From Monster To Hero

Chapter One:

Birth Of

The Monster

"It was strange, to say the lest. I have been hated, scorned, abused, neglected, and persecuted for something well beyond my control. It was the moment of my birth that changed everything. I knew my mother and father loved me with all their hearts, my mother's last words stayed with me... even if i could not fully remember them, it was my father's final and dying wish that i would be praised a hero...

I was ment to be seen as the savior to the masses, to be loved and adorned for the heavy burden i would carry until the day i died. To be seen as a Prince of the People...

But i was not destined for such a life; beaten, tortured, tormented, and animosity were the entitlements i was given.

Broken bones, poor housing, rotten food, rigidity rags for clothing were my gifts for the daily sacrifice i have to endure for as long as i could remember, until my final breath...

My mother once asked. Is it better to be fear or respected?"

"I ask in turn; why not both?"


Standing on th edge of a bridge, a large spear protruding from his stomach breaking a very important part seal is were it has all began. One fool's cowardly mistake, is the another man's ticket to becoming th most feared being in all the lands.

The cries from from two individuals as they looked on in horror as he felt to his knees, before falling off the bridge into the merciless sea below.

"Sasuke! Did you know what you just did!?" Yelled a silver haired man as he picked up the one responsible for the death of his most beloved students.

"Yeah! I did what was need to live! Who cares about some clanless nobody!" yelled the young teen who had yet to have his balls drop. (Sasuke lovers and fans beware bashing ahead.)

"You are just as clanless like him, of have you forgotten?!" The man yelled before punching the raven haired teen, letting him fall to the ground with a swollen eye.

"I will have your head for this Kakashi, i will order the cou-"

"Shut the fuck up, you fucking whiny ass bitch! Council can't do shit! And when the hokage hears of this he will either imprison you or kill you on the spot without trail since you have just committed treason!" Kakashi yelled at the sole Uchiha with his own Sharingan spinning dangerously fast, so much so that one would believe it to be a whole new kakkei genkai.

Before he could make another retort, an unnatural beastial roar echo across the surrounding area. It was like a wildcat's growling screech, a timber wolf'showel, and a tiger's roar mixed into some unknown animal.

Then the bridge started to shake, the high-crane towers swayed as the bridge buckled like something massive had struck the support pillars.

The bandits and their employer were now shaken to their souls, Zabuza and Haku were faring better but still nervous. Zabuza heared that sound before... years ago back when he was a child from his homeland.

"It can't be... it just can't!" The swordsman said terrified of what this could mean.

"What is is Zabuza-sama?" Asked the kunoichi by his side.

"haku... when i tell you to run... run, and dont look back. Whatever made that sound was strong enough to cause the miniature earthquake not long ago." Zabuza said eyeing the edge when he had seen that blond brat fall off from. "... i never thought i would hear that monster ever again."

Now this earned the attention of Kakashi as he looked to the mist shinobi.

"You know of this thing?"

"It may not mean much to you, Copycat. But when i was young, younger then those brats you have. I heard that sound back from my homeland."

"So it's native to the land of waters?" The masked Ninja asked raising an eyebrow.

"No, Uzushiogakure." The man said as everyone could each something clawing it's way up. The sound of concrete being crushed coming near was putting many on edge. Kakashi was shocked to learn of this, he that would mean his sensei's wife would have known about this. "The locals say it's a great beast. A beast so fear that even the Biju are wary of it. So powerful that every known animal submits themselves to it. Like it is some form of super alpha."

"any name?" Kakashi asked readying a kunai in hand, mentally curing have myself for leaving his ninjato behind.

"Onineko No kage. Or simply The Shadow of the Demon Cat." Zabuza said just as another demonic roar came from below. "Named as such as the only thing anyone could see was a shadowy image of a cat or tiger like animal before people were ripped to shreds."

Now everyone was worried, even the so called 'mighty Elite Uchiha' was pissing his pants in fear.

But as thier attention was forced at the edge of the bridge waiting for this monster to come from, the sounds of men screaming for their lives caused then to turn around to witness a sight of something, that even a war harden veterans like Kakashi and Zabuza to feel like fresh out of the academy genins to feel at the fist sight of blood.

As limbs and mutilated men lay all over the road of the bridge. The cause of this was now pacing back and forth in from of the former employer of the bandits its deep toxic green eyes glaring at the man. Every so often a feral hissing from the beast kept the man from relaxing. The beast then stopped before standing on it's hind legs, aching its full hight of 7'8 the muscular frame easily dwarfed both jonin, everything about it said speed and power. The elongated bone like blades it had for fingers and toes and bone like swords coming from the elbows and knees told both men that this thing was capable of close-quarter combat.

