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Vegeta On His Own

Chapter 13


Vegeta rolled out of his bed onto the floor with a loud thump. He blearily opened his eyes at the intrusion of his sleep. He was lying face up on the floor of his room. His dark blue sheets were wrapped tightly around his waist. He only wore a pair of boxers, exposing his entire upper body to the cool morning air. He groaned out loud as he pulled himself up off the floor and freed himself from the constraints of the sheets. He walked over to his bathroom, where he tore off his boxers, turned on the shower and stepped under the hot water.

He let out a frustrated groan as he remembered the cause for the uneasiness of his sleep. He hadn't had nightmares so often for a while. He tilted his head back and let the hot water do its magic as it cascaded down his tired body. He enjoyed the warmth of the shower, seeing as he no longer felt the warmth of another person in his bed with him at night.

He abruptly turned off the water and left the shower and went to throw on some clothes. He then finally opened his closed door and walked the short distance to the kitchen to grab himself something to eat. As he was rummaging through the refrigerator he felt another presence in the room. He stood back up and looked over to see Trunks reclining in the armchair watching some cartoons.

"What are you doing up so early?" he asked his son.

"What do mean early, it's almost ten," replied Trunks giving him a strange look.

Vegeta was taken aback and turned to look at the clock on the stove, which clearly read "9:56". 'That's odd,' he thought to himself, 'I'm usually up around six!'

"I was going to wake you up, but I went into your room and you looked just so cute sleeping that I didn't want to disturb you," said Trunks with a smug look on his face while he continued to stare at the television screen.

"Ha, ha," was Vegeta's sarcastic reply as he turned back to his original task of finding some breakfast in which he pulled out a package of bacon and about half a dozen eggs. "Didn't I tell you yesterday that you had to go back to school?" Vegeta questioned his son as he pulled out a frying pan.

"Yeah, but today's Sunday."

"So," Vegeta snapped.

"There's no school on Sunday, Otosan."

"Oh really, since when," challenged Vegeta.

"Since some God wrote on some stone a couple thousand years ago that we shouldn't go to school on Sundays." Trunks stood up and meandered over to his father in the kitchen and greedily eyed the sizzling bacon in the frying pan. "Everyone knows that! What planet did you grow up on?"

"Not this one!" retorted his father.

Trunks face fell. He should know better than to use that stupid phrase on his father because it didn't work with him. He reached his hand out and quickly yanked a piece of bacon off of the frying pan and popped it into his mouth before his father could stop him, and ran back into the living room. Vegeta just shook his head. 'I'll get him next time for that,' he thought to himself and went back to frying his bacon.

As he watched the grease sizzle in the pan, his nightmare that had caused him such an uneasy sleep came back to him. His father had been in it. It had been a long time since he had dreamed about his long-dead father. The details of the dream were hazy, but he could remember his father's stern face and cold glare. He was cursing at him in his native-tongue. He said he no longer had any pride left, he had forgotten his ways.

Vegeta looked down at the pan in his hands. What had he become…a housewife! He was supposed to be a warrior, he was a prince, he should have servants to tend to his every need! 'No,' Vegeta thought to himself, 'I was never really a prince, I knew I'd never have that life when I was taken away by Frieza.'

Vegeta looked over to his son, sitting on the couch, now watching cartoons. What would he have done after Bulma died if he didn't have his children he thought to himself. He probably would have left into outer space. But why didn't he leave, now? He could take his children with him. No, the risk was too great, he probably didn't have the best reputation, and now that he thought about it, he never really liked space to begin with. All those years spent traveling in spaceships, he was easily driven mad by being stuck in space. He took out his aggression and insanity out on weaker species. He no longer got that thrill whenever he beat up a lesser being, he felt it was almost unfair of him to take advantage of the other person.

"What are you thinking about, Otosan?" Trunks was now sitting at the bar and staring at his father with a quizzical look on his face.

"Nothing," muttered Vegeta as he emptied the bacon onto a plate.

"Yeah, right," said Trunks, "You had that 'I'm thinking about something really serious face.'"

"I didn't realize I had such a face," he replied raising one eyebrow at his son.

"Sure you do. Okasan taught me how to read all your faces." He smiled proudly as he started to scarf down the bacon.

