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"Blasted Slytherin!" cursed an irritated Godric Gryffindor as he stormed through the empty corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The slimy snake had just upped and left the castle after they had gotten into another of their disagreements. Godric and the other two founders just didn't see a reason to bar those with no magical ancestry entry into their establishment. The school would continue to accept all those who wished to learn magic and how to properly use it no matter what Salazar wanted.

Last night, it seemed, was final straw for the dour Head of Slytherin House. They had gotten into another of their petty scuffles. Slurs and insults were thrown around, spells and hexes were cast and egos were broken. It had been no different from their other fights and yet this time, Salazar had had enough and left the place the founders now made their home.

Salazar had always moaned that he disliked the unclean, unintelligent and uncouth students that were raised amongst the rabble of the non-magical. To him it was a waste of his time to teach them the magical arts. Godric thought him to be lazy. It was no skin off his back to watch, teach, fight and raise them. Helga and Rowena held no such qualms either. In fact they seemed to relish the opportunity.

Godric was disappointed with his best friends departure. With Salazar's departure Godric knew that the castle would just get even plainer. There would be no more confrontation, no more source of adversity and no one to challenge his position. Godric needed friction in his life as it made it all the more enjoyable. Of late, seeing as there was no need to defend their hard earned land from the Scots, he and Salazar would hold mock battles between wizard-born and muggle-born battles kept things lively and entertaining. It pushed the students to learn more, to hone their skills and served to keep the wizard-born humble.

With Salazar's departure, there would be no one to keep the confrontations challenging. The conniving snake was always a slippery one and his strategic mind made the wizard-born all the more difficult to best in battle. It wouldn't be long before the wizard-born would begin to sympathize with the misplaced founder's ideals as they began to lose their place at the top of the chain.

"Stupid snake," grumbled the Head of Gryffindor as he descended into the dungeons of the castle. "That bigot couldn't have left a note. What are we going to do with his pupils? Who's going to replace him?" He froze at the thoughts. Was this what he had been reduced to? An administrator. He shivered at the mere notion. Where were the damned Scots when he needed them.

He remembered a time when there was always conflict as he served the Kings of Wessex. After Æthelred the Unready dismissed him, he'd been left with naught to do. The slight after all those years of loyal service to the Kings of Wessex had hurt him so he abandoned his home and family to drown his sorrows in lust and battle. Rowena had found him then. Her promise of war and gore drew him north to this land.

Now though, there was no battles to be had in the north of the isles. It wasn't proper to have class interrupted by skirmishes and chaos or so Rowena and Helga argued. They had surrounded the plot with repelling charms to keep all those without the magical gift away.

Gone were the days where Godric charged through enemy lines and laid waste to his enemies with his magic. Gone where those who would challenge them for their conquered land. Gone was the last source of conflict that has kept him anchored to this school.

Godric knew then and there that it would soon be his time to depart. He wasn't meant to grow old and take care of the next generation. He quickly left the gloomy dungeons in search of fresh air. How Salazar could ever feel comfortable there Godric would never understand.

"Is this how I'm meant to end my days?" Godric moaned rhetorically. He was glad his children didn't inherit his magical gift. He was fortunate that they were already full grown by the time he left so they didn't have to see how pathetic he'd become. He didn't think he could bare the shame.

With all these thoughts of self loathing coursing through his mind he didn't consciously realize that he'd left the castle and was headed towards the greenhouses. It wasn't unusual for him to seek out the Hogwarts chef. Helga was always willing to lend an ear to listen to his pleas and concerns. It helped that their conversations usually tended to end up in her bedchambers.

"Where is everyone? There's no one running about in the corridors. There's no one tending to the plants. There's no one reading in the library. Has everyone disappeared with Salazar?" Godric grumbled as he left the greenhouses only to pause and look back at the castle wondering where everyone was.

