Title: Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Klaus/Bella

Summary: It started with a ring and a dream, he dreamt of her when he needed her. Will he find her?

Author Note: Do enjoy :)

Warning/Disclaimer: I do not own this, lots of angst and fluff some death scenes.

Third Point of View

Klaus was angry, furious to be in fact as he stalked the busy streets of Seattle for the store his witch told him to go.

"You better hope that it's here this time Witch; I do not like to be led on a goose chase across the bloody Americas." He spat into the phone.

"Whatever it is, it has finally stopped. It's there this time I swear." The witch replied with a hint of hysteria and fear.

Klaus narrowed his eyes as he came to a stop in front of a very questionable store. "Whatever this thing is better be important or I will personally kill all you love." He threatened before hanging up.

The buildings seemed to have been built around the little old brick store, making its age stand out more. Flecks of chipped paint lay upon the only windowsill from the sign above.

Lillian and Rays Antiques and Curiosities, 1901

"Are you coming in or going to stand in the door all day letting the cold in." A raspy voice called, drawing Klaus's attention away from the sign to the woman behind the counter.

She was not what Klaus expected and yet, he didn't know what to expect. The woman's silver hair was pulled back into a tight bun, she even had a hunch to her old frame but it was her eyes that unnerved him the most. They held a spark of life, of youth and something else that should not belong on her face.

"Well, don't just stand there. What is it you're looking for?" The old woman snapped. For some reason, any hint of agitation he felt before was now gone.

"I am not sure, I was told to come here." He replied honestly, frowning as the woman glared at him.

"Then look around." She replied, gesturing to the whole of the store.

Holding back an irritated growl, Klaus began to walk in and out of the isles, his eyes scanning over the odds and ends, the furniture and fabrics yet nothing caught his eye. Anger and frustration rose once again and Klaus decided he had enough, he would start with the Witches husband first.

As he was about to leave, a gleam of blue and green caught his eye. With his interest piqued, he made his way towards the little cabinet and stared down at the ring before him nestled on red velvet with a frown upon his face. It seemed familiar, yet he could not recall why or where he had seen it before but he knew at one point it was his. That was- odd to say the least.

It was a circle cut lapis lazuli nested in the centre of what was to look like silver tree roots. The ring itself though ordinary, Klaus knew that he had it made specifically that way for whoever was to wear it would make it shine. A simple beauty.

Why couldn't he remember?

"Ah, that is new; in fact someone brought it in yesterday." The old lady explained, suddenly appearing by Klaus's side. How he didn't hear her he will never know.

"Why did they want to sell it, do you know?" He asked, never tearing his eyes away from the ring.

The woman hummed and opened the glass case and taking the ring from its resting place. "It said it caused unusual things, the person who brought it was a friend of mine from Texas, he couldn't keep it in his store anymore." She explained while placing the ring in his hand, watching as it seemed to shimmer in his palm.

Klaus looked at the lady once more. "How much?"

"For you Mister Mikaelson, nothing. Consider it a debt paid to a friend." The woman explained before moving back to behind the counter, hiding the smile from her face as he stared at her shocked and of course in suspicion. "You better hurry; you'll miss that meeting you arranged."

He narrowed his eyes but slipped the ring on his little finger before taking a look at the time. The woman was indeed correct; he had ten minutes to get to the place where he had scheduled a meeting with a Warlock to see if he could find any information on his curse. He took one last look at the woman before disappearing out of the store; maybe the Warlock could tell him more of the place and of the ring.

"Mister Mikaelson, you wished to see me?" Angelo Weber stated as he came to a stand when he saw Klaus come into view.

"Yes, have you found any more information of the whereabouts of my father and of the curse?" He asked, narrowing his eyes as the man before him began to sweat. He really hated humans, how they smelled and blubbered.

"No, there is something blocking both my wife and I from seeing the location of your father. Even with the help of my daughter I cannot find the location. The curse, there is nothing new to inform you but your brother has been gathering witches to keep an eye out for you." Angelo stammered out as he loosened his tie nervously.

Klaus frowned in annoyance. "This is not what I wanted to hear Angelo, but I shall let this pass if you tell me all about Lillian and Rays Antiques and Curiosities."

Surprise was now upon the Warlock's face as the name slipped past his lips, this of course piqued Klaus's interest once more.

"You need to be invited." Angelo started. "It is run by an old witch who is from a powerful line of witches. The store is protected and the only way one could see it if they are invited in, not many people are as Lillian is fussy on who is to be invited. Why do you ask?"

This, this unsettled Klaus because he wasn't invited, he was sent there by one of his own witches to the location of the place. "I was there before this meeting, tell me, can you sense any magic in this ring?"

Angelo paused and hesitantly reached out his hand and placed a finger upon the ring that Klaus held out. Klaus watched as a deep frown pulled at the Warlocks brows.

"I can sense a strong protection spell upon the ring, beyond that nothing more." Angelo replied while yanking his hand back. "Whoever spelled it was powerful indeed."

Klaus hummed, the sound making the old warlock on edge. "Very well then, if you have any news let me know immediately."

With relief Angelo bowed his head and quickly left the room, leaving the original to his thoughts. He thanked whoever was watching over him that his failure didn't get him or his family killed.

A sudden wave of exhaustion hit Klaus strongly as he came to his feet. His hand shot out and grasped the table tightly, his fingers imbedding in the soft wood.

"What?" He hissed confused as he staggered from the room and towards his hotel, snapping back at people as he bumped into them.

He knew it wasn't the Warlock who did this, even though it would have seemed like it but… Shaking his head Klaus slammed the door shut to his room and cannot recall anything more.

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