It had the legs like any feral feline or canine, but the four bladed toes were as long as a kunai. The fingers were longer than a normal person's and the nails were a different story, the sharpest of the nails shown it could rip a full grown man into unrecognizable pieces.

But before Gato could even scream in his own terror the beast cleaved the man's head clean off his body.

The quick shift of it's head toward the group of ninjas caused everyone to flinch.

Pacing forward on it's hind legs like a human before dropping down onto all fours and had an at them and jumped over the jonin, and landed before a frightened Sakura, who turned her head slightly to cast the uchiha a pleading look. A look that begged her knight in shining armor to rescue her.

Only for said Uchiha to back away as quickly and steadily as possible.

The deep growling from the beast before her, caused a terrified 'eep' from the girl as the creature stood before her so close in fact that the nose of the feral being was just inches from her own.

She knew from her own pet cat that it was sniffing her, before making a decision on what it should do.

But before it could do anything Kakashi tried to save her or at lesr getting the girls attention before launching a jutsu at the beast.

"SAKURA!" He would have done more if the dark growled from the thing as it stood before the pinkette in a guarding and protective manner.

"Shakkarrragh!" Came a deep and throaty voice from the creature. Like it had said Sakura though it strained itself when speaking, showing it had some intelligence.

Looking back to her, Sakura would have sworn she saw those terrifying green eyes shift to a familiar blue before shifting back to toxic green with narrow eyes.

With an angry growl the beast ran from were they had both been standing to the one of the stone railing long the side of the bridge. Before turning to look back at each of them.

"Sha ko ragh." It said before leaping over the edge of the bridge, a moment later the sound something hitting the water below, eased everyone from the tension.

feeling they maybe safe, Zabuza and his apprentice vanished into swirls of mist and ice.

Kakashi turned to look at his remaining students...

He thought it would be better if they went back to Tzuna's place it had been a long morning.

It was evening when everyone felt safe, Kakashi had tied Sasuke and placed a sealing tag upon the boy. Sakura sat quietly still in shock of seeing so much blood.

The fore mention Uchiha was having a fit, if was capable of yelling he would have if this silencing seal washing placed over his mouth keeping his quiet.

"Now, since i believe Zabuza has left for good, i will keep watch over night in case any of Gato's former employees try and do something." Kakashi said, but was doing this mostly to make sure he doesnt have to look at the disgusting mug of the Uchiha.

He sat for what seemed like hours, regretting everything. He had lost the last thing... person thst had connection to his former sensei. He couldn't protect the boy like he promised he would. If he hadn't been so focused on that damn bastard's child tied up in the house, maybe just maybe the blond bundle of joy and energy would still be alive.

Kakashi sat looking up at the moon, he didnt know why he was thankful to what ever deity or demon entity that looked out for them today by sending that monster. The silver haired man couldn't help but chuckle dryly at what he would have to do when he got back to konoha. He didnt know whither to curse or be thankful that the misty hid the creature. While he may not have gotten a clear look at the beast. Due to early morning fog, the only person who had seen the creature up close had went into shock and could only remember the color of it's eyes.

Kakashi could sigh in both regret and disappointment. Regret for not being able to be there for his sensei's son, and disappointment, because of where his promise to his former teammate had gotten him.

"Hokage-sama will most likely kill me for this." Kakashi said as he looked over the surrounding area.

In the distance he could hear that monster's unnatural howl.

-a week later-

To day was finally the day, it was time to go back to Konoha. Kakashi was anxious to leave, with his remaining student: Sakura, and his detained psychopaths: Sasuke. How after a day or so began talking to himself about the ways civilian council will free him from this deplorable conditions.

"Thank you and your team, once again." Tzuna said bowing his head to Kakashi and Sakura, though glaring at the Uchiha. "I know that no matter how many times i say it it would make the pain better, but i am sorry for your loss. But in honor of his death, and his heroic deeds, i will name this bridge for not only giving hope to this once bleak land of misery. But also for saving the only people no have left in my life, my daughter and my grandson."

"You dont have to, Mr. Tzuna." Kakashi said trying not have a reminder of his failure.

"Even if you say that, it is thanks to him their are still alive... while we are all still alive." The man said pulling on a rope which shown the name of the bridge over head, there was even a little plate that had an inscription.

(The Great Naruto Uzumaki Bridge.

Named in Honor of the young man, that had shown that even in our darkest of hours.

There will always be hope, so long as you are willing to fight for it.

May his soul find peace.)

Kakashi and Sakura could help but cry silently as they read the plate. though Sakura was a bit more out spoken than himself as her sobbing at losing a teammate on their first real mission was hard for a young girl her age.

