From the Heart

A Harry Potter/Outsiders fanfic by Stormy

Rating: PG-13, maybe higher for language and mature themes (discussion of abuse)

Pairings: None

Notes: Can I stay away from crossovers? Apparently not. I re-read my copy of The Outsiders (again) and was hit by yet another idea. This is going to be considerably shorter then Parallel, I can tell you that much.

Disclaimers: The Outsiders (marvellous, powerful and beautiful book) and all it's characters belong to the wonderful S.E. Hinton. Harry Potter and company belong to J.K.R - I would never dream of claiming otherwise.

Summary: Across worlds, pain meets pain - and an ancient force grants their healing wish. Two souls cry out for comfort - can Harry and Ponyboy help each other see that there is still good in the world? Non-slash - actually, non-relationship. This is a friendship piece, a bonding fic.

14 January 2003 (prologue)

It is said that throughout the world, the planets, the known galaxies and unknown dimensions, there is a power that links everything together. A core, a center that gives everything meaning and bonds that can never break. Older then the oldest magic, stronger then the most desperate belief and existing in every single atom in existence.

Magic is a tricky thing. It exists everywhere, even where you would least expect it. It is how the worlds were first created, how stars appeared in the sky, and lives in the hearts of every creature in the galaxy.

Some worlds know more about magic then others. There are universes where magic is a fundamental part of their very existence, drawing on the universal 'core' as naturally as drawing a breath of fresh air. Some worlds require wands and magical devices. Other worlds simply require a focussed mind and an inner voice.

There are worlds where the magic is just a myth - stories told to children at bedtime, of wonderful and fantastical creatures, of knights on white horses battling evil witches and saving the beautiful princess's from deadly dragons. There are worlds where magic is thin, barely touching the world's inhabitants at all.

But the magic is there just the same. While belief can make it stronger, disbelief can never make it go away entirely.

With all of these worlds and universes having a common core, overlaps are sometimes possible. It takes a good deal of power to draw one world to another, to open a doorway to somewhere that may or may not exist in your reality. People can wish and wish for something their whole lives, devote their time and effort to find it, create cults and followers and raise temples in its name and the magic may never show itself.

But the magic, ageless and timeless, is always listening. And sometimes, it can be the weakest cry that it hears that it will respond to.

After all, it's not the power it looks for, nor the worshipping it needs. Didn't you know?

Magic always comes from the heart.


Yes, this was short. Don't worry; the chapters will be considerably longer. This just didn't fit in with anything else, so I had to post it as a standalone chapter.