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10:38 AM, Wanaka, New Zealand, BOARD New Zealand branch.

Kaito Yamagishi, the newest intern at BOARD, was unbelievably tired. First, they have him test the new Rider system, Glaive, after they finally rebuilt it, to see if it works. Then they have him fight a bunch of robots to test Glaive's new capabilities, namely the new rouze cards and their combinations, and now? Get the executives coffee from a Starbucks several miles away. While he was wearing a heavy gold-colored raincoat, baggy blue cargo pants, and snow boots. In spring. At least he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so he wasn't 100% doomed of heatstroke. "I swear, if I didn't need the college credit to study at that blasted American school… So forgetful and incompetent they forget to take back the dang belt…"

In the middle of his rant, Kaito thought he heard a voice. It was that of a woman, though he couldn't quite make out what she was saying. It seemed to echo through his ears through the ever-apparent static that obscured it. There was only a few select words he could even understand, let alone have context on what they meant. "Bionis-...Mechonis-...Zan-za-...Monado!"

A crimson light seemed to radiate from his pocket. He checked to see what it was and saw it was a blank Rouze card. Then the light shone brighter and became a "CROSS" card. He was debating whether or not to ask the higher-ups if this was normal when he heard the BOARD announcer shout out the name of the new card, engulfing him in red. Kaito covered his eyes and suddenly, he was no longer on the face of the Earth.

10:45 AM, Mechon Wreckage site, Bionis' Right calf

Kaito awoke among a green grassy enclosure. Around him were creatures that seemed familiar yet alien, rabbit-esc creatures with arm-like tails that held twigs like blades. There were also pieces of machinery on the ground, but they were more futuristic than most of the tech he had seen (he technically works for BOARD, after all.) Then, all at once, he was approached by someone he hadn't noticed before. He was wearing practically all read. The only thing that wasn't a metallic shade of red was his shirt and the odd border of his jacket and shorts, as well as a large sword at his back. He spoke with what sounded like a british accent. "Hello there. Do you need help, by any chance?"

"Huh? N-no, thank you. My name is Kaito. You?" The stranger had a look of deep thought for a moment, before smiling and extending his arm.

"I'm Shulk. I'm here to analyze the broken Mechon parts in the area. Care to help?" Kaito adopted a confused face before realizing whatever these "Mechon" were, they were probably the pieces of machinery he saw littered around the enclosure. He nodded and started helping Shulk examine the broken machines. It was relatively uneventful, with Shulk spouting out the names of the individual Mechon Models. That was, until a crab-like creature turned and attempted to attack the blonde when he was touching its shell.

"SHULK!" Kaito turned his head once again, and saw an orange-haired man in some sort of official armor, most likely some town garrison's, protect Shulk from the odd crab. "Be more careful, will you! It's not a Mechon, just a krabble."

"It was using the Mechon as a shell!" Shulk realized as he took his sword into his hands. "Kaito, get to a safe distance! Reyn will topple it while I go in for the kill."

Kaito reluctantly obeyed as he hid behind a tree. As he did that, Reyn and Shulk cornered the krabble and completely destroyed it (in his eyes at least) with just two hits. Reyn then took the chance to scold their now mutual blonde friend, unknowingly letting Kaito hear some intriguing pieces of information as a result. "Shulk, what the heck were you doing, wandering off on their own? Stay where I can keep an eye on you. It's dangerous outside the colony. There are all kinds of monsters."

"Yeah," Shulk muttered, before he turned back to the Mechon shell, "But thanks to you, we got its shell. Everyone in the colony will be happy."

Kaito decided to remind them both of his existence at this moment. "Excuse me, but colony? What colony?"

Reyn seemed almost surprised at his not-exactly-sudden appearance. He just kind of stared incredulously at the New Zealander, before he got another odd look on his face. "And who are you, then? Are you some poor traveller that Shulk dragged to help with his scavenge? And if you are, how do you not know about Colony 9?"

"Colony...9? I'm sorry, I don't follow," Kaito shook his head, trying to make sense of things, "I just woke up a little while ago. That's when Shulk found me. I don't know about any 'Colony 9' or 'Mechon.' If you could please explain, maybe on the way to a place to sit, it'd be rather nice."

"Sure thing, Kaito," Shulk started as he walked north to the exit of the enclosure, "Reyn, we're heading to the Weapons Development Lab. We need to get this Mechon shell into a shield as soon as possible."

"You just want to do more research on the Monado, don't you?" Reyn joked, only to make Kaito unintentionally stiffen. Monado? It was the last thing that voice said to me before that Rouze card… Wait… Rouze card… The Glaive Buckle! Kaito patted himself down at an alarming pace, until he found the belt and the Change: Kerberos card, and breathed a breath of relief. "Oy, what's that? Something important?"