"Sakura, you go on a head, the seals on Sasuke will keep him from using chakra. Make sure to keep the rode-collar on him." He said he just needed time right now, to get his bearings in order, it had been just shit storm since the bridge.

After a few minutes, kakashi was alerted to Sakura's scream, and the monstrous howl.

Racing to her position, fearing the beast may have harmed his student, he was shocked to see that instead of what his mind had told him, his eyes had shown him differently.

It wasn't Sakura who was being threatened, it was the Uchiha he was being being pinned to a tree with a single clawed hand of the animal.

It would seem that the Uchiha had tried to kill the pinkette if the kunai in the animal paw said anything. But before he could, the beast pinned him to the tree, break a few ribs, and the unarmed arm long the fore arm. Even the tree now showed the damaging force behind its raw strength.

Before kakashi could do anything the beast pulled the Uchiha back a bit before slamming him into the tree knocking the ravenette brat out cold.

Turning its attention to the pinkette, the beast's behavior changed from fearsome and feral to docile and tame, but still showed it was wild. Creeping close to the young girl, the beast was clear for all to see.

Kakashi didnt know how to describe it. It looked to be a large cat like creature, as big as if not bigger that one of the tigers from T.G. 44 (forest of death), though while covered in fur, there were places that showed the fur and the exposed skin area was pealed or had being toren away. But instead of muscle and tendons one would normally find, they saw bone, bone plate armor beneath the skin.

Kakashi knew why Sakura had been in shock. The face looked like a blend of human and animal, he even noticed that the tail of the creature has a bone hook, long it's back bone spikes along it's spine, and vents..? Four vents long the each side of its back, all eight were angled in such away with the opening closest to the spine were going up, and the further from the spine went down since it mostly near the upper half of the back, where the lower Trapezius and upper Latissimus muscles would be on a human.

"Sha ko ragh." the beast said looking at the girl. Getting close as it had before before losing it's head and dropped something and pushing it forward with it's nose. Until it made contact with her foot.

It took a few large (small for it) steps back, looking at the pinkette and down again the beast turn and showed what the those vents were for as chakra came jetting out, causing the beast to disappeared at speeds well beyond what any shinobi could do, if they were not the fourth hokage.

Looking down at her few both Sakura and Kakashi were shaken as a familiar headband laid there.

It was Naruto's headband, why did the creature do this? Did it somehow know who they were mourning for?

Kakashi picked up the headband, knowing he would have to turn it over to the hokage with a heavy heart... than he caught a scent. It was... Sakura's scent mixed with Naruto's.

"Sakura can i ask why your scent is on Naruto's headband?" He asked shocked that it was stronger smell over Naruto's.

Seeing the blush on the girl's face made him raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

"..." she said mumbling her words.

"What? can you speak up?" He asked he didnt hear her.

"I washed his cloths just before he died!" She said only to drop to her knees crying, the creature must have thought it was her's if the smell of Sakura's washing soap was anything to go by, and if the creature believe it was her's, than it brought it back to her think she lost her headband.

"Come on we have to get going. We do not know if that thing is coming back." Kakashi said picking up the unconscious teen and threw him over his shoulder. "no breaks Sakura, i dont even known if i could kill this thing if it decides to attack."

Playing it safe, Kakashi and Sakura were now jumping through the trees. Not knowing if the thing was following them or not.


Kakashi and Sakura were stand before the Hokage, who was openly crying as he held onto the forehead protector. They both had just finished their report, on several occasions in the last several minutes he had asked them if this was just another prank from the blond.

But this sad moment was ruined by an egotistical child.

"Once a dope, always a dope. He would died anyway." The uchiha said only to be choked and slammed against the wall by the Hokage himself.

The speed of which the old man of his age could do shocked everyone.

"Sasuke Uchiha! As of this moment forth all entitlements the Uchiha have, be they accounts, land, investments throughout the village will be here by stripped from you. The Uchiha compound will be auctioned off to other Clans, all jutsu the Uchiha have in their possession will be categorized and filed away for future use for higher ranks shinobi of Jonin, special Jonin rank, or higher. from now on Sasuke Uchiha will be branded a traitor to the leaf and people, you will have your chakra and Sharingan sealed away tomorrow morning, and by the end of the month you will be Executed for the death of the Hokage's son." Hurizen said glaring at the foolish child, before turning his attention to an ANBU. "Wolf, i want you to inform a few ANBU guards to immediately gather the council both shinobi and Civilian... no. I retract that order. Tell them to inform all of Konoha, all civilian and shinobi must be present and accounted for. Should anyone refuse arrest them."