Vegeta took his plate of bacon and sat next to Trunks at the counter. "Otosan," started Trunks, "You're making that face again…"

"Will you shut up, Trunks!" Vegeta snapped at his annoying son, Trunks jumped off the chair and skipped away to his room. Vegeta groaned and rested his head in his hands. His thoughts drifted back to his uneasy sleep the night before. His past had been coming back to haunt him at night. He hadn't realized before just how much of an affect sleeping with Bulma had on his occurring nightmares. But, now with only himself in his room his sleep had rarely been peaceful. His father came to him every night, telling him how ashamed he was of him. The Prince of all Saiyans reduced to a common housewife. And it was true, Vegeta was now only a common housewife. He was supposed to be a warrior, and with Bulma around he still held some pride. He had married into one of the richest families on the planet, so he lived like a prince. He would train all day, like a warrior should, he was fed, housed, clothed by the Briefs. They made him his training equipment and fixed it when needed. What did he have now? Vegeta raised his head off his hands and looked around the interior of his new "home". A dinky little apartment, where he has to cook measly suppers, clean, and spend the majority of his day looking after an infant and a reckless pre-teen. Yes life had changed. Bulma was fine with being the one to look after the kids while Vegeta trained, sure she'd bitch about it every now and then, but she wanted to be with her children.

"My life is an absolute mess," Vegeta mumbled to himself before he commenced eating and ending his deep thought session. And what a mess it was…

The next day found Vegeta playing housewife again as he looked through cooking books for a decent meal to learn how to make. He was currently reading up on how to make a good pork roast, while he sat holding Bra with one hand and gently bouncing her up and down on one of his knees. "I must look like such an idiot right now," he said to himself.

"Na, I think you look cute." Vegeta spun around to see a stupidly grinning Goku standing in his living room.

"Goddamn it, Kakarot! Just because you can do instant transmission doesn't mean you have the right to just pop up in people's houses without notice! And why does everyone insist on calling me 'cute'!"

"Awww, come on Vegeta, we only do it because we know that it annoys you." Goku replied rubbing the back of his head like he always does.

Vegeta slammed the cookbook before he could be ridiculed more, and stood and walked over to Bra's playpen where he set her down. He then turned towards "Kakarot", folded his arms across his chest and glared at him. "So, why'd you come here?"

"Well, Vegeta, I was wondering if you wanted to join me in a tea party?" said Goku, winking at him playfully.

Vegeta twitched at Goku's wink and balled his hands into fists. "Fuck you, Kakarot, just because I have to work around my house now, does not give you the right to challenge my masculinity!"

"Woa, calm down, Vegeta I was only joking. I just wanted to see if you were up for a spar. I think you really need one too, you look a little tense."

Vegeta hmphed and folded his arms back together. "Fine, let's just get this over with." With that Vegeta smirked and flew at Goku aiming a punch.

"Jeez, Vegeta, I didn't mean in your apartment!"

Vegeta and Goku had eventually moved to a field not too far from Vegeta's place. And now Bra lay on a blanket in the grass watching the two saiyans duke it out. Vegeta was angrily throwing punch after punch at Goku who was easily reflecting them.

"Wow, Vegeta, you've really fallen out of shape," said Goku, half laughing as he continued to block all of Vegeta's attacks, "…for you that is," he quickly added in.

"Well you try to keep up in your training without that harpy of yours around and taking care of an infant!" Vegeta replied angrily while continuing to throw punches at his adversary and finally finishing with a particularly nasty uppercut to his jaw.

"Sheesh, Vegeta you're really stressed, aren't you?" asked Goku as he pulled away for a minute to massage his aching jaw.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," replied Vegeta using a phrase he had heard Trunks say before.

"Wow, you must really be losing it, Vegeta. My name is Kakarot, remember?" Goku said with a serious look on his face. Vegeta just shook his head and then charged the naive saiyan. "Why don't you get help?" said Goku resuming the conversation.

"From who, Kakarot?"

"You know who, Vegeta."

"They already made it clear, that I would not be receiving help from them," Vegeta downcast his eyes. He had already had this conversation many times in his head.

"They were still in shock, Vegeta! I'm sure that if you go to them, they will help you with whatever you need. They care about the kids, and they care about you, too. Granted, I've been dead for seven of the past ten years, but it seemed like you got along with them well." Goku pleaded to his friend, yet Vegeta refused eye contact.

"Yea, we did," he replied gruffly, "but that was before they blamed me for her death!"

"Oh, come on, Vegeta. Just swallow your pride for once and ask for help. Do it for your kids, they really need it." The two pulled apart from their fight and eyed eachother.

"I'm not making any promises, Kakarot." Vegeta smirked and sent a halfhearted big bang attack towards Goku. Goku just smiled. In Vegeta language it meant a definite yes. He casually knocked the ki blast aside. The two had a friendly stare down until Vegeta's face suddenly dropped as he saw where the ki blast was heading. He shot through the air and threw himself in front of his own blast just in time and was able to absorb the impact in a shield.

