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Dangerous Passions
Violet Goddess
"She's mine."

Such a simple statement, a primitive picture of blood and fire, of sex and magic to
be spoken in the blackest hours of night, beneath a canopy of distant stars. A singular
declaration that reeked of instinct and possession. In two simple words Serena had been
claimed, possessed by a man who would never release her. A man, whose voice had been
cold, cutting like jagged glass through the silent air, echoing off strangely modern walls
like liquid fire. He was ruthless, a dangerous and powerful man, who, in that moment of
tense possession, no man would have challenged.

Darien felt the world still around him as the silence lengthened endless. Every
breath taken was rough and uneasy, fraught with morbid anticipation. But none of it
mattered to him, let them worry, they should. This one girl was his salvation and theirs.
The irony of one small girl being their savior brought a mirthless smile to his sensually full
lips. It seemed fate, did indeed, have a sense of humor.

God he was beautiful. Blue eyes, like ice stared beyond her, untouchably frozen
and hard like the man himself. She wasn't troubled by this as she would normally have
been, instead she felt her blood fire and boil at the unspoken challenge. Could she make
those steely eyes smolder with anger or passion or even....desire? Could she make this
man, who she instinctively knew valued control above all else, lose all thought of restraint?
Surprise flickered through her at the thoughts sliding so easily through her mind, thoughts
of blatant seduction. She suddenly felt like Eve thrust before the serpent and all his
temptations. But some wicked part of her reveled in the forbidden ideas placed before her
and asked over and over if this man could be tamed? And indeed would she even want him
tamed or wild and dark like the night itself? A shiver of something akin to anticipation
snaked up her spine at the thought of finding out.

"Serena?" Kunzite's wary voice pulled Serena reluctantly back from her hazy
musings. She wondered briefly why his voice held a note of caution, as if danger might
spring from the very shadows around them, but then the thought dissolved as she focused
once more on the tension filled room. She nearly groaned in annoyance at once again
being forced into a situation that was so clearly volatile. It was obvious that the strained
atmosphere was simply awaiting a catalyst before it turned into something darker, more
violent. The last thing Serena wanted to do at the moment was deal with several men with
too much testosterone, no matter how sexy or mysterious they were.

Serena met Kunzite's stare and was shocked to find his eyes all at once impatient
and...remorseful? A nervous foreboding knife through her, what would he have to be
regretful about that concerned her?

"Kunzite I think I should go." Her raspy voice slid easily through the dark room, only to
cause each man to recoil abruptly, as if wounded.

He knew from the confusion spreading across her delicate features that she didn't
understand what her husky words had done to them, to him. Her throaty voice, soft and
hesitant, had wrapped around him like hot silk, burning his skin and setting his body on
fire. It was seduction itself in the very fact that it indicated her arousal. She stood there,
exquisitely vulnerable and unclaimed; a female readying to mate in a room filled with
males. Smells and sounds assaulted his sensitive senses; the soft scent of roses mixed with
the tantalizing musky scent of her body, the sound of clothing sliding against bare skin,
heaving against perfect breasts. The picture was so clear in his mind that he was helpless
to stop himself from hardening painfully and he knew it was the same for each of the other
men. The combination of a female and so many males was explosive. Restraint was, even
now, wearing thin, dissolving under the urging of ancient instincts.

This was the time Darien must defend his claim, prove he could protect his mate,
force her submission. For though these men were his pack, his family, they would take his
mate if he showed any weakness. They were males who had been looking for a mate all
their lives, in a time when women were scarce and here stood a beautiful woman capable
of bearing them pups. Everything in them was demanding they claim her for themselves
for though Darien had made a preliminary claim, Serena was not his until he marked and
mated with her. Until that time she could be taken from him and Darien would know an
unending fear.

Blue eyes narrowed slowly, a predatory gleam surfacing as Darien assessed Serena
boldly, his gaze sliding easily down sensuous curves. Long curls glowed like molten gold
in the firelight, sliding across milky skin almost erotically. She was petite but well formed
with high, thrusting breast and an impossibly tiny waist that Darien was certain he could
span with his hands. His intent perusal ended at gently curving hips that narrowed to
slender, shapely legs peeking from just beneath her calf length skirt. She was beautiful,
tempting, and his.

Serena. Her name whispered softly through his mind, a siren's lure. That's what
Kunzite had called her and with her smoky blue eyes and delicate body the name seemed
to fit. But Darien couldn't help but wonder if the woman beneath that flawless exterior
wasn't a bit more volatile. He smiled at the thought of finding out.