Looking back to thw boy in his grasp, he decided best would have him knocked out.

The punch he gave caused the last Uchiha's head to bounce off the stone wall.

"Kakashi, i think it is time Konohagakure to know they had disgraced one of their heroes." He said as he turned to Sakura letting the grandfather persona show. "Sakura-chan, what you will learn to day will change how you once viewed Naruto Uzumaki."

It had been roughly half an hour, since he gave the order. And he was greatful that Konoha's citizens had shown up.

"My children! It is with a heavy heart i must tell you all that a grave and terrible sin has been committed by one of own own shinobi. Which in turned had resulted in thought death of a legacy." As he said this many didnt know what it ment, while other were jumping to conclusions. "As of a week ago, while on a mission Sasuke Uchiha had chosed to use on of his teammates in order to save himself. Thus killing one of them... this legacy i spoke of was hidden from everyone, including the now deceased. the person was a child of Minato Namikaze... the Fourth Hokage. He was hidden from those that would seek to harm him, he wasn't even told he was his the man's son. But right now. I will say this. each and every single one of you have sickened me. You treated this boy like trash!"

"You beaten an innocent child!"

"You abused his kind heart!"

"You sold him rotten food at ten times the normal price!"

"You sold him rags for cloths!"

"I am a shamed to even call you citizens of Konoha!" Hurizen said glaring at everyone, many started to piece things together.

'where this was leading?' Was the collective thought from masses.

"Today i announced the death of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki's son. NARUTO UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE! and you have your fucken Uchiha to thank for that while he still lives." He said revieling the truth of Naruto's parentage. He didnt care anymore the one person that could illuminate the village was now dead. A child he saw as his own grandchild killed because of coward that was to afriad to die.

To say the citizens of Konoha were shocked was an understatement. Some tried to denial this, but somewhere deep in the back of their minds they knew it was true. The likenesses was uncanny.

Many of the clan heads were guilt ridden, especially those thst were close to the boy's parents.

Tsume Inuzuka, who had been on the boy's mother's genin team back in her youth, felt terrible. She was one of the few that actually promoted beating the boy and even instigated a few herself to get revenge on the boy for taking away her friends life caused her to vomit on the spot... she had caused the beatings of her childhood friends own child. she didnt deserve to be called a mother for her actions.

Haishi Hyuuga, friend to Minato Namikaze since back in the academy days, tightened his fist to the point his palms were bleeding, he was enraged. He should have done more for the boy, he knew who the boy's father was after just looking at the boy once. He done his best to protect the his in his own way, leaving birthday gifts, and winter solstice treats, even protecting the lad a few times from beatings. He wanted to adopt the boy, but the council would deny him at every turn, using every loophole they could.

The others weren't doing any better.

Chorizo had went into shock... he had called the head of the young lad just moments after the boy was born. He... wanted to kill the child of one of the few men who respected him and his family for being shinobi.

Inoichi felt horrified, but not for anything he didnt... but at a 'what if' scenario. What if it was his daughter who had been chosen to house the demon. He couldnt even imagine what his former drinking buddy had went through doing that to his own child.

Shikaku while lazy, did everything he could for the boy, sneaking fresh food, deer hide blankets and cloths for the boy when he was younger. Sure his wife had threatened him, but he had pieced together how the boy's parents might have been just hours after the kyuubi affair.

To say the village felt horrible was grossly underestimated.


It was roughly three weeks since than, and the village returned to normal, it would seem that some on the council were still supportive of the uchiha so he was free from his sentence. But the people of konoha had quickly turned on the young heir. He no long gotten discounts, he was sold rotten food ten times the normal price, while he did try the council to get what had once been his clan's property. He was met with glares. He found himself being hated for killing their hero's son. The Uchiha name had become something of a joke, even an insult.

"Dont be a Uchiha, and stab me in the back."

"Remember act like a uchiha or the fourth's spirit come and you will take away."

These were some some of the ones that parents had told their children.

Sasuke lost a lot of support now, he was met with distain and hatred.

Now as he stood in the training ground punching a wooden post in his anger, a mocking voice earned his attention.

"Not high and mighty now, eh teme?" Said arrogant voice from behind him, turning to see that a group of chunin and jonin appeared caused him to take a step back. "Look guys, the baby face faggot thinks he can take on thirteen chunin and sixteen jonin."

Angered by the man, Sasuke was about to retort with an insult but couldnt as a knee found itself imbedded into his gut, pushing all the air out of him.

"My father once praised the uchiha name right next to lord fourth's, but hearing that you killed the man's only son. Well lets just say the uchiha name will be as worthy as a piece of shit." The one chunin said with a smirk.

