Hi everybody. This is a darker story, which is not suited for children. The M rating has its reason, as there might be slightly disturbing scenes and descriptions. There won't be a pairing for the main character. As always, all rights to Harry Potter belong to JKR and I only play in her sandbox.


He looked at the paper he had just been handed. A photo with a name and a sum of money under it. Dead or alive were the same. Good, that made the job easier.

"Do you accept the job, Gabriel?" His boss asked.

"Yes, sir. What is the timeframe?" he asked.

"One month. This one is tricky to get close to," his boss answered.

"Understood. You'll have proof within that period. Keep my money ready," Gabriel declared.

"I always do. You're simply the best we have," his boss stated calmly.

Gabriel nodded. His long black hair tied up in a ponytail falling down his back and his eyes hidden behind dark glasses.

"I'll be on my way to Britain within an hour. You'll hear from me," Gabriel said and left the room.

Once he was outside, a second person stepped out of the shadows.

"Is he really trustworthy, boss?" The woman asked.

"No, but Gabriel's service is buyable, if you can afford his prices. And once he has accepted a job, he is reliable. I know why you doubt him, he is very young for an assassin, at least his assumed age, you can never be too sure with assassins of that level, but he is the best in all of Europe. Nobody knows his true name and I wouldn't be too sure that he really looks the way I always see him during meetings. But this target demands somebody that can get into any place without causing suspicions," the boss informed her.

"And he takes every job that's paid highly enough?" She asked impressed.

"No, there is one rule you have to remember when you work with Gabriel. Never harm a child! He will turn against you in the blink of an eye. He doesn't care much about any other form of crime, but children are sacrosanct for him. As long as you adhere to that rule, he will do what he's paid for," he replied.

Both then went back to work.

Albus Dumbledore sat behind his desk, looking at how his plans had come together so far. Adrian Potter was back to being the public's darling after one year of slander from the Ministry and the Daily Prophet. Of course he had used the opportunity to make it clear how he was a hero and they should never have doubted his words. He was the Boy-Who-Lived after all. Well, if a little vanity and arrogance was all he needed to take for having the saviour of their world firmly on his side, he would do so. Adrian had developed a little big head after all his achievements over the years. While his plan to let the boy grow up with a muggle family, like his squib brother, hadn't worked out like he had wanted, the public was simply too demanding and, to keep his positions, he had needed to rethink his plans, in the end Adrian knew exactly that Albus Dumbledore was always right.

When Voldemort had killed James and Lily Potter, he had been the first on the scene. A quick check of the twin boys showed that Adrian, who had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, was clearly the more powerful twin while Hadrian, more commonly called Harry, who had a few scraps that bled, had barely enough magic to be called a squib. A squib couldn't be the saviour of their world, therefore he didn't matter. He had dropped Harry off at an orphanage, it was much kinder to let the boy grow up a muggle without knowledge of the magical world instead of having to watch how his brother was a powerful wizard, something he would never be, and tried putting Adrian with his maternal aunt Petunia to keep him under powerful blood wards. Sadly, that didn't work out like planned and the wards wouldn't settle, so he had taken the boy back after three months.

He had obliviated Petunia and Vernon to cover Adrian's brief stay with them up. After that he had chosen one of his stout supporters, Geoffrey Richardson, to raise the boy. Geoffrey didn't have children of his own and his wife had been killed in a Death Eater raid. He was a low level worker at a plant nursery, therefore Adrian wouldn't get any ideas of grandeur. So far the plan. While he knew that Voldemort had killed his parents and couldn't kill him, he was only told when he had been nine how the public viewed him.

From then on he had been carefully shown to the public once a year on a function that Albus decided was worthy of Adrian's presence. Once the boy came to Hogwarts, he didn't really impress his teachers that much, but probably it was just a case of late blooming power or simple laziness, copied from Ron Weasley, his best friend. He did perform averagely. Thankfully Hermione Granger joined the two boys early on and kept them studying when the exams came around.

One thing that he wondered about was who was killing off high-ranking Death Eaters and Ministry officials. Since last July Severus had reported about an assassin that nobody could catch. There wasn't even an idea how he or she looked like, a pattern of killing methods or a pattern of targets. You only found a card left behind that informed the ones finding the body who had been the killer. The card showed two stylised angel wings with a sword crossing a flower. It had taken some time to connect a name to the card. Now the name of one of the Christian archangels was connected with a much darker being. Gabriel.