"For god's sake, Kakarot, do not deflect ki blasts towards the baby!" He yelled as he stood centimeters in front of his daughter in singed clothes.

"Oops," was all Goku said as he sheepishly grinned and his hand retreated to behind his head.

Trunks and Goten were meandering back home from school together. And for these two, meandering meant crossing the street repeatedly between passing cars and randomly walking up the sides of trees to the disbelief of onlookers. Trunks had his hands in his pockets and walked ahead, as Goten tried to keep up with his friend.

"Do you think he'll even remember, Trunks," asked Goten innocently, not realizing that his curiosity was going to get him in trouble.

"What's that supposed to mean, Goten?" asked Trunks as he quickly stopped and spun around to glare at his friend.

"I don't know, it's just that it seems like he doesn't seem into those kind of things and wouldn't pay attention." Goten shrugged his shoulders as he tried to explain his cause to worry.

"He's my dad, Goten. Dads always remember that kind of stuff. Besides, he's never forgotten before." Trunks reasoned as he resumed walking.

"But before, your mom was always around Trunks, she probably reminded him."

"He'll remember, okay!" yelled Trunks at Goten. He then added more softly, "I know he will."

"Are you trying to convince me, Trunks, or are you trying to convince yourself?" That definitely hit a sore spot.

"My dad's not bad, Goten!" snapped Trunks.

"I'm not saying he is, Trunks, I just don't want you to be hurt if he forgets," pleaded Goten, trying desperately for his friend to see his side-it didn't work.

"SHUT UP!" Trunks spun around and punched Goten directly in the face, sending him flying backwards. He then powered up to super saiyan and charged after Goten. He was filled with a blind rage, a characteristic he had inherited from his father. He wanted so badly to get rid of all his pent up frustration, and sadly-it was his best friend who was his easiest target at the moment.

Vegeta and Goku had just finished up their training session. None of them very beaten up, since it had pretty much only been a light spar. Vegeta had just put Bra away in her crib for her afternoon nap, and was rejoining Goku in his living room when he felt his son's spike in energy. He stopped suddenly. It wasn't like Trunks to have his power that high unless he was training. Both him and Goku felt Trunks ki mature to the super saiyan level, and as Goku felt his youngest son's ki drop, his eyes grew wide at what might be going on. Vegeta, wasting no time, quickly strode over to the other saiyan and placed a hand firmly on his shoulder. "Go," he said.

The two instant transmissioned to a park nearby Vegeta's apartment where they were met with a horrible sight. Trunks was in super saiyan mercilessly beating an unpowered up Goten who was whimpering at his friend to stop, and trying hopelessly to defend himself against his rage-filled friend. Vegeta latched onto his son and put his arms around him in order to pull him off of Goten. Goku ran over to his son and gently pulled him out of the ways of Trunks' flailing arms.

"Power down, Trunks!" Vegeta yelled at his son as he tried to keep a hold on him, he didn't want to have to go into super saiyan too, in order to subdue his son, but if Trunks didn't calm down soon, he might have to.

"Power down!" he yelled again, this time roughly shaking his son as he had his arms locked around the boys waist. Trunks finally got the message and did as his father told. He still was staring at Goten with pure hate in his eyes and was breathing fast at his sudden rage.

Vegeta looked over to see Goku kneeling next to his injured son. He was horrified when he saw all the damage that Trunks had inflicted upon Goten in such a short time. "Get him a senzu bean," he muttered to Goku. Goku just looked over at the two, not sure what to do our say. He gently picked up his son and vanished into thin air.

Vegeta finally let go of Trunks and Trunks fell forward onto the grass on all fours. Trunks stayed there panting and slowly his breathing started to calm down and the thought of what he had just done started to dawn on him.

"What the hell was that all about," spat Vegeta eyeing his crouching son in front of him. This had never happened before. Trunks had never so freely beat up on someone-and his best friend of all people. And now that Vegeta started thinking about it, it had all started recently. His hurting the girl in gym, his bullying of the kids on the playground. He was getting out of control.

Trunks's breathing suddenly changed into uneven sobs as he shut his eyes tightly and tried to fight back the tears threatening to come. He started punching the ground with his fists. "Why did I do that?" he started whispering to himself. He kept repeating it louder and louder. "Why'd I do that? Why'd I do that? WHY DID I DO THAT!" He let out the last one in a frustrated scream and then hung his head and sobbed.

