole ream of paperwork up in the air at him and it floated back down as the sparkling confetti from their wedding. "Mom told me not to fall for your little bait and switch! I married a beat cop and ended knocked up by a Harvard lawyer! Now I won't ever get promoted and you'll still get to be in the courtroom every day!"

"WAIT... WHAT? Ed, that's not right! I need to be out there… on the street, it's where I want to be! Really, I always wanted to be a cop!" he declared while she shook her head in disbelief. "Hey, we're going to be okay!" he forced a laugh to reassure as he took her hands. "Right?"

"We better get back in," she frowned and drew close as the scent of that vanilla shampoo hit him squarely. "Danny's coming over soon to fix the sink with Sister Agnes."

"Yeah," Jamie agreed as he slipped his arm around her waist and looked over her shoulder as something off to the side caught his attention before she moved off. Flanked by a big red, white and blue turkey on either side, Commissioner Frank Reagan was walking down the street towards a cab with a smitten-looking Eva Janko who was dressed to the nines in her typical heels and wearing a sexy, short raincoat, but it was what happened next that was the stuff of nightmares for him.

His father had leaned in and gave Eva a passionate kiss on the lips in the backseat before standing back up and closing the door to the car.

"OH GOD!" Jamie gasped and jumped out of his sleep on the couch just as he heard a knock on the front door signalling his mother-in-law's return home. "Crap," he breathed and rubbed his face in disbelief as his senses jolted back into the present and he took a heavy swallow before he got up and went to let her in. "Eddie and Pop were right…" he huffed as his heart pounded in his chest. "I must really need to decompress and take a few days…" he trailed off before he opened the door and his eyes went wide again.

Eva Janko was standing before him in a more tasteful, but still short raincoat, dressed to the nines in her trademark heels and holding a takeout bag from Del Frisco's Steakhouse in her hands while a familiar black SUV pulled away from the curb.

So there's a side of Grandmommazilla I bet you never expected to see, right? Suffice to say that Eva Janko always makes good on her bets and there was a little matter of a promised steak dinner that came up between her and Frank that evening by the duck pond at the McPherson's estate when he was trying to assure her that she would be welcomed back to the wedding by her daughter after the disastrous rehearsal. While it might take some time for Jamie fully to recover from that little shock, as well as the possibility his mother-in-law might soon share a nearby zip code, rest assured that Eva and Frank will remain only as friends, co-parents and sometimes allies for this little branch of the Reagan family clan for as long as this series continues.

Speaking of which, the first chapter of "Resurgence" will post later this afternoon as Jamie is off to the parade with Kaylin and her Nagyanya in tow with a follow up tomorrow as the Reagans and Eva gather for their own Thanksgiving dinner before I switch to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule while I am still writing ahead. Things get serious pretty quickly in that one so it was nice to do a few humorous short stories beforehand since they're certainly a lot of fun and I love filling out the storylines this way so thanks for all the suggestions! I do have a few more heavy Snapshots to write which I hope to post as we get to certain relevant points in the story, including the one about Mary's passing and Jamie's subsequent near splat by a car once he returned to Harvard, plus of course the grayhairs' love story of Henry and Betty.

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