He didn't like the thought of somebody going after people that were high profile targets. His opinion was that he could reform them all, once Voldemort was finally gone forever. Then he would be the hero again, for mentoring the light that would lead the wizards into the future. After all, what better way to become immortal than becoming more famous than Merlin? Every great wizard in history had a disciple that he trained to stand against darkness. Merlin's had been King Arthur, Albus' would be Adrian.

Dolores Umbridge sat in her nice and cosy house. Thankfully she was away from those dreadful children. It was too bad that now the public was praising that little liar Adrian Potter again. As if he could have fought the Dark Lord to a standstill. Preposterous. Well, with a little time, the proper wizards would have full power in Britain. And she would help bringing that goal along. Who cared that the Dark Lord killed a number of mudbloods, half-breeds and blood traitors? She certainly didn't.

She had returned to her position at the Ministry and was now working under the new Minister Scrimgeour. He wasn't dear Cornelius, but she would be able to work around his ideas.

Suddenly she heard steps behind her. She stood up rapidly and found herself looking at a boy in his teens. The thing that drew her in most was that he was wearing a white trench coat over a combination of long black clothes, instead of proper wizarding robes. His hair was long and equally black as his clothes. His eyes were currently invisible behind shades.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? You're not permitted to be here! I'm the senior undersecretary to the Minister and I demand you to answer me!" She yelled at the boy.

She tried to hide her fear, as nobody that wasn't keyed into her wards should have been able to get through them. They were the best ones available at the market. Reserved for high-ranking, long-time Ministry workers like her.

"Dolores Umbridge, torturer of twenty-nine children at Hogwarts. Assistant of murder of one hundred and fifty-three werewolf children in Europe. Supporter of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Your time on this world is up and I have come to collect your soul," The boy stated calmly.

"I demand respect and that you stop that nonsense! I'm an important woman!" Umbridge screeched.

The boy took off his glasses and icy green eyes that bored into a person's soul now pierced her.

"I don't care about your delusions of grandeur and self-importance. You have heard the accusation and I'll judge you. The verdict is guilty on all charges. I'll also be your executioner. You shouldn't have targeted innocent children!" He said with a voice full of hatred.

Dolores then noticed the symbol on the right side of the trench coat on his chest. Two angel wings with a sword and a flower crossed in front of them.

"No, it can't be!" She stammered suddenly, "Gabriel."

"Correct," He confirmed and shot forward, grabbing her throat with his left hand before she could act.

A second later her wand was snapped in his right hand. She felt herself being pressed against the wall and then, within a few seconds, she was pinned to the wall with her arms spread out to the sides, her neck pinned by some manacle and her legs put together with a single manacle.

"You will serve as an example what happens to those that target children," Gabriel informed her.

"No, let me go!" Umbridge demanded.

Gabriel pulled out his wand and fired over her head. She didn't see what he did, but she feared it wasn't good in any way.

"Your favourite way of harming children was by making them bleed. So you will bleed until you die. You had the werewolf children die by drowning them like a dog that you thought too weak. You'll experience what it feels like to drown while you bleed out. Consider it justice for your sins. May god have mercy on your soul, because I certainly don't have any. Go to hell," He spat out and cast a spell before throwing a dozen knives at her at critical points that would make sure that she died, but would take time to kill her.

He took out a video camera and waited for fifteen minutes until she was finally dead. Then he put his card onto a table and went through the house to collect anything that he found interesting. People like her often had hard to find information on potential other targets and child abusers were robbed blind on principle. While he had been offered a million galleons to kill Umbridge already, this was a quirk he had. He always took information he could find and left the remainder of the target's possessions, except the job included taking a certain item with him to his employer for a job.

He knew that nobody would come to look for her until the next morning at the earliest, and by then he would long be gone. He put his shades back on and set to work. It was too easy when his targets overestimated their security precautions. As if it was hard to sneak into the archives of the Ministry and get the ward schemes. And, as he could see more business coming into his direction in the near future, he had also used the chance to get all schemes that were stored there. He wasn't one to waste an opportunity.

Gabriel took the card, which was the key to the vault at Gringotts that held his reward. The video was more than enough proof of the success of his job. He knew that his boss was a criminal. He didn't really care. People would say that he was a criminal as well. But what did those idiots know? They certainly didn't have to grow up like he did, fighting for himself because he had nobody else. And he had no trouble sleeping when he killed off the scum of the world. All the people he was tasked to kill had done things that were horrible, but couldn't be proven.

