My dear little broccolis

~ I know that you are all waiting for an update on this story, but I will put it on hold for a little while. As soon as I will finish one of the other sorties I am working on, I will start updating the stories I put on hold. So for the moment, I am working on:

- In The Welfare Of War (part 1 out of 3)

- Road Trippin, or How A New Life Begins And Flow (part 1 out of 2)

- Behind The Curtains

- The Consequences Of A One-Nightstand

- Mistakes

- Not Another Teen Story

~ I am also working on a new story, so if anyone is interested on co-writing with me, let me know. My PM is open, just like my social media, and my gmail address (minalislyy)

~ Love, Mina