Dear gods, this fic is on the second page at the time I'm posting this for Xenoblade Chronicles crossovers. I legitimately thought there'd be more by now. And at least one more Kamen Rider crossover. But no.

Sorry for not uploading for so long, been busy with high school, and now with college. But hey, quarantine has given me some more free time, and I just saw that someone actually wanted this fic to continue in the reviews a few days ago, so what the hey? I'll start working on this again. I still remember the story beats and what I wanted to add to the original story of Xenoblade when it came to Kaito and his role as Kamen Rider Glaive. So it'll be a little while before I get done with the next chapter, but please look forward to it, and thank you for reading Xenoblade Chronicles: A Rouzing Glaive.

- Grando Yevval