He didn't care about smugglers, petty thieves, people that murdered their opposition in crime, the occasional panderer or fraud. It was easy enough to work around those. And they normally didn't get onto the lists he was handed to kill off, but other, less talented assassins took those jobs. He was really expensive after all. But he detested child abusers and those that took pleasure in torturing others. He didn't normally leave as much of a mess as he did with Umbridge. But the client had asked for him to let Umbridge suffer the same way that her victims had suffered. And, as she was a child abuser, she had paid.

Gabriel was a curiosity in the guild of assassins. Most of the others would take any job that was paid high enough for their tastes or offered a challenge of a certain type. Gabriel refused certain jobs. On top of that he could only be contacted indirectly. You could leave a note with an offer in a special post box, for Britain that was in Knockturn Alley. It would be teleported to him and he would then arrange for a meeting or refuse the job. But even if he had only been working actively for a year, he was already acknowledged as the best in Europe. Nobody knew his origins, nobody knew where he lived, and nobody knew how he really looked like. They only knew his sign.

The way of payment was also unique to him. Gabriel only worked with this system. The goblins were notoriously neutral in the war between dark and light. And as long as they made profit, they couldn't care less that they didn't have complete identification of their vault holders. Not that the Gringotts goblins were the only ones working with him that way. Gabriel had a large number of accounts all over European banks. Muggle and wizard alike. It made money laundering so much easier knowing your way around both worlds. Especially if you had confounded the bank clerks into believing that you were a rising star in the business scene under numerous code names. So even if the police or the aurors would ever find out one of them, he had many others as a safety net.

The card had the advantage that he could easily hide it and normal wizards wouldn't realise what the card meant and how to use it. The card held the information for the goblins to transfer the million galleons to a vault that Gabriel would specify. The card only held the vault number of the one paying the money and the amount on it. Gabriel would hand in a note with the number of the vault he wanted the gold to go to and that would be all. And the wizarding world hadn't caught up on the ways of money laundering yet.

Patrick Greengrass was frantic with worry about his oldest daughter Daphne. She had been visiting her friend Tracy Davis and they had gone to see a fashion show of a famous Italian designer in Dublin. Both girls had vanished during the short time they had been in the bathroom and outside of the sight of their bodyguards that had made sure that nobody could get to them inside the bathroom. He knew that it was probably an act of revenge from Malfoy, who had tried to get him to sign a betrothal contract with his son Draco for Daphne. Patrick knew that Daphne detested Draco and had refused. Now he feared what horrors Daphne had to endure.

After two days he decided that he needed professional help, as the DMLE was absolutely useless. He had tried all family spells to locate his daughter and her friend already, but while he could tell the general area, the spells failed to give him details, which probably meant that they were under powerful wards and probably a fidelius charm. His wife and younger daughter were holed up at his manor, not leaving the house out of fear. The Ministry was just saying that they would do their best. It wouldn't be enough and not fast enough. He knew that very well. Therefore, two hours ago, he had made a decision. He had gone to the mail box that an acquaintance had once mentioned and left a request for Gabriel to help him.

While he knew that Gabriel was an assassin, he was sure that he would be capable to not only find his daughter, but also rescue her. He had been pacing in front of his fireplace in his office for half an hour already. The reply to the request normally arrived up to three hours after it was left.

"You really should update your wards," He heard behind him and turned around, only to find a black haired young man sitting relaxed in one of the armchairs of his office, "While the despair ward that imitates the effect of a dementor was a nice touch and a little challenge, your wards have so many holes that it's pretty easy to get inside unnoticed."

"Gabriel, I presume?" Patrick asked, trying to hide his being startled.

"Correct. Your job offer interested me and I need more information before I accept," Gabriel replied.

"Of course," Patrick answered hastily, "My daughter Daphne and her friend Tracy Davis were visiting a fashion show and I had send two bodyguards with them, as with the Dark Lord back, times are too unsafe to let them go out alone. I think Lucius Malfoy has something to do with this, as I refused his demand to sign a betrothal contract between Daphne and his son Draco. He threatened me that I would regret my actions. That was two months ago and before the sighting of the Dark Lord. I want my daughter back, as unharmed and as fast as possible."

It was clear to Gabriel that this was a truly desperate father.

"How old is your daughter?" Gabriel asked.

"Sixteen," Patrick answered.

"The price and job details besides saving her?" Gabriel continued his questions.

"I offer five hundred thousand galleons for her safe return and if you can kill Lucius Malfoy, if he's really the one behind it, I would double the offer. I leave anything else to your expertise, Gabriel," Patrick said harshly.