He had to admit, as he gazed at the fortress, that it was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Godric remembered building her from the ground up. He recalled that he had started off by digging an enormous hole in the ground to make room for kitchens and dungeons. What was a castle without a dungeon. It helped that Salazar had wanted his students to live in dormitories under the lake by the school. Why, no one really knew, nor did they care for that matter.

It wasn't much longer before the castle continued to grow at an extraordinary pace. Before he knew it the greenhouses had been seeded, the library books had been catalogued, the kitchens and the potions cupboard had been stocked and the dormitories were slowly being filled with students from all over the isles.

Magic had played an important role in putting it all together. Thinking back on it, Godric thought that it probably wasn't the greatest idea to have used so much magic putting it together. A number of issues had popped up that were irreparable: the stairs seemed to have a mind of their own, doors were being uncooperative and passageways that never existed opened up. The students didn't seem to mind though and that was all that mattered in the end.

Godric shivered as he realized that he was thinking like an administrator once again. Spinning in place he quickly sought an escape from the dreaded paperwork and school maintenance. The lake would do no good as the merpeople were a amicable race. Helga wasn't available in the greenhouses. The students were no where to be found. The forest was full of creatures lurking in the dark waiting for a moment of weakness to strike. With a mighty battle cry, Godric drew upon his blade at his side and hurtled through the thicket.

He had forgotten about the nagging centaurs and their warrior ways. They would surely be willing to challenge him. They were of a ancient order of warriors and stargazers after all. They were always interested in a good spar to hone their skills. If he insulted them enough he was sure to enjoy himself.

Nowadays their skirmishes rarely devolved into anything more than a light spar. The centaurs had been subdued and pacified. With a treaty in place Godric wondered if he should purposely break it, if only to brew up some new trouble.

"Altair!" Godric called to his usual sparring partner, charging through the Forbidden Forest. With so many trees most of the sunlight was blocked. Flashes of white light could be seen as unicorns sped past, usually accompanied by a yellow blur of their younger foals. It provided a lively terrain for a battle field as one needed to weave amongst the trees that would provide spell-cover.

Looking for the forest's guardians he marched toward where the centaurs made their camp. Godric could usually find signs to locate when they were roaming near the school. On this day though, it seemed as if they weren't anywhere nearby. It was strange. Usually they always had a complaint, be it the forest they had removed for construction of the glass gardens made for Herbology, or the forest they cleared away for animal husbandry. To Godric they were necessary evils and ones that were needed for the Greater Good.

It took him awhile before he came upon them. From their odd quiet demeanour it was obvious to Godric that the centaurs were waiting for something. What that was he had no clue but he had no qualms with finding out.

"What's got you lot so troubled?" He exclaimed boisterously. His obnoxious cry had drawn all of their attention as they stared at him unblinkingly. Godric slowed as he raised his arms in surrender, sheathing his sword and waving sheepishly. "My apologies."

Catching sight of Altair, Godric started towards him, puzzlement on his face.

"What's wrong?" asked Godric as he watched the scene before him perplexed. "Even the foals aren't braying."

"The stars weren't shining last night." Altair muttered quietly. Godric watched as his acquaintance nervously pawed the ground and looked past the canopy of trees to where the sky was visible.

"Hm..." Godric wondered aloud. Even he could see that something was afoot. The centaurs used the stars to determine their course in life. Just a week ago, Mars shone brightly, as it did frequently whilst they were warring against foes. For none of the stars and planets to be shining was problematic. Somehow... Godric hadn't the foggiest idea and it showed on his face.

"What does this mean for all of us? Is darkness set to consume us?" Godric questioned. "Is it the Scots?" Had Salazar sold their secrets to the enemy? Most of the time he had a good rapport with the centaurs and trusted them. If they foretold doom he would swing his sword and fight through whatever adversity came his way. It was his way of life. Besides he was itching for any fight that would take him away from his duties.

