Chapter 55:

Clarke felt her body collide with Lexa as they went flying together to the ground. She felt a burning in her left arm and felt her knee hit hard into a rock. She winced at the pain before regaining her feet with Lexa's help. Clarke's eyes flew open in shock as Lexa fell to her knee, an arrow sticking oddly out of it. Clarke froxe as Lexa snapped the shaft and pulled the arrow free. Clarke fell to a knee, ignoring her own pain and laid a hand on Lexa's thigh instinctively before her anger boiled over and she found the man lining up another shot. She flew into action, jumping over Lexa and running at the man, a sound coming from her mouth she had never heard before.

She pulled her sword as she slid and took him out at the knees before she stood and stabbed him in the back right through the heart. Explosions began to sound. The minefield! Clarke panicked. Something wasn't right. It was too soon.

She felt her head begin to swim as she shook it trying to clear a growing fog. She instinctively reached to her arm as she felt the burning from her wound begin to spread. Clarke looked; she saw a tear in her jacket and red blood seeping from the wound. She took a deep breath as pain coursed through her. Poison, she remembered, knowing that the burning was starting to spread.

"Clarke!" she heard Octavia scream.

Clarke's vision fixed itself at the panicked tone and she looked to find Octavia hurriedly dragging bodies into a pile. Clarke took off towards her, the panic in Octavia's voice spurring her faster, the pain and poison making her stumble awkwardly.

Clarke ignored the people running around her, you need more cover than those bodies, her little voice told her. She pulled the smoke grenade she had taken earlier out. She pulled the pin and dropped it in her wake, too weak to throw it. She dodged an attack and leapt into the air over Octavia's wall of bodies. When she landed in more pain, her vision swam and her mind began to fog. The poison was moving faster the more her body demanded the blood to be pumped.

"Clarke, what do we do?" Octavia asked her in a panicked voice.

Clarke turned her head and saw Octavia now crouching over a body beside her. Clarke's breathing stopped as she scrambled on her knees to the girl. She knew that coat.

"Lexa…" Clarke whispered ignoring her own pain and foggy mind, her eyes traveled to cut on Lexa's right arm and then to the arrow in her back. Hot tears began to pore from her eyes fearing the worst before she saw that Lexa was, in fact, still breathing.

Clarke pushed Octavia out of her way and pulled the arrow free. Lexa howled in pain but the strength behind the howl was gone. Lexa was weak from the poison, blood was pouring out of her wound at a rapid pace, too fast, Clarke thought, the arrow must have landed deeper than she thought. "Pressure, there!" Clarke instructed to Octavia.

Clarke's strength was leaving her too, but she fought the urge to black out and instead demanded her brain to work. She then had a thought. She rolled Lexa gently over on her side and began rummaging through her pockets. She found the vile of coagulant the grounders used to slow bleeding. Clarke took it out, rolled Lexa onto her stomach gently and administered the substance on the wound. Octavia placed a firm hand on her back again for Clarke. Clarke looked up, her breathing heavy, her body fighting the poison and failing. Her head began to swim again, in her last bit of strength before she fell to her own stomach beside Lexa she coughed out to Octavia, "it's poison…we need sap…where the arrows struck."

She heard something escape Octavia's lips but Clarke couldn't hear it over the blood now rushing to her head, forcing her to lose consciousness slightly. Clarke could feel hands on her pushing her, jostling her and Lexa slightly, but she had no knowledge as to what was being done. All Clarke could do at this point was focus on the green that peered out at her from half lidded eyes. The spark was dim in them; the light that typically danced in the green of Lexa's eyes was no longer vibrant. She felt her hand reach out and find Lexa's outstretched arm. The familiar tingle she felt in her finger tips told her that she had made contact, she felt her body begin to quake as she saw Lexa's eyes close slowly, open one last time to lock to Clarke's and then roll into the back of her head as her body began to twitch.

"Lexa..." Clarke whispered in horror through her own body's tremors before everything went black.


PREVIEW TO PART II: "Re-writing History"

Nyko: "Put her over there."

Abby: "Jackson, blood. Now."


Day two

Abby: "I've done everything I can, now it's up to them."


Day 4

Octavia: "It's taking too long, what's wrong?"


Day 7

Kane: "Is it safe being unconscious this long?"

Abby: "They're out of the woods physically. Mentally…it's a question mark."


Day 8

Raven: "We just have to have some hope."

Octavia: "I'm running low on that lately…"

...Day 9