"I accept the job, Mr Greengrass. The payment has to be readied in a vault at Gringotts that is specifically set up for this one-time use. One for each part of the job. Once I deliver your daughter and proof of the demise of her kidnapper, no matter if it is Lucius Malfoy or somebody else, I expect to get a card from Gringotts with the vault number on it. Just ask the teller to open an angel account and they will understand," Gabriel informed him, "Now, please sign this contract, it's a binding magical contract that prevents you from giving up any information on me that you may find."

Patrick read over the contract that the young man had handed him. It was pretty basic and only included, but in a way that closed every single loophole he could think of, the secrecy of information about Gabriel. He signed with a blood quill and handed the contract back. Gabriel stood and left the house to get to work.

Daphne Greengrass knelt on the hard stone floor of the prison cell she had woken up inside first one and a half days or so ago. She had no idea where exactly she was, but she knew that she was all alone. Tracy hadn't been anywhere and she only occasionally heard footsteps in the distance. There was nothing inside this cell, except two chains on the walls that ended in the manacles that were closed around her wrists. The chains prevented that she could move a lot. In fact, they forced her into a really uncomfortable position. They weren't long enough to allow her to stand up or lie down, so with her arms by now numb from being held up, she really wished to get out of here.

Not to mention that she was really hungry. The only contact she had had at all was when a house elf in a really dirty pillow case had come, used a few cleaning spells on her and emptied the bucket of the remains of her using it as a toilet. Then she had been force fed a potion and the elf had left. That had been repeated three times so far. The elf wouldn't speak a word, just do its job and leave again. She only hoped that help would come soon. She didn't want to stay here. She didn't know why she had been kidnapped and who was behind it. But she knew that if this continued, her will wouldn't keep her up for too long. It was pretty pathetic how she, one of the most intimidating girls in Slytherin, one of the few to actually scare the Death Eater spawn enough to refrain from touching her, had fallen.

Tracy Davis moaned in delight when her lover showed her how good he was at making her enjoy their intimate meetings. She had been convinced to follow him into the service of the Dark Lord easily. After all, she knew as well as any student at Hogwarts that Adrian Potter, their supposed saviour, wasn't the big number he was made out to be. Since the Christmas break of her last school year she had been spying on other students and had given the information to her lover, who would then present it to the Dark Lord. He had told her that the Dark Lord was very happy with her engagement for the pureblood cause and would reward her once she fully entered his service as a Death Eater.

While she might have felt a small pang of guilt for delivering Daphne to Draco Malfoy, it was quickly overcome. Daphne shouldn't have opposed being the betrothed of a respected heir like she did. Marrying the Malfoy heir was a really good match for any pureblood witch. And it wasn't as if he was ugly like Crabbe or Goyle. He was good-looking, had a rich family and was ensured to have a successful career, thanks to his connections. She had been told that Daphne was right now taught a lesson down in her prison cell that her pride wasn't worth a thing against those that served the Dark Lord. Her thoughts about that left her when her lover sucked her right breast hard. It simply felt too good to think about anything but enjoying this properly.

Gabriel looked at the wards that surrounded the grounds. He had easily found his way here with a personal item of Daphne Greengrass, in this case the nightshirt she had worn last. Recent contact with an object made tracking a person down easier. He analysed the wards carefully. Thankfully it wasn't a fidelius charm. Those things were pesky and took days to pierce enough to slip through them. But the wards still gave him pause. He would have to be very careful to sneak inside the manor and get the girl out. His investigation of the crime scene had made one thing clear. The kidnapper was close to the girl and she hadn't expected to be attacked. There were no traces of a fight, only the faint magic of an old portkey.

And the one making it was an amateur, otherwise there wouldn't have been any magic left by now anymore. Well, it helped him a little. The wards weren't completely impenetrable for portkeys. There were anti-apparition wards that prevented people from apparating in or out, but nothing stopped you once you were inside the wards, as long as you didn't cross them while apparating. He found the classical anti-muggle wards with some nastier ones added on top of that to kill any muggle that came too close to the manor. Not legal those ones, but Gabriel guessed that with Lucius Malfoy being close to the moron minister Fudge in the past, he could get away with it. Next to the dozen or so barely legal wards that would make any attacker think twice of trying to force entry of course.