"Shall I call Rowena and Helga? I'm sure they would like to hear about this new threat. It might take a while though, I've yet to see either of the-"

"No need to call for us Godric." A tired-sounding voice he recognized interrupted. Turning Godric noticed his beautiful fellow founders joining the party. "They asked for us to join them. With Salazar's abrupt disappearance we've needed to relocate the students. No need for them to be caught in the cross fire should Salazar bring war to the school." The raven-haired Rowena smiled. "I'd have told you but I was sure that you'd relish another opportunity to fight again."

He was about to agree when the approaching sound trotting hooves interrupted their conversation. Before him, standing tall and severe, was an elderly centaur named Moriban. If Godric remembered correctly he was the chieftain of the tribe.

"You wizards have come to our land neglecting to consider all possible threats." Rowena looked as if she was going to argue but Moriban continued, ignoring her squawk of protest.

"Oh, you might have bested the barbarian Scots that have plagued us for years but you haven't considered anything magical. Recently though, it has come to our attention that you are teaching young foals at your castle. We do not wish to see harm come to innocents and seeing as you are continuously bringing more and more of your ilk to these lands I have seen a need to warn you of a danger that many would scoff at.

You wizards do not see the stars and planets as we do. Nor do you speak the same tongue that we do. Even the way we pass down our history is different. Seeing as we have agreed to share the land, so to must we share it's secret. It's the reason this forest is so named as it is connected to another." He stated slowly.

"This forest and the other, whose name has been lost to the ages, are connected for a brief period of time. When the night sky goes dark it warns the keepers of the forest of the path that is to open. On this side it has been eons since the phenomenon has been witnessed and has been considered no more than a myth.

You see, for the path to open, it is said that a red comet must fly high in the sky. It is said to warns us of a Long Night and of immortal demons that come with it. This comet will open a path to a new forest and world. Should the Comet be visible on our side we will walk to a new forest and greet our fellow guardians. If the comet is in their world, they will come to us. That is why it's been considered a myth. For as long as we've lived here there hasn't been any visitors.

Now though, I feel it in my weary bones that something is to come. As per our agreement, seeing as we share the land so to do we share the burden. Should something come from the other side will you assist us in protecting our world and the secret?"

"A comet you say? Are you sure? Last night was, as you've said, so dark that one could not see a thing in the sky. If this comet was to pass, one would expect there to be some sort of light visible in the sky. In fact I was stargazing last night and was disappointed by the lack of stars." Rowena sounded skeptical to the whole concept. It was typical of her seeing as everything needed logic and reasoning to exist.

"This story I've shared with you has been told many times. It has been shared from one generation to the next. Nothing might come of it but it doesn't hurt to be cautious. As I've said it's been ages since this has occurred. No one in living memory has seen such an occasion arise. No one knows what to expect. It's possible that we might be receiving guests that are in dire need of assistance. It's possible that it's nothing more than an old tale. What's the harm in being prepared?" argued Moriban.

"You make a very good point. Now if you don't mind I've a few questions." Without waiting for the centaur to collect his bearings Rowena questioned the poor half-nag relentlessly. "How will we communicate with them if they are from a different world? Wouldn't they speak another language?" Godric shared a smile with the buxom Helga and left Rowena to bother the troublesome half-mule. It looked like it was going to take a while before anything was likely to occur so Godric went to rest by a tree and wait.

He was giddy at the idea of a new world. He would like nothing more than to explore it and fight against these immortals. His dreams of the new world were abruptly cut off as Helga straddled his lap. It was obvious what she wanted as the woman immediately dragged him closer for what was promising to be passionate way to pass the time.

The sun had begun to set as they finished. He brought Helga closer to his chest as they cuddled in the aftermath. The coolness of the forest was chilling him to the bone and her heat was welcome. Realizing something was amiss he jerked up at the chill in the night breeze still cradling the sated Helga to his chest. Looking around it seemed everyone's attention had found a brown skinned child that had walked along a snowy path, speaking to Moriban.

