I neither created nor own Middle Earth, Galadriel, or Thranduil. I did create Lathwinn the Great. This story is for entertainment purposes only, so please read and be entertained.

Here is a Valentine's Day story posted a day late.

"No warrior should be expected to wear this."

I turned my gaze upon my beloved. She was scowling into the mirror I had procured for us a century before, and which she had never looked in until now. My lips curved into a smile. "Why not my love?"

Draped in violet-blue, the queen of Green Wood the Great glared at her reflection. "There is no place to sheath a blade. And I have been told I cannot wear one of my belts with this gown!'"

She spat the last word. I pressed a fist against my mouth as an image of one of her knife belts tied around the waist of this garment entered my mind. After drawing my fist away from my lips, I patted my shin. "You can hide a talon beneath its skirt, my hawk."

She twisted her mouth into a sour shape as she glanced over her shoulder at me. Then she looked back to her reflection. "It will not do for running through the woods."

I stood and walked towards her. "It is better for that than it seems, for it is more than it looks. Galadriel assured me trees will draw aside for its wearer only reaching out to brush the cloth."

Lathwinn turned, stomped her foot, and smacked my chest with the palm of her hand. "It is not brown or green!"

"Yes, you do not look like a leaf in it." I rested my chin atop her head while wrapping my arms around her waist. "You resemble instead the blossom of a wood flower growing wild in the shade of the forest where mortal foot never trod and the Noldor do not wander, where the trees grow not so much tall as tangled and the wild animals croon to their young. If I were to find in such a place a plant growing straight and true as you now stand, with blossoms whose petals were this shade, I would dig around and beneath the bulb. Then I would carry it home, and try to get it to bloom for me beneath the starlight. For I love both the first lights of the sky and the blossoms of the earth."

She tilted her head up to meet my gaze and raised an eyebrow. "And what if that flower would not grow where you planted it?"

I began to kiss her neck and then up to her cheek and to her brow, punctuating each kiss with a few words. "Then I . . . would replant it . . . where it wished to grow . . . and make that site . . . my dwelling place . . . as long as my soul . . . remained in Arda ."

Then I kissed her lips. She kissed me back. When Lathwinn drew her mouth away to breathe she spoke in a firm tone. "Tonight, I will wear this dress for Galadriel, but after tonight I will wear it only for you."

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