Now the tricky part was creating a hole in those wards just large enough to get through, but not too large to alarm the one that was connected to the wards, meaning Lucius Malfoy as the head of the house. But he was Gabriel and he could get anywhere he needed to. That was why he was feared. If he was after you, you weren't safe anywhere. He set to work in weakening each ward separately just enough to take hold of the magic and push it to the side just a little bit. He worked swiftly, but carefully. It was a good thing that the spot he had chosen to do this was surrounded by some bushes, which gave natural cover. The only other thing needed was simple air manipulation to imitate the effect of a mirage in the desert. The air would reflect what was around him and hide him from anybody looking at the spot.

He had needed two years to perfect that trick. But hey, he hadn't been schooled at that second rate shack that the Brits swore on, Hogwarts. His school had started him on using his magic when he had been seven years old and it was a hard time sometimes, but in the end, his work paid off. He had graduated two years before the others his age with the highest grades ever. After that he had apprenticed under Master Kwan. The best assassin in the world and bane of Asia. Not to mention the world's leading expert on Runic magic and anything related to Potions, be they the healing kind or the deadly kind. It had been harsh training, but he had prevailed and with just fifteen years of age he had been approved to work in the field, after one year of training. Well, normal time that was. Both his school as Master Kwan had access to time compressing training facilities. It made training so much more time-efficient.

Not to mention that, thanks to his apprenticeship under Master Kwan, he was also an acknowledged master in the subjects of Runes and Potions. There had to be an official cover for his studies after all. The governments would never allow somebody to officially be trained as an assassin. Even if many governments in Asia had regularly used Master Kwan's services against dark wizards that they couldn't get rid of while following the law. It was why assassins were known to the governments after all. Everybody knew that the British Unspeakables had their own group of assassins, but they had lost their edge about twenty years ago. Somehow their best had been killed off and the following Ministers hadn't truly made sure to replace them. Not to mention that weak-minded fool Dumbledore had argued against such practices.

After two hours of tweaking the wards he was done and had a hole through which he could get in and out unnoticed. It was invisible to anybody and the wards would signal their holder that they were still working perfectly. He slipped inside and walked up to the manor on the main path, still keeping the mirage technique up. Why go through any kind of hidden traps, if you could as well take the main path that was sure to be secure for anybody? After all, his technique prevented that the normal eye noticed him and any kind of magic detector that might be set up wouldn't go off this way.

It was one of Master Kwan's most important lessons. Don't overcomplicate things. Find a way around security measures and don't rely on magic to get everything done. The only time when you were allowed being flashy was when you had done your job. Like Gabriel did with leaving his cards. Hey, everybody needed some advertising. And nobody knew what he really looked like so far. Just as he was taught. An assassin didn't want to be recognised in public.

Gabriel only had to wait for twenty minutes before somebody left the building, opening the doors, which allowed him entry. He watched how the man held up his left arm at the gates and simply passed through. Gabriel concluded that the dark mark was keyed to the wards to let the Death Eaters in and out of the grounds unbothered. Silently he investigated the layout of the manor. It was a place that was clearly meant to show off the wealth of the owners and to make others look less important than them. Typical European pureblood supremacist behaviour. Gabriel easily got into all the rooms and eavesdropped into several conversations of Death Eaters and the Malfoy family.

It seemed that Mr Greengrass had been right. Draco was boasting to two other boys his age about showing Daphne Greengrass her place, once her pride was cut down to more manageable levels. She was somewhere in the basement of the manor in a prison cell with nothing but a bucket to relieve herself, chained to a wall. He thought it a great joke that Slytherin's Ice Queen was finally shown her place. Gabriel recorded the words for Mr Greengrass, as it would mean more money for him if Draco Malfoy also died. And from what he could see, it wouldn't be a great loss to society.

And this wasn't an innocent child anymore that didn't know better. Draco Malfoy clearly had the dark mark on his arm, which dropped him out of Gabriel's normal category of being spared punishment, even if you were a bastard. Under the age of fifteen that rule was absolute. Under seventeen, it depended on the character of the person.

Lucius Malfoy was mostly smug that he had shown up Mr Greengrass, who had thought he could refuse the Malfoys anything, when they had the backing of the Dark Lord and were in his favour. He was too busy with working behind the scenes at the Ministry to prepare the takeover of the Dark Lord, which had been delayed, thanks to the many assassinations of large financers of the Dark Lord's caused by Gabriel. Well, their bad if they got in the bad side of others that had the money to pay for his services.