Looking behind the creature all that could be seen was bone white trees with blood red leaves that were dark before they arrived. Listening Godric couldn't understand a word being said. He wasn't alone as Rowena had a similar expression of befuddlement. The Centaurs had no such problem as Moriban communicated with the creature fluidly.

"Godric?" Helga mumbled into his chest. "Why's it so cold? Have you forgotten to summon the fur coverings again?"

"It looks like we have guests."

"Tell them to sod off. We haven't had a good romp like that since the last time Salazar was moaning about the new students."

"Yeah..." He sighed reminiscently. "Wasn't that last night?"

She just harrumphed and snuggled closer, squeezing his cock still embedded in her core. He struggled to breathe as she massaged his length until it hardened within her once more. Helga sat astride him and began to undulate her hips, her ample bosom swaying. It wasn't long before his fellow redhead had wrung out all of his seed from his spurting cock.

"Mm..." She sighed contently as she rested her head on his chest. "I really hope it quickens."

Godric only nodded dazedly as he lay mesmerized in the afterglow.

"Ahem!" coughed Moriban drawing Godric's attention. "If you've finished your mating, I'm sure you've realized that we have guests."

"Aye." He said rolling to his side, disentangling his limbs from Helga's to her moan of protest. "We've not understood a word you've said to the little creature. What've you learned about whatever it was? Are the myths true?" He covered Helga to keep her warm.

"It is as I feared."

"Godric, Rowena and Helga." Moriban began. It seemed the little creature eyes perked at the sound of their names. "This is ..." Moriban seemed to pause.

"You may call me Cresty. My name in the True Tongue is long." The child-like creature said. It caught them all in surprise though Moriban was the one to ask how did he speak this language.

"Back home it is known as the Common Tongue among the First Men and the Children of the Forest." The child answered morosely. "I'm afraid dangerous times lie ahead. The First Men have called for aid and we must abide the Pact. We've come here because we will need all the help we can get."

"What has you concerned? Have the creatures of the night awaken?" asked Moriban curiously.

"Yes. We have seen them in the trees far north. In the Land of Always Winter they gather and rally. We are afraid that they'll soon overwhelm us. Their numbers will only increase as the number of dead rises and so will the number of their wights. They have already started moving south. The First Men have sent us an emissary who has braved the creatures of ice to called upon our aid." The child said despairingly. "It's why, for the first time in eons, we have crossed the path again to beg for assistance. After warring for millennia our numbers aren't what they used to be.

There was only one thing that resonated in Godric's mind as he listened. He was instantly intrigued by the thought of waging war for millennia. It was all he knew how to do after all.

"You would ally yourselves with people you've fought against? That sounds very concerning. How do you know these people aren't fooling you around just to stab you in the back?" Rowena, ever the critic, asked.

"They gave us their word on the Isle of Faces. They are bound by their oath to us."


"Humans can't use magic as we can."

"So there's nothing but their word that keeps them bound. Have you no fear of treachery? What happens whe-" Godric had enough of Rowena's questioning. She was a woman and so she didn't understand the ways of man.

"Rowena! You know naught of these matters!" Godric boomed cutting her off. "A man is only a good as his word. These are true oaths. Ones that go deeper than magic."

"Aye, the red-haired one is right. They swore to us and they have not slighted us since we forged the Pact a couple of millennia ago, why start now?"

"Forget about the tender ways of women, my short friend. What is it that you need from us? How may we assist you?"

"We need help defeating the immortals. Before First Men first arrived and made our land their home we only had to contend with the ice demons. With our small size and dexterity it was easy slipping past them and eviscerating their slow-moving bodies. Now with the First Men that live with us, the ice demons have made an army of undead wights that can impede us and make it difficult for us to kill them."

"So it's not the immortals that are the issue here. You just need help to deal with their supporters. Hm..." Godric paced in a circle as he thought. "What of the First Men, as you called them, can't they assist you?"

"They are unprepared to deal with the nightly beings. When the humans rest at night the monsters strike them at their weakest."

