Ema Skye was outside, alone at the beach. She stood at the edge of the water wearing a pink bikini. After standing still for a bit, she noticed something in the water. She decided to go up to it and saw that it was a shark.

"Hello there." she said, "I know what you want... and I'll give it to you. All you have to do is open your mouth."

The shark looked at her before opening wide and she climbed in, head first. The shark sucked for a bit while she was in its mouth, getting her covered in its saliva. Ema really enjoyed it.

"I'm ready whenever you are." said Ema.

Soon after, Ema felt herself falling into the shark's throat. She let herself fall and land inside its stomach. The shark's stomach was little tight, but it was warm and very comfortable. The shark's stomach acid caused her to feel comfortable. The shark began to digest her.

"I hope you enjoyed eating me." she said.

She remained sitting in the shark's stomach for hours before she was fully digested, after enjoying every second of it.