It was eleven in the evening when the Malfoys had finally gone to bed. While their manor was used as the headquarters for the Death Eaters, they clearly forbid anybody from staying there at night. And, as everybody quickly followed Lucius' orders to leave at ten, it seemed to be normal. Well, if they were as far up in the ranks of the Death Eaters as it appeared to be, that wasn't too surprising. The grunts were low-level criminals with no manners mostly. Cannon fodder really. It was normal that an aristocrat like Malfoy wouldn't want them in his house more than necessary.

Gabriel waited till midnight, making sure that all the inhabitants of the house were fast asleep before he struck. He first took care of Draco Malfoy, the one that planned to use the Greengrass girl as his sex toy. His death was swift, but painful. Gabriel had hung him from the ceiling of his room, waking him up after silencing him to not call any elves or his parents onto the scene. One photo documented his work for proof needed to get his payment. After that he went to deal with Lucius Malfoy. It was made easier as it seemed that he and his wife didn't share a bedroom. Lucius died by a cut throat. Gabriel took some more pictures as proof of his success for Mr Greengrass and left the room after taking anything he wanted.

Storing things was never a problem for him. Master Kwan had shown him how to create an unlimited pocket space for his acquisitions. His was separated in two parts. One for his weapons that he didn't wear on his body, it was a real help in getting away from law enforcers if you didn't have weapons of the kind that were used in a murder on you, and one for documents and other things he took from his victims.

Once he was done with the rooms on the upper levels of the manor, now that he didn't have to hurry at all, as Mrs Malfoy seemed to have gone out today, he went down to the basement to rescue the girl. He didn't need long to find her. When he opened the cell, he could see that the Malfoys were real bastards. The girl was in a bad state. Not only was she dirty and exhausted, she had clearly suffered from having her arms tied up in the way they were and from kneeling on the hard stone floor. Well, the chains and manacles were no problem for him. He only needed two minutes for both manacles to open. Child's play for somebody like him. He would have been done in one minute if they didn't suppress magic like they did.

The girl woke up when her arms fell down and she looked at him from tired blue eyes.

"Be quiet. Your father sent me to get you out," Gabriel spoke softly.

He knew he had to avoid making the girl panic before he could get out of the grounds. A chase around the country wasn't part of his plans for the night. Thankfully she seemed to be smart enough and kept quiet. The one problem he had was that she couldn't put any weight on her legs. Well, if they put her into this cell the moment they had kidnapped her, she had been in that position for four days already. Not that uncommon to lose feeling in your legs.

"I'm going to carry you on my back. Don't move too much, I need to be able to use my hands in case somebody spots us, even if it shouldn't happen at this time. You can never be too careful," Gabriel told her.

She nodded weakly, clearly not in the condition to say much. He knew he would have to make sure that she didn't fall off.

They got out of the basement easily enough. There were no guards. Surprising really, as he would have at least posted some house elves to make sure everything was alright. Well, all the better for him. He managed to get to the hole he had made in the wards and went through with Daphne. He set her down again and cancelled his manipulations one by one, making sure that no alarm was triggered. Finally, the wards were as good as before and he told Daphne to hold onto him. She tightened her arms around his neck and he spun on the spot, vanishing silently.

Patrick Greengrass happily hugged his daughter to him, not caring that she wasn't in good condition. She was alive and assured him that except for her pride nothing had been injured. Then he turned to the spot where Gabriel was waiting, watching neutrally.

"Thank you for your help. I can't say how grateful I am that my daughter was returned to me unharmed," Mr Greengrass said.

"I just did the job you paid me for," Gabriel replied, "I have the proof of the secondary job and any information I could get on further plans for kidnapping your daughters in this envelope. I recommend going into hiding until it's safer again. Your manor wards are too easy to overcome with enough force. While very few have my abilities to get in anywhere, raw power against wards is hard to stop."

"I will take your advice, Gabriel. Here is the payment for the first part as agreed. I have a second card prepared if the proof confirms the second part," Mr Greengrass stated and Gabriel nodded.

It was just good reasoning to first check the proof of the job being done.

Gabriel had to wait for half an hour, as Mr Greengrass first made sure that Daphne was cared for and then looked over the proof Gabriel gave him for the death of Lucius and Draco Malfoy and the added information. He paled at the other plans against him and decided to follow Gabriel's suggestions as soon as he could. He handed Gabriel a second card and then the youth vanished without a sound. He had no idea if he was still there or already gone, but after having seen the young man in person, he would make sure to not get onto his target list.

Well, what do you think? This is my first attempt to write a darker kind of story, without going into too much depth of the horrors of the war.