"No, Kunzite, I think I should leave now." The simple statement snapped all of Darien's
attention to Serena instantly. He realized, in annoyance, that she and Kunzite had been
talking for some time while he had been lost in staring at her. His body tensed abruptly as
he realized she wanted to leave. A sharp need emerged, a dominate prowess that
demanded she not leave his sight, his protection.

She wasn't going anywhere.

"I think you should stay." His voice was sharp steel, a command from one used to being
obeyed. Who was this man who so reeked of power and authority? He was one of those
men who just seemed to command obedience, respect no matter the situation and yet there
was something more. Ruthless power. That was how she would have described him. He
stood there so casually and yet he seemed almost dangerous, as if he had a leashed
violence simmering inside him, something dark and possessive and yet a part of him. It
was both exciting and frightening at the same time. A fleeting voice whispered teasingly at
the back of her mind to be wary of him, but it was like playing with fire, forbidden and yet
she couldn't draw back from the flames.

"No." Serena nearly laughed at the shocked expression that crossed his face. Obviously
this man was not used to anyone, let alone a woman, telling him no. But humor seemed
almost misplaced here as she watched his eyes darken to nearly black in anger and his
body tense. No this man did not like to be contradicted.

Darien stared at her, anger and fury riding him hard as the primitive part of him,
the wolf, demanded submission, obedience from its mate. He felt each man in the room
eyeing him with unguarded interest and silent judgment. He could not let her challenge of
defiance go unanswered, both his pack and the feral part of him demanded action.

He smiled darkly when he saw her eyes widen in shock as he stepped towards her
threateningly. He would never hurt or mistreat her but at this moment he could warn her
with empty, but intimidating threats. Her small body shook slightly as she tilted her head
back severely to met his gaze, her golden hair swaying softly against her back. And then
amazingly her eyes meet his and he knew she wasn't afraid of him. She knew what he
knew, that he could never hurt her.

Darien was so stunned by this realization that he could only stare blankly at her
and that was exactly what Serena had been hoping for. He was so used to using his brawn
to push others around that he didn't know what to do when someone didn't fall at his feet
and plea for mercy. With a triumphant smile Serena skirted him, deftly avoiding Kunzite's
meager attempt to stop her, he seemed just as stunned as the blue-eyed man. It was odd,
this connection she felt to this man and she was only now realizing that she didn't even
know his name. Funny, it didn't really seem all that important.

* * *

If Serena had known the turmoil she left brewing in that dark, smoky room behind
her she might have let that bright smile slip from that angelic face of hers, Kunzite thought
grimly. He stared after her, wishing he could make such a painless exit, but he knew he
had some explaining to do and some tempers to cool. Meeting Darien's icy glare, Kunzite
took a deep breath, resigned to the argument to come. This was going to be a long day.

* * *

Feeling strangely lighthearted despite the strange and intense situation she had
already been thrown into today Serena headed towards kitchen and the lure of a cup of
hot, strong coffee. Thankfully the kitchen was easier to find, considering it was the only
room she had yet to check on the first floor. The smoke darkened door swung open to
reveal an anxious Mina chewing her on already decimated nails in worry. Steam from her
coffee swirled easily around her friend's pale face as Serena stepped into the antique
kitchen and was enveloped in smells of baking bread and the lingering scent of bacon.

"Uh oh." Serena muttered. Mina's head jerked up at her friend's voice and she visibly
sagged with relief when she saw Serena, coat and all, standing calmly in her kitchen.

"What's going on Mina? You never, ever cook unless you're worried about something. So
spill, now."

"Why do you still have you're coat?"

"Because you apparently don't have a coat closet? And don't try to change the subject,
what's wrong?" Mina twisted her hands nervously as she motioned Serena to sit across
the table from her, trying to find a way to tell Serena that she had to leave before she ran
into any of Kunzite's pack.

"Well, umm you see I...."

"Does his have anything to do with Kunzite's meeting in the living room?" Mina's reaction
was swift and violent, she turned sheet white and stared at Serena in horror.

"The living room? You were in the living room?" Her voice was no more than a squeak
and Serena frowned in concern. What was wrong with Mina?