"So you're not concerned for your own well being. It's more that you worry for your neighbours." Rowena said pensively. "You obviously know how to kill them. What could you possibly need from us? What would a proper weapon to fight these creatures be? Perhaps we can fashion you some more for the First Men. We can't allow these creatures access to the path! They'll wreak havoc to our school and disrupt our lessons."

"Rowena, it is very kind of you to offer but I think they are looking for more martial aid." Moriban said forcefully. "We centaurs will join our fellow keepers along the path and assist them as we can."

"Nonsense!" Godric exclaimed, he could see that a huge battle would be waged and desired the bloodlust and conflict. "Should these demons access the path they'll come harm the students of Hogwarts. It's as you said, we share the land so to do we share the duty to protect the path. It's no longer only the centaurs duty."

"What kind of weakness do they possess?" Rowena asked curiously.

"We only know of one. We Children of the Forest arm ourselves with obsidian daggers and arrowheads. They serve to fight evenly with immortals. The problem is that there is too many wights among them. Even now they must have thousands of wights. That number will continue to grow with every village they sack."

"I shall join you in these unknown lands and fight these beast of the cold! I doubt these monsters can withstand my flames." Godric exclaimed.

"What flames?"

"I'm a wizard!" Godric replied, brandishing his wand. "With the flick of my wrist I can create almost anything!"

"That's ludicrous!" Cresty sneered scathingly. "You, a human, doing magic? The very thought is insane."

"He built that castle yonder with magic." Rowena pointed out amused. Cresty had since turned to Moriban in looks for confirmation. He quickly darted up a tree to gaze upon the magnificent structure.

"Lies!" He cried from the tree top. "Where's the proof? I demand proof! The gods have only blessed us with their gift!"

"Gods?" Godric had turned to Rowena. "Do you know anything about Gods granting us magic?"

"There's always going to be witches and wizards that are going to mess around with the minds of muggles and make them believe the weirdest things. Right now theres a lot of noise being made about a wizard in Palestine that turned water into wine. He had garnered such a huge following that he caught the attention of the Roman Emperor. He was crucified and presumed dead only to be miraculously resurrected by his godly father. He's also the bloke that invented the Draught of Living Death."

"Wasn't that a millennia ago?"

"Aye. It's takes quite some time to convince the muggleborn. They usually accept it once we demonstrate the Draught." Godric felt that he was forgetting something. He looked down to see the child-like being paying rapt attention to their conversation.

"What's the immortals weaknesses? Perhaps I can recreate it with my magic. I'll give you a demonstration."

"Obsidian!" He said, still looking doubtful. "Fireglass."

"Hm... Perhaps I could conjure some fire instead. I'll create a raging inferno. How does that sound?"

"A Firestorm? Lunacy. I demand proof. No one can do as you say." Cresty said annoyed, he looked toward the centaurs and saw their looks of resignation. "Impossible. We Children are the only beings that can wield magic. It's power is our gift from our gods."

"Enough of your gods! Even I can turn water into wine."

"Prove me wrong! I would see your magic!"

And so Godric drew his wand, blasted the trees with water, huge smile on his face as he noticed the child's awestruck expression. When they were sufficiently soaked he incanted,

"Ignis Expugnatio"

Out came a raging flame that slithered as a snake from Godrics wand. He weaved it to and fro. He blasted through the canopy of the trees and up into the darkening sky. All the while Cresty looked with wide eyes at the flame, mesmerized. He took to the trees and rushed to the top following the flame as well as to get another look at the castle. He came down quickly a pensive look on his face.

"You wish to come with us?" Cresty asked excitedly. "We have a Pact with First Men. They worship our gods, protect our trees and we have peace. With your fire and creation magic you can serve us well in the coming war." He exclaimed.