"Dont you Mena a piece of shit is worth more?" Asked a jonin who as playing with a kunai.

"Does it matter? At lest with Uzumaki he had a laugh! We may have not liked him but at lest he make it fun around here. I kinda miss the whole itching powder in pants prank." Said on chunin as he earned soemthing laughter from the others.

"Paint bombs in the toilets."

"Tar and confeedy."

"Flashbang and clothing swaps." "Dude, that flashbang one was a good one, every guy was swapped into a dress."

"but compared to this shit fucker, he made our jobs enjoyable. What did this kid do? Just grunts like he had anal beads shoved up his ass." Another said as he kicked the ravenette in the gut.

"Making us look like fools trying to please him!" Said all the as she stomped on his leg.

"Always taking and never giving back!" Another said as he kicked the boy in the face.

They would have continued if not for an unnatural growl from behind them, they didnt recognized it, but unfortunately the victim of their little beat down had.

Turning around the where terrified of the monstrosity that came walking out of the forest tree line.

Standing at just over seven and half feet, the creature was easily terrifying to look at. One step was equal to three for a normal man.

Jumping away from the boy on the ground, they had placed the uchiha between themselves and the beast.

To say it was a surprise for the former heir, was an extreme understatement.

The smell of piss and shit filed the air, the creature took a few sniffs and found that the source came from infront of it. Rearing it's head back from the awful smell, the creature dropped to all fours and lifted one of it's hind legs pissing all over the boy's face. Before turning around and kicking dirt and lose sand over the smell.

It would have been funny for the shinobi and Kunoichi that were standing a few yards away, if not for how threatening the feature was.

Choosing to go back into the forest like a lazy beast, a deep ground could be heard as the beast let them know it's disappointment in them. Even as it gave a grunting chuckle as it left.

"Let's report this to Hokage-sama, he would need to know this."

What happened after they report was shocking, the village was placed under immediate Marshal Law, civilians were give curfew, the Shinobi force; were placed into patrol duty.

Clan compounds were under thier own lockdown systems.

The village Gates were closed save fore the individual doors used for easy access, along with motion tracking spotlights.

the ones in charge of both the gate and easily warring alarms where the legendary Immortal Chunin: Izumo and Kotetsu.

"This fucken blows!" Izumo said as he banged his head on the desk, he was use to the job, buy under marshal law, it was different he could take naps, he was force to keep a look out if something were to happen, in this case if something bigger than a child appeared at the front gates.

"Hey, it wss either this or patrol duty, at lest we could relax relax little bit." His friend said with a hopeful grin.

"With our luck?" Izumo asked as he sighed.

They would have kept bantering if the spotlights didnt turn on and caused the alarm to blare in response to somewhat hing out infront.

As the two chunin, and check to see what could set it off, ANBU and jonin assembled around the gate, all were battle ready, they nodded to the two chunin to open the gate.

As they did so, they readiness for battle fled, as the sound of something drawing came closer, as the sound got closer they became horrified at what they saw, instead of a monstrous behemoth, they found a familiar sight of an orange and blue jumpsuit which wss missing the sleeves and leggings. Which had been torn asunder claw marking covered to the one infront of them, the drawing they heard was because of the injured leg which was twisted in the wrong direction. He was barely hold in himself up.

It wasn't until a shocked and terrified shout from behind the group Al had awoken them from their terror.

"NARUTO!" this came from the Hokage himself as he pushed his way t hrought the crowd of shinobi to the boy who collapsed at the front gates. "Get a medic!"

Now everyone began to scurry like panicking animals as they got out of the way for a few, while others raced to the hospital to get a medic.

Many would be rejoicing as the son of thier hero had returned from the grave.

Though sadly many began to wonder... how did he survive, was it because of the kyuubi? or did the boy's power of will forced himself to come back?

If it had been the latter's case, it would explain the lad condition and why it would have taken him so long to come back from the land of waves.

"It's coming, jiji... The monster is coming... the monster with the green eyes is coming." Naruto said as is voice became horse, his warning did not fall onto deaf ears as everyone was now looking out into the dark of the night for where the beast might come from.

As the medics arrived, they strapped him to a gurny and as quickly as they could took him to the hospital to get him fixed up.

"Close the gates!" Hurizen yelled, getting the chunin to close the front gate. Turning his attention to his ANBU, he gave them their orders. "I want two teams to watch each the gates, send a volunteer from each group to report every two hours. From now until dawn, i want nothing entering or leaving these gates without my knowing. Am i clear?"


Many will not know how the boy lived, some fear how he did. But one thing was for certain. Hurizen will find once naruto regains consciousness.

-to be continued-

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