"Yeah the living room. With several men who were all drop dead gorgeous and s-"

"Shit!" Serena started at Mina's sudden outburst wondering what the hell was going on.
Was Mina afraid she had made a bad impression or offended some of Kunzite's
acquaintances? It hurt to think Mina could think that of her.

"Serena are you a virgin?"


"Are you a virgin?" Mina's voice was laced with what Serena would have called
desperation, if she hadn't known her friend so well.

"Where the hell did that come from?!" Serena didn't know whether to be shocked or
offended or angry. It was just so random a question and yet personal in a way she and
Mina hadn't been since they'd stopped living together.

"Damn it Serena just answer the question!"

"I'm 25 years old, Mina, what the hell do you think?"

Serena winced as Mina's head slammed against the table with a painful thud andher friend began to mutter
"damn" over and over.

"Mina I don't want to be rude but what the hell is going on with you?"

As Mina opened her mouth to answer, to tell her friend that her whole life was
going to be taken over and turned upside down and it was Mina's fault, raised voices
reached the cozy kitchen. A frustrated groan escaped instead, as they both realized the
angry shouting was coming from the living room. That room just seemed cursed today
didn't it?

"God what now?!" Storming off in a huff of indignant rage, Mina left without a backward
glance and Serena couldn't help but pity anyone who got in her path.

With a sigh of relief at finally being alone Serena grabbed the biggest mug she
could find, grimacing at the swirl of pink flowers scattered across the manila surface. Pink
flowers in the morning? That was just plain wrong. A sigh of pure bliss escaped as the
smell of roasted coffee beans surrounded her. She had been driving since the early hours
of the morning to get in hopes of surprising Mina with a visit. They hadn't seen each other
since Mina's wedding and had lost contact while Serena traveled across New England.

Staring idly out the large windows that provided a breathtaking view of the woods
that surrounded Mina's home, Serena felt her mind wander lazily. It was still early, the
morning chill leaving a bite in the air as the sunlight broke from behind wispy cloud. It was
the epitome of a early winter day.

A sudden movement on the edge of the tree line jerked Serena back to reality. It
was to far away to see if it was anything more than a stray animal but something seemed
wrong. A flash of black several feet further right and Serena found herself pressed against
the cold glass to try and make out any other movements. Was someone trespassing on
Mina and Kunzite's property? They were in the middle of nowhere, so who could have
just stumbled onto their land?

When after several minutes nothing else occurred, Serena backed away from the
window feeling foolish for being afraid of what was probably only a deer or a squirrel.
Shaking her head slowly Serena wondered if Mina would like the gift she'd brought. She'd
been in a small Canadian fishing village when she'd seen the painting. A picture of roiling
seas raging against a single, small boat that was struggling to prevail against gods and
nature alike. Some might have thought painting depressing, a symbol of fate, but Serena
had been drawn to the thin line of blue that broke the very edge of the horizon. It was
titled "Redemption."

Anxious to see Mina's reaction and also hoping to avoid the situation in the living
room a little longer, Serena made her way through the massive Victorian house. She felt
like some `50 spy as she tiptoed past the living room doors and out the front door, smiling
at the absurdity of sneaking out of her best friend's house.

The graveled drive crushed softly beneath her feet as she made her way to her
small, dusty car. It might not have been pretty or new or run all the time but it was hers.
She'd paid for it on her own and had had it forever, dragging it across the country,
through blizzards and deserts. Rummaging through the back seat for the small parcel that
contained the painting Serena never heard anyone approach. No gravel crunching or
clothing rustling not even heavy breathing. No it was all of the hairs on the back of her
neck suddenly standing on end that warned her.

Standing up sharply she found her back plastered against a very muscular chest.

"Well hello." A deep voice rumbled. Warm breath fanned against her check as a callused
hand slid across her waist. Serena felt a spark of electricity sizzle through her body at the
boldly intimate touch. "And what are you doing out here all alone, hmmm?" She could feel
his mouth skim the delicate skin of her ear, his silky hair sliding against her neck as he
spoke. Unwillingly her body relaxed against his, pliant and soft, as his hand skillfully
caressed her stomach with light, sensual strokes.

Everything seemed hazy as she leaned against a hard body, turning slightly to see
two deep blue eyes staring back at her, amusement and arousal flaring in their depths.
Who was he? Was he another of Kunzite's guests? Or perhaps a friend of that mysterious
man in the living room? She never thought to break his hold, never thought to pull away
as he leaned down slowly. His mouth was wide, sensual in a way few men's were, making
her tremble at the thought of them touching her skin. Starkly male eyes trained on hers he
touched his lips to her, softly at first and then more demandingly, as if the taste of her was
intoxicating, exotic.