Kaito scratched his neck in a nervous manner as he tried his best to explain. "Well, yes and no. I work for a company called BOARD. It makes different weapons, and this is one of them. But the thing is, this isn't anything unique, this is actually the second of its kind; the first one was stolen somewhat,but not really, and later destroyed by another employee named Kazuma Kenzaki, the wielder of the Blay Buckle."

"Blay Buckle? Who had the bright idea of weaponizing belts?" Reyn laughed again as he started to retell the story of the different colonies, as well as the Mechon War. "... Then came the Battle of Sword Valley, where Dunban, Dickson and a friend of theirs named Mumkhar head the united army against the Mechon, and won at the cost of Dunban's arm and Mumkhar's life. Ever since, the people of Colony 9 have been able to live their lives peacefully."

"That kind of reminds me of Kazuma-san's story. You see, he and his comrades-" Kaito started to speak about his senior, until Shulk called out to him and Reyn, signaling they were at Colony 9. Shulk then said his farewells as he went to the Lab. Reyn did as well, saying that if he didn't get back to the training grounds, the Colonel would do… something? Kaito didn't really pay attention. Now he was alone, in the square of an unfamiliar civilization essentially. Kaito sighed mentally as he sat near what he assumed was a shop. Well, I'm probably going to be here a while.

3:59 PM, Colony 9 Shopping District, Bionis Right Calf

Boredom. People. People who are walking past the painfully out-of-place 18 year old sitting in front of a shop. A shop that sells soldier armour, jackets, pants, boots, slippers, and bikinis of all things. WHAT HAS MY LIFE BECOME?! These thoughts ran through Kaito's mind as he waited for someone-no, ANYONE- to actually come by. He'd even be happy if some random shady guy came up to him with a knife and said "Hey there, Shulk sent me to show you around. Now shut your mouth and follow!" to alleviate the boredom. Just when he was about to leave, someone finally approached. She had blonde hair and an attire similar to the other denizens of the colony, as far as Kaito has seen, anyway. At her side were two hunting knives and a bag that had multiple large thermoses in it.

"Hello there. Are you busy? I was going to go bring these cylinders to my friend, Shulk, but someone needs to watch my brother to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or sneak out. Could you do it?" Kaito nodded out of habit. Back home, he was a sucker for people in need, and now is no different, it seemed. "Great! I'm Fiora. Mine and Dunban's house is over at the entrance of Colony 9."

Fiora thanked Kaito before running further into the colony, quickly leaving Kaito's vision amongst all of the people and stands. Kaito stood himself up and walked over to the rather standard looking stone home, since it was a rather short distance from the questionably stocked store he was in front of for the last several hours. He opened the door and glanced at the interior. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't his style either. Then again, he was sure he was stuck in an entirely different world, so he couldn't really complain about the lack of game-consoles. Kaito let out a sigh, before a matured man with black hair and an oddly scarred arm pointed a sword at him. "Who are you? I've never seen you around Colony 9 before."

"I'm Kaito… N-nice t-to m-meet you. If you'd please, put the sword down. Y-your sister asked me to-" Kaito then saw the blade edge from his neck, as he sighed again, this time out of relief.

"Well, if you were asked by Fiora, I suppose you aren't that bad. Though, I do wish that she'd trust me more; I did say I was better. My name is Dunban." The man introduced himself. Now that he wasn't scared for his life, Kaito notice more about Dunban. More specifically, his right arm. It seemed to be limp, and he saw odd scars that covered his entire hand, across his arm, and even up to the shoulder. The odd thing was the scars seemed to be entirely one, like it was all connected. Obviously, Dunban noticed his staring after a bit. "Oh, this? It's a side effect of using too much of the Monado. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt unless I over exert it."

"Oh… Well that's good, I suppose. So, what is it you do around here? Just sit?" Dunban nodded his head, disappointing Kaito a bit. "Okay, how about I make something. What is there to eat?"

Kaito looked through what he assumed was the thing Fiora and Dunban kept their food in. He frowned. He had no idea what most of these things were. Dunban decided to walk up behind him. "You know, I really don't need to eat. Fiora made soup."

Had this been an animation, Kaito would have been a sad chibi.What about me? I haven't eaten since morning! Then a thought went through his head. If his sister made soup… could one of those cylinders have been soup? Probably not, but I have no money, no idea what this stuff here is, and I'm a half-baked intern for a company that weaponized belts, so why can't they be? TO THE FIORA! But before he could run out into the colony like a moron, the earth below suddenly shook. Dunban was the one to recover first. He ran out, with Kaito following soon after. There was fire and screaming people wherever they looked, while mechanical monsters rained from the sky. Dunban started to run toward the mayhem, giving his instructions to the outrealmer. "Evacuate the civilians, and do not engage them! Only the Monado can harm them!"

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