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Vegeta On His Own

Chapter One: It Starts

Trunks sat quietly in the waiting room, staring down at the floor. His best friend Goten had tried to get him to play checkers with him, or maybe to go to the gift shop, but Trunks didn't want to. He just had this horrible feeling that something was going to go wrong. Also with him in the waiting room were all of the Son family, along with Videl, who was currently engaged to Gohan, and then there were his grandparents. They were all there, anxiously waiting the arrival of the new member into his family.

Vegeta glimpsed at the clock on the wall. He had been in here with her for over three hours, and with every minute Bulma was looking worse and worse. He looked down at his wife, her face was deathly pale and even thought the hand he was holding was cold and clammy, her short, blue hair was drenched with sweat. "This isn't right," he thought to himself, "she didn't have this much trouble with Trunks." Yet here he was, almost one whole month before the arrival date was supposed to be. He had been worrying for her during the past weeks, she had been so sluggish, and she had not appetite despite the fact that she was pregnant with a demi-saiyan, she seemed so.sick.

More doctors and nurses were filing in as Bulma was shrieking in pain, and Vegeta started to feel overwhelmed with the same feeling that his son felt, that something was going to go horribly wrong.

Finally, after what seemed like ions, a baby's shriek filled the air. "It's a girl," he heard the doctor say. At that instant Vegeta was overwhelmed with joy and pride, and a small smile swept across his face, once again he had helped bring a new being into the world. But That feeling was short lived as he felt the familiar ki next to him to start slipping away.

He looked at her, she looked like shit. Her breathing was labored and it looked as if she barely had enough strength to keep her eyelids open.

"Woman, are you okay?"

No answer.


"Vegeta," she barely whispered, "Vegeta, I love you."

"No Bulma, don't talk like that."

"Vegeta, take care of Trunks and Bra for me, and tell them that I love them."

"Bulma, you'll be okay, don't worry, you'll be fine, you're the mother of a beautiful girl now, and you have a strong, smart, young son. They need you.I need you." He held onto her hand as if his strength could keep her with him, but in his heart he knew it was too late. "I love you, Vegeta," the soft words had barely left her lips when her eyelids closed and her hand fell out of her husbands'.

"Bulma," he choked as a single tear ran down his face.

All the warriors in the waiting room had felt it, the familiar ki start to fade and eventually disappear. Goku and Gohan exchanged glances, only to confirm what they already knew.Bulma was dead. Goku looked down at the floor, Bulma had been his first friend ever. They had gone through so much together, their adventures had started with the magical dragonballs, but this time the dragonballs could not fix their situation. The death had been a natural one, she couldn't come back.

Trunks had felt it too, but he was still too young to be sure of what had just happened. He got up slowly and started walking down the hall to the room, which he had seen his parents disappear into some time ago. The corridor seemed never ending. When he was half way there he stopped, as he saw his father exit from the room.

Vegeta looked down the hall to see his son standing there. 'Shit,' he thought to himself, 'how am I going to tell him.' He walked towards the small purple haired boy, 'his eyes are exactly like hers were.' He took a sharp intake of breath. Trunks could tell there was something wrong with his father, and it was only after his father had come closer that he realized that his father was shaking. Vegeta looked down at him with his glossy eyes. Trunks looked back up at him, his blue eyes wide with worry, he had never seen his father like this.

"Otosan?" he whispered.

"You have a baby sister," replied Vegeta trying to hide the sorrow in his voice and force out a smile to make Trunks feel better. It didn't work. Trunks didn't move, his expression stayed the same.


Vegeta knelt down so that he was eye level with Trunks and put his hand on his shoulder. Trunks thought that this was strange because his father rarely showed this much affection. Vegeta took a deep breath, and looked strait into Trunks large blue eyes. 'So much like his mother's,' he thought again.

"Trunks," he slowly whispered, "your mother was sick.and.well she used up all her strength delivering the baby, and so she had no energy left, and what I'm trying to tell you son.is that.your mother has died." He choked out the last word.

Trunks' lip started to quiver and he threw himself into his father's chest and started to cry. The tears streaked down his face soaking Vegeta's shirt, and his sobs were muffled. Vegeta put his arms around his son, and held him as he cried. "It'll be okay, son, we'll get through this together." He whispered in his son's ear, but inside he really didn't know if they would.

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