And then she felt him tense. His head lifted from hers to stare accusingly at the
house as if it was his enemy. Serena lay dazed in his arms, her eyes misty and dark, her lips
swollen from his kiss. A small sigh escaped her and he turned back to her, a soft smile
across his perfect mouth as he kissed her quickly once more. And then he was gone as if
he had never been there.

* * *

Mina watched Darien's head snap up, his nostrils flair and his head turn slowly
towards the door. And then he was gone. Mina blinked several times at the feat. What the
hell was happening? She had been trying to stop the others from continuing the fight her
husband when Darien had suddenly frozen as had the others, all eyes trained on Darien's
imposing form. Then he had simply vanished, the others following just as quickly. Now
here she stood with an unconscious Kunzite at her feet and an empty room around her.

* * *

He was going to kill him! Slowly. Painfully. And enjoy every damn minute of it.
Black fury rode Darien hard as he raced towards Serena and the other who was with her.

"Seiya." The name tasted bitter on his lips as he told the others who had dared to trespass
on their land, who had dared to touch his mate. A low, deadly growl rumbled in his chest
as he burst from the house, claws forming as the beast in him tried to break free, enraged
that someone threatened its mate.

He found her standing in a daze next to a small red car, covered in dust and
looking as though it might fall apart at the slightest touch. She was staring off into space,
her face flushed and her body covered in another's scent. Another growl erupted from his
throat at the insult as jealousy raged through him. How dare she let another touch her?!
His body trembled in anger as he reached her, pulling her roughly against his chest.
Abruptly her eyes cleared and she was staring at him in confusion and embarrassment.

"What just happened?"

Just as before Serena felt no awkwardness in being held in a man's arms when she
had always felt so before. She felt a rising passion in her that threatened to wash over her
like a tidal wave, destroying all she was before. It was terrifying and thrilling all at once
and she hated herself for feeling that way. Was she turning into a woman who wanted
nothing more, thought of nothing more than sex? She looked into this man's eyes, so dark
blue and burning with a strange fire and felt herself drown.

"What's happening to me?" Her voice so vulnerable and childlike cooled Darien's anger
slightly, letting him realize what Seiya had done to her, how he'd manipulated her. But the
scent of another man covered her skin and the wolf in him howled in fury, it needed to
stake its claim now! Dragging her closer he crushed his mouth against her, tasting her
deeply. She lay against him strangely docile and he rejoiced for he knew this meant their
bond would be strong. Her passions were changing, growing and would continue to grow
the longer she was near him. She would turn to fire once their bond was set but now he
knew she was still unsure, unbalanced as new sensations bombarded her.

They had to talk and soon. She had to be told what was happening to her and what
was going to happen. She was his mate and her body knew it in a primitive way that lovers
had since the beginning of time. Now if he could only get her heart to understand.

* * *

Seiya watched Darien pull the girl close to him, staring at her angrily. But then he
seemed to calm at her words only to crush her against him and take her mouth almost
savagely. Seiya tensed in impotent rage. So Darien thought to claim the woman as a mate.

Seiya had caught her scent as he scouted Kunzite's land, wondering how protected
his new mate was. The simple, sweet fragrance had drawn him like a moth to a flame. And
then he'd seen her. All golden hair and milky skin, leaning precariously against her car as
she searched for something. He'd meant only to watch her, but suddenly he found himself
standing behind her. He hadn't been able to stop himself, going to her as if his body were
not his own.

Suddenly she had been in his arms and nothing had ever felt so sweet. He closed
his eyes, savoring the ecstasy of holding her so close, of taking her mouth with his. She
tasted like heaven and had responded with helpless passion. He'd been fast losing control
as he drowned in the taste, the scent of her. If he hadn't sensed Darien approaching he
didn't know what he would have done. He might have taken her right there, standing up
before God and the world.

So Darien meant to claim her, did he? Seiya smiled cruelly. He might intend to
claim her but he hadn't yet, he'd only awakened the girl's passions. He nearly groaned at
the remembered feel of her skin against his, of her sweetly innocent response to him. He
now knew that he and the girl were compatible, their chemistry was strong.

She would be his and Darien would lose the one thing he'd ever wanted.

* * * *
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