Vegeta just stood there in shock at all the emotions on his son's face. This wasn't right. He needed help, he couldn't become…like him. He bent down and grabbed Trunks's arm. "Let's go home," he tried to make his voice as soft as he could. He pulled on his son's arm, and Trunks complied and rose up next to his father. His head was still bent down in shame, with his bangs hanging in front, hiding his tear-streaked face. Vegeta loosened up his hold on Trunks's arm and ran his hand down in order to hold his hand. He turned, and the two of them flew off back to their home.

They landed outside on their balcony, and Vegeta let go of Trunks's hand, and walked over to the screen door and pulled it open. He stepped aside to let his son go through first, and then followed him inside and closed the door behind him. Trunks walked into their living room and lay down on the couch and buried his face in the pillow. Vegeta stayed next to the door and watched his son's small body wracked with sobs on the couch. His face was sullen as he watched him. He didn't know what to do, he didn't even know what happened. He'd start there, he'd find out what happened to make his son act that way. He walked over and sat at the end of the sofa next to Trunks's feet.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

Trunks sniffed and raised his head out of the pillow and tried to control himself. "We got in a stupid fight." He said it softly, and if Vegeta wasn't a saiyan, he probably wouldn't have heard him.

"What was it about?" he asked on.

"It was just stupid!" replied Trunks. "There was no reason for me to attack him. He'll never wanna be my friend again! He'll hate me forever! He was my only friend I've ever had and ever could have and I ruined it!" Vegeta looked on at Trunks sadly. God he wished Bulma were here. He wasn't very good at this. But Bulma wasn't there. She wouldn't be there again. He had to be the parent.

"Sometimes we do stupid things," he started. Trunks had stopped crying to listen to him. "But I don't think you'll lose a friend for it. You and Goten share too much. You're alike in race and you have been through so much together. Goten will forgive you, it's in his nature. And unfortunately it's in your nature to lose your temper and use violence, and for that, I apologize."

Trunks turned around and looked at Vegeta. He wiped his face clean with his sleeve. He then leaned over and hugged his father. Vegeta stiffened, still awkward with the contact. "Thank you," said Trunks.

Vegeta looked down at him with a quizzical look. "For what?" he asked.

"For trying," replied Trunks. A smile tugged at Vegeta's lips and he relaxed and put his arms around his son in return. They sat there for a while, until Trunks stomach let out a growl. Trunks chuckled and looked up at his father. "I guess I'm hungry." He said sheepishly.

Vegeta freed himself from his son and stood up. "Then clean up, cause we're going out to dinner tonight." Trunks smiled and left towards his bedroom.

They sat in the restaurant with plates stacked around them. They were each finishing up their last plate. Trunks was smiling. It wasn't very often that Vegeta took them to a real restaurant because it cost so much and always caused double takes in how much they were eating. Vegeta had his usual façade on as he finished his food. He was lost in thought, about the events today and the current state of himself and his family. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed all the restaurants waiters walking towards them and he smirked a little.

Trunks heard some clapping and singing of a familiar song start. He looked down at his place, and his eyes threatened to tear, until he realized that the group of waiters had surrounded their table. He looked up to see them all staring at him and smiling as they sang:

"Happy Birthday, Happy happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, hey! Do we have a birthday here? Yes we have a birthday here! Birthday here, Birthday here! Oooh!

Happy Birthday, Happy happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, hey!"

Trunks looked across the table to see his father smirking at him. The waiters stopped singing. And one of them placed a chocolate sundae in front of him. "And what's your name little guy," asked a waitress.

"Trunks," he replied sheepishly.

"And how old are you?" she asked again.


"Alright, everybody give a round of applause for Trunks on his eleventh birthday!" Everybody in the restaurant applauded and Trunks's face turned red from having everybody's eyes on him.

The group walked off and Vegeta gave them a nod in thanks. Trunks stared at his father in disbelief with his face absolutely beaming. Vegeta just continued to smirk, and then leaned over and pulled something out of Bra's diaper bag. He pulled out a small rectangular shaped package. Trunks took it and smiled at the newspaper used for wrapping and the all the tape holding it in place. Apparently his mother had always wrapped the packages in his family. He looked up towards his father. "You remembered," he said quietly.

"Of course I did, I couldn't forget my own son's birthday, could I?" He motioned to the package and Trunks ripped it open. Inside was a video game he had been wanting for awhile, but that didn't matter, what mattered was that his father had remembered his birthday, and he cared about him enough to take him out to eat, have the waiters sing to him and give him a present. What mattered was that he cared.

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