"You can't just take Godric." She had disregarded his protest. "How about we make a Pact, as you call it, Godric in exchange for service." Rowena said. "With the rising number of students joining Hogwarts, I doubt Helga can keep up with the cooking and cleaning. Especially not considering her health. Soon there'll be too many students for her to look after and she won't have time to teach. I'm sure she'll teach you her recipes and magic to assist you in the maintenance of the Castle."

"You will teach us your ways?" Cresty asked curiously. "How long will we serve?"

"You serve until the Red Comet passes on this side." Rowena said.

"How many of us would serve at the castle?" The Child wondered.

"Six of you should be enough." Rowena stated without even seeking his input. He had to admit that he didn't mind the direction the conversation was heading though.

"Godric, you've been very quiet throughout this. Is there anything you'd like to say?" Rowena said turning to look at him. "Helga and I could see that you were withering away, and your teaching will suffer. I think a good battle would do you some good."

"It's been to long since I swung my sword Rowena. It's been too long since I've had a proper battle. Besides with me away perhaps the heat from the goblins will dissipate. They don't like that I still wield their blade." Godric said hopping on the balls of his feet. "I wish to visit this new world and fight these magical beasts. It'll be a grand adventure."

Meanwhile Cresty had returned to the snowy path where two other children were anxiously waiting. Exchanging some words, five more came along the path. Cresty had extended his arm as he reached them.

"We make this pact to serve your people. In our time of need we shall tend your castle and care for those under your care. We shall serve until the red comet passes and the path opens once again. You shall teach us your magics and in return Godric will aid our brothers in arms in our homeland and defeat our worst foe. This is said and so it shall be by grasping my hand and sealing our Pact." Crusty said.

Rowena had quickly put out her hand and grasped the creatures paw accepting the pact. Brands of fire enveloped their hands as they normally would when a unbreakable vow was sealed.

"Be well Godric. I hope to see you again. Don't worry about the Castle I've been working on something and with Helga's assistance all will be well." Rowena said. Godric nodded a smile on his face.

"Aye, you'll take care of Helga for me won't you? I'll miss our couplings. Say farewell to the family. In case I don't return." With that said he summoned some of his clothing from his room and conjured himself a rug sack. Waving farewell he charged down the snowy path and was whisked away into the bitter cold.

It wasn't long before he heard a cry for help. There not a dozen meters away was a man pinned under a white acromantula-like spider. Blasting it away with a curse he rushed forward and assisted the man to his feet.

"I think it's time that we joined up with the main army don't you." Godric said solemnly.

Wasting no time they immediately rushed south to prepare for battle. He made use of the natural terrain to prepare defences, hopefully impeding the immortals advance. He transfigured the pines needles of trees into needles of obsidian. He created pits of fiendfyre that would hopefully swallow their foes whole. Graves were dug and soldiers made of obsidian were laid to rest that would attack when provoked. With all these measures they continued south to regroup with the main army.

At the oldest of the strongholds, he turned the garden of stone statues into warriors of obsidian. These soldiers succefully turned the tide of the battle and helped them push back the immortals for the first time. When news of his prowess became known they had set him at the forefront of every battle. Men rallied to his side as he pushed onwards. Wights lay burned and dead in his wake. Fortresses were refortified as they reclaimed land and pushed back the icy invaders.

It wasn't long before both sides were entrenched in a deadlock. It took the arrival of the shepherds with their dragon-forged steel blades to finally turn the tide and end the battle for good.

Godric passed soon after. The children had taken him beyond the New Wall and buried him. He was entombed with his sword by the Children beneath the Weirwoods of the Haunted Forest never witnessing the Red Comet pass again.

At Hogwarts the Comet hadn't passed, the Children worked and waited. Their numbers continued to grow as they served at Hogwarts. Six became Twelve. Twelve became five hundred. When there were too many to serve at Hogwarts, they left to serve other families with new pacts.

A thousand years had passed. Voldemort fell and Harry Potter emerged victorious. A new age was beginning with the death of Salazar's heir. Now after eons, The Red Comet has finally returned to Hogwarts.

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